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DWS: Election impacted by Russian interference

DWS: Election impacted by Russian interference

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. This fucking cunt has no business giving commentary about others interfering with elections, she shouldn't even be in office anymore after the shit she pulled with Bernie sanders. She's partly to blame for why we have Trump to deal with now, WALK AWAY BITCH 🖕🖕🖕

  2. Election was more impacted by you cheating Bernie who would have destroyed Bernie. You are the definition of bitch.

  3. It is time for you guys to STFU now. You are crossing a line that is going to have you in prison if anything happens to Trump, or for plain old sedition. Stop being stupid. You forgot what country this is. It was never what you pretended in your bubble. Don't be stupid. It isn't worth it. You have four years to the next election. Next time don't run a brain damaged criminal sociopath. The internet means you can't lie anymore, not that you can lie more. You are destroying yourselves.

  4. This is what the dnc would like to say so they don't have to admit Hrc was a horrible candidate. No, it's not that you couldn't even come out for a 15 dollar minimum wage or talk policy at all, it's the ruskies. Go fuck yourself dws you're a disgrace

  5. Who cares what the bitch says who conspired to de-legitimize the Sanders candidacy which ended up giving us a Trump presidency. Fuck off and disappear Shultz!

  6. No, I just got back from a rough day trip, up in the mountains, and I have to match that face up with a 40 mile stretch of super bad road that I had to travel. IT SUCKED

  7. Didn't she get caught manipulating the election in favour of Hillary by hurting berny sanders ? And she had to resign ???

  8. CNN loose the election…the Cristhian Traditionalism European in América win the election !! STOP the Islamization in Europe !!! Gonna USA destroy the Europeans Cristhians roots in europe…the european cristhian roots that criated ans civilizated America…Iman Obama the dogs of Meca!!! Mecca gonna roubed America to the Cristhians Traditionalist Europeans with help of the Africans America…the Africa in USA is Islamic…Book Haram advance in USA …

  9. CNN report asked Wasserman Schultz about Russia hacks but didn't ask her about her DNC election FRAUD!!! CNN IS STILL CLINTON NETWORK…. SMDH

  10. "Influence the outcome of the election" – How ironic, as she is the person largely responsible for screwing Bernie during the primaries. Hypocrite!

  11. Trump is an illegitimate president and he should be impeached for committing treason. He's the only president-elect in history to support a foreign country's attacks on the U.S.

  12. It is so infuriating when this treacherous scum thinks her opinion is still relevant. It is equally infuriating to suggest that russian involvement is even a significant compared to the unanimous support from all american media. Simply put, Hillary Clinton was the most despised candidate to ever seek the presidency. That's why she lost. She had all the advantages you could possibly receive and she still lost to Donald "Grab em' by the Pussy" Trump.

  13. The Trump presidency is 100% Debbie Waserman-Schultz fault. Seeing her face makes me mad all over again. I hate her as much as I despise Trump.

  14. and this is the reason Bernie Sanders is not our president why is she on TV she should be ashamed of herself she should hide

  15. Fuck that troll looking bitch. ive been a Democrat my whole life till this nasty fugletard rigged the DNC against sanders.

  16. Once again the Clinton News Network refuses to discuss the CONTENT IN THE EMAILS and THE DNC's ACTIONS which is why they are #fakenews

  17. DWS: Election impacted by Russian interference — Really? You're not not serious, are you? Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the person that, if anybody other than Hitllary herself, was responsible for this DNC debacle, is now blaming the Russians. Dems truly have no shame.


  19. Says the woman who was the exact reason why we got a coopratist Democrat that nobody wanted, instead of an actual populous candidate that would have destroyed Trumps populous message because Bernie had a message of HOPE AND CHANGE nor fear.
    You know the things that got Obama and Clinton elected…

  20. So check it out! The earth is flat. Yes, our universe is just C.G.I. created by NASA in 1548 the same year that Muhammad Ali discovered America. It is really the Easter Bunny's snow globe! I thought we all knew that.

    Abraham Lincoln is still alive, he was frozen in Russia. Steve Erkle got him up and running real good like. Just as he did with Tupac, and King Tut. He don't talk right, but that's ok. True shit, he was teleported by Donald Trump on April 20, 3325 after attending Hitler's Birthday Bash at his base under the ice in Antartica. I seen it on CNN. It has to be true. Wolfe Ditzer said it on the picture box.

    But don't you worry! The sun was made by George Clooney 2,427,573 years and five months ago. The dark side of the moon is Elvis' new home, he ate the back of it. What can I say, he must of been really hungry. He bought it from Hillary. She had to find some way to pay those pesky special interest groups for her billion dollar campaign. The moon, a spoil of war when she single-handedly defeated the Reptilian Army with her absolute brilliance.

    And Pluto is no longer a planet because the Democrats would not stop crying about it and paid millions of dollars to change it. I think that they just did not like the color. Naa, just kidding, they just paid CNN and they covered it every day for seven decades until fake NASA and America got tired of it being on the picture box for so damn long.

    Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper are steadfast in their fact based reports on the picture box that Donald J. Trump is responsible for it all. Yes, that is right, That fucking racist Trump is responsible for it all, and we are all gonna DIE! Again, if Rachel and Anderson said it on the picture box. It has to be true.

    I hope you guys are right with your maker. We are about to meet him according to CNN and MSNBC.

    Yes, CNN. Yes, MSNBC, you actually sound this stupid to us. When the hell are you guys going to change? So many questions run through our minds. How long have you guys been doing this to us? How long have you guys been pushing your agenda to us without us realizing?

    Controlling the masses through media is a rather specific science, and quite frankly you guys were rather good at it. But when did you guys go wrong? When did you become this propaganda machine (This is what Trump meant when he was comparing you guys to Hitler)? When did you guys stop reporting the facts with credible sources? And begin to push agendas.

    But the biggest question is. When the FUCK are you guys going to STOP, and listen to us, because it is US that pay your enormous bills.

    You guys are so disappointing.

  21. Ukraine was trying to influence the elections by implicating a top Trump aide in corruption. But nobody is talking about that.

  22. So Debbie, is Russia why you stepped down? Not your proven lying and blatant corruption? Russia did it? You sound like the spoiled child that got caught stealing cookies trying to blame their make believe friend for it. No doubt you probably did steal cookies when you were a kid.

  23. This is comical coming from the fired dnc chairwoman. LET'S ADDRESS THE CONTENT OF THE LEAKED AND HACKED EMAILS! Democrats cheating, colluding with media, and all the rest. I'm disgusted with every Democrat I hear speak. Many republicans as well. It would be comical if it weren't so tragic.

  24. Let us assume for a minute that the Russians actually did give the emails to Wikileaks. That's the only way I can think of that they could have influenced our election. I didn't see any advertisements that said paid for by the Kremlin on them. Here is a question for the MSM:

    If Russia influenced our election through Wikileaks and the MSM was saying there was nothing in Wikileaks the entire time, shouldn't the big story be MSM lies to public to try and influence election? You are lying. Either now by pushing the story they influenced the election or previously by saying there was nothing in the emails. Pick one.

  25. Debbie Wasserman Schultz can't be trusted, she rigged the election against Bernie Sanders. Sanders would be president now if it were not for the corruption of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

  26. I'm a veteran, I worked for the government, I was a government contractor.  What do I see when I watch the democrats?  I see hypocrites.  They scream Russia.  But I see them doing the will of Russia.  The inauguration is not about Trump.  It is about America, our democracy, a peaceful transfer of power.  They are  like puppets of Putin, trying to disrupt, disqualify, hamper the final process of what we call democracy.   Do I fear Putin?  Of course.  But why worry about Putin .. when you have the democrats doing his will,  right here in the USA.  As the media .. you should not just condone this.  You should try to educate them in what they are doing.   I agree with you posting all pictures of who is doing this.  I will never vote for any of them .. if given another chance.

  27. If it would be the truth, it sounds good. Because all the time US politics making wars, influence on the other world and in my country too without permission of demos. Do you want to get an answer? Please shut up and suck easy from other world.

  28. she is responsible for cheating for Hillary which resulted in trump winning… why did Florida re elect her… are they stupid?

  29. still pushing lies and fake narratives CNN? what Russian hacking? Give me proof give me evidence, I am sick of CNN and all its lies. after all the Betrayal and degradation of Truth CNN has permeated you need to be shut down.

  30. So let me get this straight, your upset because your corrupt organization was exposed…the nerve of them Russians how dare they (~_~)

  31. I wonder why little Debbie left the DNC and hired by Hillary's campaign when the election was going on. Oh wait, THIS IS CNN! They won't let us know about the true reason.

  32. in a separate observation I understand Debbie Wasserman Schultz giving the commentary here, being that she got fired for rigging an election, she is an experts, after a fashion.

  33. What happened to the democrat party? Seriously? You have a person who rigged the primaries complaining about a "rigged" election.

  34. Christien Anamanpour ruined CNN for me when she asked Arafat how he was feeling while he was being bombed in his compound by Isreal. I used to resect her but she turned out like all the other fake news idiots at her station….except Anderson Cooper.

  35. Talk about the ugly kettle calling the pot black… DWS did more to impact the outcome of this Election than any Russian interference… As the DNC Chairperson, her only job was to insure that the Democratic Candidates all had a "fair chance"…

    What the email hacks exposed is that everyone connected with the DNC (DWS, DB, etc) had already gone "all in with Hillary" and would do anything to protect / assist her…

    There never really was a "fair Democratic Primary"…

  36. No. The election was impacted by bad candidate, leaked ( legitamate ) emails, obvious corruption ( i.e Bernie Sanders, private servers, pay to play ) and the media pushing out fake or biased narratives.

  37. If Debbie and the Russians got their heads together with their skills at influencing the outcome of elections they would be able to make anybody president.  Pot, Kettle, Black.

  38. If there is one person that knows when an election has been influenced, it's DWS. Why hasn't she been hung for treason yet?

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