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DPPH Test (with calculation of IC50) for evaluation of Antioxidant activity (Bangla Tutorial )

DPPH Test (with calculation of IC50) for evaluation of Antioxidant activity (Bangla Tutorial )

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Hello! I have take five different plant extract in different three solvent how to interpret ANOVA on my antioxidant data. Please solve my problem…

  2. i have to do dpph method for my extraction plant. but always have some conc problem and calculation EC50 AND IC50 as well . i was worried about that. Please, Can you send me the document? Thanks so much. My email: [email protected]

  3. Wich concentration of extract we should take in consderation to evaluate the ic50. The initial one or the final one after addition of dpph ?? Send me the document you used please

  4. Hello I'm a student and i'm working on the process of tanshinones extraction of Salvia miltiorrhiza, please, can you send me the document ? Thanks so much. My email: [email protected]

  5. Your procedure is correct, but your calculations?
    Abs DPPH (blank) = 1.12,
    Abs IC50 (your data theory) = 0.56
    your R2 0.9811, is not 0.7378.
    very confusing

  6. Excuse me, I am a student of applied chemistry & chemical engineering. I am performing my thesis work on the topic of Antioxidants properties and total phenolics of a medicinal plant extracts.
    I am confused about the procedure.
    please help me, send me this document.
    or any document with details procedure which will help to work out my research on Antioxidant Assay & phenolic content assay
    plz help me…..

  7. Thanks a lot for a clear conception of IC 50 value, Brother i want to calculate also EC50 value, how can i ? Can u plz help me!

  8. bro dont you think its wrong earlier you were getting77.308 and later you got 164.7.and in anyway from the %scv data it dhould be between 50 and 100 ug/ml so could you please explain this.Im a student so just asking no offence.

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