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Fareed Zakaria fears American democracy could be in peril

Fareed Zakaria fears American democracy could be in peril

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I teach U.S. History, American History, and American Government and it hurts me that so many people are not interested in the history of our country.

  2. The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment. ~Robert Hutchins

  3. This is the point that citizens are missing, watch the movie "the report" and you will see that it was a small exercise on how much power an agency or person can have without being questioned!!! Democracy will die if checks and balances are not restored!!! Russia is doing their best in bringing the U. S. A. down from within!!! It is perceived as payback for the U. S. A. allegedly bringing the U. S. S. R. down. Putin is an old K. G. B. agent and I'm sure that's what is driving his meddling in our elections and politics in general!! How many Russian oligarchs have been involved with senators or the president one way or another???!!

  4. Colossians 2:8 See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow
    and deceptive philosophy. It's a shame that people on CNN are purposely
    being deceptive, but a bigger shame is that people believe them.

  5. Colossians 2:8 See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow
    and deceptive philosophy. It's a shame that people on CNN are purposely
    being deceptive, but a bigger shame is that people believe them.

  6. cult news network YOU ARE POISONOUS! Dead people's names being used for votes? The IRS being used as a weapon to silence opposition under Obama? Why don't you ever bring up these types of things? God knows there are people who act righteous who are far from it. God knows there are people who accuse when they themselves have done wrong.


  7. You bunch of cupcake crybabies you do know that is approval rating is still the same as when you got elected the first time

  8. Foreigners and Europeans want to inflict America with European socialism, that's the threat America actually faces. We don't want your failed socialism. We sick and tired of foreigners trying to delegate policy here, enough is enough. The only people who support the left are literal foreigners,Americans want nothing to do with any of your crap, you are not fooling anyone anymore.

  9. Hey Fareed i believe Trump more than i do you………and i think hes doing a fine job , it will only get better once we take back the house and get on to do more to make it great again……

  10. Osama Bin Laden said that after 9/11, America would never be the same. What he meant by that, is that America would slowly but surely curtail its own freedoms chasing security versus freedom, and that would erode our lives in the U.S. forever. Bin Laden was trained in the United States, and in his perverted way, knew the psychology of the newly terrorized. For America to change course, we have to act each and every one of us, on the counsel of Ben Franklin who said if you chase security at the cost of freedom, you wind up with neither.

  11. This weasel who supports a party that uses a illegal alien invader voting block to subvert the will of citizens-actual is worrying about democracy ?

  12. Democracy is always in peril. You dummies took your eye of the ball and now look at you. I doubt you will make it through this one. RIP. Thanks for the lesson I guess.

  13. The problem is Fox News. As long as the Fox opinion hosts spin an alternate reality, the base will remain firm. If you get your news from Fox, you have no idea what is going on.

  14. How can America go from having one of the best Presidents in modern times (Obama) to the absolute worst President that was ever elected in the USA?

  15. Fareed is late to the show. Hes been pushing his moderate fence sitting views. Now he feels it close to his rich buddies. Support bernie 2020.

  16. Trump your leaving nato America is not leaving nato ! America is leaveing you comrade while your over seas why dont you defect an move to russia they like you we dont your a disgrace to America !

  17. Great Video:The Act of 1871: The"United States''is a Corporation-There are Two Constitutions))&((Great Video: WHITE-By Legal Dictionary definition Pt1.))&((Great Video:Rise of The Moors//Johnson &Wales University : Free Tuition Part1)& (Great Video: Johnson & Wales University: Tuition Free Part 2)&((Great Video:Dr . Nailah Inanna EL &Grand Sheik-Taj Tarik Bey Discuss Various Topics))&((Great Video:Are we Black People?Taj Tarik Bey VS Edward X Debate 2019))&((Great Video:Black People invented Everything computers cell phone the internet!!!)&((Definition of America in 1828: AMERICAN noun A native of America, Originally applied to the aboriginals COPPER-COLORS RACES, Found here by the Europeans colonizing immigrants squatters!!!You see so-call black people,The COPPER-COLORS RACES,we were already here when the Europeans colonizing immigrants squatters came over here off the boats to Ellis Island to America!!!!((Great Video: Ellis Island-History of IMMIGRATION to the United States/1890-1920/Award winning documentary))&((Great Video: Forgotten Ellis island))&((Great Video: The Children who Build Victorian Britain Part1of4))&((Great Video: Victorian Crime and Punishment))&((Great Video:1800 Child Labor in United States))&((Great Book to READ: WHITE CARGO))&((Great Book to READ: WHITE TRASH))&(Great Book to READ: They were White and they were slaves))&((Great Video: Reparations with Truth Walker and Grand Sheik-Taj Tarik Bey))&((Great Images Moorish American Proclamation)) Look it up so-call black people… Merry Christmas!!!!

  18. Trump speaks exactly like Hitler did in the 1930. Hitler won a position of dictator. Trump is on its way to the same position. And the GOP does support him. Like the German Parliament did in the 1930. Jews of America Wake up!!

  19. Fareed: I love your speeches because you really put everything in perspective. You summed it up when you said that if Congress loses its power over the presidency it will lead to dictatorship. My biggest fear is that if Trump is not impeached and elected in 2020 he will feel immortal and will be a dictator. He had 3 years and he has showed us what he is capable of and it will only get worse. BEWARE

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  21. No need to fear the fall of Democracy. Like death, it seems quite certain. If you don't see dictatorship coming, you aren't looking. He couldn't succeed at what he's doing without enablers, and he has plenty in government.

  22. December 2, 1968
    51 years, 612 months, 204 quarters
    June 17, 1989
    30. 46 years, 365.52 months, 121.84 quarters
    July 14, 1996
    23.39 years, 280.68 months, 93.56 quarters
    June 17, 1989 – July 14, 1996 (7.07 years or 2584 days) Isn't that strange?

  23. I love our godless constitution and the secular freedoms we enjoy because of our commitment to secularism/equality.

  24. Well if the people would stand up for democracy instead of being passive passengers this wouldn't be happening. People are cowards and complacent these days.

  25. Wake up loser you work for the Con News Network puppets and slaves of the Communist Party! Clearly, your reporting is comprised bullshit and you should control your mouth diarrhea!

  26. I have faith that his actions will be his downfall. Karma. No one escapes from the consequences of their actions and sooner or later they will come knocking on your door.

  27. I know how historians will look back on this point in time. The age of "NEWS" as propaganda. Also who is to blame for the lack of knowledge of how our government is supposed to work? Well the education system of course. In the last 40 years it has become indoctrination instead of education. The key statement is in this video: the challenge of how to educate the public in believing us. What a load of crap.


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  30. America seized being a democracy when the SCOTUS denied FL's vote in 2000 to get a pro-life POTUS. See Democracy Index dot com.

  31. The poisonous times are actually triggered by the absurd abuse of power by leftists, pushing Pelosi into an absurd impeachment driving even independents like myself into resistance. You have checked the presidency, for 3 years. For 3 years you have abused the power of Congress to grind our nation to a divided halt. You, news media, have inflammed our culture by pushing your narratives knowing your viewers will buy into your false furies. You are not moral deliverers of biasless truth, you are radical propoganda machines that have created this reality show political chaos. And here you go at it some more, unsurprisingly. Predictable lack of interest, perhaps even motivated, for awareness. Well done 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  32. Trump and the Trumpites are the threats to democracy of a magnitude we've not seen before. The biggest threat is that portion of the electorate who continue to support him, i spite of his crimes.

  33. your face tells a different story, maybe CNN'S future is in peril, wiped from the American Landscape before 20/20 election.

  34. I'd love to get that fatass so called attorney general alone for 10 minutes. Same thing goes for that other fatass the five time draft dodging coward.

  35. Only transition America is going through is…We the people want to see things getting done with our tax dollars…not empty promises and weak efforts and watching all of these politicians getting rich….How the heck did a career politician like Pelosi become a multi millionaire…She's the speaker of the house and she can't even string a sentence together without fumbling and stuttering with confusion! I think she has been stealing from us. Are we taking about Trump and his power and refusal to cooperate???? I read the "Declassified Transcripts", I watched all of the "Hearings" and listened to the overly respected witnesses wearing halos….I also saw them being questioned or if it was a real hearing, they were cross examined…it was all a flop and another 35+ million tax dollars wasted!!!!! thats a huge failure of "American Democracy" So, yes…This dysfunctional America has been like this since day 1 you fools!!!! Only now with the internet and the inconvenient transparency, we see the News Networks and what most will call evil politicians for what they are…the fear mongering, thieving, manipulating parasites you really are. I'm a registered Democrat…voting for Trump 2020!

  36. Tax the churches every dime or dystopia will commence. Barr is Catholic power and Trump will do anything for the evangelicals. Separate the church and state

  37. tRump has already killed American Democracy. A fascist presidency is the actual reality now with tRump . tRump will set the legacy of Fascism as the standard to presidents. Just split up the country already and get it over with since there is not going to be any reconciliation with tRump supporters and the rest of us.

  38. What we see now is that the President has too much power……we didn't realize it was so much so till we had a President in place that knew how to manipulate that for personal gain…..Time for the ppl to take it back

  39. The Demographic change, and its effects on the majority becoming a minority, is the most compelling argument to me. It's palpable in the viciousness of the culture war and pop culture.

  40. Favourite holiday? You talk about facts but have you actually read the true history behind the holiday? It is a day of mourning for Native people. Do some research Fareed.

  41. Trump will likely get impeached by the democrat majority House, but chances of him getting removed by Republican majority Senate are very slim. But it's VERY important that he loses the 2020 election. If he wins in 2020, he will consolidate his power further and we will see the US become a full-fledged dictatorship.

    Democrats/liberals should make sure that they vote for their choice candidate during the primaries but finally GET BEHIND whoever the public chooses as their nominee, irrespective of the fact it's your choice candidate or not… because every single democratic candidate is many times better than Trump.

    Do not repeat the mistake of 2016 of throwing a temper tantrum and not turning up to vote because your choice candidate did not win the nomination. Many Bernie supporters acted childishly and did this (btw I say this as someone whose top choice was Bernie).

  42. Fareed Zakaria you are nonsense! Nobody in the the Republican side including President Trump had done anything negative against anybody including minority groups in America. Under President Trump the minority Groups are getting better deal and higher income than under President Obama. Today the only Group that is doing evil and doing negative actions are the Democrat leaders and the hate Trump mass media. Democrat leaders egg o by the hate Trump mass media are fabricating lies to illegally overthrow a duly elected President starting from the first day President Trump took office as President. The Democrat leaders and all hate Trump people want to impeach a duly elected President for no reasons at all. Is that not an evil thing to do. That may be treason like a coup de ta against an elected President. So i ask you Fareed who is the evil one in America today? Since you work for the hate Trump CNN you are therefore complicit to the evil and treasonable action of CNN.

  43. I guess we can just thank biology, Trump is 73 years old, He can't live forever. had he attained the office at the middle age of 45 we might endure an entire lifetime of decline, However because he is 73 years old, biology itself may be the unavoidable term limit that saves our democratic representative form of government. Historically America hate's Kings and dictators so should Trump try and bestow the presidency upon a son, I have no doubt that the good people of America will promptly dethrone him by any means necessary. There are Hundreds of millions of us, and too few of them.

  44. this country was founded on the principle of protecting individuals from exploitation by the rich and powerful. the heart of the constitution was based on freedom of privacy, thought and speech, and protection from an oppressive government-power. but what do we have? we have the corporate police-state. we have the most oppressive government in history, dedicated to thwarting civil liberties in order to protect its corrupt government-corporate-military-banking structure. and what allows this profound evil, greed, exploitation and destruction of our constitution? the paid for politician and the propaganda press. integrity traded for the dollar. history will judge you.


  46. Let's be clear. Historical American democracy may be in peril but not true democracy which has never been the American form of government.

  47. I think America needs to send the democrats straight to Hell with pelosi "Satan's Sister" for their crimes against mankind. America loves The Most Honorable President Trump. America will make a new holiday when cnn closes it's doors.

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