Fasoranti: Groups stage protest in Abuja, say Nigeria is at war | Legit TV

[Applause] to magnet has an idea of justice some groups at the Nigerian capital Abuja are protesting over the killing of mrs. elephant calico who was killed in hora on the streets by suspected headsman they are calling on the President to act fast and end the killings across the country two decades ago please ladies generally led a delegation of Fulani leaders and elders to a button to defend the interests of Fulani Edmund a short courage and demonstrated leadership to his people and his group it is therefore this ingenious to accuse your validus and other leaders and people of other ethnic group of ethnic profiling for speaking against the mummies of edmondson simply because they are the flan is talk and that is why we have come to visit mr. president today even don't know we know it's going to be difficult to enter a thorough we have come to ask why are you refusing to act over the abundance of intelligence at your disposal and available to you as a president because this term is gouging over our nation people are dying and as far as I'm concerned this is a worse situation if you have a country where more than five states six states are attacked daily and people are killed you cannot deny it you cannot give it different names so that you will hide it on that Odysseus bandits here is just this year and that no Nigerians are being wiped out indigenous Nigerians are being wiped out and presently with the killing of mrs. Oliphant care you can tell that we can no longer use our interstate routes if people can not connect in their own country cannot leave this state and say they can't connect to the States because of insecurity that is war you can't call it anything else while calling on mr. president to accept the situation as it is the sovereignty of Nigeria is on that treads Mandarin lives have been wasted and are still going to be wasted as we speak by the end of today another number will come out of people being killed taking it for granted we cannot continue to be silent over the countless and numerous violent incidences up in across this country we cannot continue to heart as though these people who are dying and not humans we cannot continue to favor one ethnic group over the hada we must let mr. president know that is not the president of houses alone he is not the president of felonies alone is not the president of the elites alone is the president of all Nigerians and he must act in that capacity to ensure that he saved the life of all the citizens of this country you

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  1. Now you understand it can be anyone chase that cow calling President out now before it is too late. We pleaded enough not to vote that beast in to power again you are busy calling Sowore names can you now see your next level

  2. When is rape issue, and men of God you will see 50 thousand talking, now the issue that is most paramount in the country is been raided by 10 people what a foolish country Nigeria. My friend is been killed 3days ago by insecurity, yet this small numbers are coming out talking, until we remain fearless to this buhari nothing will be done, all I see in Bihari is a very selfish and self centred man, a man with a deef ears of a falty tympanic membrane, a visionless man, a rude and arrogant man, I am praying to God to safe Nigeria because I see war coming in this buhari’s regime. Nigerians let us wake up!!!!!!!!!!!🙂🙂🙂

  3. Na today Nmadi kanu has been singing about dividing Nigeria let the northerners go .
    This second time buhari osinbanjo oshiomole forced their way to win election by fire by force look every body is crying now too late

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