Elections Canada hid illegal SNC-Lavalin donations to Liberal Party | Ezra Levant

doesn't care about jobs he doesn't care about 200-thousand oil jobs he's not doing this for for a few engineering jobs he's doing this because I think he's really really scared about something maybe that's new with oh I don't know this headline in today CBC of all places check this out I didn't see this until today names of SNC employees executives behind thousands of dollars in illegal Liberal Party donations revealed oh oh just that here let me read a little bit former attorney general Quebec denies involvement in scheme that broke Canadian election law oh oh so they were mucking around here I'm shocked let me read a bit a confidential document sent to the Liberal Party of Canada in 2016 and obtained by CBC reveals how top officials at the embattled engineering firm SNC Lavin were named in a scheme to illegally influence Canadian elections no I will not believe it SNC lapland was trying to illegally influence Canadian elections and they were targeting the historical party of corruption the Quebec Liberals well knocked me over with a feather yeah let me read some more the list of names compiled in 2016 by federal investigators probing political party donations and leaked to CBC's the Fifth Estate and Radio Canada's and ket raises new questions about an agreement by the by the Commissioner of Canada elections not to prosecute the company really so they've gotten out of prosecutions before they they do this a lot do they they've been breaking the law again and again and they keep getting let off the hook okay but by politicians and that whole thing was kept secret until today is that how we do it in Canada you bet it is under the Liberals but it's all in the family look there's no need to upset outsiders the little people taxpayers they just wouldn't understand let me read some more the federal Liberals were sent the list in Amarna a letter marked confidential from the Commissioner of Canada elections the investigative branch of Elections Canada on August 5th 2016 but for nearly three years neither Elections Canada nor the Liberal Party shared that information publicly now I can understand why the Liberal Party would keep it a secret that they took illegal donations from a corrupt company I understand that that's obvious their self-interest they don't want the world to know but why did supposedly neutral nonpartisan elections Canada keep it a secret why why did they run errands for the Liberals who approved their secret deal till that SNC level and go and who said it could be secret now most of the donations in question happened before Trudeau was a Member of Parliament but not all of them so he was an MP when the Quebec Liberals were taking illegal money from SNC lavell and did he personally benefit from this money how can you even trust his answer he's being convicted what four or five times of breaking the conflict of interest to act hiding illegal gifts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars I won't go through all the details in today's story but included donations from SNC lavell and through fake donors straw donors as they're called to hide the source of the donation from the public from authorities from police now obviously SNC Laughlin one of the recipient politicians to know who was renting them they just didn't want the police to know so we just learned about this today do you think there are other secret deals at SNC Laughlin has struck they struck a secret deal to make this election problem go away without a prosecution who hates to break the law get caught I didn't make the problem go away in complete secret I said no one even know it ever happened I mean I've heard of pleading guilty and getting a plea bargain but that's done in the open court it ain't a secret that's the kind of deal Trudeau just loves though doesn't he I wonder if Trudeau took any money what's what's your guess that's an excerpt from the Ezra lavance show every day I do a video monologue and then I interview an interesting guest and then I am by reading my hate mail but you've got to subscribe to it which you can do with the rebel dot media slash shows you

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  1. Therer isnt a day when one hears about donkey sockboy is screwing something up ! How did a partime drama teacher get to be PM ? That means that anyone with half a brain can be pm ! There hope for all of us, except we are too honest to be a politician. It sucks to be you idiot boy !..

  2. Great video, Ezra……but they've managed to keep all this quiet for 3+ years……and only ONE person gets FINED. Lavalin is used to bribing FOREIGN governments so why should anything be different in Canada ?? No jail time for anyone !!! How great is that for both the Liberals AND Lavalin. That's the way they take care of business in Quebec…….always.

  3. But they're concerned about foreign meddling in the next election. This after foreign NGOs funded their 2015 election campaign.

  4. I would like to hear just one confirmed liberal denounce the actions of the man they put in office. Just one will do, otherwise I'm going to be convinced they have serious mental health problems, and if so, can it be linked to strange brew. It's reasonably possible there is a evil Chinese plot to administer zombie drugs in order to secure the sales of cheap inferior products and continue to buy up their land for investment purposes. They can't even own land in their own country. Trudeau is an easy pushover and Donald Trump is too hard for them to deal with.

  5. "It's not the voter that counts it's who counts the votes that matter" Joseph Stalin. Speaking about elections Canada no doubt!

  6. What I'd like to know is why they're getting away with it, why isn't this company & Trudeau being held accountable for illegal action? Why isn't anyone doing anything about it? Is Canada just gonna sit back & let this go unpunished?

  7. If the CBC is making this known I smell a rat. I think they are either pivoting to appear more conservative friendly because they know Trudeau won't be re-elected …and they all want to stay flush with tax payer money…or…they are confident that their are enough red tories in the Conservative party to undermine Scheer so that Liberal values will continue to flourish.

  8. Hey Ezra… The Shermans were also involved in donations to the liberal party and possibly even all the way to the Clintons… did you want to bring that up some time as the mystery remains unsolved and very poorly covered by the media? Or won't you because the Shermans sponsored israel?

  9. Ezra..
    You should say behind the camera because your reporting is terrible. Your constant sarcasm is over the top and tiresome to listen too.

  10. The Left; Faith Goldy needs to be audited based on zero evidence. The Left again: Actual corruption, nothing to see here.

  11. I think the cbc is just trying to save face. I still say take away ALL funding for the cbc! It should be my own choice if I want to pay for any of it.

  12. He should have to pay back all the money he he wasted since he’s been in office

    If politicians won’t follow the law why should I 👌

  13. CBC has seen the writing on the wall and is turning on Trudeau and his Liberal Party. SNC Lavalin is going to be exposed even more now that the CBC is trying to save its own ass.

  14. Good find. We will get truth out of the government when the government is accountable to a public that is united

  15. So what in God s good name would it take to launch a criminal investigation into this corruption ? ? Just poor taxpayers are charged to pay for the few , make an example . Heads must role .

  16. I just got a letter from Conservative party reminding me my max contribution amount is $1600.00 and that donations from corporations are illegal.

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