"Does Facts Offend You" Candace Owens SHUTS UP Liberal Students in an Awesome Q & A

ridiculous physicist exactly this is the problem that we have as a community that they take bank on the fact that rather than ever sit down and logically think and critically assess anything you're just going to say shop I don't want to hear it I don't want to hear it I don't want to hear I don't care if someone thinks I don't want to hear it it shouldn't have even been 18 it shouldn't even be 16 it shouldn't have been 13 I think it is down to this year but that's an interesting thing points zero zero zero zero zero four percent of the black community will be shot and killed what unarmed by a police officer every year so as a black man you have a higher chance of being struck down by lightning than you do of being shot unarmed by a police officer that's a fact go ahead somebody give me the shut up shut up I don't want to hear the fact I hate bats okay that's the fact why do facts make our community so uncomfortable why doesn't it you'll come to its effect right that was a fact I hate to sign any any emotion to it that's a fact how does an apple orange I'm not talking of am asking a question let me get through this I'm gonna allow anybody to ask a question that wants to but at a certain point whether the facts make you uncomfortable or not this is the journey to realizing that we are an emotional community and if you know that a community will always respond emotionally you are the easiest people to plug if I will that no matter what you will place your emotion above facts it is so easy to get your votes it is so easy what did you just ask me do I do everything based off of facts no no it's not it's not so so the question then that you that I wanted to ask myself is okay if these are the facts right why is it that every four years around election time these emotions get drummed up so literally I think to the deck to the day that Donald Trump won they stopped putting black lives matter on CNN I haven't seen them have you guys seen them on CNN you've seen them at CNN all right III genuinely have not seen them and I watch a lot of yous but perhaps they happen the point is that suddenly the narrative was drummed down significantly it became about the Russia conspiracy and other things we can't be came at a prominence everything politically everything that's politically charged that's meant to impact the way somebody votes played it simple you asked me if I base things on facts yes I largely base the way that I act on facts or at least organizing it the prominence of what I should care about should be organized I would care if black lives matter took as their platform you know something a chance the rapper does going into black communities are talking trying to figure out why black on black crime is happening to sit down with those people maybe I would take it a little more seriously but when the idea is that we're supposed to heat police officers you imagine a world of we've got police officers you you genuinely can you hear your Cusco with the world if we have police officers but they're quite literally was a platform saying that we need to not have police officers I'm talking with you about real results that came out of this movement that wasn't that was a real push I understand guys listen I understand that you may have never heard this before that somebody gets down on the stage and say that they respect police officers they respect veterans if they like Donald Trump okay if I do I think he's been a fascinating president for black America [Applause] all right hold on for a second let her I'm going to let you turn in some questions so I can get we just jump into now we're breaking it up so let her finish and then we can do if not I'm just gonna let him finish you go in there so I know people wanted these down questions so let her do that because if we don't then I'll just let her finish and then we'll be done okay into the narrative going into it was that Donald Trump was a racist he's doing a really bad job at racism we've had a 400% increase in black owned businesses being started we've had black we have black unemployment all-time low we have more people off of food stairs than ever before all I am about all that you and I that I preach to our community is that we can do it without government handouts we do not need Everman handouts in fact if you look at the statistics and yes this is a fact-based discussion the black community is poor today than we were in 1960 suspect 22 trillion dollars being paid into the welfare system the welfare system was created by a racist of President Lyndon Baines Johnson's was an avowed reese's he called the 1964 but it's on record and actually liberals don't dispute it so you can go to snopes.com for this and there there are going to be liberal okay he called the the civil rights bill of 1964 the nigger bill and he gave a direct quote saying that now that they have the right to votes that these Edwards are getting uppity we need to do some things that we can control them it's the direct quote from Lyndon Baines Johnson is not disputed on the left or the right you can google it yourselves the creation of the Welfare Society was meant to do just that he said we need to give them a little something just enough but not too much and that's exactly what the welfare system is I believe the welfare system is one of the bigger issues facing our community and the biggest issue facing our community is father access Lyndon Baines Johnson systematically removed black fathers from the home via the welfare systems he sent devised black fathers not being in the home by saying to fit to single mothers that if you do not marry the father of your children we will give you more money since the 19th the single motherhood rate has jumped from 23 percent to 74 percent in the black communities and nobody is talking about that whatsoever nobody's talking about that so while we are hyper focused okay on the things of our community like the 60 on our black pipe that are shot nobody is talking about the fact that black fathers have been removed from the home I believe that liberals use black people for votes I believe that white liberals literally take over every rumor that has ever been started and Jeff their money into it to get black emotion to black to back white liberal ideas I do not support the me to movement whatsoever because another movement that has been hijacked by the left to use black emotion to but that white liberal ideas I believe we have become the voting Mules to the Democrat Party they pretend to be your friends all they wanted your votes every single time it's time to vote you will see that a racism conversation hits a peak in this country because at the end of the day and here's here's something that's true the Democrat Party cannot lose the black vote it cannot lose it if they can 83% of the black vote they lose they lose everything they have to maintain more than 83 percent of the black vote sustain their party we're in control and we're getting the worst deal ever how is it possible how is it possible that we are in control the party cannot be sustained without us and we are doing the worst in the party they want you to go back illegal immigrants really you guys see you guys get offended what he said please don't cut me off you guys get offended when he says build the wall what illegal immigration is where the number one things that haunt the black community in a black workforce but I can't hear you okay you get offended when somebody says to build a loan because somebody is trying to tell you illegal immigrations directly hurts young black men in this age in this age bracket eight to the twenty-one years old black men of course sick if someone said have black men are forced to compete with illegals that will do it under minimum wage 100% that is known as our workforce from 18 to 21 I'm just telling the facts there are entire articles around it that directly tell you okay so they're putting our men out of work what people don't realize is that they have figured out how to sell to you how to back up things that actually hurt you how to scream out that somebody says they're taking away food stamps food stamps are hurting the black pig welfare is wearing the black communities how to scream out when somebody says bill the law illegal immigration is hurting black movies all right hold on okay I'm just gonna scream I can't hear you so you might as well keep it simple eyes and ask for a mic and ask a question and I thought I hear talking people screaming out all right listen up listen up this number you have it hard if you have a question write the question let me this is the audience to questions I will I will read the questions we're going to try to do a few wait listen listen no no way [Applause] you're telling them yourself potato I'm not gonna hear their question I'm saying you're asking emotionally not rationally if you if you all scream out I'm actually not feeding you your question I want to hear your questions all right so I'm gonna your what plotting love that you said scream out right so look we're gonna do a mix we're going to have a mix which everybody's gonna listen we want to ask questions I want to answer your questions so let's ask we're not asked the questions gonna be like my city plans for my son's car listen everybody's got to listen up because we can't get anywhere okay hi senior here local science major so how have you or in the past in your undergraduate experiences how have you confidently express your conservative and Republican views because for me in the classroom when I expressed some of them when I do tell people I'm a Republican and going just by kind of what happened in here how do you are you comfortable with expressing your views and how are you confident because they're they're well researched like saying is so much about this on it was on a logical response right so if they're responsive or shut up that's not that you don't win the argument by being a louder person so if somebody came back with the fact that was if they were confident in their ideas right there would be civility if you if you knew that you had the atom bottle truth on your side you wouldn't need to jump up and would need a choir to get you hyped up or feel like you're on the beer on the side of having more people a bunch of people being wrong does not make me feel scared to be right you shouldn't either I'm asking one on the car this president trunk Matthews the emotions of this so-called basic promoters yeah I think there's inverts possible I think you talk about Democrats and emotions of this question says this president Truong not use the emotions of his so-called base to promote his bed no I think he's he's actually delivering the results in every single one of the promises that he major in his campaign so that's that's in 2008 now what do you mean how we simply deliver on all these promises he's that he's got too much degree conservative super before justice is elected to the courts lower taxes to be charged there Oxbow below are taxes that you know you don't have to like the answers for them to be right I just want to make sure everybody knows that so I think that because he's delivered on all the promise that he's man in the campaign his followers are not growing they're digging their feet in that's Peter hey my name is Loren Rhodes sorry to say I all someone lets me know that I do respect your opinion all the line differ from you some of the things you said though I really just I want to hear you back them up a little bit more I'm so like okay so I know the research especially about black students in America no you're correct in the fact that I'm sorry oh so you're correct in the fact that black killings among Americans are young young black youth is at a lower rate than white where culture also not taking into a fact the fact that black people are a minority so that statistically the percentage of white people versus the percentage of black people that doesn't take into account also I think as far as the black lives matter movement yeah you have these radical people who are like oh well here the police the meets who they gather their rid of men I don't think that's what the movement was made of as a message so it's been hijacked right you're right but so the thing is no – my question I'm sorry so my question is though like paint all your statistics and stuff about black people in this how many of those police officers were convicted as opposed to the white [Applause] first off let me just say this I think that any police officer you know and there are different situations that go on but there should be convictions for anybody that goes out and shoots somebody without any thought when you reach their harm so you're asking questions have invited to say you're applying that it said it's a people should be should not be convicted so but I want to I want to answer your question first off the rate is what I did talk about the rate is that white Americans were killed at a higher rate then but not the numbers I wasn't another runner is the rate Hispanics and I can see you asked me big marks Hispanics and whites are killed at a higher rate don't take a part of the population difference a higher rate and black Americans are police officers are 80 and a half times more likely to be gunned down from a black gun and the other way around so just answer that question what was the second thing you asked me the question overall is that in a lot of these cases though especially you brought a black on black crime right thing it's a lot of time from the black community when a black person feels the black person a black person goes thank you that's not true and a South Side Chicago then you can catch the killer at a higher rate just true look that's you're asking me a question about something that I think an argument for you would never hear me launch a defense saying that the police officer does something wrong that they shouldn't be trying I actually did an entire project when I was in school on the blue wall police officers they got to look out for police officers period and it's rough but I would never argue that it was wrong they're police officers because of the protection that is provided for the fact that they work for the system are more left-leaning often committing a crime obviously than somebody else's a regular person I think that's actually pointedly wrong and the last thing that you that you brought up was the black lives matter thinking you said oh there's some good segments of it that's the point okay white nipples like to start these groups these these things with black emotion so they can build their platforms on it okay that's that's just the truth I mean that's it they get powers they start with you because they don't think we're gonna be emotional and loud and applauding we're an emotional different people I mean let me tell you if I was sitting in an auditorium at a different school even if people disagree with me if they'd let me go through what I had to say right Maybank on our emotion that's what I'm saying to you is that at the core of all these movements it starts on something that might be kind of real and then it gets hijacked by liberals so if they can secure votes period and I'm against it all right all right come on all right this is this is from one of the cars this this person writes as a fellow Republican I have encountered some racial issues while being a member of the party have you experienced this and how do you do so here's what I'm saying the Republican Party is splintered I mistakenly have that the Democrat Party was splintered I think that they're they're definitely to me is a part and these are actually never truckers I would identify I've seen this within the nevertrump likely the whole party there was a group of people that were never charged obviously had to know that he was also fighting the Republican Party when he ran and I've seen I'm not I'd like to be conscious when I use the word of racism because I think that's thrown around so much there that nobody takes it seriously because we call everything races and then everything switches if nothing's racist so I'd like to be careful when I use that word but I will say that I observe that smaller market of conservatism almost like they turn their nose down to culture and because black people are really more cultural if we're just we're more cultured I would say and you know they don't they don't understand camp abuse we don't understand Ebonics and they genuinely think of culture and black culture as being something that is like less bad but I would say it's a very minute very very miniscule but I yeah I've observed in reckon like I don't really think that you understands black people I'm not sure here happy about in here the structure and the organization of movements such as the black lives matter movement in the movement then why haven't you worked with leaders to try and pitch the president's views who promote the oppression of black people and Denise females when that's direct reflection of you Thank You hos a really good question I ask you question about how do you feel that President Trump has promoted the oppression of black people media perspective and from some of the tweets a stands out or even the statements that he makes when they're a bit slick and derogatory towards females but just say let's just say one wags like this all the time how can you support a president and the press is black people what is he said that has been got a lot of better question really been impressive towards black people ahhhh no chicken oh we came here there was a big blowup in the whole video who did came out by the private area things of that nature and if you want to talk about the Oh my opinion on that first answer my question and I need you like no because everything weird sure your question is that you gave me specific examples I would tell you what I thought about them usually people like this a blanket it's derogatory towards women but if you give me a tip I'll tell you I think about that so you're talking about that wrap up by the pussy he said that groupies will let you literally grab them by the pussy right that's what you're talking about saying that that's derogatory anybody ever been to like I actually used to intern and I'm not gonna make the artist that I that I worked for on the road so they pop artists anybody ever been around groupies I'm not I'm gonna say we're soft we're talking about he being privately recorded talk to a guy if I hate what people ask like worse things I think I hate this I need the garbage of my vertical heart would never say that groupies yes you would it did it to know about music it's in our culture yes you couldn't be real I hate I hate will be XP okay it's pain its pain okay you know how people are talking about groupies you forgot a James song and give it you want to climb a song and hear that okay so sometimes in a locker and outside the black community wants to purchasing oh my god I can't believe it's a born but you would ever say this but guess who these dudes who have disgusting stuff it's in all of our music why do you suddenly not like that when it comes out of the president's mouth fuck about it together drama I mean people need to stop being me I hate fake people it's just fake all right that's a direct quote next next question people might leave your office take a hip hop music and people in our community will be acting like they're really offended about Trump's to be it's not like it just spank when James Dean was sitting up on CNN and it was like you know he hurts people's feelings unlike jay-z have you heard of jay-z album like just fake I want like a man that's me period alright I'm gonna do just a couple more all right one question this one says can you elaborate on your quote the most controversial thing I've done was decided to think my mistake yeah I did say that it was because it's crazy I've got a lot of controversial things in my life I mean I did not have an easy childhood I looked through a lot I saw a lot growing up and I was constantly in trouble suddenly I said I was a conservative in the whole world look that was considered the highest controversy ever is a black person saying I don't subscribe who think I think for myself to a black border standing on a stage is saying I don't care if I'm in a room of 3,000 people that disagree with me if I believe what I believe I have the bold to say I'm here and tell you that these are my thoughts so the most controversial and most questions cameras had to do was I think with my brilliance and of my skin tone they did not subscribe to by all good but as you can see it's quite controversial you guys know what because every single one of the liberal liberal points are critical they're just not real like that when I talk about that like a perfect example of that is just like that bet that question I just said like you have to be some type of a hypocrite to pretend that somebody talking about rupees in a locker room offends you but at the same time listening the tech news that we listened to it like it to me it's fake I just don't like faith like it doesn't like so for me I can't drive with the races everything is so fake and it's like everyone man but I am worse off first and foremost I'm not a Republican I'm independently okay I'm conservative my viewpoints are conservative I believe in been okay I think that we eat bad I don't believe in this toxic masculinity guys wearing shirts the same you know I'm a female oil I don't really like that so I believe in the structure conservative structure a man woman staying married not having multiple logic really that right yes I okay to be competing like you know liberals now making fun of Jesus Christ in God like my viewpoints are conservatives in general but meat we're stamping dependent there are problems there public attorney and there are problems with the Democrat Party but only one of them is gay 90% the black votes and that happens to be the party that has hurt hurt black book more than anybody else alright next question from the Carta says why do you agree with the Tennessee Kennedy Marsha Blackburn who is against equality in pay the same sex marriage and is against the Violence Against Women Act so first of all I actually don't know about the Violence Against Women Act and to say that I agree with her so in writing that to meet you you guys talking about those are they don't know Taylor Swift broke this whole dog thing about how she can't support women and the truth is is that I'm really sick and tired of particularly liberal white liberals white liberal celebrities so the Lena Dunham is who is the one I got arrested holding the Black Power silence between Amy Schumer that was wild right asking me the arrest is and then posting and saying if they do is erase them I'm just kind of tired of these people throwing out their ideas and again like I said I can't see the theme is they want to pretend that they're fighting for social justice though in reality all they're trying to do is is get people to do their bidding by pretending that they care about the issues if Taylor Swift cared about you know black people deserve her whole thing was about racism fighting racism I haven't seen Taylor Swift do much I could be wrong you could let me know I have to see Taylor's took too much black community want to talk if she was somebody to care about the black community then what she did that Kanye was cold right trying to pretend in a black man did something terrible to her and playing the victim right and it's gonna slide back into reality without saying sorry it doesn't know I don't like it so I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift in general because some of these that she's done and I think Marsha Blackburn is a really great candidate I'm a psychology major I'm from the very liberal Bay Area all of us my question well some of the things you've said thing they've been a little triggering but I do appreciate your being brave enough to be up here my question is um you said you're you are journalist so how is journalism a part of the problem if you yourself claiming to be an advocate for free speech and diverse narratives that was really to me engage of journalism yes journalist sorry I just heard you so I'm sorry I was just saying that you you're some place to be an advocate of free speech and diverse scenarios how power journalists apartment the problem because they're hyperbolic right so it would be healthy if journalists presented both sides to the per spending just try to objectively turn off the news and just read the headlines you if you just objectively read the headlines you would think that we were living in like ninety the 1930s and black were being lynched every day and women didn't have the right to vote it's it's really that hyperbolic it's it's not the first person that wants to you know what here's a perfectly gentle Washington said a great quote he said that if you watch the news if you don't if you don't watch the news you're uneducated if you do watch the news you're pissed as you can even people who are trying to be really fast to get out the thing that's like the most fire everybody wants to be Busbee ever wants to be TMZ I think it's harmful because it doesn't create environmental can actually talk to each other and hear different perspectives because they cut there there's so much other ocean and up because of the news cycle so I think they act like the world's been ending and not really not chess changed its not really I didn't cook a garden I said when I woke up that so truthfully 90% of the news is liberal I don't think that that's diverse that's a fact no like 90% of the news is liberal that's a fact the number one news station is Fox News comparator they're like they're anomaly 90% of the news each new stations 90% of the things as liberal everything in Hollywood is liberal so everything that we're getting from Hollywood from hip hop from celebrities is liberal which is why it's so controversial for tongue even thought about a hat right because it's like he's really by himself he's like the only person that time encouraged by the way you guys should know if I'm not going to name them but a lot of the new pop artists are concerned they just don't say it because we don't want to deal with all the BS of having people label them if you've got paper trail because it's their business when they want to come out with you boo shops because here's what happens but want to call Konya traitor mommy's actually the nurse if you can give up on the black community most of them get into a understand how it works understand how the money works and become conservative because of that and then they say should I come back and tell everybody how it works I come back and talk about this I invite my music what really happens and how this works and how they're all being replayed emotionally they say I don't want to fall on the sword mommy I actually have the courage to fall in the source of black community he's taking the most to heat because you think one of the only ones that cares enough to come back and try to tell you guys what's really going on you can't believe that you cannot miss the truth thank you all right here's one that's a two-part question what does your brand of politics have to offer Blake with it and secondly you say that will fear is why there are no black men in the home yes at the hands of Democrats but the war on drugs directly place primarily black and brown people in jail in the eighties creative art all right actually if you want to talk about black men being in prison the president that locked up the most black men in the history of the United States with Bill Clinton is 94s factually correct most black men that locked up by Bill Clinton and those fools are about you guys we're about to put them back and I said you guys have the majority of lines with that bonehead voted for Hillary Clinton but it's absurd to me okay so we were going to put that right back in the white house the family that has done the most messed-up things to the black community in the history of the United States we had people staying there with her that to me was crazy you could not you can be a Democrat that's fine you can be a liberal I welcome different perspectives but you really have to be uneducated about black culture to say that you want Hillary Clinton black in the White House if you really just must not know black history once you get to Haiti and got away with it okay what they did to Haiti and walked away clean that's crazy to me but so to answer your question sorry that love those things the first thing is that actually the president that the most black person a Christian was a Clinton family what was the first part of the question yes the question I asked about what is your brand of politics have as I speak to black what I'd like to hear the truth about you know the things that we're going to do is particularly talking about single motherhood rape what's going on with the children in the home without what happens actually Barack Obama was the first president that ever articulated how harmful it is to grow up without a father in the home you're 20 times more likely to end up in prison six times more likely to drop out of school nine times more likely to lead a life of crime that was not related by Barack Obama and it's the biggest problem facing our community so I try to tell people the facts whether there was separate to them I hope eventually are I'm starting to see it start to change I mean according to like my inbox I used to just get terrible things that to me and now I look in the comments it seems to be like an ideological civil war happen with black Mooney and that feels good everybody has to agree thing but I need to know that we're at least the beating and arguing stepping out of fucking monolith part of my language [Applause] okay so to me I'm sorry I'm sorry I can't get out laughing here because I just can't take you seriously again I hate fake people like I can't say I'm like allergic to fake all right so you mean to tell me that urban household being raised by a man who had to wake up before the crack of dawn every day picking tie and leg out tobacco to dry receiving pens for this right grant in the face by the KKK for some words on the wrong corner never in my entire life has my grandfather told me he was oppressed hey sue me that I couldn't do something because I was black but told that there was barriers my bear probably was only taught me exclusively that hard work pays off Tommy excuse me to Jim Brown couple of weeks ago in Chicago Jim Brown exact same thing we're all bickering about how to fix tea was the black movie and Jim Brown picked up and gives a speech he says you should be the reason why I says what did you want to know what I did I worked hard I was a Miss besson all these conversations are crazy like it's just so the truth is is that we are the most black most privileged black people to ever live in America and yet we are the loudest in talking about our impression I can't take it seriously so I'm sitting here there sitting at UCLA of all schools if you've been to the campus it's just like really and you're trying to sell to me the audience that you're a breast because you have to hear conservative ideas on campus your request my grandfather wasn't oppressed with Europe press because you have to hear conservative ideas on campus I call them a bunch of whiney toddlers because I think they are all right there been a couple of questions amasses a couple ask a couple questions if people want to debate the facts are asking where did you get your facts from how will you share with them because they might want to check later additional discussions where do you get your face we should go to the government websites we're talking about talking about movies crying all that's online it's available the facts I said about Lyndon Baines Johnson that's not disputed on the left or the right so you can pick a source everybody knows he was an avowed racist and they just released uh was what files they just released when Trump became Adolphus I'm blanking and it was it was seven he was in the KKK and yeah in our school books we when he was the greatest president for black people it's insane which really created a different type of plantation a mental one in my opinion quantico moves from having their bodies in slates and now we seem to be in position where our my endurance late but we're comfortable there so whether or not you like me of my my purpose for me is to meet you a little uncomfortable in the challenge to keep more or less the exact same thing that's doing Trump's doing in terms of getting people off of dependency and stop making this government dependent and re encouraging us to be independent believe it or not and this is insane and I can give you guys a video later on overview if you want to see it black people we're doing better economically in this country under Jim Crow between 1940 and 1950 that was then we're doing today but that's it seemed to me but it's 100% true and and the reason is because we didn't have this structure of dependency coming from the government the government wasn't giving us just a little and not enough we wouldn't have food stamps who didn't have housing it's actually we had our backs against the wall on our grandparents most people that I know I don't know what to sing for all of you in this room my grandparents the better than my parents did which is crazy because they grew up at a tougher time so I think my agenda would be to sort of just sort of get everybody independence I think once people are economically empowered they feel more empowered in general all right so I miss this would be the last question this is my question so my question is have you thought about why you there are there been a number of black conservatives Larry elder Armstrong Williams they haven't taken off the way that you have in terms of social media following in terms of levels of spheres of influence have you thought about what's different about you why do you think is resonated with people I don't know it's been interesting you know I just want to know how did you thought about what is happening you in such a short period of time yeah I have thought about it so one of the people that I admire the most is dr. Thomas Sawyer's a brilliant brilliant brilliant brilliant man who has said this for decades if I ever met him I think I would cry he's the only person that I'm actually a fan of and dr. ben Carson I had the pleasure of meeting with him too dr. Condoleezza Rice it's amazing to me that these people absolutely brilliant I mean dr. ben Carson is a literal brain surgeon and our community rejects them as awful toxic foods think about this we are the only community that has that word there's no work that is similar to Uncle Tom the Jewish community the Jewish community we're one of them get to heaven want to know how they want to learn more and they all go together like a path and they're tribal and there's a lot to learn from the Jewish community in the way they have come back and are at the top of society given the fact that they survive in your genocide so I'll say that first off is that our community has this aid where we shut people that are absolutely brilliant and we'll give a platform to people that you know like if a Braun James says something you're like yeah okay LeBron James first off amazing a basketball love LeBron James but smarter than dr. ben Carson and and dr. Condoleezza Rice so I think part of the reason is that because they are so unbelievably educated they disallow themselves to engage in our community in a certain way I think and I'm speaking for them that they may talk about commentary I think that they might find that the conversation like getting food and fighting all that stuff see seems to be like beneath the pale for them when they're just trying to tell people the facts me I go right with the fire I'm comfortable standing on stage in front of black lives matter and debating them in their views I think that I'm much more in-your-face unapologetic in my approach um and yeah I think in many ways I can feel a bit like a spanking like I'm really in your face like I'm just like this either gonna get it or you're not you know I'm happy to fall on the sword a thousand times the black committee I think that the people that are sometimes called Uncle Tom's and Peter's the ones that care the most about the box we mean the people which you mentioned I say she who said that Co about Jesse Jackson now sharp didn't know that who then I betrayed the community they betrayed the community in our faces and not everybody has woken up together alright y'all give it up I mean this is a good tough conversation that's emotional but I think that's through just had this conversation so there is a opportunity tomorrow the sophomore class and August came to me and said we want to have your follow-up discussion so that will be tomorrow night in this space so you can come back and you guys can debate more and have those conversations at 6:00 the coffee 65 tomorrow so any questions that were asked or answer tonight you guys can debate that so I'm glad like I said it is tense but I think it's a good conversation to have ain't all of you taught you something eventually thank you for attending even if you disagree with me I think it's really important for you guys in your different perspectives so I really appreciate all of you guys attending ok let me take a lot I'll stand up who are students on the program and what was popular quick announcements alleged

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  1. Black people are extremely emotional people. They re-act not act. Blacks as a hold will never research anything, we depend on White people, Preachers, Imam, the majority blacks in America, have know clue with the fact they are sleep walking. Candace spoke volumes of information, Candace must know that she is talking to people who have and are systematically geared for the government taking care of them. The word Free is what black people have become use to through the promotion from Democrats. Black people will boo, Candace saying that there are more black on black murders, then white cop killings, Across America. She said illegal aliens are being hired, taking jobs from young black Americans. She spoke truths, and was yelled & booed. These are children.

  2. Whites don’t have an equivalent to “uncle Tom” but we’ve picked up a term for white liberal/liberal/Democrats, Baizuo also shengmu. German has a term gutmench,it doesn’t specify color but the same fake virtue signaling. I like the way Candace thinks

  3. This reminds me of high school. The teacher would be explaining something complex and the dumb boy in the back of the room who fails every exam and never does his homework is yelling out "this is bullshit" and "you talkin' apples and oranges" because his brain is unable to use logic or process or rationalize anything.

  4. This reminds me of high school. The teacher would be explaining something complex and the dumb boy in the back of the room who fails every exam and never does his homework is yelling out "this is bullshit" and "you talkin' apples and oranges" because his brain is unable to use logic or process or rationalize anything.

  5. Had to unsub. Candox Owns is a dangerous sociopath. I know she fools a lot of people, but still shows you have fairly bad judgement and implies are not reputable. Good luck.

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