'Fck govt fck Boris' protest takes place on PM's first day in office

[Applause] I think Boris doctor has been given time and time again so much opportunity to show how unfit he is for this role no one interviews and rigorously enough about some of the racist things he said but a happy for him to come around the country I think he's a dangerous dangerous person and if we're not careful who lead us into even further destruction I don't understand how someone who stands for understand and get so that is a huge risk to like societies you know everybody says to homophobia and sahjhan s everything that is not pretty [Applause] we're in a position to be representative of what democracy can look like a positive democracy can be and I don't think that he's going to deliver like Mike I even do his hair layer and other country sir he's in for a No Deal he's in it for the popularity contest it's dangerous it's a joke and I just feel like I'm in a really bad episode of Black Mirror it's our position you say anything just as the wind blows Justin gets away with it

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  1. Boris Johnson's first day in office met with protests in London ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jul/24/boris-johnsons-first-day-office-protests-london

  2. Let's be clear these entitled infantile crybabies are going to achieve nothing but strengthen the resolve of Boris and his supporters. The left are dying out and all they have left are signs and immature balloons. *Slow clap*👏

  3. It's so satisfying seeing these liberal loons losing then throwing their toys out of the pram. Get a, damn clue you losers.

  4. Well he is doing a perfect job for himself and the party. Promise everybody money, take back seats from the brexit party in a coming election and blame the EU if everything goes wrong. If somebody is not seeing through this simple gameplay, she/he should not vote on anything.

  5. you can now se what happens when you close the mental institutions. they go to london and wave senseless signs.

  6. So many protests nowadays. Makes me think half believe the message & half want to have an interesting day out. Something to tell the grandkids.

  7. It is borris first day as the mp off England all these people should be moved on there way it disgraceful to watch a wish borris the best as mp it about time he was in power

  8. An incapability to critically think – Simplification of complex issues down to X on one side and Y on the other. Exhibit A.

  9. Lmao I bet boris miss understands the situation
    Stood at the window
    Ohh I didn’t think this would work so fast ok ladies let me find that blue pill 🤣

  10. Happily witnessed how the British Empire declined, and this time will be written into textbooks in the future.

  11. "He's racist he's homophobic' I've only just started hearing these accusations… are they doing what they did with Trump? because It sure does seem like it, Have they not seen what he has got planned for his Cabinet?

  12. F*^k gov, f”;k borris, it’s a well structured argument, the protesters developed some strong points citing lots of clear examples, statistics and quotes where they gave logical objections to policies. I particularly like the viable alternative policies they put forward based on sound research not merely unfounded feelings.

    💗 great protest guys keep going 💗

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