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Donald Trump’s entire election victory speech

Donald Trump’s entire election victory speech

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. have you noticed the kids stange behaviour? I mean, look at his eyes on 4:12 to 4:15. by the way, whos the guy on the left?

  2. The American electoral system is broken. I'm not making any comment on the electoral systems of other countries – they're probably potentially as bad – but that two such unpopular candidates – unpopular even with their own parties – should have been the only possible choices of the people, points to a very defective mechanism through which they were put forward. As a means for electing a government "of, by and for the people", this electoral mechanism seems to me to be unsuitable for purpose.

  3. People say "I'll live the country with Trump as president", as a Swiss man, with Trump as president, I want to come and live in your country! USA has awaken, and I hope the occidental worl will follow.

  4. For seventeen months ― Donald Trump has clearly, confidently and selflessly
    demonstrated ― that he is the Great American Leader and Patriotic Warrior of
    our time.
    In doing this, Donald Trump has courageously and continuously confronted
    and defeated ― the many dark-side subversive and hostile forces that were
    arrayed against him ― and his insightful vision to Make America Great Again.

  5. I myself voted for Gary Johnson, but even I'm willing to give trump a chance and to those all those that don't support the president elect need to get with the program or leave this country.

  6. Meanwhile in Canada, they're considering to start arresting those that are so-called "islamaphobic" or not calling people by their right pronouns. I'm glad America wasn't stupid enough to elect another politically correct goon. TRUMP 2016!!! #Cantstumpthetrump

  7. his kid is standing there saying to himself…('mum so my dad lies to the whole world about him being super good friend do with the Clinton's. the whole U.S.A. presidency and election is 100% just like the all year-olds guys hair… hummus just like that man who is pretending to be Obama's wife Michael or Micheal, I don't know that person's real name…mummy I need to tell the kids school how pretend it all is and how smart the folks who really believe the election and the U.S. presidency is real and my dad and Hilary Clinton are at odds….. oh yes all of you just keep on pretending any of you have any say or control about anything that's happens at 4th he top.

  8. This American is proud to see the sincere passion Mr. Trump has for the United States of America! This passion advises me the he invokes his spirit into being a great part of repairing and uniting our great countries people! I do not consider myself in any political side, I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am an American Citizen that just wants to see the this country at it's best! This, to me means it must all start with Us, and together we can put this puzzle that was once the USA, back together again! Enough is enough we can HELP make THINGS better for all of us, EVERYONE NEEDS A HELPING HAND especially the Elected Officals! Thank you, Mr. Trump for being tough enough to take this battle that proceeds the last decades of uncertainty! AMEN! In GOD We Trust! Janie Rodriguez

  9. pretty sure trumps gonna have to build the wall to keep people inside america since everyone wants to leave the US now.

  10. trump, you know he is even more corrupt than Hillary ever was. He is already appointing people that donated millions to his campaign, trafficking influences, guilty of voter oppression, accepting gifts from other countries, etc. etc etc   And aside from everything else he received direct help from putin during his campaign, I wouldn't be surprised if his wife were an operative to control him.He isn't only bad for the country but for the world.And many of those that support him are openly nazis and racists. that have been wanting to split up the country for years. stating that The United States and the countries of Texas and California support trump. Showing their true intentions once again. They wanted to turn remove the people of Flint, Flint refused and now they are being lead poisoned. Inocent black people are murdered and no one goes to jail nd when a white kid takes out a knife at school and gets shot because he was stupid enough to take a knife out and threaten people they want to penalize the cop.America is great when great people take charge. America will cause damage being under putin's control. The perfect plan to destroy this nation from the inside out. And I am surprised there are so many idiots that believe the fake news without even trying to investigate. Some went as far as to say Obama is the ant Christ, that Hillary is possessed and that she died during the elections, so they took her to Egypt and brought her back to life!!! hahahahaha I don't know if I should laugh or cry.One saying is true.A country has the government it deserves. If the US crumbles just because of Putin's influence and some fake news no one with a brain could ever believe. If the US dies because of trump's obvious lies.Then I pray for God's mercy, Because the US will deserve it for having so many people that refuse to think or to believe their lying eyes.I saw the debates. And I see whenever trump talks. It's easy to see that when he attacked Hillary he was talking about himself. So now that he is doing everything he said she would do, it's just no surprise.I pray that the blind will see in time to save this nation. If it falls may putin may start another world war, and divided we will fall.

  11. Here something funny about the presidents👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴💩🍊

  12. I like how Mike Pence is wearing a blue tie, Trump wearing a red tie and Barron is wearing a white tie. Red White and Blue

  13. Obama, Hillary, the liberal media. They all fought so hard to make Donald Trump look like the evil, corrupt one. What a hypocritical legacy they have left. They've dug themselves a hole they'll never get out of. They've failed as the miserable human beings they are. Now, sit back and watch America become great again. Trump is the true ruler. #AmericaWILLBeGreatAgain

  14. For all you leftists, and non Trump supporters, when he says "Thank You" to hillary, it called be gracious. Which is something that the rest of you don't seem to understand. It doesn't mean anything else.

  15. CNN is done. DONE. A lot of your viewers moved on to independent news networks and left mainstream corporate news behind. You guys and the majority of the Democratic Party are all responsible for this election outcome. There is no denying that Bernie Sanders and his widespread support of progressives scared the dog shit out of you and all the rest of corporate journalists. You Sabotaged his coverage and cheated him out of the DNC–and not to mention, you propped up Clinton and especially good ol' Trump! he made your ratings grow rapidly. You people are clearly not neutral. Because of your actions, we won't have a Sanders.. we're going back into the fucking 60's.

  16. stay together through all times month after month ; Friday more than a million lawmen friendlies will converge on Washington dc..
    we're coming up usa#1….1-20-2017$$$$

  17. Yes, Barron looked tired, but I'm sure it had been a very long day for him (he's just 10) and it's not everyday that your father becomes President-elect of the US – something he'll well remember for the rest of his life.  I'm sure his parents considered this before making their way to the ballroom.  Donald Trump became President simply because he had a good message and worked very hard at getting it out – despite the MSN which tried to smear him every step of the way.

  18. This election is like a prize fight, when the loser gets up off the mat, and wants to keep on fighting, fighting, fighting, and more fighting, like a punch drunk, washed up boxer?
    Losers, that are so embarrassed that thy refuse to quit electioneering??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  19. The truth is, the Clinton Campaign had so much vorter fraud and election
    fraud in
    place and going for it,Voting machines switching from Trump to Clinton,
    stuffed ballot boxes, illegal immigrants voting, multiple voting,
    bussing around voters, so they where convinced they could lay back
    and win without doing much more. They thought, with all the fraud
    they had in place, they had the White House in the bag!! When they still
    lost, in spite of all the fraud they had going, they could not believe
    it. The dont believe it up to this day!! The fraud they had in place for
    themselfs is the actual root of their total disbelieve!!!

  20. We are a country divided by region north and south east and west, but today its more like city vs rural areas.

  21. …………………./´¯/)
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  22. 4:09 Guy shoots "Kill Obama!", Trump probably was too tired to deal with him, but even if he wasn't, he probably wouldn't have anyhow.

  23. You'd think that Trump would AT LEAST be somewhat responsible when it comes to his 10 year old som (11 now but 10 during the speech) but instead, he expects a 10 year old boy to stand next to the newly crowned PRESIDENT on live television in front of over 325 million people at 3am

  24. A Modern Folk Hero!
    History will remember him as the most unorthodox, yet one of the Greatest Defenders of Freedom EVER!!!!!

  25. One year later and I can't be more pleased with the accomplishments OUR President has provided the American People.

  26. Bruh, Donny. Get your kid back to your house and give a good night kiss so he can sleep. Jesus, look at Barron. He can barely stay awake and looks like he wants to end it all.

  27. Trump shut the fuck up, look! Your son doesn't even like you being pres. The only thing you care about is MONEY, not the families, not your wife and son. I'm mexican, and your shutting down DACA?!? Doesn't mean I'm mexican I AM BRINGING DRUGS to the country! Gosh ur making me fucking cry right now. Why did I even go to go this country in the first place, OH BECAUSE OF OBAMA! HE IS MORE FAIR AND RESPECTFUL. Fuck u trump, u messed up the economy right now.

  28. The one thing I wish Donald Trunp did that night: I understabd that the canidates had wrote BOTH victory and concession speeches. I wish Trump had taken the pages where his concession speech were written on and tear them up on that stage saying "I guess I don't need these".

  29. I enjoyed this speech even more on election night. But, I am imagining another future victory speech and how enjoyable 2020 election might be too.

  30. 4:08 Man in crowd yells "Kill Obama!" Everybody hears it, and the only ADULT up there on the stage (Barron Trump) is the one person who seems to react with shock. This is you Trump supporters. Be proud – you have destroyed, not rebuilt, America.

  31. Ooooooh that night was a night to remember Jesus Christ just.. jesus christ i had no words and still have no word's but AHHH I LOVE IT I LOVE IT

  32. Cnn- clinton news networks
    Abc -all bout clinton
    Nbc -nothing but clinton
    Msnbc -moslty shit nothing but clinton
    You cant make this up #trump2020

  33. I have an idea as to why they used the "Air Force One" soundtrack.

    Think of the deep state as the terrorists that hijacked the plane in the movie (with help from traitors–think Dems and RINOs as well as MSM). The president manages to wrest the plane back from the terrorists against all odds.

    "You are watching a movie." –QAnon

  34. Whether you're a Republican or Democrat, if you hate the establishment, this was a good day

  35. imaging just wanting to play some fortnite and your dad ends up being the president of the united states

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