Feminists Pay Kids To Hate Christmas - Social Justice Warriors VS Logic #6

here at Darlington students learn to push through boundaries how to make an impact and really leave a mark because here at Darlington if you touch a girl without consent we've got a badass over here though I woke up today realizing guys it's it's not that far away from Christmas mate and I want to surprise you all by ruining that for you not just me though also these these little kids right here and also swearing Santa who's a little bit of a dick I'm not gonna lie but make sure it's come over and follow me on Instagram I've been talking to you over there and a follower is always much appreciated mate anyway Jesus Christ that little boys sans are loving this I don't know about you guys but I'm not that sexist but it's true I will omit this sexist pigs the way that little boys laughing and Sant I don't know why the fuck you laughing mate you don't even exist dum-dum it just probably made about five percent my audience crying them ask their moms if that's true I really am bring in your Christmas I'm sorry this video like that mate I know it this isn't a sexist finger to his fuck no one day he's not giving you that Barbie said you wanted a little breath girl should accept this yeah what the fuck Santa telling lies that's not nice obviously today too I'm not even gonna bother going over the fact how this isn't true and how it's down to women's different life choices and the fact that they do different business opportunities and just work opportunities in general and that's like an overall estimate so it make sense it wasn't going to be 50/50 also not to remind you the fact that if we did get paid less wouldn't companies just hire women you'd be like cheap labor all right yeah because it's not true this just makes me laugh like I just imagine these kids down and watching politics you know that didn't happen know about five minutes they were watching a vegetable spongebob there's there's no way that these kids were actually watching politics and I'm stupid maybe they were I don't know and they were like taking notes and they recorded this video but I seriously doubt it mate a bunch of arrows came together it is a video idea I came up with this they should have just done a meme review or I try not to laugh how do these kids like even know these words oh ho ho that's actually quite a funny pun annoying yeah but at the same time like very fucked up that I'd also have actually sat down with these kids and made this video where they say what is fucked up is society doesn't pay us asthma no no no why is fucked up is definitely the fact that you got a bunch of seven and six-year-olds and got them to like to say these things if my videos getting D monetize their fucking whole channel is about to be obliterated like a quarter of way bad son who knows did she just frightened Santa I think she just said she's gonna chin Santa look at his face is shocked guys with hard times coming up these days and everything just becoming so difficult and we live in such a dark age I've made Santa a patreon because he needs money for bodyguards he's clearly not safe these little girls are trying to cheer him and give him a a read no no mate Santa a go fund me if you want to go and donate that'd be good all the money is going towards Santa not me paid for his security he needs security like Donald Trump you want a Christmas this curse me to do this okay here's my boy to tell you more hello fellow humans it's me Jesus please stop whatever you're doing right now santa needs your help he's not safe while these little feminist kids are near him please go donate to Santa's GoFundMe so Santa has a fighting chance this Christmas for just two pounds a month we will be able to afford security for Santa please before it's too late also subscribe to blaze thank you I've learned a whole new bunch of swag good they've like really opened up my vocabulary Jesus Christ maybe I maybe I'm also learning about new body parts this is basically English and sex education in the same video so yeah thank you little girl who's 7 thank you very much other that's not true the stuff to do of women but the sex ed and the English I must say is spot-on so thank you very much yeah I don't think Santa Claus is really the guy you posed to be talking to about that kind of stuff Santa Claus be like what the fuck is this shit for you want like Bob go playset or my little poem the fuck is this – shit Santa Claus and confuse man doesn't know what the fuck this is look first time I've ever said the iron it clean I swear to God if anyone who's actually brought one of those t-shirts or hoodies please let me know judging by the like to dislike ratio I'm guessing not many people hug but if you know someone if you know first of all if you know that I'm so sorry I'm here for you guys holy shit come over to my discord now selling therapy for the blaze I will try my best to fix you my my friends but if your friends very money shouldn't she should not be your friend so dumb with that vulgar language they've made Santa look at him before this whole video start the only had just he knew was away fucking gang signs and shit soon Santa the end of the video I mean it's kind of boring that like this even like some likes on this video that people are actually like dumb enough to this stuff I guess it's kind of easy to when you're just watching a video and you don't go out and do your own research but the whole thing with the wage gap in if I we've talked about this so much like it doesn't exist no I just triggered a bunch of people just then I do feel like if they wanted to get their point across they should make like a much better video than that instead of just getting kids to swear but I guess they're like reaction so that would be our we we needed to be shocking but I don't think that's really like the right way to go about it in the comments down below if that's the right move to do if you're gonna get kids to like swear and stuff just to get a point across I don't think is it doesn't look good and the parents were at the end and trying to sell t-shirts but anyway boys and girls I hope you did enjoy today's video mate if you did make sure to hit that like button leave a comment down below come over and join my discord be fucking awesome also come or follow me on my social medias mate it is much appreciated I've been talking to a few of you on Instagram that's the main place you guys can come and catch me on it's gonna follow me on Instagram talked to a few of you over there it's always a good time mate oh well nice I'll see you all in the next video also guys before in today's for y'all here's the fan out some of you guys to be making me it's absolutely incredible really do appreciate it if you have some art that you want to send me come and follow me on instagram send it over to me on there or come and join my discord I have a whole section just for that for you guys again guys thank you for watching and I'll see you all in the next video

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  1. I would love to have that green head face down and ass up on my bed ill show her how i push my boundaries

  2. Imagine the single moms going on fckh8s page and forcing their kids to go their studio and swear at a camera the entire day. Just to pay their rent.

  3. These stupid girls don’t realize that men earn more, because they work more. It’s common sense

  4. You know as a kid this shit wouldn't cross my mind i would just watch cartoons flurt with girls ride bikes with the squad play video games playing sports its sad to see kids having to learn this instead of living their lives as normal kids

  5. I love this videos because it’s literally ILLEGAL to pay women less than men. After the Triangle Fire women went on strike for better working and pay conditions and got them. Women were forced to be locked in the building at all times, 16 hour shifts, no breaks, then the fire happened, and mostly women and children died. Is it just a thing where extreme feminists don’t go to 8th grade history? The Triangle Fire was a pretty big part in history. My teacher literally said it’s a 1 to .8 difference I said ”No, it’s a 1 to 1 difference.” Ok maybe I didn’t but I told my friends afterwards. Funny thing, she’s the HISTORY TEACHER. This actually pisses me off, because if this was happening, the companies would be shut down, women would go on strikes at specific companies (instead of in general) and it would either be changed or the companies would be shut down completely. Either way, CEOs of the companies would be arrested for violating the law. It’s illegal, get that in your head.

  6. 2:57 this makes no scene it doesn’t matter how smart you are it’s about how hard you work how much time you work you can be the smartest person in the world and be paid less because you didn’t work as hard I guess the moral is schools ever rated

  7. your grades dont affect how much you make lol my dad failed 10th grade twice he was 21 when he graduated and now he provides for 4 kids and my mom who is a stay at home mom

  8. Blaming Santa for what a kid asked for and got ?! Anyone who allows their child in those videos. Needs to have CPS take them away.

  9. They do know he committed a crime right, you can destroy federal commend tender without a proper reason such as educational purposes.

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