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Fake protest staged by CNN film crew at London Bridge terrorist attack scene

Fake protest staged by CNN film crew at London Bridge terrorist attack scene

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. You know guys, people ain´t protesting 24/7 so if you want to broadcast live to a timezone 8+ far away and have people see how the protests were this is´nt that bad

  2. I don't mean to alarm or open a contest with anyone's beliefs, but when did an American network (CNN) start hiring reporters and crewman with British accents? And when did they change their logo? …….And were you listening to what the reporter was saying? I always thought staging for PR was normal. I did it in college. It's literally called "setting the stage" for PR or promotions….. but wow, just look at all the comments for this. I'm so ashamed to be apart of this species.

  3. You morons. The police let the protestors pass through the cordon so media could get a good shot of their signs. Not everything is a conspiracy.

  4. I have beliefs that would have me pegged as a "conspiracy nut" myself but these knee jerk reactions are at times embarrasing and it's important to to consider things for a moment. as it works against people's interests and just gives more ammo for the news outlets and other people running, and going on these"fringe/lunatic/alt-rights/volatile anti-goverment" tangents. These news outlets have been caught peddling lies for sure (looking at you BBC, especially) This seems to a semi-set up photoshoot made to look organic (like someone pointed out in the comments.) It doesn't necessarily mean that they hired a bunch of randoms and gave them signs. It's still disingenuous, I can agree, in some of the original footage it looks as if there's a bigger assembly of people for instance, and that these cameras approached an already ongoing scene, which is also said in one of the articles.

  5. We need to question all of these events. They could be staged just like this one. I mean the shootings, too. We are dealing with truly evil people.

  6. Why is it staged? Did they give these signs and flowers to those people or did they just ask them to come over there to be better able to film them?

  7. Because of capitalism, people need to bullshit to keep their job. No job, no food on the table.
    Also, says it's not fake. Go see the article on that matter.

  8. I know things get staged, but in this case, it looks like there is sufficient evidence that they got people from a real vigil (London Fatwa Council) to go stand in front of that camera.

  9. and its happen all over europe,most media say:embrace islam,islam means peace,iam so sick of this bullshit propaganda…

  10. If they had wanted to keep the staging secret, they wouldn't have let anybody be around and film it just like that. The intention is to polarize global societies more and more. For simple people the reality around must be black and white. So, some love muslims, others hate them, some believe the media is real information, others are convinced the opposite is a fact; some believe in real terrorist acts, others doubt their credibility and indicate hoax. And so the game goes, whereas the real things happen backstage and we are all kep in the Platonian cave, in fact. Justone thing is worth menitoning, I suppose, as the real one: terror does notexist itself, it is always controlled by secret service.

    Why polarization? Why would anybody be interested in conflicting races and religions in, for example, Europe? It's easy – for more control. Bloodshed must coem to play one day, people won't stand the reality of fear and terror anymore. They will come out to streets, poeple against people, than the "elites" will make all of us happy by introducing ne regulations keeping peace between people. The regulation shuting people's mouth, limiting their already limited rights etcetera, etcetera. And people themselves will be grateful for that, as it should come as a relief to be able to stay safe at home or in the streets, even if the law will tell you to leave the streets before 10 p.m. Even if it means control, police raids, chipping or whatever else the "elites: have planned for us.

    Mr Jacques Attali knows quite a lot about it. I recommend watching him, reading him. He's an insider eagerly sharing knowledge.

  11. Jews and moslems conspiring to enslave europeans? what is it like the thousand time this happens? Its all in the history books, it may be the only time in history it is a crime in Europe to point the obvious though.

  12. Staged or not, there's literally only 10 muslim women protesting on a population of hundreds of thousands muslims in London

  13. Guys, it could just be that CNN is trying to take the best shot of something that is really happening. Remember, you're watching TV. Which still, fo course, devalues the authenticity of news by utilizing these artistic effects.

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