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there's somebody driving into town the first time you wouldn't think there was a lot here because 95% of it is hiding underground people drive in and go where is the place I don't understand Cuba Petey is from the aboriginal Cooper picky which means white man and a hole at the moment upstairs it is about 122 degrees Fahrenheit down here we're sitting on about 71 72 degrees no air conditioning necessary well right out in the middle of nowhere it takes a day to drive here from Adelaide I'd say there's about a thousand underground dwellings and at least 1500 people living on the ground we've got five underground churches we've got underground motels there's some amazing underground homes here many bedrooms underground workshop you name it underground we've pretty well got it I bought my dog out as a fairly small two-bedroom that I got and I've been extending it over the years some of this I blasted out what I could get away with it the cops don't life is blasting intent we don't do it anymore back in the old days if somebody was gonna have a baby we'd rock around there with a couple of compressors on a weekend and some jackhammers and a couple of cartons of beer and by 2:00 Sunday night we dug out of room cemented the floor and my it up and there's your new baby's room honey even though we're so far away geographically from anywhere else but I know why but we just loved the place to piss when you see the players get the ball in their home for the first time it's a cross between intrigue and excitement it's great to see him try and bounce the ball and to see it actually bounce away it can make the best of people look really really silly the number one sport in Australia is Australian rules football it's basically a cross between rugby and soccer and the fans go crazy for it there's one problem they don't have enough tall people so what do they do they come to the States this combines the u.s. AFL combine and we started this four years ago basically in a search for four guys six foot seven and above and these tall American athletes they don't really need to know a lot about Australia it's a home of the Kangaroos I think I know a lot of kangaroos I hit a lot about kangaroos and spiders and snakes in selecting these athletes we predominantly look for guys that are hungry most of the participants predominantly come from basketball the concept of basketball in terms of the athlete being in traffic and having spatial awareness and those sorts of things is really transferable to our game which is good news because less than 2 percent of college basketball players will make it to the pros the Australian Football League gives them another chance to live out their dreams of being a pro athlete most of the participants are quite shocked till when they say the game for the first time the question is what are the athletes think of all this when I got to come over I thought it was fake actually I thought it was a scam first thing I thought that was a scam I thought there was a contact and one person absolutely what is Australian football skepticism aside how do you teach these guys a game they never even heard of before so the comboing kicks off in the early pace with a physical testing and then start to build into the skills the basics of handballing the ability to see what they like with their hands then we can start to get into the more competitive stuff where they might crash & bash into each other which they love that this is Mason Cox he played basketball at Oklahoma State two years ago he was just like one of these guys on the combine now he's playing professionally in Australia this fuzzy little creature is a Kaka and these guys live here off the west coast of Australia on Rottnest Island Crocker's are not only cute they are camera-ready and they're taking the internet by storm so let's start at the beginning what is a Kaka Oquawka is a small wallaby it comes from the same family as a kangaroo and physically they've got thick brown fur they've got long tails and they hop around hawkers thrive on Rottnest Island because they don't have any predators over here so there's no foxes we have the largest viable population of about 10,000 oh sorry and you are my name's Cassie Anna GREs and I'm a conservation officer on right nest island in my role I'm responsible for managing conservation programs and there's one online trend that has really helped these animals a cooker selfie but make sure you're getting it right how to take a caucus selfie step one a camera step two a corker but don't touch the caucus ah nope or feed them it's 150 dollar fine these guys don't need the food they naturally graze their way through the islands vegetation and I also really love the savings that we plan as part of our revegetation projects that we have implemented by our environment technicians sorry about that guys thanks for all your hard work and what makes these guys so great for taking selfies around the settlement area the Crockers are a lot friendlier they've become used to people so their natural behaviour changed but out in the reserve where they're actually still exhibiting their natural behavior there will be a lot more wary of people we have to know are they actually smiling in photos yeah they're not actually smiling in the photos it's just the natural shape of their mouth which comes up at the side which makes them look like they're smiling the popularity of the selfie has given us the opportunity to be able to raise awareness about the Crockers particularly on the mainland that are under threat so we use that as a platform to educate the public and also educate them about appropriate interaction with wildlife so finally a good cause for selfies meet Morrison and tingoora two adorable dingoes no these aren't pet dogs they're actually wild animals dingoes are australia's wild dog considered a cultural icon but due to interbreeding pure dingers have become harder to spot hence both Morrison and tangora's similar appearance to domestic dogs dingers are thought to have been introduced to Australia three to four thousand years ago they are Australia's largest terrestrial predator dingoes hunt everything from rodents and birds to larger prey like kangaroos they are a big part of Aboriginal Australian culture yet a seen as pests by livestock farmers due to perceived attacks on animals hunting for their skin and interbreeding has left their population vulnerable this is the dingo quote it's a 360-degree game there's no padding there is a high risk involved in it because it is a full-contact sport and now you really can cop it from any angle but we're pretty tough and you get straight back up from Cuffy I'm Chloe and I'm a loons footballer let's go girls IFL or the Australian Football League is best described as a combination of rugby football and soccer I think have you asked any Australian it's a really big deal it defines us it's a part of our culture I think everyone has AFL team that they support my uncle played football for calling me so I grew up watching him and I immediately wanted to do it back when I was a little girl I actually played football for 3 to 4 years but then there's that drop-off that a lot of girls have because there is no pathway into a women's sporting career in 2017 a women's league was officially introduced good stretch for all Australian but if a woman's changed the path of life for me that I never thought I'd have it's bought out the little girl's dream that I had back when I did play football I think the AFL women's is breaking down a lot of barriers that once existed amongst women in sport no matter what race what sexual identity you are it really doesn't matter and anyone can play some people just don't agree that women should be playing football so that's probably a challenge that I face and that the whole league face as well the best way to react to all the criticism is just not to react at all and keep doing what we enjoy one hope that I have is that if any little girl or boy looks on the TV they know full well that that's a sport that they can go into no matter if it's being played by men or women

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  1. only problem is all the quokkas (that most people get to see, at least*) are obese. Not kidding, they solely live on an island which acts exclusively as a tourist destination. them quokkas thicc af.

  2. This video has been uploaded like 3 times now, I always expect a new set of stories yet its always the same. Why are you guys re-uploading it constantly? It must not be getting enough views each time so maybe try new stories haha

  3. I've always wanted an underground home. Yeah having a 2 story 4 rooms 2 bathrooms house is nice and everything but everyone has the same type of generic home and I'm not about that. Also I'm finna put a suit of armor in that hoe to class that sucker up

  4. AFL is not an australian thing, it is mainly in one state at the bottom of the country. Nobody outside of that state gives two fucks about it. Fake News

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