Federal Election 2019: Liberal vs Labor - Strengths and weaknesses

the coalition's main message to this election is going to be the question who do you trust I think you're gonna hear a lot of that between now and Poland day and what they're trying to do is set up a distinction between them and labor on the economy who do you trust to manage the economy better and the Liberals have a track record of you know of supplying surpluses and of good economic management and they're going to be really playing on that Labor's main message is going to be fairness so as opposed to the Liberals focusing on the budget the Labor Party's going to be talking about how it's going to use taxpayer dollars to make society fairer so instead of giving tax cuts to higher income earners it's going to focus its tax cuts on middle and lower-income earners giving them more the Coalition will be really trying to paint itself as good economic managers they've got the surplus to point to a 7 billion plus surplus projected for the 2019 20 budget so that's a big tick for them it's not a huge vote winner but it is the sort of thing that they can show we are responsible economic managers Labour's main strength is stability so during the rudd-gillard-rudd complete leadership chaos much like the Liberals have had but ever since they were kicked out of office and put in opposition they've been very stable Bill Shorten has been the opposition leader the whole time it can't happen overnight like it did back in the day where you know Australia went to sleep with Rudd as Prime Minister and woke up with Gillard as Prime Minister that put in new mechanisms to ensure that that won't happen again the main weaknesses for the coalition is their leadership instability people don't forget about the fact that they've had three prime ministers in six years at the end of the day I think voters will punish them for that leadership chaos funnily enough Labour's main weakness would be its leader Bill Shorten but the thing to remember is you don't necessarily have to have a popular leader to get into government Tony Abbott was never very popular as an opposition leader but he managed to win government quite decisively and so even though people aren't especially enamored with Bill Shorten he still could become Prime Minister

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  1. And yet that all aside who would vote for a party that has had more than a few pedophiles and another one caught recently and this. Labor slammed for opposing mandatory jail time for pedophiles
    LABOR is blocking compulsory jail time for child sex offenders in a move that will put more pedophiles on Australian streets, the government says. we know why now and a bloke running for PM that has had an alleged rape case against him my god who would vote for a party like this. I wonder how many people out there no this because if I just found this out i certainly would change my vote

  2. Hmmm, who to vote for.🤔🤔 If labor gets in, we’re fucked but if the LNP gets in, we’re screwed. So, do you want to be fucked or screwed? Either way, let’s just assume the position.

  3. *Vote labor mean Chaos , illegal migrants , endless strikes , Mates on roles or jobs that arent capable of performing ,

  4. Can somebody let George Clooney know that fukushima radiation is getting caught in solar panels and fog makes the radiation bounce back an forth making the solar panels extreamley radioactive. This makes liquid crystal screens radiates heat such as poker machines tvs computer screens etc. I have told the liberal party in Canberra about the problem and the department of health at the Sirius building in woden Canberra act Australia. I live at 37 Anderson St Chifley ACT

  5. That is so twisted Labor have a better track record of economic management avoiding the GFC. Also the Liberals are leaving open gaping loopholes to make the rich richer and have no plan for renewables. Labor's plan for renewables is cheaper than the coal subsidies already.

  6. Anyone in their right mind wouldn't vote for Labor, for gods sake it will be the same, boats, bats, and boofheads, Every Labor Government that has been in power since and including Whitlam has sent Australia into Debt. So if you want to keep your job and home, dont vote for these Kindergarten kids.

  7. First 40 secons, "im gonna have to stop you right there" OECD, Liberal party, Worst economic managers in the OECD, Labor 1st, Liberals DEAD LAST, theyre horrible economic managers, Deficit in a budget isn't a bad thing, Australian househoulds are in loads of debt yet scoff at the government going like 13 percent of GDP into red? so much irony.

  8. I'm not even caring about the whole money debate thing. All I care about is that Labor is using Solar power, which was already being set up, then the Liberals came in and took it down and it was already fixed, choosing to go for coal power, which is weaker and is more polluting. Plus, fucking NBN cables! Labor would have put the right cables in, Liberals fucking brought the NBN with normal cables that fuck everything up! Sure, put up cables that'll just get taken out of the ground in less than a year that fuck with the internet for weeks causing people to hate the NBN thinking it is worse.

  9. fuck bill short,my house is going down in value and that is a fact,wealth destruction ,yer vote for labor ,the AUD will suffer,existing homeowners have suffered and will suffer more,stocks will go nowhere ,interest rates going to 0 and money in the bank will not earn even above inflation,then super?where are they going get the money to make it fairer ?oh i get it they will just print it out of thin air.
    i wish i could just print money and spend and spend and spend

  10. "Who do you trust"? NONE of the above!!!
    You always know when a politician opens their mouth they are going to plain lie to everyone, regardless of the topic.

  11. This is a truly useless analysis, primarily because he entirely misses the big picture and, mind you, so do nearly all the comments below: Here is my take, for what it is worth. This is a copy of what I have written elsewhere. I invite any reader to show me where I am wrong. The comments are especially relevant given the most recent report (out Tuesday 7 May 2019). The only backyard we have real control over is our own, Let's look after it!

    Why, dear writers (and readers) would you be thinking of voting for either of the major parties? Four years hence, you will be addressing precisely the same issues: employment, housing, health, education, and the environment. Will you not wake up to yourselves and focus on the most important issue before you: the idiocy of our 'growth forever' economic model — that is more and more people (primarily driven by unsustainable levels of immigration consuming more and more … FOREVER). Whichever way you call it, this is what you will be supporting if you put either major party first at the ballot box.

    You are surely not oblivious to the relentless decline in natural environment … set to continue regardless of what we do about climate change. A perpetual growth agenda offers us nothing other this in our future. For a time this will give us the pretty baubles and shiny things of material growth … but to what end?

    If we look beyond this absurd notion of perpetual growth to something genuinely sustainable ( this will involve a substantial reduction in our immigration program … and, no, this is not an ethnic agenda) we will not only give our environment a chance to recover, and perhaps even bloom, but simultaneously address the pressure placed on employment, and housing, health and education infrastructure. All these matters are intimately linked to our exceptionally high rate of annual migration (whatever our politicians and economists pretend). We will NEVER keep up (despite Morrison's 'congestion busting BS and Labor's silence on these issues) and, if we try, we only destroy this planet more quickly.

    If you must give Labor/Greens or Lib/Nats a go in the House of Reps … after all, not too much else on offer … try giving Sustainable Australia a go in the Senate. It is the only party out there with an intelligent approach to population … and it will be the number of people with which you, your children, and your children's children are compelled to share this fragile continent with that, more than any other factor, determines the kind of future you and they have.

  12. Hahahaha……fucking whiteys never read history. How the fuck edward heath lost his fuvking election in 1974

  13. Liberal blames Labor charges more taxes. What about GST ? Who implemented it ? That was Liberal under John Howard. Is it tax ? Is it double tax ? Is it legitimate ?

  14. 3. Also, to have a real democracy (and not a fake "democracy" based on expensive mass media advertising), at the very least, OUR GOVERNMENT MEDIA (the ABC) must give EQUAL MEDIA TIME to every Party running; otherwise it's a "democracy" based on MONEY. You might say: 'It's based on the largest-membership Parties.' But since when does the mere fact that your Party has a very large membership mean that its policies are the best for the majority; or that they even honest?

  15. 2. To have real democracy (and not this 2-horse-race fake "democracy") there should only be one big electorate (for the Shire, or State, or the whole of Australia), because people vote for Parties way more than individuals, and in those cases where they do vote for individuals, that individual is beholden to the Party they are in. There should only be one 'House' with 100 members, and if Party A gets 33% of the vote, then they should get 33 seats in the House. If Party B gets 54% of the vote, then they should get 54 seats in the House. If no Party has a clear majority, that is no problem, it would mean a healthy debate and voting between all the Parties in the House; it would actually be more democratic. Italy had a similar system for decades after World War II, and even though there were elections every year for a while, it was still way more democratic than putting in one of the two richest Parties in power to do what they like (and break their promises) for 3 to 4 years.

  16. 1. Only the richest Parties can afford to run a candidate in every electorate (which is necessary to even have a hope of winning).
    Only the richest Parties can afford enough advertising to get their campaign known to enough people (which is also necessary to even have a hope of winning).

  17. The libs should play to their strengths; destroying the natural world, short term economic strategies that erode our economic standing whilst benefiting the ultra rich and corporate elites.

  18. labor will destroy Australia if they get in this time, get rid of them especially bill shitten the rapist pig

  19. I Weill be seeing if their is a animal justice party to vote for I won't be wasting my vote on none of the other clowns all they ever do I fight with each other when they should be working to get things done they are worse then a kindergarten class always acting like two year olds I'm over it it makes me sick how bout they grow up and start helping our country and stop attacking each other then maybe they might get some promises done

  20. Let me get this straight: The Liberals are considered economic geniuses because they add $520 billion to our national debt, while Labor is considered the worst economic managers because they came out of Government with $180 billion in debt after the worse economic crisis since the great depression??? By the way, Australia was completely cushioned from the 2008 financial crisis… Not a single bank foreclosed, not a single financial institute went under. Take a guess who won "finance minister of the year award" after all the neo Liberal BS that happened? Wayne Swan; https://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-09-21/swan-named-best-treasurer/2908654

  21. I like, how Labour promising so many millions before election. They always went in to the deficit and brakes so many promises. Like no carbon tax. Typical labor. In the Victoria is one Spastic leader and now another Spas wants to be a Prime Minister. What a joke.

  22. lieberals asking who do you trust, they've broken 85 election promises, I dont think morriscum has ever told the truth on inequality, lieberals are the reverse robin hood stealing from the poor to give to the rich. surplus my ass 370 billion in debt is suppose to disappear they already sold all our public assets and gold reserves

  23. Who do I trust ? . . . I don't trust news com au just like I don't trust Labor, Liberals or Green's
    You are all regressive socialist shills to the last one Traitors to the nation and western culture

  24. Just saw on ABC (feminist left wing traitor broadcaster) and both Shorten and Morrison agree to televised debates, I think Greens are mentioned as well. I dont want pre-ordained debates with 2 or 3 party leaders, I think Australians deserve a debate engaging all political parties and factions with no holes barred. I suggest without topics and policy selection and all points open these 3 parties would not be contenders without their theatre scripts to read off just as parliament is a scripted theatre show. This election is rigged again by the Australian Electoral Commission and the Murdock owned MSM networks!
    The Globalists fear losing their stranglehold of Australia, they don't believe Australians can manage their own affairs so they have to baby sit us, if this round the rose bush like a teddy bear continues there will inevitably be no Australia left, it will be New South China!

  25. As a non muslim, who was raised in a an Islamic country and and a native speaker of Arabic. I don't need anyone to tell me what Islam is. I know Islam very well and understand the Islamic mentality that hates the non muslims and suppress women. My people suffered from racism, violence, and even killing. Churches were attacked and burned. Thank God I have immigrated to  Western country, I see muslims here enjoy freedom of religion and worship. What people don't understand that they're multiplying like rabbots, and aim one day to rule the Western countries. I wish my kids won't see what we saw in the future, this is my nightmare.
    Don't rely on you government as it will do NOTHING especially labour/greens, you people need to urgently wake and make a peacful action and protest before it's too late, otherwise and your kids will pay the price!!!

    ربنا يرحمنا ويرحمكم

  26. Highest national debt ever qualifies you as a good economic managers? A government backed housing bust represents a robust economy. Let me think that over.

  27. Labor/Greens / Liberals have to be all voted out absolutly hopeless Anti Australian parties that sell Australians out at the command of the United nations!
    Australian conservatives, and national conservatives, one nation are the only parties the really care about Australians!

  28. Need money to run a country, who will do that better is the Lib's , cause every time Lab; get in they put us into debit. it would take 2 decades to get rid off it if they get in this time. . pls THINK & look into the past ,cause it alway repeats it's self , don't listen to all the ball shit ,that is coming our way.

  29. You do realise you don't have to vote for the two major parties right you can vote for other parties

  30. Pointless voting.

    Elections are waste of time and money.

    Why cant we just cancels the election?

    Its just a waste of money and time.

    It doesnt matter who you vote for because they're both the same.

    We know they just steal all the money.

    Nearly every goverment policies been a disaster.

    Were almost a failed state.

    Selling off large chunks of land and public assets is a diaster.

    We might as well hoist a Chinese flag.

    720+ corporation refuse to pay tax and the poor are clobbered with fines to make up for the shortage of taxes.

    The adani coal mine is national tragedy.

    How long before were a failed state?

    We've lost free speech, we lost freedoms to speak about about anything.

    If we complain its hate speech or were bigots or we get shouted down.

    Id just like to be removed from the electoral role at least then I dont have to waste time on voting when really there is no choice.

    The oligarchs in country pretty much do as they please.

    Theyre the ones that call the shots.

    Its a show with actors yet the whole things bs.

    Do we have to sit through yet more boring bs?

    We effectively have no say over anything now.

  31. Why is it just "Liberal vs Labor" I'm sick of Australians voting in these 2 major parties, they are killin us!!! It's like a bad game of Ping-Pong but the only loser is the Australian people. Lets get some candidates in who are looking out for Australia and Australians.


  33. I laughed hard at the 'good economic managers' line. Couldn't be further from the truth. The projected surplus is exactly that, PROJECTED.

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