crate opening I want to see what the odds are like I want to see how it is in this brand-new game four piece so we're gonna start it's gonna start off with 700 and I'm sure it's gonna increase from there so tonight we got a pair of velcro shoes let's see oh damn we got the meanie we got the freakin blood of Minnie that is crazy Wow hype in the chat for sure what's going on guys Rick's here thank you so much for tuning in we have so much to get through uh guys let me tell you you know what you hear like those other youtubers Oh content provided by and we want to thank so-and-so for providing this new content of this new game it's we don't do that here on the biggest small channel on YouTube the home of the no clickbait king we are in it you guys this is the look this is me controlling the character in the game that's been out for about two days right now what I'm talking about is it's called game for peace Riggs what is game for peace can you explain please yes I will what that means is basically to sum it all up real quick is there's some drama went down between the Chinese government talking about the old pub G mobile they didn't like it so Tencent came out with a brand new version and it's the same core it's the same game but what's this is even better for $0.10 this is better for pub G because the old Chinese version they weren't making any money off of it was a hundred percent free to play you could not buy money on that app even if you wanted to this one you guys wait until you see the shop I have browsed around a little bit I also played a little bit on the brand new mode the 4v4 like the Call of Duty style wait until you guys see it at the very end of the video I'm gonna well I'm basically gonna end the video with some of that for view for action but I just wanted to kind of go over the interface show you guys the new shop and kind of give you guys my first impressions of everything and if I see in the comments section you know I don't want to do the whole you know oh if enough of you guys like the video you know I don't want to bribe you guys but if I see the large majority of you want to see how to download this cuz it's not a straight up you know oh yeah go to google play or go to iTunes you know iTunes App Store and you know just download it it does it doesn't quite work that way so if this is something you guys want to play maybe you want to play this with me I can definitely put together something quickly like a two or three minute video and show you guys how to download this so just let me know down in the comments section and yeah alright look so let's get into this you guys there is so much Wow behind this there's a lot of hype behind it the first thing I noticed is just how polished it is how optimized it is the the the best way to describe it is if the global version of pubsey mobile and the TV version of pubsey mobile come you know combined together or if those two versions had a kid it would be this it is so well optimized in so polished it is incredible so and it's the same like I like I want to show you guys if you guys look here these are the four maps we have Aaron go we have Sonic pretty sure that's for kindy and we have Miramar and it's the same you know solos duo's squads there is the you have the armory and you also have the training ground maybe we can check out the training ground and a little bit here's the arcade mode again guys it is of course in Chinese like I get that the majority of it you can just by knowing the game you kind of can navigate your way through but you know we have the different arcade modes and you can luckily I have shout to Rogers look they actually have a very close friend who's who lives in China you know who can help me out you know with a lot of this stuff this right here so you have arcade this right here is the 4v4 and what it is so much fun what you guys see the gameplay more again more towards the end of the video another thing is like I said now there is a way to make in-game purchases and so this is obviously what is this is I hope it'll screw this up but is this is yen right I believe China in China they use yen it is a way to make in-game purchases now and I'm gonna show you guys the shop on me wait you guys see the C's and rewards check this out this is the season award season one just started so alright and these right here by the way wait there's so much I want to show you guys it's ridiculous so we click that little gift icon so here's the here's the reward for reaching platinum I want to say if you reach platinum one you guys get this you guys get this skin look at compare your season rewards on the global version to the season rewards again and this is free this is just playing the game you'll get awarded this skin just for making it to freaking and platinum like that is crazy and if we click if we look here you can see that's if you make it I want to say that's ace again you get the ace parachute right there and of course you make it to conquer how did you make it to conquer in the Chinese version that'd be insane you get the frame you know so that's the same so pretty cool stuff now what I want to do I know a lot you guys want to see the shop we're actually we're gonna do a quick create opening wait TI see all the free items you can get just using BP and somehow I have 23,000 BP what's cool is I had an account for the Chinese version before and so all of that transferred from the old app to the new one so let's go to let's go to the shop I'm gonna show you guys just look at this I mean is there even a comparison I'm give up I'm done but look at this skin look at the car 98 that is crazy okay we have seen that emo but look at the skin look at the goggles the frickin mask the hoodie I mean I don't I don't even know I like look it it's so freakin badass and there's a couple skins that you have seen on the global version I want to show you guys as well of course these are all new so here you guys have seen this I want to say this is you see it looks like this costs 80 you see I guess I mean the icon is different but I want to say this is ad you see to pick this up but just look at how it looks and flows on the character the graphics the shadowing I mean just the overall details and that's crazy so but we've seen this skin this skin is in the global version same as this one look this is only 50 that's 50 you see here's some more skins we'll just kind of we'll just kind of go through these look and this is actually free because I've already collected 73 of these just by logging in I think completing you know regular daily reward events and missions and stuff this is 600 but I've collected 73 and I've played one 4v4 match so or a couple for weave for matches so check this out so these are all free all these suits right here looks like each of these are for 600 this one's also for 600 and you can just kind of see as you go down but but I have not made a single purchase in this game so that's that's pretty crazy look 360 just look at how it looks here's the Falcon a completed Falcon outfit which has been around for a very long time still very popular and then here's all the different hats and the different things that you can get there is now here's some gun skins is the car 98 power bang is gonna love this one check this out you guys the very first I want to say ever skin for the m24 look at this thing I don't I wish I again I wish I knew what it what it was called here was what looks like I'm the character I like I was holding it over the shoulder looks amazing here's a oszi you can see it's kind of it's like a theme they all match it's all the same set I really wish I knew what like they were called you know here's an m4 so look this is for 1980 so this is again free like Indian currency think of these I guess you could think of these is like silver yeah let's think of these as silver frags I guess I guess I never made that connection till right now but yeah the little coin with the you know the with the bulletproof vest on there so here let's see what looks like just the gun so look at that m24 skin looks freaking beautiful here's your m16a4 here's a UMP skin let's scroll down so we saw that AKM okay we saw these there's the grows up and a lot of these and again this just came out a couple days ago so imagine there's gonna be so many more skins coming look the pan doesn't even have a skin yet that's how that's how new it is here's an ID card for a hundred so you can see a lot of the stuff is the same but a lot of stuff is very different as well look at this hoodie no idea how to get it maybe these are maybe these are login rewards not too sure books like this is for season one I'm Roger just gonna have to help me out now I wanted I wanted to do a little crate opening because you can actually oh and here's me here's the crates looks like this is good for 20 days you can pick up some parachute so you can pick up some other skins and avatars pants I mean look how badass this padded jacket looks like okay so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go here so we're gonna do a crate opening this is stuff that we can actually pick up all this stuff in here the vector skin look here is I wish I wanted to see if I could actually see the gun look at these gun skins this looks like the blood oath the blood of a km the Groza the fricken the m16 Damini the scar-l looks just like the but here's the FATA Jack but look at these padded jackets they look so much better this is all for BP so we're gonna do a crate opening I wanna see what the odds are like I want to see how it is in this brand-new game four piece so we're gonna start it's gonna start off with 700 and I'm sure it's gonna increase from there so looks like we got a pair of velcro shoes let's see oh damn we got the meanie we got the freakin blood of mini that is crazy Wow hyping the chat for sure I want to keep it going though let's keep this going I definitely want to keep this going let's see how many more okay we picked up a hat not sure I only can do a couple more of these alright we got a new we got a new pair of pants 5600 oh we got the same hat so now we can dismantle and see what we can get for that pretty sure that's it don't we keep going got another hat got three of those okay so that's all the gold that we have that's all the BP that we have but the fact that we picked up our first gun skin how the heck do I even get to it let's see is it in here ah here's the armory so you can look at all the weapons so look we can here's our we can actually do the new uh here's our new gun skin you guys ah there we go how cool is that using BP I can't I can't get over that and here's the new here's the people keep talking about this I'm gonna be doing a video on here's the new that they call it the square peon look this has this is a pistol that has five attachments on it here it is completely decked out looking put all these different frickin grips on it the half the laser there's the vert and you can put the Uzi stock on it but I do want to do a video of like a weapon spotlight video kind of featuring that yeah so here inventory okay so here's the inventory can we dismantle this Rogers is probably laughing his ass off right now okay here we go see we could do that okay so yeah so it is official that's how you can also pick up these fragment pieces from collecting them just daily rewards and stuff and dismantling duplicates so you can see now we have 75 and you can actually the fact you could open up crates with that that's pretty cool actually let's put on and then how do I get there again is it that one I want to put on so I know we got a new pair of pants here's our jacket I guess we can go ahead we'll go ahead and rock that got our new hat and here's our shoes so we're gonna rock this outfit but definitely let me know what you guys think of well this new game you know game okay it's called game for peace and I don't know it seems it seems really cool it seems fair you know how is it gonna be you know as time goes on is it gonna get better is it gonna turn more into a money grab like we're kind of seeing with global with the crazy crate off because I know one puppy mobile first came out the the hype behind when the game was first released and the rewards they would give it's definitely definitely changed I could say for as far as the global version is but this one kind of just gives me that feel of how Hub G mobile first was you know when I first fell in love with the game so again I can show you guys in a quick video how to download this again if you guys enjoyed it and you want to see more videos like this maybe some more content featured maybe you guys you know will download it and play it with me let me know in the comments section if it's something that you want to see and like I said if you want to see more like about content like this leave a like if you're new here welcome to the biggest small channel on YouTube aha bigs gaming and consider hitting that subscribe button again if you enjoyed the content but we'll leave it with the 4v4 brand new mode that's only available on game for peace so anyway I leave it here hopefully you guys enjoyed these usual easy debate on hi Jo Jo Schulman be citation as usual reloading godlike condonation listen the toe sensation reloading cover me over the top Vienna is the concentration whom did that how is your show yella yella besides issue holding ocean

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