Dumbest Republican Presidential Candidate?

the sense of that are supported by qualified
dot for john mccain and come out the guest for
for which makes sense he was tortured and his
policy usually been uh… against enhanced interrogation
sensory usually because there’s a period in their way well little
soft but overall he’s been very good and obviously uh… and he came out recently and said you
know the catching of i’ve been lied and had nothing to do with so all so-called enhanced interrogation at central disagrees and so that’s one thing to disagree a lot of republicans
agree but he made a bonehead decision to question
meetings credentials in the sink me came doesn’t understand how enhanced interrogation works you bring somebody after their broken they become cooperative meeting doesn’t understand how enhanced interrogation
works no one knows about torture better than john
mccain so not love you could disagree with them on either side doesn’t mean he’s ultimate authority but they say the john mccain doesn’t know
how works well thats just flat out stupid self course it somebody gets sent from emily you know he
was towards the refund ideas dakota i’ve got a lot but you know i have uh… of court i
didn’t mean that in forty one and for that he says did that i was questioning his credentials
on the issue he said it would be uh… outrageous an unfortunate what what the campaign to infer you said it he said he doesn’t know anything about enhanced interrogation now it works i’ve just read you the quote i think i can tell me man hey you know what happened meeting staffers came out at two former a
campaign aide came out and said that uh… sent wore was you know what you know i give you the exact
quote that it was a guy by the name of uh… marks so what are you the former became for pure blind stupidity nobody be sent or in like twenty years in
the senate i’ve never met ed fillmore member which he reminded me of today i had written like a little editorial for
the msnbc show about how dumb center almost then i saw that quote as likes uh… is is a real dot uh… unit remember
what uh… central it is on my peers endorsers he uh… issues legislation saying that you know we
haptic cap medical liability at two hundred fifty thousand dollars we had a new tort reform
all these people are suing doctors for too much and i just got to get is co-sponsored retorted really don’t know they say hey rick you know your wife six years earlier he introduced in two thousand five that happen
in nineteen eighty nine six years a earlier uh… actually sued doctor for a five hundred thousand
and use a border is a railroad of course i’m gonna support my wife in her
endeavors so what is the bill if you are screwed over by an actor your limited
two hundred thirty thousand dollars but every expedia or his wife thinks destroyed over she gets to have more by the way her claim was that she had back
problems because of something a doctor did and that she grew depressed cashews too fat enrich it was a pop-up window damages you know that you’re you’re three hundred
fifty thousand the just thought it was so excessive that he cut in half you know her medical expenses were they’re a little over eighteen thousand ops
according to her okay let’s take it at face value eighty thousand up right shift for five hundred other day and in our husbands of lobby state support
our befor everyone else i’d like to do a two hundred fifty thousand
dollar cap its most stupid and a great indication what republican state about you they think well the rules are for you people
middle class is sadder now not for ops we need to get whatever money we want three cent or more rare and wonderful combination of low sim
an incredibly stupid at the same time if you don’t feel like reading a bucket you
want to listen to it are you gotta do is go to audible dot com and you can download a
book on terror i’ve hotter and every player in fact just another day out with a three to nineteen
eighty four my favorite but and they have over seventy five thousand titles to choose
from so here you can get a free audio book if you go to article podcast dot com slash

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  1. Lol no the dumbest is Newt Gingrich, the conservative pro family man who's been married 3 times. (oxy moron) ohh we hv no good leaders….

  2. "Santorum (sexual neologism) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The word santorum /sænˈtɔərəm/ is a sexual neologism for a "frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex,"

  3. @genie0390 Guess what? I just watched the interview that Panetta said that. And he did not say that. He said that there were "multiple sources of information"and waterboarding was one of those. Was waterboarding the key method of interrogation? Inconclusive. Were there other methods used? Definately.

    One thing we DO know, is that bad information gained by waterboarding was used to get into Iraq, which was a very bad move. Even if sometimes successful, it is very very untrustworthy.

  4. Idiot dumb fockers! Ignorant as a box of nails. 9 out of 10 republican house members could not pass an 8th grade final exam to save their lives. They don't know shit about anything…and they are the ones who represent us in the eye of the world. No wonder the world thinks we a bunch of Don Fockers!

  5. ALL conservatives are dumb! As they throw each other under the bus, Democrats laugh and sell souveniers! XD!
    Santorum on JOHN McCain..Beck on MEGHAN McCain..Huckabee on Beck..Trump on Huckabee..Romney on RON Paul..Steele on RAND Paul..Limbaugh on Daniels..Pawlenty on Palin..Ryan on Pawlenty..Gingrich on Ryan..Whitman on Schwarzenegger..Williams on O'Reilly..Ingraham on Scarborough..Rice on Cheney..Powell on Rumsfeld..
    Should make for an interesting CONVENTION! "No FAKE but what we MAKE!"

  6. Rick Santorum is just a sick minded evangelical neo-con sadist who derives pleasure comfort and joy from the thought that strapping someone to a table and psychologically torturing them with simulated drowning "works" when the actual truth is it doesn't anything to produce useful information.

    Torture of ANY captured prisoner of war even non-aligned partisans is a crime against humanity and should not be sneered at as "justifiable" in any way especially not by those who've never experienced it

  7. @JCiznum1

    That would be because Herman Cain is a joke and has about as much chance of becoming the republican nominee for president as I do at becoming King Of France, which is to say none.

  8. @SteJo6sic6

    You'd probably be depressed too if you had to live with that arrogant asshole (Rick Santorum) as husband and wife.

  9. @kruat43 please tell me you're a troll, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. That's the end of Sanitarium. Sure he may recover from this. But he proved with that statement that far more idiotic things will come out of his mouth in the very near future.

  11. I'm a 21 year old Canadian and I KNOW that McCain was tortured. It's almost common knowledge at this point.

  12. You're really not helping anyone by saying about Santorum "the guy's a dummy". I thought that what separated us from the loonies on the right was our general adherence to reason and our avoidance of hysterical attacks?

  13. He's a self-made man, he's John Republican. He worked hard all of his life to build a stack of cash so high and now he works hard to make sure that you don't get the same breaks that he did…

  14. Form a Quorum for Santorum!

    Centrist McCain was a crap candidate that let Obama skate to victory easily, wasn't even a contest really.

  15. If I'm "interrogated using enhanced methods" I'll tell them anything they want to hear whether or not it's true (I'm a wimp… I know =3 )

  16. "Enhanced interrogation"?

    Call a rose by any other name, and it'll still smell as sweet. Call torture by any other name and it'll still involve inflicting unnecessary pain to force someone into supporting your hypothesis.

  17. To equate his wife's lawsuit, and TYT's opinion that Santorum cares only about himself or family is foolish considering the evidence.

    I'm just saying.

    A. We don't know the specific legislation that is attributed to him.
    B. We don't know the specifics of the wife's lawsuit.
    C. TYT tends to present opinions as facts.

    …that being said, I have no love for Republicans at all. I like Cenk, but have found that he presents opinions as facts, so I can't trust him implicitly.


  18. @Joxman2k Cenk said that Santorum introduced and co-sponsored legislation in 2005 that would cap what a person suing a doctor could get to $250,000, even though 6 years earlier his wife sued for twice that. Now that's not opinion either it happened or Cenk's a liar. And if Cenk isn't a liar then Santorum shouldn't have sponsored a bill limiting what someone can win in a lawsuit against a doctor to a figure he doesn't believe is reasonable.

  19. @megeles

    Everyone knows that facts can be connected and presented as reality, but the connecting is educated inference at best. Look at Ann Coulter, she has made a career out f connecting unrelated facts and presenting them as reality, and people believe her bullshit.

    I am not saying Cenk is wrong about Santorum's hypocracy, I'm just saying that I need more than one source then Cenks word. It's unfortunate because I really like Cenk and wish I could trust him like I once did.


  20. i would use caution in calling this clown the "dumbest" GOP presidential candidate, after all we have that moron who used to run godfather's pizza, that lady hillbilly from alaska, that crazy birther chick from minnesota, ect. something tells me that the GOP hasnt yet scraped the bottom of the barrel!

  21. @SYNICtheAtheist obvioulsy you would know…you must get a lot practice giving you homo boyfriend rim jobs

  22. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are the only guys to count on, Obama and the other republican candidates are war-mongering fascists

  23. 3:42 ohhhh….so one conservative's actions and beliefs apply to every person who calls himself a conservative? well golly gee whiz that makes it easy don't it?! straight right ticket here i come! BTW…gimme all your money cuz i guess i'm a greedy jerk now.

  24. Newsflash!! Any ONE of the potential GOP candidates will beat the living sh*t out of Osama…I mean…Obama in the general election. The only argument needed is "9.7% unemployment" and that seals the deal. Stop deluding yourself, you liberal racist bigots. Just roll over and spare yourself what little dignity you have left

  25. @fumanxxx Less that 2% of the top 2% even create jobs. Obama extended the bush tax cuts so those that earn the lowest wouldn't be taxed so harshly. So true that the Right-wing is only interested in power. They say it so proudly. Just amazing.

  26. @fumanxxx Being that polygamy is a practice of the mormon religion, and that is totally against christian beliefs, how will tea-party members and the conservatives decide?

  27. @BlackFox0911 Not only did the gop NOT get Osama, but why then are they having such a hard time trying to find someone to run against Obama?

  28. I bet you could torture someone into admitting that they would admit that torture doesn't get people to say anything…

    Ironic eh?

  29. Well I think gingrich Is wising up getting stronger and beliving he Is telling the truth as for santorum better admit he was or is gay because he Is and he was molested by marcus bachmann michele's husband seriously santorum Is weak.

  30. Well i agreed with him up until he lumped all of republicans into the Rick Santorum boat.
    That is like a British TV show that shows one stupid Americans and jumps to the conclusion that all Americans are stupid.

  31. santorum and perry are dumb like a pound of salt but bachman is not far behind! dr. paul is the only person with a sane mind – the oter idiots are either dumb or paid by the military complex

  32. the only one that going to get my vote will be the one that End the WAR, the FED….you know who…….!!!!!!

  33. I reckon the FBI/CIA should perform enhanced interrogation on Santorum with a big, black rubber dildo and no lube. Only then will he become cooperative and tell us what he did with his one and only braincell.

  34. @jakeyw11 Well his rise in the polls proves otherwise- 1 in 4 Iowans voted for him and I imagine those who would have favored Bachmann or Rick Perry would go for him as well. Obama has been an even worse President than George Bush so it shouldn't take much to beat him.


    He will lie and lie and lie…and then change opinions at the drop of a hat in order to satisfy the person who pays him the most amount of CASH.

  36. he is stupid because he's a fool. he just tries so hard to look good and act like he knows what he's talking about when he actually he looks and says the opposite.

  37. NOw there you're talking about something that's difficult to be named. Getting a"Purple Heart" or something must be a LOT easier than being named dumbest republican!:)

  38. If they voted for DUHHHHHHHH BAYA, some twice, then they will Vote for the Frothy Mix of Lube and Fecal Matter which is a by product of anal sex sorry I mean Rick Santorum…

  39. As a point not intended to be related to anything particular, I can guarantee you this man shares virtually the same ethos as the Democrat party, and probably agrees with virtually all their policies. This video is another example of anti-conservative sentiment, not a means of actually contributing an alternate argument. I would cherish the opportunity to discuss any and all liberal sentiments this man has.

  40. The primary problem we have today is that a man with strong 'conservative' ideals cannot be elected. Santorum is brave for trying, but he cannot win – this society is centered on the relentless wave of media political and re-political corrections. This is over-compensation for the perceived delay in the 1960's civil rights movement occurring. We should be able to stand for our ideals without having our individuality squashed by media which is certain what is wrong, yet has no idea what is right

  41. I don't think you read the entire post; he was being sarcastic. Unless you are a Santorum supporter. I'm assuming you aren't since you are into Hardcore (i.e., "punk rock")
    "President Santorum will take America back…to the Dark Ages!" Note the "to the Dark Ages" part.

  42. i think this calls for the people to demand new presidental elects…. watching all of them talk about parental planning and womans health, talking to the south like they are an entirely different country…let alone listening to them all talk about the trevon martin shooting like its relevent to the election….i have just about lost all faith. -__-

  43. I am from India and my American boyfriend introduced me to Young Turks and I am surprised at the pathetic state of American politics , not saying that Indian politics is any better but I can't believe that the Presidential candidates for a developed country like America are so stupid

  44. Be very careful who you get friendly with. The Young Turks are a NWO "social media" control group or "gatekeeper" to the "left" like Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky.
    These paid supporters of the NWO are fairly easy to recognize if you follow their ….work. They confuse issues and ONLY use talk – floral "rhetoric" – and never EVER offer a single solution as to how to regain your sovereignty or freedom as a human being.
    Just be advised and BE careful!

  45. McCain was never tortured. Read a motherfucking book tyt retards. He was a prisoner of war who was treated liked the son of an admiral. Do some fucking research for five fucking minutes. Ffs.

  46. No he is not! Rick Perry was! Well Bachman was close but then Herman Cain oh hell they are stupid it's a tough choice. Lmao!

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