Donald Trump says Iran appears to be responsible for Saudi oil attacks

Well we have a lot of options
but I’m not looking at options right now. We want to find definitively
who did this. We’re dealing with Saudi Arabia,
we’re dealing with the Crown Prince and so many other of your neighbours
and we’re all talking about it together, we’ll see what happens. But I will tell you that that
was a very large attack and it could be met with an attack
many, many times larger very easily but our country but we’ll find
out who definitively did it first. – Can you clarify, mr president? You said that you think that Iran
is responsible for the attack. – I didn’t say that.
– Do you think… – Why do you say that? I said we think
we know who it was, but I didn’t say anybody,
but certainly it would look to most like it was Iran,
but I did not say it the way you said. Go ahead.
– Do you think it was launched from Iran? – You’re gonna find out in
great detail in the very near future. We have the exact locations
of just about everything. You’re gonna find out at the right
time but it’s too early to tell you that now.

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  1. attack Iran and war in the ME will go on for years with significant American and allied casualties. No one was killed in this attack and Saudi Arabia is not exactly an innocent party given their horrendous level of killing in Yemen. This is a regional fight which the US should stay out of and that in a better atmosphere the US could help mediate but not given our attitudes and actions toward Iran. Pulling out of the nuclear agreement with Iran was the highest level of stupidity.

  2. Honestly don't support the president being so verbally boisterous about possible war/conflict as this should be handled via our military generals and secretary of defense!! I'm 1000 % no Democrat, socialist scumbag, but Trump requires being checked regarding national defense! A personal 'duct tape' assistant to swipe him on many aloof occasions 🤔

  3. Why it's not our country…..our government is just interested in there (QUOTE…OIL) production….it's still not our country …..we buy the oil….so since they are at war with the neighbors…Iran And Iraq……why do we think we need to intervene….????
    Is it about control of there oil production..????? ….like Johnnie wants the other kids toys…for himself even though they clearly belong to the other kid..
    Bogard isn't that what the issues are???

    Yes it is Friday and so those long lines of young men robes up around their waists, on their knees, pants down around their ankles, mouths open and wearing the Kings bejeweled knee pads spill out of the narrow streets and alleys of old Riyadh, blocking traffic… .

    The Kingdom in the Closet
    Sodomy is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, but gay life flourishes there. Why it is “easier to be gay than straight” in a society where everyone, homosexual and otherwise, lives in the closet

  5. Who cares! What about Jeffrey Epstein and all his secrets! This guy has already been forgotten about in the media. Crazy world we live in.

  6. EAT IT! For 5 years, your bombs have been killing thousands of innocent YEMENIS and yet you shamelessly brag about selling the SAUDIS hundreds of Billion of dollars worth of your "BEAUTIFUL WEAPONS"! now you are nagging about Iran-backed Houthis just retaliated against Saudi Arabia without even one killed in process. YOU ARE CRIMINALS who fancy yourselves as leaders of free world, FREE WORLD MY A..!

  7. Always threatening, bully boy. Just can't seem to work out who an attack like this would benefit. Forget the JCPoA. Iran were complying, but instead of renegotiating if the US weren't happy, sanctions from the bully boy. Sad, because the world, outside the US, Israel, Saudi and Iran see exactly what's going on.

  8. Except no one in the free world believes him not even the Saudis. Besides the world knowing Trump is deranged, mentally unfit for office they're not prepared to enter into another American oil war (excuse the punt but it's also highly pertinent) on trumped up charges and accusations a la Bush. We just know some insanely and utterly unconvincing evidence will shortly appear, possibly even done in Sharpie pen. Meantime whoever is to blame bolstering sustainable energy production as a matter of some urgency hasn't been mentioned by the White House, but of course not. Windmills or War. We know what he thinks of windmills, particularly those near his hideously unsustainable golf courses, spewing pesticides, phosphates, herbicides and chemical fertilisers into ground water and sea. If anyone would be pleased about these bombings I can imagine it should be the Yemenies, who've been decimated by primarily American weapons sold to the Saudis unleashing the worlds most rampant humanitarian crises since Ethiopia. Of course Trump never mentions that either, what can he know, fat as a slaughter swine living in a Disneyland palace, he can barely grunt unless it's also absolutely self serving. Given a fuel price hike leading to inflation and a failing economy we can possibly look forward to a new Trump free erra. If it is the Yeminies does it even matter where their weapons came from, the world needs to focus on their plight as a matter of priority and not on Trump.

  9. What gets me out of this whole situation is most of our refineries that are huge are in Texas what's the say that drones couldn't sneak in there from South of the Border and Light Up Texas they have no military missile defense systems protecting the refineries in Texas all any countries got to do is get into Venezuela and launch drones from their it be over with Trump better wake up

  10. Even, if Iran did it, what has this to do with the US? It wasn’t an attack on American soil! Besides the American ‘intelligence’ need to stop thinking ALL people are stupid and naive as their fellow countryman!

  11. The reality is that we have a real problem with Iran …don't forget that Iranian are not Arabs …I think soon or later Saudia Arabia will have to negotiate something with the Persian. otherwise USA will be in another costly war witch no Saudi or American can finance…

  12. US Admin feeds the Saudi military. No better than Iran. Keep the peace talks going. Remove sanctions on medical supplies urgently. Remove sanctions. Fix the JCPOA. No other option works.
    Don't drag the world down, pull it up.

  13. Please….take your time and make sure you get the right offender! Snap decisions and flying accusations are not what we need….enough is enough!

  14. Someone's not going to be re-elected if a war starts with Iran or if Yemenis are bombed anymore than they already have been. Bolton was the fall guy among the three warmongers.

  15. Trump wants a nuclear war because he's a narcissist and knows his time on earth is almost up so he wants all of us to die along with him.

  16. Lets see, what you are saying is that after him telling the world the other day, that Iran DID do it, now he is saying "It would look the most like it was Iran,"and tomorrow he will say "we have the bestest intelligence and they tell us that our friends, the Iranians are not responsible and the bad guys just made it look like they did."
    yep okey dokey another Trump back flip sigh

  17. What if Iran, Iceland or Asbury Park did do it. So frickin what. Let others fight their own battles. When others have to fight their own battles, …..They may not fight at all.

  18. Translation. I already named the problem and now I need to walk it back. Aside from this Trump really knows nothing. Totally unprepared to act as Americas' leader.

  19. Interviewer: So, President Trump, what country are you trying to start a war with?
    Trump: Iran.

    Interviewer: And when you were drafted for Vietnam what did you do?

    Trump: I RAN!

  20. I know who did this but im uncertain who it is.. we know all locations we know everything but not really sure…. classic trump

  21. according to USA Iran is responsible for any explosion in the middle east lol . No one takes US seriously anymore, all fabricates lies

  22. Mr President just blast Iran n Palestinian forever from the face of this earth once and for all, than this world will have peace for a very long time.

  23. Les satans unis grace à son ane de guerre chiensalman cherche à attaquer l'iran grace aux complots executés par des para-si-tes qui gerent leur colonie fr et gb egalement.

  24. Iran may be responsible, they may not be, but only one person is responsible for driving the region into chaos. The Saudis did not see it coming – their expensive American air defense did not work – so whoever it was has the power to bring Saudi Arabia to its knees in one day if they so choose. Perhaps it is time to talk.

  25. President Trump:
    "I said we think we know who it was, but I didn't say anybody. But certainly to most it would look like Iran. It's too early to tell.."

  26. Americans please learn about reality. Iran is China/Russia's ally. USA would lose against the strongest duo in the world. Who is America's greatest ally? Israel? UK? Nobody knows. ( if they have any friends left).

  27. The US claims to have the best radar systems but they couldn't even recognize one of these drones? :)) We iranians support the Yemeni people and we will even sacrifice our lives for the children and women who are being bombed every day by MBS with western weapons. But the stupid Saudis must realize that this attack was from the Yemeni people and if Iran wants to attack a place there will be nothing left to take a picture of 😉

  28. ……Pentagon and intelligence agencies cannot point the finger on the culprit, is it Yemen or is it Iraq, in neither country have Saudi Arabia any friends there, contrary. With the budget over 81 billion Saudi military have missed the all important security. There are dozens of other critical industrial targets across the kingdom: gas-oil separation facilities, export terminals, oil tankage, refineries, petrochemical plants, power stations and desalination plants that provide half the country's drinking water. Hundreds of offshore oil and gas platforms are even more vulnerable, exposed also to submarine drones, particularly in the case of an overt clash. Studies suggest that the US spends $81 billion annually to protect oil supplies, mostly in the Persian Gulf. Loaded cannon diplomacy, extensive use of economic coercion and quixotic pursuit of multiple conflicting foreign policy priorities simultaneously, now that logic has evolved and allies are seen more as vassals, obliged to adopt American economic dictates, while Washington is reaping the rewards of its stranglehold over any competitor.

    Accusing anybody without any facts is 'palabra', Washington and Jurnalistic elites should restrain themselves of speculative 'ungrounded or unproven wishful or propagandistic accommodation', we know that politicians lie all the time, but Journalist, they should pay attention regarding their credibility, per example Guardian News.

  29. They want to bomb Iran, obviously. The ship, now this. They're trying so hard to frame somebody.
    And, like they don't have the highest security at these refineries. People watch too much TV if they buy this bull.

  30. You think you know it was, no you do not. If you did, you would ask Saudis to stop bombing Hutties. But if want to blame this on Iran, just as your friend and your owner wants, Mr. Netanyahu, then Iran did this. You know what Mr. Trump, you are like my child aged 4, one second she tells " I love you dad". The next moment, if I do not gave her my phone, she says " l hate you dad". A four year old president, can not make up her mind!

  31. If Iranian made weapons mean you can blame Iran does this mean The USA killed hundreds of kids in Gaza in 2014? – this crisis is entire of Trumps making

  32. When the guy that lies every chance he can , says he does not want a war, raise your hand if believe his BS. AMERICA WILL BE AT WAR , Low Trump polls will be the deciding factor.

  33. Where is the evidence?. Before accusations against Iran , accumulate some evidence.

    Why do Americans love saying the phrase locked and loaded?. Sounds rather gung ho, aggressive and adolescent language.

  34. Bloody double standard US – Saudi game..
    1) How the hell US got to know that Iranian drones were used or involved ??..
    2) How the hell they captured the pictures right before drones were about to hit the targets ??..
    3) Yemen rebels appears to be responsible for this attack, how come US and their intelligence alleged Iran this strikes ??..
    4) Without any proof why the hell US media widely spreading and showing Iran’s involvement.

  35. Is this was a TV show, I'd be laughing right now. Saudi oil fields has been attacked by Iran? Bullsh*t. Can't believe people buy this.

  36. Iran and Assad killed more than 600000 innocent people in Syria and displaced millions of refugees from Syria. It is funding and supporting all terrorists groups from Hezbolla (literally a cancer mini state in Lebanon) to Shia militants in Iraq and Yemen pillaging and desecrating and killing . It is the most evil force in the region destabilising peace, and prosperity and hindering the democracy in many countries.

  37. Russia supplied Iran with intelligence on the weakness of Saudi defenses and then Iran attacked the oil fields with missiles and drones launched from Iran.

    The response will be that Saudi Arabia will supply Sunni living in Iran the means to disrupt Iranian oil production. The Americans will increase sanctions on Russia and Iran and this time next year both Iran and Russia will be economic disasters.

  38. Donald Trump und die US-Amerikaner glauben doch noch, dass die Erde eine Scheibe ist!!! Im Iran wissen die Menschen, dass dies eine Lüge ist!!! Die Erde ist eine Kugel!!! Peinlich, wenn man so ungebildet ist, dass man nur noch Lügen muss, um von seiner Dummheit und seinen Lügen abzulenken.

  39. Trump forgot to mention that the US government is the first in the world to have used nuclear weapons making millions of victims.

  40. Saudi and America are in an alliance and want to justify war against Iran. Remember Saudi Arabia is Ranked 20s in military and has no chance against Iran unless if America joins the battle. I'm rooting for Iran for standing up to the oppressors.

  41. Don't America troll that sea how come they didn't see missiles going over their head. BS, they just want war but this ain't no ordinary war you mighten come back.

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