DOJ releases inspector general’s findings on FBI surveillance

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  1. This is BS. Horowitz is part of the deep state. I'm wondering if all the rest are also. I had a feeling something like this would happen. No one is going to get arrested. No one held accountable. And I bet a hundred bucks that Barr is going to end the same way. Now I'm having my doubts about Trump. Is he putting on a show along with the rest of them.

  2. IGNORANT TRUMP SUPPORTERS have been waiting forever for this report and just like the "memo" all it did was prove trump, hannity and the rest of the lying fake news right wing media have bee lying to you… Wake Up FOOLS….

  3. Truth will rise above all the falsehoods and shadiness, and will be revealed in due time. That won't take several hundreds of pages.

  4. All these mad republicans.Turns out trump lied again about the FBI is out to get him and you clowns will still believe him. Over 10,000 lies and counting what a joke

  5. Love the Conservative tears… you fools that actually believed the lies hannity and the rest of the russian news was feeding you need to have your heads examined…

  6. Q patriots will need a new line of bs now… The Kremlin is working on it as we speak and it should be ready for insHannity's show tonight…


    “We did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivation influenced the FBIs decision to seek FISA authority on Carter Page”. Is this what you republitards were waiting on? Wow…wait wait wait I bet it was scary deep state LOLOLOLOL gtfo you cunts. I bet if it said there was bias you incest lovers would sop up all these reports like ya would sop up trumps cum.
    Republicans – but but but what about my feelings?!

  8. The government is protecting someone or something. Just by how it's worded, thank you deep state. I doubt anyone is going to jail they may find a scapegoat. But overall I think this whole thing is a sham process because they were found out

  9. For real news on this, I suggest Red Pill 78. He provides the statements just out from Bill Barr and John Durham. Fox has become unreliable and seems to be trending to the left.

  10. You guys do realize how much the rest of the world and in the US is laughing at how you Trumpists simply refuse to accept the truth…pathetic

  11. It took eleven Benghazi investigations and the dullard right-wingers still couldn't accept the facts. They'll refuse to believe this too. Militant ignorance is not a virtue.

  12. The FBI is good peeps and deserve respect like our police. Im looking at these comments and they are rancid and ignorant. Stick together, unity first, they do whats best for the country. I trust that we are all trying to make this country the best we just have disagreements on how to do that, so should you.


  14. From what I have seen over the last 50+ years, is that the purpose of any IG is to cover up for the party in power. They either cover-up, high-light, or ignore the truth depending on the politicians in control. Very SAD.
    In this particular case, I think their motto was "see no evil".

  15. What a load of Crap, I.G. must be blind, or he is covering up for the Government. It clear that we can trust no one in the

    Government but Trump himself.

  16. Wow I know Trump loyal supporters do not like this report because President Trump lied and that the Russian Hoax or conspiracy theory was a LIE. WOW! SAD! AMERICA WE REALLY NEED TO WAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Biden has anger issues, uncontrollable anger. Biden will hit the nuclear red button in a nano second. He needs to be Red Flagged and never be permitted near a gun. No joke!

  18. 17significant error's.
    Significant sounds a huge mistakes and highlighted by DOJ/OIG.
    I AM don't like errors and mistakes through FISA.

  19. Blame game. Never his fault in his mind.
    New book: the art of the criminal deal. Twitter Troll tRump must be held accountable. Where’s Rudy?

  20. A group of Republicans funded the Steele dossier originally. No one has proven anything in the Steele document to false. Barr's own appointees report finds no evidence of political bias or intentional misconduct. Why was Carter Paige, was Trump's foreign policy advisor meeting to discuss foreign policy with a Russian intelligence officer, who was later indicted, before Trump has even been elected President yet?

  21. Like I stated back when all this started. It's just the typical government dog and pony show to keep both sides pacified.
    This is the bigwigs party game and wouldn't be surprised if there's $1 bets put down between the members to make them feel superior.
    Anyone who's been around awhile like myself to see this over and over again knows no one will be held accountable especially the left for 3 years of wasting money and time that could be spent bettering this country for its citizens, other than possibly a slap on the wrist but im not even expecting that.

  22. Only thing I would bet on is prior to the announcement, they all met in the secret bunker for the news and started toasting each other 15 minutes before anything was even announced because they knew the outcome of the charade they pulled off.

  23. This report is worrying given it says there was no bias. My reading of FBI Strozk's tweets or emails show absolute bias indeed venom.

  24. I found the origin of Russia report
    “Russia if you’re listening please help “
    Про то что ты мне в гости в субботу

  25. No political bias? So why all these "errors"? What other explanation to give? Why omit evidence, create false accusations or change emails?

  26. If treason level executions are not carried out against anti Trump scumbags in the end, zero trust, faith or respect will ever be restored, very, very dangerous for this prosecution team to get this wrong. Prison time is not going to solve this.

  27. 90% of the comments below : Only Trump tells the truth. Everyone else must be lying.

    You're tin foil hat wearing cultists. Get well soon.

  28. So being that the IG Report shows that Ivanka had/has a friendship with dossier author Chris Steele, I guess this means she's now "DEEP STATE" as well. 😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Trump is getting impeached because he just plain to stupid to keep the job. Once he is out of office, we might get some truth from that house. God Bless America, we will heal soon and be much stronger.

  30. Americans have lost complete faith in the FBI at this point. The DOJ is not far behind unless AG Barr and Durham expose, indict, charge, prosecute, and the Courts punish to the greatest extent of the Law given in the US Constitution these criminals who BETRAYED the public trust!

  31. Why cant these ppl just do their job and tell the truth , it's like a cold war within government and the U.S ppl dont get justice !!!

  32. Trump is the best thing to happen to Anarcho-Capatilism. His presence is undermining government beautifully. Trump 2020 ! LOL

  33. and all of it just shows one thing but not only was there a lot of biased but we have a blind incompetent and corrupt inspector general named Horowitz you're a liar you're a disgrace you need to be removed or if you had any heart you just resigned because you know you're a lying corrupt trader nothing but a deep State crony mouthpiece you're a disgusting human being

  34. So let’s see Bidens running for President and his son working for the most corrupt country in the world and he doesn’t get investigated because he’s VP? Did Ukraine investigate Biden’s, no, Did Ukraine get our money? Yes , so we need to investigate the Biden’s now And Nancy Pelosi also has a Son working in Ukraine.

  35. Also Clapper admitted on the View that the FBI was spying on Trump but to protect him from Russia! 😂 and Obama tells Russia we know what they’re upto so stop ✋. But doesn’t tell Trump! What!!! How crazy.

  36. Why did they even give the job to him anyway..!! I guess the plan is to see how deep they can dig the hole I guess..!! because it's going to have to be a big one..!!!

  37. DOJ is playing softball. FFS! Bunch of corrupt scumbags. No political bias? They're either completely incompetent or lying. I'm thinking both.

  38. We The People are being played as fools. The Tree of Liberty is thirsty! Sick of this slap on the wrist justice for the people who are supposed to work for us.

  39. For Horowitz to report what actually happened in the actual light by which it was done, he would have had to 'under-bus' the person who MADE him.. Obama, who is at least as guilty as anyone else in all of this.

  40. The report was nonsense. More covering up for FBI employees. Our FBI is a dirty, partisan department now.
    Durham had the best reaction to this report.

  41. No one is going to prison.

    There is no deep state.

    That's just a myth invented by the Republlcans

    to coverup their incompetence.


  43. So those 17 mistakes, 1 of which was an intentional lie saying that the source said it was truthfully and accurate in accordance with the steel dossier, the source explicitly said this is all gossip and cannot be confirmed… that's just a mistake… ok I'm done

  44. There was no political bias discovery because the bias is not political its "criminal" perpitrated by deep state actors not beholden to political affiliation. They bow to different masters.

  45. Errors? Or gross violations. This tool was weaponized along with the FBI, DOJ, and IRS. What we have here is a government that has lost fear and respect for its citizens. I think this government has forgotten what its citizens are capable of.

  46. Did anyone realy seriously expect this report to show that the Democrat FBI and there Political deep state buddies comitted any crimes.,, No we did not.

  47. I like how fox news fiewers talk about Bias when they are the one selecting facts. Anything or fact that doesn't fit your cause is automatically deepstate and if it does, its libetards fault.

    Come on guys, i am not even American and i see fault on both sides of the spectrum, but this is going to far.

  48. Fox is '' going to go through some things '' soon, no place in a Democracy for propaganda. New legislation will address the Fox 'opinion' anomaly.

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