Entering second half of administration, Presidential office promise patient Korean peace drive

president dúnedain took office in May of
2017 and this Sunday marked the halfway point of his five-year term to mark the
occasion the presidents top advisors renewed the administration’s resolve in
dealing with one of its main agendas peace on the Korean Peninsula
they said the process will continue without pause but with patience at the
same time our presidential correspondent Shin Semin has details officially
entering the second half of the wounded ministration three top presidential
aides have renewed the government’s policy directions on all fronts from
national security to the economy and more speaking in a joint press
conference in a way not seen before with all three top policy advisors in place
the presidential chief of staff said the administration will continue patiently
with its Korean Peninsula P strife the government will consistently pursue
peace on the Korean Peninsula with patience and according to principle and
although the peace process seems to have been stuck for some time the nation’s
security chief said issues will be handled one by one with an unceasing
determination for the remainder of the administration’s term the moon’
administration will prevent a return to the way things were before 2017 and
strive for an early and practical negotiation of the denuclearization
process as for the nuclear talks between North Korea and the u.s. especially with
a regime having set a deadline for talks by the ears and the security chief said
it’s difficult to predict when the talks will take place but Washington is
believed to be actively encouraging Pyongyang to negotiate and he added that
Seoul too is working on realistic ways to promote substantive corporation
between the two Koreas while continuing to strengthen its defense posture based
on the alliance with Washington on the security front the president’s top
security chief said once relations are normalized between Seoul and Tokyo South
Korea is willing to consider extending the bilateral information sharing pact
with Japan known as she so me at which is due to expire next week
looking ahead to the remaining two-and-a-half year of the
administration the presidential chief of staff said there’s still a way to go
with many knots yet feeling the impact of various policies he added that
remaining years will be a time for the Boone administration to leap towards
building a new Republic of Korea on the foundation laid in the first half since
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