Fierce for the Future Campaign Vision

in Louisiana we do not wait for the future we create it and since 1860 Louisiana State University has been doing just that bringing together bold individuals with a tireless spirit and a relentless drive to defy accepted notions of what's possible the work we're doing here and not just the research but the education and the translation of the science is critically important to making sure that people understand we can't wait to act so these projects are the most relevant cultural projects our program has ever worked on the students that work on this model are being exposed to these projects in a way unlike any other and any academic program in the country it's gonna be amazing to see the impact our students are going to have on keeping people not just in other parts of the country but on we're all safe from coastal flooding getting my master's degree online my goal was to finish my master's degree in 12 months it was hard and tough but also gave me an opportunity to actually finish getting my education and receiving my master's degree the world is a very different place education is not a point in time endeavor anymore anyone who loves LSU who believes in LSU we should have a pathway for them it's really about lifting the state up by lifting the people up Pennington Biomedical is one of the largest nutrition research centres in the world our goal is to eradicate obesity is it aspirational yes is it achievable absolutely I think that mission of our lab is well aligned with the mission of DOC Pennington who gave the original philanthropic gift to help Louisianans live a more healthy life I think having LSU involved with startups and just the startup culture in Louisiana is vital for it to grow and to become more than it is today there's not a lot of other institutions that have the opportunity and the breadth of focus and also have the density of population to do what LSU can do here in Louisiana kids orchestras unique because the partnership with LSU really does give it access to a very large number of quality music educators and performers without access to a university of this size with a music program of this caliber the program would not be able to exist it's exciting to me to teach future music educators because I know the impact that they can have and I want to be able to affect positive change in them so that it ripples down to their students in the future I think very uniquely to LSU we just are just doers and we're just like heart workers I always say that if it weren't for the people who have helped me along the way and who helped expose me to not only opportunities but to just a whole new world that I wouldn't be where I am we the LSU family have done much our achievements are many and our pride is well-deserved but there is still much to do now for the first time ever we are uniting our campuses statewide to launch a campaign to make a worldwide impact it begins here now our generation must harness our passions and our resources so that coming generations have all they need to imagine and discover and solve because it's time time to come together as one time to rise to the challenge and invest in tomorrow it is time to be fierce for the future you

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