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good evening once again from our NBC News headquarters here in New York day 879 this was of the Trump administration and any poll showing Donald Trump behind pretty much anywhere must be a fake if you ask him and that's where we are on this the eve of the president's re-election launch which he previewed for ABC News what's your pitch to the swing toward Iran that's safety security great economy frankly I think we're going to do tremendously now with african-americans with Asians with Hispanics because they're the lowest unemployment numbers they've ever had in the history of the country that's the pitch the economy is phenomenal we've rebuilt our military we're taking care of our vets we're doing the best job that anybody's done probably as a first term president I think I've done more than any other first term president ever it's a big car with a very small backseat we mentioned polling here it is and these are real on new NBC news/wall Street Journal poll shows Trump Sapru Ville rating at 44 same polls also found 52% of all voters more than half say they are very uncomfortable about voting for him in 2020 University of Texas Texas Tribune poll also real found 39% of all the registered voters in the red state of Texas would definitely reelect Trump but 43 would definitely not at the same time st. Paul finds 26% of independent voters would definitely reelect Trump while 45% would definitely not a Fox News poll and do they get any more real shows some head-to-head numbers for this president among his most likely Democratic opponents there's a ten-point lead for Biden nine points for Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren Kamala Harris Peabody jej all have a 1 to 2 point lead over Trump who support tops out at 41% again in this Fox News poll Trump had this response to that poll tonight on social media and we quote Fox News polls are always bad for me they were against crooked Hillary also something we're going at Fox our polls show us leading in all 17 swing states this all comes as we learned over the weekend that the Trump campaign fired some of its pollsters after internal polling from March leaked it was also the real kind of polling the leaked polls show the president trailing Joe Biden by double digits in Virginia Maine and Minnesota states that Hillary Clinton won in 2016 Trump however also trailing Biden in North Carolina Georgia Iowa and Ohio all states he won three years ago that internal polling also showed Biden with a double-digit lead in Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania and Florida they get your attention because the president won them in 2016 as the New York Times put it in an article about the now former pollsters quote the internal poll numbers while not predictive painted a bleak picture of the current state of the race for mr. Trump at least against mr. Biden when they were taken in March in a message early this morning Trump wrote quote only fake polls show us behind the motley crue and here's what he told ABC News even your own polls show you're behind right now don't they know my polls show that I'm winning everywhere I don't know we've what we've all seen these reports that 15 out of 17 states who spent two million on a poll and you're behind in 15 out of 17 states nobody showed you those polls because those balls don't exist you those polls don't exist but I just had a meeting with somebody that's a pollster and I'm winning everywhere meanwhile Politico is reporting on Trump's plan to try to win in 2020 while facing an onslaught of investigations though fair warning here we have heard this before and often on this broadcast they write quote in total Trump faces at least 15 criminal or civil inquiries by nine federal state and local agencies into his business his charity his campaign his inaugural committee and his personal finances Trump doesn't plan to avoid talking about the investigations he hopes to use such charges as part of a strategy that he hopes will help win him reelection while congressional investigations have garnered most of the splashy headlines in recent months it's these outside investigations that are more dangerous politically again echoes of weeks ago echoes of months ago and on that time to bring in our leadoff discussion group on a Monday night as we start a new week Joe Colvin White House reporter for The Associated Press John Heilemann veteran journalist our national affairs analyst co-author of Game Change co-host to the circus on Showtime and Tim O'Brien executive editor of Bloomberg opinion he's also the author of Trump nation the art of being the Donald good evening and welcome to you all Jill I'd like to begin with you on this kickoff of the re-election how do you place the status of his campaign is there any way to view it absent the status of his presidency or are the to directly and inexplicably linked I think that you are certainly undeniably linked I was interesting about this presidential kickoff is that the president actually filed you know his paperwork for re-election back during his inauguration day and the president has been holding his campaign style rallies basically since the day that he was elected into office he did a ton of them ahead of the midterm elections he's continued to do them with your usual campaign signage so it's very hard for the campaign to actually differentiate this event from the typical campaign rally that we've been seeing you know they're trying to hype it as much as they can the president's wife the first lady will be there president Mike Pence will be there they're trying to kind of hype up the crowd ahead of time with this little Ferrer they're doing outside of the venue with food trucks and concert performers really trying to have hype it up and make it something different but it's unclear at this point whether the messaging will be anything other than what we typically hear at a trump rally gentlemen with the attention this polling story is getting you would think it was infrastructure week that is to say the president keeps breathing new air into a bad lead for him yeah I mean not this is not a unique he does this fair amount alike I did see this feeling it's that sort of like I went to the barber couple days ago and he informed me that I was bald and so I fired him because I didn't really want to hear that from him I don't know we don't know why he does this it's not he does this all the time I don't think in the end it matters whether you're breathing this in this instance this is not a story the story of your pole standing is not ultimately politically damaging what's damaging is the fact that your pole standing is what it is right so Trump talking about it is foolish but and it continues this this tendency of us to all talk about a thing that's not helping him but I think the real work he has to do is not firing pollsters and not even staying off this story but doing something about these numbers which are not the internal numbers are consistent with all the other numbers this is where he is right now which is losing to not just Joe Biden but losing to many of the Democrats even second-tier Democrats in a lot of states he's got to win and Tim look at where we all are right now Joe Biden is not the nominee presidents John Edwards and scoop Jackson would underscore how not the nominee he is right now and yet he seems to have a profound and untoward influence on the president's thinking well I think when you know when Trump sees Joe Biden he thinks Ohio Pennsylvania Michigan and Wisconsin I think he's a survivor he knows what Biden represents I think Biden in Trump's mind and in polls is a much more serious threat in those states the also there's also the reality the 2020 is going to be a reckoning or a referendum on what Trump said in 2016 in Trump Tower when you that vault from Trump Tower into the Oval Office he promises them take a wrecking balls of the bureaucracy in Washington and that he was going to drain the swamp he's well he's filled the swamp with larger alligators the bureaucracy remains and there's a lot of promises he hasn't delivered yet on jobs to all those workers in those states that counted on him to do something for him for them and so you've got a period of time between now you know and next summer where he's gonna have to really deliver in a tangible way to those people and I think that's what John was getting at he shouldn't be focused on the numbers he focus on what he needs to do to turn those numbers around and some of those things are gonna be out of his control hey Jill if memory serves our last president taught a bit of constitutional law our current president taught or or tried to about an element of the Constitution I'm going to play this exchange for you on Article two powers will talk about what's wrong with it on the other side look article two I would be allowed to fire robert muller that was not assuming assuming i did all of the things i said i want to fire him number one i didn't he wasn't fired okay number one very importantly but more importantly article two allows me to do whatever I want article two would have allowed me to fire him so it's not that I wasn't going to fire you know why because I watched Richard Nixon go around firing everybody and that didn't work out too well so very simply article two would allow me to do it hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click Subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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  1. Oh man..if his ratings were 20% it would be shocking. Anyone see the CNN clip on the Cult in Florida?….It's weird and scary. We have an epidemic of stupidity in the country. Trump is surely in Con Man Heaven.

  2. There are not enough words left in the English language to describe this hateful glutenous draft dodging dog that occupies the White House.

  3. Great Economy = TOTAL B$! REALITY? low unemployment + minimum wage = DOES NOT PAY THE BILLS!! I'll be 62 in October, I grew up in a small town in NY, Hartsdale, about 20 miles North of NYC. I have one older sister, our father worked at the NYCTA Subway Shops in Coney Island Brooklyn, our mother never worked. A 3 bedroom, living room, dinning room, kitchen, full bathroom house with a full basement and garage under the house that we owned. THAT'S a "good economy." I saw a classic example of how screwed-up this economy is a couple of days ago. A woman that had just finished nursing school, a full-time job as a nurse, 2 part time jobs that had to move back in with hers parents. Just under $2,100 a month paying back College loans, that is NOT a "good economy".

  4. MSNBC is FAKE NEWS BY FAKE JOURNALISTS AND THEY ARE AMERICA'S NUMBER 1 ENEMY. In the meantime, enjoy the propaganda.

  5. 9:05
    Trump: I took a page from Nixon and I know what he did wrong and how I can do it better

    Me: 😩🤣🤣 ✋ stop, please stop! I can’t breathe, you ever think about stand up comedy?

  6. I dont understand how Trump thinks he can win the Latino vote with the majority of Latinos being either Mexican or Puerto Rican. Lets let the last 2 years of U.S./Puerto Rico and U.S./Mexico relations sink in for just a minute.

  7. 'I would definetley vote for him' responders are tired of the polls and are messing with the stats because of anger at the constant fecking polls

  8. Trump's pitch to African American voters: 'Take America Back(wards) – Black unemployment hasn't been this low since 1865!'

  9. BEST. PRESIDENT. EVER!!!!! And. He. Is. Going. To. WIN. In. 2020!!!!!! BIDEN. And. The. Clown. Cart. Caravan. Can. Forget. About. THIS. Election!!!! They. Might. As. Well. RETURN. All. That. Money. They. Recieved. From. Millionaire. And. Billionaire. Donors. TRYING. To. Buy. Influence. Into. The. Political. Spectrum. As. Well. As. The. Poor. Misguided. Average. US. Citizen. Donating. Their. 10. 20. 50. Dollars. To. These. Demoncrats. Trying. To. SCAM. Their. Way. Into. The. Whitehouse!!!! Absolutely. PATHETIC!!!!!!!

  10. Trump lost by 3million last time. He isn't attracting new voters and some of his supporters are jumping ship. He spent 2million on polling to learn he is behind so he says they didn't happen w that sing song voice…. not convincing….


  12. But saint saved 1 in 6 Americans.15 percent of America.I go into holy ecstacys in American and Spanish mass.Without me your about 44% with my 60,000,000 americans.he squeeks over 50 percent.

  13. Here is the Wikipedia facts about Liberal Democrat Paul Paul Steinhauser.He deceptively looms over the Democrat Media Polls as he will help ensure that we’re on top of all of the moves, big and small, in the nation’s first primary state. He’ll contribute regularly to "our" coverage with both his own stories and as a partner to Post CNN reporters.

    Before his move to New Hampshire, Democrat Paul Steinhauser was based in Washington as " long time Liberal Democrat political Journalist in the first place right .Paul is a self entitled narcissistic pathological Liberal Democrat slick talking con artist since day one as his own self records proves him or rather expose his silent Liberal past proves what and who this pious liberal super pompous sly Media snake he truly is .Now look him up online He's a sly back door unethical mole Liberal Journalist Democrat working for Fox News today so see it for yourself for he's a well versed and groomed Liberal and well paid Political Democrat henchman for his Democrat party Pauls his own history with CNN record exposes that sly deceptive Liberal Journalist. Paul was in fact has been a CNN fake News leader . Paul is proven well paid "Democrat Meda deceiver at CNN " and clear threat and danger to any and all moral and ethical Journalism within America .Paul is sly back door Liberal left wing Socialist pompous Democrat Journalist as his own recorded CNN past exposures that vial slick talking Liberal smiling Devil in a suit.

  14. The word liar is synonymous with Trump. Soon everyone will understand why Trump and his minions have been so open with their criminal activity. Remember, even though it seems we don't have a President, but just a Mafia Don who has gotten lost, Trump has 4 National Emergencies any one of which can legally enable him to declare Martial Law. Day after day, Trump destroys the government more and more. Barr is setting the stage to dissolve the FBI, or at least make it a pawn of the Trump government. Trump is a Russian agent, and has been a long time. Russia always said they would take the USA without firing a single shot. And now they have.

  15. Fake Polls
    What you're seeing is not happening
    I am winning everywhere – where
    I am tired of winning
    By the way those turn coat dumbtards are losers anyway
    I don't need them anyway
    I won the Presidency by myself remember I told you that
    Everybody know that, believe me

    Finally the Sick Trump Era is going to be over

  16. Joe Biden is an unremarkable individual. His platform so far appears to be based on reading off a laundry list of Trumps misdeeds. He is making some good progress simply by calling out Trump on his foibles. Next step is to call Trump out on his central policy failures and to start talking about his own position on healthcare, immigration and infrastructure.

  17. When the orange pig easily wins over the rigged democrat pick Biden, get ready for the family dictatorship of junior then whatever criminal the corporations put in next. Bernie, Warren or Tulsi are the only choices for middle America. We pay the bills, we don't have any say. Our votes just don't count.

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