D’Souza reveals how Northam’s crimes epitomize the Democratic Party

Ingraham: Dinesh, Eric Dyson, political
analyst, had an interesting comment about the privilege issue and the
blackface issue. Let’s watch. Dyson: This shows the vast reaches
of ignorance, the magnitude of unconsciousness that many white
people have and are allowed to have. So when we talk about white privilege,
count this as one. When people say, “I don’t understand it,” the fact
that you don’t have to know about blackface, the fact that you don’t have
to know the consequences of racial intolerance are indicitive of a serious kind
of white privilege that we need to attack. Ingraham: Dinesh, I know you’re heading
to Dartmouth, our alma mater. You’re going to give a speech on Monday.
You’re probably going to be asked a lot of questions about issues like this.
But what about what he said? A person who is white cannot
understand what that image does to the psyche of an African American
person with all the history that, of course, we acknowledge
or should acknowledge? D’Souza: Well, I think that the issue that
Dyson is sidelining here, and really the big surpise of all this, is that these
examples, you may say of shocking insensitivity, if you want to call it that,
are coming from the Democrats and from the progressives. Gucci and Adidas
are very progressive corporations. Joy Behar is on the left.
Ralph Northam is a Democrat. Mark Herring is a Democrat.
We’ve been told for a whole generation now that the parties switched sides,
that the Democrats might have been racist 100 years ago, but the racism
has now metamorphosed into the Republican Party. The racist
Democrats became Republican. I’ve been maintaining in my movies
and in my books that this is not so, that the racist strain remained in the
Democratic Party. The racist Dixiecrats never became Republicans.
And so, this stuff in Virginia is a stunning vindication of that. Ingraham: Hold on, hold on. Are you
actually saying that you think Ralph Northam and Mark Herring,
the Speaker of the House… Excuse me, the Attorney General,
that they’re racist because of these old photos, or was it insensitive?
I mean, you think they’re racist for those photos? I mean,
they’re bad choices. D’Souza: Here’s what I’m
saying: I don’t think one can simply focus on the photo. Look
at the other side of Northam. The reason this whole thing came
to light was because of Northam’s shocking defense of a certain kind of
infanticide, right? A certain kind of… leaving the baby to die even when
it’s viable outside the womb. Now let’s remember: this was exactly
the position of Margaret Sanger 100 years ago. So in other words,
100 years ago in the Democratic Party and in the progressive movement,
you had on the one hand a condoning of racism, of the Ku Klux
Klan, of black vaudeville, of blackface. And on the other hand, this kind of idea
that “human weeds,” to use the phrase Margaret Sanger used, should be
disposed of. So what I’m saying is that this racism, this thread of looking at
people as unwanted, a feeling that we should be able to get rid of them,
this is still in the Democratic Party, and we can’t lose sight of that. Ingraham: Dinesh, finally, there are
people out there saying that sexual assault is not even as bad
as what’s happening with some of these other controversies. This happened
on a radio show. I just want to play it quickly, we’re running over, but it’s
important to play this. Let’s watch. Thompson: If it boils down to Justin Fairfax
having to resign and the two blackface people don’t, then those very same
people will say, “Now wait a minute, that’s sort of a double standard.” Ruhle: But hold on a second. Sexual
assault is a crime, and blackface is awful, but it’s not a crime. Thompson: The original crime was
blackface on the part of Northam. Ruhle: Which is awful, but it’s not a crime. Thompson: Well, it’s a crime
to us as black people. Ingraham: Obviously, that’s on
MSNBC. Very quickly, Dinesh. D’Souza: To my view of thinking, really
it was Northam’s position on infanticide that should make him resign. This is
almost like the O.J. case, in which they ultimately got him for stealing his
own memorabilia, but his real crime was what he did to Nicole. Similarly here,
Northam’s real crime is his horrific position on infanticide. I think the
blackface issue might end up getting him, and it will be just deserts.

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  1. Nazi Germany suspended the hippocratic oath and dr mendele went to work.
    Dr northam ignored his oath as s licensed med ical doctor to do no harm and went to work.
    Democrats are sitting on their hands as they did at sotu as potus celebs da ted the record high employment in the minority communities even including the handicapped. Sanger would have sat on her hands on such issues also.

  2. About black face back in ithink early twenties there was people who painted their faces what about al Jolson a Jewish performer

  3. How come only white people get blamed for slavery when a Period in time white people Were enslaved by people not of their same skin color but no one talks about that

  4. "The fact that you don't have to know, about black face, the fact that you don't have to know the consequences of racial intolerance, are indicative of a serious kind of white privilege that we need to attack." I thought Dyson was a bit more clever with his sophistry than this. It is impossible for an individual to know the experiences of more than a relative few during his lifetime, let alone an entire ethnic group. What Dyson is really proffering here as something to "attack," is that White people are not omniscient! Well neither are black people! And neither is any other individual on the planet!! Does he really require that every White person must somehow understand the injustices suffered by blacks?? That this is some sort of moral failing when they don't?? This is actually BLACK MANIPULATION. Dyson sets up an impossible standard that cannot be met, disguised in his language, which in the end is simple manipulation. He is trying to induce white guilt. Don't fall for this bullshit. Someone should tell Dyson bluntly that he is full of crap.

  5. How does wearing black face signify "white priveledge"? I don't think that would be hurting anyone and if a person of color wanted to wear white face..i don't think anyone would care😂

  6. 2:25 And that's the point, Dinesh……nobody cared until they needed to distract. I mean the blackface issue came out months and months ago, yet the molehill never became a mountain until people needed to distract that one party in multiple states were fielding laws that would legalize infanticide

  7. Regarding " Blackface" ,As my first year law professor once said ; "Show me the statute" . OTH, Rape has a a dozen or so , State to State…

  8. Michael Eric Dyson has made a career of blaming Whitey for all black problems. Gotta keep Whitey on the hook for reparations (you know, free money and stuff) in perpetuity. Apparently, the low hanging fruit has been picked when you have to dig up a 30 year old picture of a blackface. In reality, not one black person has gotten gunned down by a drive-by because of blackface. But you would never know it coming from Dyson. Nope, gotta keep Whitey on the hook. Hey, it beats work.

  9. Great to see the "Ole Southern Democrats " are alive and well, the Lt. Gov. Is about to find out they still have their ropes too!

  10. Killing of babies then killing of mental challenged , killing old people , the killing of a certain race with low iq . Killing to provide body parts which is now going on in China .

  11. Black faces are beautiful. The issue is not black face the issue is Infant killing.
    The law promotes and serves a death sentence on an infant for as little provocation as the mother being stressed. I ask you what about the infant's stress just before that baby is "comfortably" murdered? Does the attending physician or assistant hand the mother a club while she's dilating baby seal style? Where is the father in all of this? Abortion is not a woman thing it is a man and woman thing. What? Look deep into your own eyes when you wash your face before retiring to sleep do you see a burning pit? If you are in agreement with killing children you earned it sleep tight. I do not consent.

  12. Hahahaha. Well spoken. Is Virginia politics the overflow of Washington. Welcome to the plantation. What's going on there. I don't know. Maybe they need to reach out to the Republicans in the under ground rail road to become free. Instead of uncle Tom's propping up the democratic party. Sheila Jackson Lee is the bag lady. Still a slave. And allways will be. Ask her.

  13. Screw black face. It is nothing more than a counter narrative put forth by the organized crime syndicate known as the left to counter the abortion controversy.

  14. The Dixiecrats are such hypocrites, never switched parties and fooled us black folks they were for the poor and working class, when all they wanted was justification to keep blacks in ghettos and aborting their offspring to prop up the lifestyles of the "Slave Owners"

  15. I find it appalling that people are more upset about the VA Governor dressing in blackface 30+ years ago than they are about his position on late term abortion and the murder of babies after birth.

  16. I have been saying the same thing. The real issue with Northam is his view on killing babies in the womb and out. I am fine with the racist stuff taking him down but it should have been his aforementioned view point. My feeling is all 3 need to resign; governor, lt. governor and AG. Any one would be better then these guys.

  17. The democrats and liberal MSM are cancer at the moment, it's sick. And they love parading their minority pets out in front of the media for race baiting. Keep up the lies everyone is slowly waking up.

  18. Also, how isn't terms like "oppression groups", "white allies", "people of color" not considered racist and white supremacist terms? All created by the left and democrats. Also look how they talk about minorities and women; always negative, always about what they lack and how due to their gender, orientation and race they can't ever achieve success since they're not white men. They mythologise white men and turn them into untouchable gods. Which back to mythology man has always tried to kill gods out of fear, jealousy, and lust for their power.

  19. Actually white people are becoming all to familiar with what racism and widespread ethnic discrimination is like. Even by other whites. I would even dare say far more than blacks are these days.

  20. the left is still the KKK….advocates rape….advocates killing viable babies…..and you think the republican party is bad????

  21. I don't care if it's the Left or Right. Weaponized moral outrage is BS. Offending someone isn't against the law and the 'Thought Police' can be damned.

  22. The most brilliant man in my church is E.H. (Jack) Sequeira. An Indian. The most brilliant man in politics is Dinesh D'Souza. An Indian. We could learn from these men.

  23. Northam is getting what he deserves. He ran a dirty election campaign, accusing his opponent of being a racist (among other things), recently called for the legalisation of infanticide, and now he's getting a major dose of Karmic justice.

  24. So "blackface" is a crime to that guy? Is the movie "white chicks" also a crime to him, or does he believe there should be double standards?

  25. I know Ingraham is (often) pressed for time but, she really ought to let Dinesh talk more/finish his thought(s); especially if opponents are there to be debunked/defeated. Perhaps another show/venue where time is more readily available….and no "hard breaks" are coming up.

  26. There is no such thing as white privilege. People who used the word white privilege have an agenda. You never hear about the racist remarks against whites by blacks do you.

  27. As to trashing women, don't forget that Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein were also Democrats. Right along with Moonves, Charlie Rose, and Al Franken who are Democrats. What a bunch'a.

  28. Eddie Murphy did white face decades ago and nobody said a thing. They even applauded him on to do it more and more. As he has done in other movies since Saturday night live. No double standards please.

  29. Acknowledge their self indulged bad attitudes.
    Think about this, USA has some of the worst statistics when it comes to crime gun violence and incarceration. Take the black people are those statistics and USA is nowhere near the bottom of that pile anymore. It’s going to be close to the top of the best records in the world for the lack of crime in the lack of gun violence in the lack of incarceration as compared to the rest of the world. Only if you take out the statistics.
    If that is it knowledged by all races combined in the USA then maybe that statistic of your account and changed amongst the community. But to placate them and let them get away with it constantly by playing the race card and feeling sorry for them is not going to change anything for the better ever. That’s just human nature

  30. I love black face dems. I love these guys. Im using my half whiteness to get a free HJ from a mexican. Thank you whiteness.

  31. now blacks get to decide that something is a crime, even tho it's not in any set of statutes. You mofo's do NOT want to go there!

  32. since there's already 10x too many people for the Earth to give a decent living to, anything that limits human numbers is a positive, since the assholes wont do it on their own.

  33. Dinesh is awesome because he doesn't worry about sugar-coating things or hurting someone's feelings— he speaks the TRUTH. Sometimes (especially for the Lunatic Left) the truth hurts!

  34. Dinesh is absolutely right! I was a big city, inner city cop and witnessed the Democrat plantation.

    The inner city blacks are controlled by Democrats, and their is no excuse for these people to vote Democrat for refusing vouchers and school choice. This is the only way to break generations of poverty imposed by Democrats.

    I responded to a domestic call once where the guy had fled, but a beat up 21 year old female with 7 kids totally shocked me. This is a Democrat system designed to fail the black community and many of us police officers tried to make it right.

    Despite all the cop hating, there are many police officers who care, and someone in government needs to take a stand.

    I, among many other officers, tried to weed out the bad guys, so the good folks wouldn't fall victim. It was an endless battle if you will. I can't tell you how many inner city black children I gave stuffed animals too, who's parents or grandparents were victims of crimes. Where are the politicians to resolve this?

  35. What to make of black folks who hang on so tenaciously to victimhood? Will they ever
    stop being victims? Will they ever let go of their chains? It does not seem so. I can
    think of no other people so in love with their chains. I can think of no other people so
    insistent on maintaining their dependency on white folks. What are they afraid of?

  36. I may add Hillary Clinton won the Margret Sanger Award. Listening to the speech when she received it will make you sick. I just cannot get my head around how messed up in the head the left is today.

  37. 58% of Blacks in Virginia believe Northam shouldn't resign. I doubt they're Republicans. So Democratic-voting Blacks are saying that racist behavior by White males is totally acceptable now.

    I never want to hear a peep about racism and White supremacy again. What a bunch of liars.

  38. Black face is ok if it's a white liberal doing it as longs as they say sowry. Joy is still on the view after doing black face. and this Northam is still in office.

  39. Eric Dyson reminds me of Damon Wayans as the philosophical prisoner in, "In Livin Color". "We have to recognize, not generalize, our place in da world. Dont patronize, I must exercise in da yard"

  40. Should drop the term African American when most black ppl in America have never even been there. You people are Black Americans.

  41. Dyson is an Oppressor of Black people. He's cries to the tune of "racism" on every subject. Why become an "educator" if you must resort to whining every, every, every time. Wah….Wah…Please call the Wah Wah Bus and ship this idiot out. He's a MORON

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