Don Jr. humiliates himself ON AIR after Democrats win in Kentucky, Virginia

Bevin was the most unpopular governor in the
country, was once down 20 points, and now it’s still too close to call, 49% versus
49%. And he ran against a family that’s legendary
– the Beshear family – of course, in Kentucky. So what’s your response to—well looks,
it’s predictable– It’s the soundbites that we’re so used
to. Any opportunity to take a swipe. I mean, the rest—they don’t talk about
the rest of the Republican ticket sweeping. They don’t talk about the first African
American attorney general, who happens to be a Republican, elected. They don’t mention that, you know, Trump
helped propel those guys to those places. I like Matt Bevin, he’s been a friend of
mine, he’s a good guy but he’s picked a lot of battles, he’s, you know, teed off
on a lot of people in Kentucky. That’s not always popular. We understand how that works. But they won’t give Trump the credit for
that. I’m not worried about that race. I’d love to see another governor. I think those are important. Like I said, I think he’s done a good job,
but Matt Bevin has picked some fights. So, this has nothing to do with Trump. Again, they swept the rest of the ticket. They did great in Mississippi, etc etc, the
other election today. The two really, I don’t think have that
much to do with each other. But again, because you can utilize it as a
platform to try and come up with– Keep knocking Trump, guys. See how well it worked last time. It’s a good thing that the Trump administration
loves to rewrite history, because they did a LOT of it in the aftermath of the latest
round of elections in Virginia and Kentucky. This is Donald Trump Jr, with the heavy-handed
assist by Laura Ingraham, both trying their hardest to distance themselves from what turned
out to be a devastating night for Republicans as Democrats flipped both chambers of the
Virginia legislature for the first time in a generation, as well as the gubernatorial
seat in Kentucky, a state that Trump won by 30 points in 2016. And they waste no time in qualifying Bevin’s
loss, citing the fact that he’s the most unpopular governor in the country, that the
Beshear family is suddenly legendary, that Bevin has picked too many fights with people. I mean, we’re about five minutes away from
Don Jr. and Ingraham just outright claiming they’ve never even met the guy. Don Jr. then tries to pretend that the GOP
actually came out on top, pointing to other races that Republicans won in Kentucky and
the fact that they held on to the governor’s seat in Mississippi. You know it’s bad when you have to start
bragging about Republicans winning races in Mississippi. We’re almost at the point where Don Jr.
is going to start bragging that Trump did excellent with all voters with the last name
“Trump.” But Don Jr. even goes to far as to say that
this has nothing to do with Trump, which is rich, considering Republicans have had a stranglehold
on both chambers in Virginia and the Kentucky gubernatorial seat for decades. So I wonder what the one variable might be
after years and years of Republican control is? Guess we’ll never know. The fact is that Trump DID invest heavily
in these states. Not only did he tweet dozens of times on behalf
of Matt Bevin in particular, but he was IN Kentucky the night before the election for
a rally specifically to drum up support for the guy. And at that rally, Trump explicitly mentioned
the fact that this election would be a referendum on him— You’re sending a big message to the rest
of the country. It’s so important. You gotta get your friends involved. Because if you lose, it sends a really bad
message, it just sends a bad—and they will built it up. Here’s the story, if you win, they’re
gonna make it like “ho-hum.” And if you lose, they’re gonna say Trump
suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world. This was the greatest. You can’t let that happen to me! But sure, aside from the tweets, the rally,
and the fact that he’s dragged his entire party down with him as he commits crime after
crime, I’m sure that Trump totally, definitely had no involvement whatsoever. But of course, what would this administration
be if not a barrage of mixed messages and poor communication. Trump himself expressly undercuts Don Jr’s
argument by claiming that, in fact, he DID have something to do with it, tweeting, “Our
big Kentucky Rally on Monday night had a massive impact on all of the races. The increase in Governors race was at least
15 points, and maybe 20!” To be clear, what Trump is saying here is
that if he hadn’t intervened, Bevin was poised to lose 61 to 39. In Kentucky. So, in summary, Trump held an entire rally
for Matt Bevin but also the Beshear family is legendary but also he dedicated his Twitter
feed to promoting the race but also he had nothing to do with this election but also
he was responsible for a 15-20 point swing. …Got it. But as if the pathetic excuses weren’t bad
enough, it was actually the outgoing Republican governor who made the most shameful move of
the night when he decided that he was going to refuse to concede the race, citing – what
else – but voter fraud. And this has become a cornerstone of any Republican
loss. Trump assembled an entire commission to investigate
his own baseless allegations of voter fraud, an excuse he cooked up to massage his bruised
ego after losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by three million votes. And, to exactly no one’s surprise, that
commission was disbanded after finding zero evidence to support his claims. And THAT’S what our tax dollars are paying
for in the Trump era. Ironically enough, there actually WAS an instance
of fraud that made national headlines on the same day as Bevin’s baseless claim. And it occurred in Ohio, where two people
were charged with distributing phony sample ballots at the polls. Turns out both people… were Republicans. Funny how it always seems to work out that
way. But there is real danger in Bevin’s reckless
decision to arbitrarily claim voter fraud, and you know that Trump is paying close attention. Because as more and more states reject him
and his party, you absolutely know that he’ll latch onto whatever excuse he can cook up. And he’s claimed voter fraud before, so
there isn’t much stopping him from doing it again. Although the fact is if the GOP can’t manage
to keep states like Kentucky in play, then even Trump’s BS excuses will be drowned
out by the glaring rejection of Trump and his party.

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  1. Only 56 percent of eligible voters in America turn up at the polls. You should be fucking ashamed for having subjected the world to your turpitude.

  2. Sad day in America..This administration has so much mess going on that the crap they do is becoming a new normal…Corruption,lies,coverup and abuse of power every single day. The Republicans would have NEVER accepted these actions if it was done by a democratic administration..NEVER!!

  3. I cant wait till they throw this loser in jail along with his Slut Girlfriend and of course the rest of the Mobster Family.

  4. Republicans swept everything in kentucky. The only thing Democrats won was governor, and there is some shady circumstances surrounding the win, but you dont see that part on the news. They elected the first black AG in the state's history. Didnt see that anywhere either. Hes a republican amd the damn racist still elected him. #bigots

  5. Stupid jr. He stole the election with Russia help to…u know that the south is stupid. Not all but the inbreeding trumpers. They are so slow. Spooooooon. Look at duck 🦆 dynasty!!!he is a clown.

  6. Don jr. Trying hard to earn that money from dad foundation he’s like last to his younger brother and other brother. Lol. His sister getting all the doe and much more. Lol🤔🤭🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  7. "You can't let that happen to me." Did anyone notice the tears in toddler trump's left eye as he begged for the win? Well, donnie, ya lost and it feels sooo gooood. Hope it's just the start of a trend that avalanches on election day 2020 that sees you and every other back-stabbing, traitorous republican in government out of office and into the prison cells you so richly earned.

  8. When Dump goes to prison for tax fraud, I will stop claiming the American justice system is all just a show to protect rich people from the majority. Of course if he doesn't, the people outnumber the rich, the police, and the military combined. The only thing protecting the rich from justice is your cowardice.

  9. Fuck trump dump trump, vote no trump.
    Why are we middle class still working, hard, what have middle class gained from his administration. Middle class loosing only not gaining. 🤨

  10. When will trump family wake up and realize they are as beloved as syphilis in the middle ages ,trumps 2020 campaign has all the fun of will we or won't we die of bubonic plague ( just be forewarned all his acting crime cabinet are rat's) trump demands loyalty at this point Mary trump wishes she demanded contraception .

  11. Brian your hair looking great in this video, In fact your looking very dapper in that suit as well!
    Keep up the good fight & Keep us informed 🍻

  12. FACE IT. The American people are just tired of all of the Republicans & what they have been doing. You’ll have your die hard as always, but after these past few years with other Republicans in other States. Our “tolerant” ways are gone. We will Vote, some for the very first time just to end this charade.

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  16. explain to me why a person needs a weapon that shoots over 10 rounds. the only people that need these weapons are people hunters!

  17. Can someone explain to me why it is pathetic for republicans (Trump family) to spout about the win in Mississippi? Is it because Mississippi is a Republican state?

    I'm not American so… but curious to now! Thanks

  18. Trump definitely keeping the family in the business iam not sure but I don't remember any other president kids so much involve in politics 🤔

  19. Don Jr says these loses have NOTHONG to do with Trump… Well Junior I think you need to explain that to your moron father!!

  20. Why would they talk about Republicans winning in Kentucky, those have nothing to do with Trump. Kentucky is always republican.

  21. Wow, anyone messing with you trumps better have insurance because yall throw friends under buses and to the side in a blink of an eye. HEY!Your father lost him the election.

  22. '' They never take a swipe to…………………. '' . Clear to me that they indeed only follow the normal news outlets and i mean all of them. The only problem they have is that the normal news (and worldwide) will provide what is going on ,with the knowledge that fact-checking is very important.And that's something they truly don't understand.They are trying to get rich on other-mans expense,thinking that such is the American dream that everyone wants to follow..Maybe one day they will understand ..I think doing some jail-time for all the cheating and stealing and corruption would be a good time to think things over..If they prefer,they can go all inside one prison,feeling a little bit at home..Playing monopoly,fool yourself,and what games you have more to use in those 15 to 30 years..

  23. So. Junior is pissed that no one is giving his dad a good medal for hitting the floor when he dropped his hat? The GOP wins were almost certainties. But hey they won, so…. ~clap~ There ya go, you've been congratulated, Junior.

  24. All Don jr. Do is Whine like a little girl, And talk about all the so called, Wonderful things his dad has did, Which most of what he's saying is Lies or over exaggerated ! 🤔

  25. Joe Kennedy from LA against these GOP aka goons for the orange tool in chief and vote for dems.! KILL THIS ADMIN! It’ll kill putin internally!

  26. Keep your eyes on that orange tool when that coward visits Alabama during the college game! He’s there for that keebler elfJeff Session!

  27. I'm from Mississippi. Why the note of derision in your voice when you speak of my home state? It's insulting to me and points to a bias in your thinking.

  28. This guy has NO FUCKING IDEA what he’s even talking about 😂😂 complete propaganda. I’m from Kentucky and we’ve only had 4 REPUBLICAN Governors in almost a century, since 1931!!!!
    Democrats have been responsible for ruining this state.
    He’s just spreading bullshit. Thank u, NEXT

  29. Blah blah trump has done nothing but play on the internet, whine, create a hostile environment on our country and promote bullying which his wife claims to be against yet is married to the most racist sexist homophobic uneloquent bully in the world

  30. You all know that dip shit Cheeto face has changed his political party 5x? So, regardless of what he says or what happens. The idiot can't decide to wipe his ass with paper or plastic. Why isn't the Republican party pushing their qualified colleges to run for 2020. They can't be happy with the current affairs. So, step out and get your party some respect back.

  31. LMAO – Like father! Like son!

    Chip off the old block! Can’t wait to see the taxes of his father and find out what a fraud they both are!

    Anybody but a TRUMP in 2020!!!

  32. Trumps will spin this laughable failure when house, Senate and presidency are blue for the next 8 years as a "your welcome" we did this on purpose. #math #yang2020

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