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we're on so I campaign now the team from the super morning show on Joy FM and the a.m. show coming to you from LACMA hospital today we're put in the spotlight in terms of our campaign to get the roots in the municipality fixed Roland Walker is somewhere close to the LACMA hospital he joins me life rollin where exactly are you and what's happening I'm right in front of the LACMA hospital just the junction well it's not really like a junction it's supposed to be ideally if the road was constructed and access way kind of attaining that will lead you to the hospital well we're giving you a comprehensive view of what a hospital currently is like where we're also having Joy FM also here is a great collaboration we're having to ensure that the sentiments of citizens are really advocated hmm but so far it's been so good we've been having some on the side interactions of the record interaction with some of the residents and so far that's what it is this road it's stretching to us that's vintage Road they call it the man adduction and it's about 7.5 kilometers long just 7.5 somebody was saying that is a view into construction but it's a concern for the residents but also those who tend to ply the road and I have to tell you what the statistics are indicating we have between 250,000 and 500,000 residents within the logic KooKoo area who ply this route every day and then additional 500,000 I should say every year as it is at 500,000 making about 1 million people who apply this route and the extra 500 they don't live in the community they're living on the sprinters Road areas like Sakuma no a shy man you know I joke with you where I live and lush EBX Acrobat I would want to have a interaction with the busy drivers commercial drivers or the treacherous we have and guess what they are feeling before we hand over to you good morning today I country how are you okay please can you leave that sort of good to the side okay and I see that you're frustrated with the road economy bah oh how nice my pains a kinda a new cloud like the Calculon I'm sorry silly Ronia sauce any idea DSS's never boy joins me at the idea to to tutu and tiara by a supernatural my chakra animal hospital urgently in your crime an ability party is and and the sentiment is the same the reactions are the same the response is the same what he says that is the same every time that he has to access apply the route there are times that sometimes they want to bring people who are sick could be pregnant women etc to the hospital this very Hospital and they can't access it as quickly as possible for the emergencies well but I see but it's the responses we're having each time we speak to these passengers these residents and adjoining the Ariat finding that the food vendors food vendors who around these a journey a journey now it's a it's a concern for even the hospital authorities because oftentimes you find that many of these residents close by those who are producing food tend to have respiratory tract infections RTI's constantly also accessing healthcare are they logic ooh ku hospital LACMA then like my hospital has they call it well so mommy that be it that's just what observation so far we have we intend having some great discussions some discussions with a metropolitan or municipal chief executive the opinion leaders the resident Association presidents members of the resident Association and just normal people who access this route every day and that's Roland Walker coming to you live from the road right in front of the LACMA Hospital we've got a full-blown conversation with authorities of the hospital and some residents from this particular municipality but here's the story so far as we've told it on your news pick up having all these messages on a console that the state of the road was a concern for you the residents and even for those of you who necessarily may not be residing here but always fly this road is that true it has been our major concern this thing has been seriously communicated to our MP and assembly and we yet haven't seen any serious work been done on this work in fact it is at Ciro's where it was and we are having getting to the nerve that if the government doesn't take a there will be a serious demonstration more than what they even didn't are occurred could be real concern attention on this particular rule I mean the coming end you also supported a demonstration in fact I don't want to go political but I'm telling you that if this route is no fixed then this the government should be ready to for a serious demonstration despite all these difficulties all of you would have to apply it anyway why why is that of course that's why we're aside okay so no matter what you do you have to use that route every one month I've been going to change my socks at my car that's my car every month I've been changing a shop as I'm talking to you random on my lower arm is making noise because of which I'm Malou arm lower arm yeah it's making noise but I'm watching when they will finish before our visit but I wrote your mom brother a new claw at all and okok well as to his wanted to do the movie self oh boy if it's a cop I you mean them the most I know that you are also worried about the leaders lead us to the I can say this road is three different routes we get when going to the rim we line will get a matter we're going to cancel ooh boo no boo I'll get the other one too to the enough addict and that is Oh the road is terrible something you guys were telling me that you constantly almost every week or two weeks or a month you have to go to about so kind to have your shocks that's unbelievable it's true recently I go by my socks I was a roughly three weeks now but the way nice it is actually too nearby places and that's Roland Walker interacting with a driver bit earlier in the week they share in their frustrations with how regularly their vehicles break down because of the poor nature of the roads but Sir Rowland this time interacting with people who have businesses along the stretch over to you Rolla well thank you mama V again let me just run by you where we are when we're just close by just a few metres away from the LACMA hospital is a major referral hospital for let's say 500,000 people within the ledger kuku area and then an extra 500,000 number who you know joining communities like the Spanish road and we have a couple of them also just around las GP a Shimon even trashy and many of those areas are even that's a question now we still could see the hospital front AJ's or the main hospital from here so this is what we we are we're doing this with joy FM and we're making sure that we bring the conversation to your doorstep make sure that on Facebook you touch base with us so Facebook join us on TV we also have an interactive handle on Twitter or join us on TV and also you can watch us live on YouTube through the channel my do like TV but enjoy it you can also tweet at them join I 97 just go also go look for their page on Facebook joy 997 all available not easy for many people who may not have access to data but for those who have please make sure you do that very very quick for you to have all those things and ensure that you do the interactions this is what we want to do we want to interact with the vendors those who are selling let me first try and go to somebody who is selling for residents but also for the normal daily commuters in the morning who tend to have the time to take in something before they go to work and we have hundreds of them who have to come and take truster oh yes in front of me I'm sure that they also have something to eat and this one is what they call a boil no yokogao your kagari and i want to interact with my my mother I should say okay um maybe why we wake up today me open amigo bear Coco no Manny Machado Connie and he can bear yo ho yo Kagari can it be a saying a be a mini G problem no no en la una y íd moon with fat limbo no sweetie lei banking or selling bananas yellow pan and a Phi Gamma the bigger benefi about quali interview me she Katya orna improvement quake oh I feel ill I want my life an epic quest this week we are moving fashion gang more nail any local film Oakland no all me Nimba p.m. and so basically I was just a skinhead what were the difficult issues facing knowing that she cooks food especially just close by there's a lot of dust many people according to the health practitioners within the hospital with spoken to say that they tend to have respiratory tract infections recorded for the attendant cases or the OPD cases usually any of a nobody'll notice if you know how many see only my a Namaqua oh hi Yoko I'm here Co anyone nanny be a so I also want to have a taste of the food because you know just I could be a commuter even though I don't live around here could be a commuter so I just want a bit of anti choco to give me a bit of food and I see that know me know you're a BIA I'm asking her what she has by way of the food this this you okay okay galley double boy Omaha me okay career yes more cool fuel and anna-marie Danny and so I was a bit of the food too sometimes you have to empathize where the story is that you tend to do and that is what we do here join us we want to make sure honey fuoco okay tomorrow I know Hannah Kearney ne know how me Gary K me nephew so you know we have people who have to eat this before they go to work but as they are doing that as they are doing that they also have to be inhaling does already there's dust that is already settling on the food and you know I'm at Lakeview mechanic so you know for people who would have to go through this it also know anything I'm asking how much is this any finite to see this in a two cities hey you know hey so that's how we would do it loca so she went to them and you know sometimes you have to do all this to make sure that you you also tend to feel what normal people feel hmm so bad the one coming any any and that's can it be a thing it's settling on it I think it's a problem okay problem when I'm Babu no new movie I wanna see how often enough I mean sometimes then lupa man I can you by rule and he's appealing to the president to make sure this is done I'm asking what I'm you know we have the big man AMC the MPC etc coming to speak to them I can you buy you a member medium Nami at your station said my fate my manager Obama on TV number llama crying tell you me sister or no no number two no go be Buick in Amity I may be no vote on entire corridor in I knew they'd never she's gonna collide for me and then ultimately we will get to see what it is but if you speak to the residents you also get to find out many of them having some difficulties with the way the situation is and as a result of that would also Roland Walker they're taking advantage of fix Lake Martin now to get some beans to eat this morning it's going to be a long day as you can imagine where they're live at LACMA hospital with our team it's a combination the am show and the pseudomonas show enjoy FM and our focus really is to bring the campaign home to get authorities to fix the road it's been a lot of back and forth you know a lot of back and forth with this issue of fixing the road and we're still nowhere really so today we're trying to find some real answers and solutions to this road which links to a major health facility and we've had various stories about how people either have died or their conditions of wesen on their way to the hospital here's the host of the super mony show Daniel that sees reports from the municipality join us on all all social media platforms with a hashtag fix lek ma now it's a dusty ride and it's a bumpy ride Jeff on the road stretching from my lips yes fintechs to the lake hospital and running through Chula body I can hardly hear myself through that noise of the motor king or the tricycle which I'm sitting behind for the thousands of residents of the area who had to use this route to access a crowd this is the usual appearance no of course they are often still in the comforts of a vehicle they say they spoken to authorities repeatedly over the years and have just about had enough well before because of this we couldn't do anything about it for some time and then we talk with them and it becomes to power they'll do this for us and we will for them and look at the end of their NDC remoting contacted the Chinese culture we spoken about this right it's like nobody wants to do anything nobody cares about it and those that have a little cars around today you'll be running on this route tomorrow you had a shop I mean it looks as if this place is not part of Ghana the frustration of residents and road users is obviously and one might think that looking at the condition of this road it may be justified even more worrying is the existence of this health installation they like my hospital on this very stretch one would wonder what a drive or arrived to this hospital for a pregnant woman maybe Daniel does it joy news tushy we'll take you back to Roland Walker live from the lake my hospital the drivers or even those who are riding trot row and many of the tents of people who are using this road take some commercial vehicles and and go to and go to work now if you take a look at the state of the road you get to find that that's particularly the face asphalt of the road that is just in front of the lake my hospital is defaced so much so that that constantly the vehicles that would have to get access to the hospital would have to slow down in such a way that it delays the time that they have to reach the hospital we had earlier discussions with some personnel who said that residents and even those visiting OPD of LACMA hospital usually will have to be diagnosed with respiratory tract infections I will speak to and among the residents and those who are visiting here to get to know what they think and feel about Herot state of the road it's a situation I know that we all will be concerned about but it's also a situation in which at the end of the day we also have to critically examine and make a decision what do we have to do as a people the residents are here those who are concept here also visiting the hospital I hear I want to speak to them of them good morning what's your name good morning I mean you do it where do you live come to attention come to oh yes oh yeah what do you do you know I work in the laundry okay and what's your what's your objective here what are you coming to do here I brought my son and you've been experiencing how the road is yes watch your own view on the state of the road everybody it has been quite you along because we voted the previous lady in power out because of this food and up to now we are in the patio so and so the road has not been fixed and we know the amount of money that has gone into this food and we still don't understand why stone fix this didn't have to stop they changed the color of trees and effects because of the route because it was nicely painted white but they change their color because the road was not touch yes you're a good observer looks like and and it's to the same now if why is it that for you residents who who also constituents of logic cuckoo you tend to you tend to use you tend to use the construction of the road as as the front cut threatening the MPs or even government of the day that if you don't do this road then I may not work for you actually I was listening to you that the Sunday UK me and MP was making on this standard the invited the invited a doctor and the doctor life was threatened because of the bandage of the road so you can just imagine how they enjoy the Ruby well life loss is more precious than anything you understand so the root have to the permanent in everything because it connects us to so many businesses I know you brought your son today but what will be your worst experience using this road the experience I mean but you have many of them because right now after go and get something after maneuver this will because of a mammogram avoiding the dust you see so that that's the nature of the road is even has that dose to life if the road is constructed before the end of the year let's say before election twenty twenty years ago for the MP want you have he's a good man the road which is a movie Parliament in everything but well thank you very much and thank you for interacting with that I'll be joined by and ephah and MFR PO that distinguish I'm fr PO but in the meantime we have to keep interacting what's your name bitter if I live with passion La Scala La Scala yes and I see that unknowingly there's a certain frown on your face yeah why in fact this road in spite of our former MP which is 70-member we make very heavy campaign to put out and now MPP is power Oh Cobra is MP and a Cobra has several promise both radio TV stations and yes you we don't know what is going on and in fact what cancer is we also learned the president instead bottle kill and mention the room that has got from the Chinese an omission touching this Lake Monroe show you had the presence yes and if the person has said this the minister also contributed to it and now MP to us also let us know that this road even about three months ago then pick give us a Chanel this road will be back me orgy but yes still and we don't know what is going on but our source is that the minister we are warning the minister that's a threat it's not a threat then what is it we want to encourage him okay so you consider you're encouraging him yes to consider that means hospital and look at the road look at a pregnant woman the old lady's a human being first on the road the children and we are fed up we are one in the minister did not be funded the president not disappoint the president and they're happy thank you where you live and the distance between where you live in here what would be your worst experience trying to access the facility here in fact bass oh god grace luckily we got Lichtman here we are happy you mean the hospital yeah the auspices you know how can a big Hospital IDs and the Mill Road bubble road is not a single rupee is a topo road and you see so many dust underwear coming I wish I could paint my face I wish I could paint my face there does to see on the television and see what is going on on on this road in fact because of the old ladies and the presently this road is not constructed the minister watch because it will much to press the house and wonder present what are you such a minister what I like it or not this road the minister has implemented to our anti the control issue for us well the money doesn't have to be given to your MP because the MP by the scheme of things we know that my name is with Minister as you understand it but right now we'll hand over to Daniel daddy and the team I can see could your angst and also their and they already could you good morning to you I know that the interaction will continue right in the studio we have on the front edges or the forecourt of the LACMA hospital but on TV we'll continue to do the transmission and you also get to know that the interactions and the sentiments that the citizens are harboring would always be there with them good morning to you what's your name I'm Olivia Olivia how are you I'm fine what do you live I live around was around at the back of a pro-life for myself but that's not too far from here yeah so if you're sick you can just come to the lake my house but just walk slowly that's nothing wrong with it that is too much no I don't even like coming here at all why the road constantly we had an interaction with the MCE we had interaction with the MP and when we're told that is going to be fine nowhere well it's going to be constructed very soon of course there's a bit of delay yes since I think last year and they were say that's they was touched if in Islands the China people has come so soon they will start constructing the row Absalom they have not started doing anything on it and we are suffering about the dust if you go to my room now I would have to ask my kiss you there does the place where pro-life is I'm not sure that you at the hospital so we are so pretty law so government should do something about it it's very bad we are suffering with our kids always does does does that we are getting very sick so the government should do something about it system is keep you long I will charge they will do the root to the root Absalom nothing has be done about it so they should do something about it for us we are suffering let me ask you there was your west experience with using the road whether for any daily activity what's your watch always experienced at times when it's raised like this if you come to this place it's very bad you can't even catch a place you pass everywhere is muddy you can't you don't know it where to you even a step everywhere everywhere it is no good at all God should do something about it it's so good when it's read like this are you come a bit drivers are so phrenology a they kindly pass every way that's it that's the end a distance so they should do something about it for us thank you what's your name again I'm Olivia Olivia thank you well carve enjoy the interaction and Pretoria Frost what's your name um Esther Esther and you also live close by no my Chad is he your child is here sick she's 14 years 18 years and also on admission yes almost one month four month yeah any means that you have to commute from the house here we here yeah your experiences tell me I mean I think that dust is too much in no way ivy crossing today I think to get something that the in fact that dust is too much it is too bad I think we are bringing with the government that place he should do something about it and because of the children to their babies are affecting the baby tend to have coffin or the caldera spray tract infection yeah yes so the medical people in the hospital told us that so since you said that visiting yeah the last one month have you had your but I see that you have a baby have you as your baby developing a cold or something on the zone yeah I think last we sure and he was having a cold call very strong could so and sometimes you have to stay here for hours right yes up to see ya bye I'd normally come here by 4:30 then I'll live by 6 o clock yeah well that distance between your place and here is a long yeah I live at magnets cots so that's the end of the road yeah going to magnet yeah going to the spin test room yes please yes from here to the end of the road about very very bad why very bad very bad well thank you very much but they the experiences of those who tend to visit the hospital is that they have to bring that is for the drivers they have to bring the the patients to the hospital they have to use the road and make sure they make the entry and and sometimes the experiences are also not good well usually the the drivers would have would have the the main pointers as far as the experiences are but let me speak to you so my cameraman just comes close and then we'll be in a position what's your name said Mike Oh Coco boy oh good boy nice oak oh boy once I thought you where the MPM is my own brother Oh God Moshe Fiat van me Anaka maybe especially near me and yeah touchy driving a taxi scared yeah yeah driving some commercial vehicles canny beer what's your experiences with this road nikka gee Batman 10 year boy mother ha mobility right BMP a machine honorable enjoy about bein Phe about better fantasy because testing Racha khana kkona kkona go a beer Mei Bao Chau maybe now a phase it just cannot can it be a fair use MPP be used you are no no I'm an equal quote yes you wanna compare for government government's main policy like fear such as Kaiser Exeter everybody's using so so that one is I'm a gym I got one too oh man we are that's manly development sauce yes because roadbed by inside their machines Takamiya been honorable enjoy G us I know what you nope we're having one young nicely maneuver to a harlot when ppl ONDCP new Jimmy she all complain yes so supporter but is still a pains with the state of the road and especially he says that the whole of 10 she and the adjoining communities that seemed not to be proper development and acts team really gamma has has a central national policy of free SHS which at least will put money in the pocket if you listen to the arguments among many others saying he says that that's the central policy everybody's enjoying it both supporters of NDC and MPP so it's a comfort accounts for nothing Oh mini duo last word know about 100k media were present there I got milk palatable energy nowhere were bad because can you tune impact whoa muhuali mm-hmm Peabody Michigan about you know where if your politics while you are in your madmen open macabre tamale okay then then using that for using as a trump card to to threaten government they're not stretching that universe and what not even any actionable but you are feminine Red Menace ever II feel silly when an akuna on Veneto is you mmm-hmm oh god why thank you this is the family of the MP and is is a taxi driver let me just make where make sure that he goes bye-bye enjoy the morning but there's a current state we have but there are many people who keep this is say again let me repeat this a 7.5 kilometer road so as you tend to look at the beginning of the road as bad as it is it stretches to we're way way way of there close to Manette Junction and it's where we have another string of the road that bad so but in the meantime we have to also give all the indications that the reactions of the authorities or help in a long way to at least calmness of the residents who seem to be first-time experience people experiencing the state of the road but again if you want to get interactive it's easy for you to do so Facebook join us on TV and to join us on TV on Twitter and then when you're watching us live on YouTube you can also go site for the channel my online TV while readers will join 99.7 fm and please go search for them on Twitter as well join I 97 on Facebook same joy 997 and you can find them also uploaded on my drawn line TV all of the uploaded videos from the studio and and the interaction for today make sure that you ah the hashtags fix LACMA now and join use fix LACMA now and join use well we have to go back to the studio when Walker there there will be more live from the LACMA hospital but in all these conversations about fixing the road we got the MP in the studio this week and he has his response to the concerns raised by the residents all right to commend you for your remarkable these three seconds ago is a represent value Donna to commend you for a remarkable contribution towards the gonna be on eight agenda to no provision of meticulous service to his Excellency the President of Ghana I write respectfully also to bring to your attention a 7.5 kilometer route under construction located in my constituency the natural constituency the road contract was signed between government of Ghana and malinvestment complimented the contractor after happy after having word on a roof over a year demobilized and abandoned the project as a result of non-payment of certificates mr. v point five kilometer route has not seen any waste since last quarter of 2016 this road is a drug current rule the only road that connects spintax ruled I agree to the beach rule now let me come to Anna Prager the very bad state of Natasha name has tendon Lac Hospital in the white elephant that is avoided by both patients and doctors due to difficulty assessing the facility some pregnant women in the past I've had pregnancies terminated and the health put at risk by this rule mr. Peavey opine of blessed memory was transported to the lake MOSFET on this road with a Jamie from the point of sudden illness to the hospital taking over 45 minutes instead of the less than 10 minutes that it will have taken in a real ever constructed look at what I said mr. deckerd secretary I have visited almost every public officer with a capacity to do some time at his room from the minister of roads and highways to the budget director at the Ministry of Finance the controlling Atlanta general Department and order let me just conclude now this what I say then let your constancy has 210 thousand police stations over 80% of road users are in sakamoto and non Gua spring tests Betina over a million people start to benefit or be protected in this road is fixed I humbly approach your office to call an emergency meeting on the state of rotational this was 20 18 April and look at what I said I said I humbly appetit office the college's mission instead intention the possible continuation or termination of the contract with Mal invasion limited in the face of legal impediments being encountered by the contractor and the constitution of an emergency plan on the road in preparation I had on a rainy season it was 2018 rainy season it has passed another rainy season is about to pass so you know what when I meet I met a chief of staff that's my mother mrs. FEMA she tells me doctor we all know you're Rudy supporter we are given serious attention to it I meet the minister's with dr. your route is anuradha what I see is that there are challenges that they are having I mean talk about the ministry what we have to do is to find out from the ministry what is challenges are but for me they might people complain look I'm a physician if my people vote me out because of this community I mean and now potentially did just take a look at me I'm even see we pleaded to do something about these roads but what happened to a political promise to fix the rules he promised either way we were teaming to power up you the road after the road has no me fix the super Barney show and the journies team on the am show are on the ground to ask the tough questions speaking to residents now speaking truth to power join us on all our social media platforms with a hashtag fix LACMA now

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