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  1. It's not that they're allowing it, it's just that they feel they can't be bothered to remove it, as you know, that'd take people, that they'd have to pay.

  2. When lying in political ads (propaganda) becomes the norm we are coming to a very dangerous place. This is how dictatorships are born. This is exactly why Bernie Sanders must be elected. Only he will be tough on these kinds of things

  3. Zuckerberg is smart for staying out of politics its not good for his business model to get involved, the fact that democrats and these slimeballs in the media want to smear him for being a businessman and not a political tool for them is dirty politics at its best, zuckerberg isnt going to help you cheat this election, get over it

  4. They will continue to sell data to the worst.  Putin's trolls.  This lie thing is obviously good for Trump Putin.  (Every huge corporation should be made a public co-op.)  Then consensus by all for leadership.  This is democracy from every person unique.  (The wisdom of the crowd (chaos theory) for consensus.)  Proportional power.  The person with the most votes leads after transparent honest conversations.

  5. Holy fook this world is just ruined. It’s like a never ending nightmare that we can allow companies to run this BS and profit from blatant lies. Fook Disgraced book.

  6. Chris Hayes 2019 whininggggggggggggggggggggggg because Trump winningggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
    Chris Hayes 2020 still whininggggggggggggggggggggggggg Trump still winninggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg


  8. Zuckerberg is a moron, only money talks since Donald Trump and
    Mark Zuckerberg best buddies now after meeting in the WH. 😘 🤣

  9. Wow. Facebook paid for propaganda about how it was combating propaganda and didn't disclose it was paying for propaganda about how it was combating propaganda.

  10. I bet taxpayers are tolling the bill I wonder what the deficit is at? Economy better be good cause your all going to pay for this administration for a VERY LONG TIME…..

  11. In Facebook got completely erased in two hours from now, nobody would grieve it.

    It's all about money and nothing else.
    Thrash that spam-site.

  12. I voted w my feet and shut down my decade old FB acct. Didnt do a thing for my businesses. Didnt do my headspace any good. Constant bombardment of disturbing content of every kind. Screw em. Vote Blue.

  13. Shame in Facebook on Mark Zuckerberg who who would sell out his own mother, its despicable for the boss of such a huge social media company to have no code of ethics, apparently with Facebook everything goes as long as it makes money for the company. Already once has Mark Zuckerberg crossed the line giving Donald Trump cover company access to millions of Facebook accounts. I think its safe to say to Mark Zuckerberg, not just are you hurting our country with fake news about elections, but worse is that this does not bother you. Maybe you should move to Russia, Central China or even Iran there there is absolutely no freedom of press. There you could learn a lesson there you i don’t care or believe into fair elections can and will lead.

  14. The only way he will learn his lesson if millions of us, his users, close out their account, severely damaging his marketability………if i get 10 likes i will be the first to close my facebook account and so should you, FB is nothing but scum and greed ?

  15. It looks like Elizabeth Warren has the right way to deal with the likes of Facebook and Google, she wants to see them broken up as she says they have too much power. I have to agree with her. The arrogance of Zuckerberg is shocking.

  16. I have to find out how to drop my Facebook page, all this crap is beginning to make me feel like my head is going to explode.

  17. The argument is: "Liars are people too." Right, but do they really need their right to lie and deceive others to be defended?

  18. Billionaires spend their money to buy The Presidency? They get nothing but well deserved ridicule for it.
    Why not spend less – it is actually an investment – and build a better Facebook?
    It isn't like FB is rocket science. Any billionaire could fund a competing platform!
    Done right and they will earn trillions more of useless money doing it! As the planet burns into Dumpster Fire Earth…

  19. If refusing to disseminate lies harms Trump's campaign, this is a good thing. Trump has 290+ days to learn how to tell the truth.

    p.s. The rest of the Republican Party would have the same time line.

  20. What are talking about! Your part of the problem chris not the solution, you work for them! interact and hang out with them. You phoney.

  21. I can't believe this is being discussed, you're all a bunch of commies. Freedom of SPEECH, biches! You want to turn Facebook, already a monster, into something even more sinister. The simple solution to political rhetoric, is to understand everything is a lie. The stupid solution to political rhetoric is to censor it. Censorship is not an excuse for stupidity, nor is it a remedy.

  22. What is the best way to spend 300 million campaign dollars? How much would it take for Facebook to let the Russians do their work?

  23. We don’t have or allow political advertising in my country like you Americans do, not just in Facebook or other social media platforms, but in conventional ‘legacy’ media outlets, either. That’s probably one significant reason why We aren’t divided as a people and nation like our American friends are – we are passionate about politics here, and there are Very sharp differences between the parties, and political ideologies, but we don’t demonize our politicians (although we Do castigate them mercilessly), and we also don’t attack people who vote differently. When your President endlessly attacks Democrats, for example, he’s attacking and insulting half the electorate – what country can function when their leader tries to vilify everyone who didn’t vote for him?! Christ. As long as Facebook facilitate lies in America, your divisions and hatred of each other will only increase. Facebook really is an increasingly rotten, immoral company.

  24. Yo, Oleg Dawkins!  Get with the program!  You’ll have to present some facts and not
    just the same old tripe Faux News spews into your gullet every day. Like, how about
    THIS fact:  Donny and Ivanka May have
    been helping the Iranians launder money. They’ll wiggle out of that of course
    …But every time you hear the phrase “Iranian sanctions” I want you to
    remember that Trump is making big money and big deals at the expense of YOUR
    tax money and YOUR publicity and YOUR safety. The Tower is Azerbaijani. The construction
    company is Iranian. We are talking duffel bags of money. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-iran-irgc-revolutionary-guards-tower-baku-azerbaijan-sanctions-a8861736.html

    Just heard it's a possibility the
    Ukrainian plane got shot down by an Iranian missile. it's amazing how someone's
    ego can do so much damage. Trump, out of sheer envy, was obsessed with undoing
    Obama's legacy. He tore up the Iranian deal, starved the Iranian population
    through inhumane sanctions. It unleashed a chain of events that led to the
    downing of that Ukrainian plane. The pictures of those young  Ukrainian, Canadian or Iranians are poignant.
    They had their life ahead of us. But Trump's ego got in their way.

    Yes, public protests …  many … and often !.. As well as contacting
    repeatedly if necessary, your representatives in both the House and the
    Senate.  Phone calls, emails..  And voting.. Even if you think your vote
    might not matter…it will… it does ..  As
    citizens it is up to us to make known in every way available that this Mockery
    of our democratic / constitutional / Republic… (however you label it )  is not acceptable , and will NOT be tolerated
    !! … And those who continue to trash the constitution, cheat, lie…Etc. etc. etc.
    … WILL be voted out … WE the People will take back this Country from the
    corruption that now infects our government on the Republican side of the
    isle.  But it won't happen by letting
    "the other guy" does it… @c dawkins
    IMPEACHED imbecilic paedophile tRump has the IQ of a dead mouse…. are you
    that stupid?

     Come on America BLUE TSUNAMI 2020 take America
    back from the RUSSIAN backed and funded paedophile trump aka individual one and
    the RUSSIAN BACKED and FUNDED republicaniski party… Check your voter
    registration! Republicans GERRYMANDERING and purging them leading into 2020… Comrade
    traitor Manchurian candidate Trumpinski, Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsey  and Devin Nuninski will be given hero status
    in the future USSR!… Why is no one talking
    about the all GOP crew visit to the Kremlin on the 4th July 2018…Those who have
    Honour will do their duty, those without honour will attack the honourable.
    Eyes Open America we must root out the corruption of money in politics. BLUE
    TSUNAMI 2020…Let's not forget the FACTS of the Mueller investigation. 10
    Incidents of obstruction. 199 Criminal charges. 37 indictments. 7 Guilty pleas (from
    Trump's closest advisers). 5 Sentenced to prison. 1 facing trial (another of
    Trump's closest).126 Russians charged… IMPEACHED
    paedophile trump aka individual one a walking, talking, malignant cancer, who
    needs to be surgically removed… Come on
    Kentucky!  Do the environmentally
    friendly thing…SET THE TURTLE FREE! Please vote to allow THE TURTLE to go back
    into the swamp from which IT came!… …"in
    Soviet justice"!!! How true, Moscow Mitch is a lead traitor in a party
    that's entirely in bed with the REDS!!!… Two
    Deutsche Bank suicide by hanging in November 19,2019 Executive Thomas
    Bowers  and in 2014 Analyst William
    Broeksmit both had connections with Trump financially… FBI should investigate.
    Remember that I predicted a long time ago that Obama will attack Iran because
    of his inability to negotiate properly – not skilled!" – Trump tweet
    11/10/13… IMPEACHED imbecilic paedophile trump is playing Hungry, Hungry Hippo, He's a laughing stock. Farm
    debt is 600 billion so far, IMPEACHED imbecilic paedophile trump war with
    China, 40 billion dollars have gone to farmers in benefits and welfare pay
    outs, 3000 farmers apply for free food handouts, 700 bankruptcy  farm filings in 2019 alone but you can bet
    these dingalings farmers will vote lock stock and tractor for IMPEACHED
    imbecilic paedophile trump 2020… Cadet bone
    spurs has the cranial capacity of a house fly…The religious right have sold
    their sole to DEVIL himself IMPEACHED imbecilic paedophile trump aka individual
    one. From the man who brought you "toilets
    flushing 10-15 times", “nuke the hurricanes”, “wind mills that go
    wurr-wurr-wurr", “bing bing, bong bong”, “hamberders”, and "rake your
    forest"… From the man who brought you
    "… Trump's buffoonery cannot be
    "tolarideded"… now brings you "War with Iran”… now brings you
    "War with Iran”. 🤣….
    https://youtu.be/8ecqMwLjTqQ... How did
    IMPEACHED imbecilic paedophile trump get to be so old and still know so little,
    about just about everything… Winston Churchill
    said one day: "You can always count on Americans to do the right thing –
    after they've tried everything else." America it is time to try
    something/anything/everything else… “Those who can make you believe
    absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” 
    – Voltaire… “Be prepared, there is a
    small chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into
    World War III." — Donald Trump, August 31, 2013… https://youtu.be/TJ-sfGnG7LU...

  25. Chris Hayes, at the end of all your videos, you play a clip where you say "click just below me" and it always sounds to me like you say " chicks just blow me" and I laugh each time. lol

  26. This is what happens when sociopaths run the world. There is zero empathy. Zuck is playing at being human and empathic and sympathic. He's not. He's one of those people that thinks that because he's smart that he (and he alone) knows what's good for people. I'm glad I never really got into using fb because it seems like it's one of the worst things ever. It's erasing people's free will and they don't even know it. I know it wasn't the intention but that's where it's lead. It should be policed like regular media.

  27. So I guess this means that you can buy an ad on Facebook that says Mr Zuckerberg is a child molester?
    I mean paying to place an ad that is obviously lie appears to be okay. Isn't that what Facebook execs are saying? Facebook appears to be saying "We don't care what you say in your ads as long as you are giving us money. We don't care what it is doing to freedom or democracy. Give us your money and you will place your ads no matter what it says."
    I guess we can only hope congress will pass a law about this. It appears to be the only way to stop this.
    Of course, the current Senate won't to support it because bold faced lies seem to be common for a large number of Senators at this point.

  28. Somebody knows where the Facebook server farms are, be a shame if something happened to them. I’d like you to do us a favor though.

  29. So what?
    Ads with lies on Facebook is not going to change the anti-intellectual mentality of the American public.
    So what?
    I have yet to meet a trump supporter that would turn on him no matter what. The evangelicals love this man, even though he has committed adultery, several divorces, knows nothing about religion and would be classified as a sinner.
    The blue collar people that voted for and will vote again for Trump, have had their taxes raised, receive no raise in pay, have poor quality water and air (just like the rest of us), cheer when they hear the stock market went up; even though almost all of them do not own stock and are unaffected by any change in the stock market.
    The family values type, have no problem of ripping families apart and locking little children into cages.
    Again, so what?
    No amount of ads on Facebook riddled with lies or filled with objective facts, will change anything in the upcoming election. The damage to America has been done and there is no coming back from this.
    Every supporter of the orange globular that has children, would be proud to have their child grow up and accomplish what he has. Don't get me wrong, becoming president of the United States is a laudable task and that Trump accomplished such a feat is amazing also impressive for a person who could probably lose an argument with a cup of yogurt.
    So, let the lies fly, makes no difference now.

    Good luck.

  30. This is how unfettered 'free' speech can become 'no' speech. The right can use exaggeration and outright lies to the point of defamation by just waving piles cash. This allows the GOP to strangle any logical debate and undermine factual information. Meanwhile, the agenda is decidedly anti-democratic and might lead to the END of free speech. Enjoy.

  31. That is all well and good MSNBC … but what happens if social media like Facebook decide the "Truth" is what Fox News says is the truth instead of what MSNBC says is the truth? It is best just to let everyone have their say and allow the people to decide what to believe.

  32. Option 4: Despite the propaganda that just because he lives in Silicon Valley he MUST be a liberal, Zuck is actually an EXTREME right-winger(as evidenced by his constant personal meetings with borderline fascists and neo-nazi figures in his own home) and one of the main goals of the platform is to help Republicans.

  33. Assmerica is as corrupt as corrupt can be. What a third world shithole country. Cant imagine anyone would want to go there let alone live there.

  34. It's called "native advertising." John Oliver did an entire segment about it.
    Now, more than ever, it's important to have a firm grounding in source credibility evaluation. They teach you that stuff in college, but it needs to be taught in middle school and high school, as it is fast becoming essential knowledge for surviving modern society.

    John Oliver's segment:


  35. When each & everyone knows ; Politicians, Electoral college, Corporations, Citizens, THAT RUSSIANS & OTHERS will mess up & intervene , like in 2016, in the 2020 Electoral Debate, is there anybody noticing the COMPLICITY there to spread MISINFORMATION AND DERAIL THE DEMOCRATIC APPARATUS. AND THE COMPLICITY OF SPREADING RUSSIAN AGENDA.

  36. I wish we had some morally active billionaires like pay for someone make some extreme examples that point out the problem like put out outrageous satire about facebook, Trump, and/or the GOP. If the GOP is wronged, real or perceived, they actually do something about it so only way I see this changing. You would think with the internet the truth would be easier to find

  37. Liars need to be identified. If they are allowed to lie then we know who they are. If they are forced to go underground, then come election day we don't know who they are, so we elect Greg Stillson for president.

  38. WOOOOOOWWWWWW! I essentially stopped using Facebook back when the Cambridge Analytica story broke. I’ve been teetering on the edge of deleting my account since they announced that ad buyers don’t have to say anything that’s true in their ads on Fb.
    But Fb actually going out and paying for propaganda that is full of lies, then posting it and purporting it to be a real magazine article- an article that’s about how Fb is combating the spread of propaganda… that’s finally enough for me. I’m out.

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