Driver Hits Protesters but Look at What the Police do!

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Why isn't some beating with clubs, why isn't some beating you with clubs? Why isn't that protestor caught up in the tires, being dragged to death? I want justice. Dead antifags are the best antifags.

  2. Awesome!
    Cop was super great. When ask if he was going to arrest the driver he said: No. It was a traffic accident. They were in the roadway.
    Thank god for sensible, level headed policemen.

  3. The driver in my view, didn't intend to hurt anyone, indeed he stopped and got out of his car. The protesters put themselves in danger intentionally. The police did a good job this time.

  4. That's what happen when you kidnap someone. Yes, preventing someone from leaving is considered kidnapping. LOL, fucking stupid mother fuckers hahhahaa. Funny how that bitch is telling the cops not to film her but she's filming them too hahhaha.

  5. Shouldn't have been in the roads and being the aggressors, he clearly was blowing his horn . He prob felt scared at what was going on and didnt want to get caught in the middle. Protest all you want , but do it in a safe manner idiots lol

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