Do Politicians Overestimate Voter Conservatism?

we have uh… interesting study about
how politicians in america both liberals and conservatives vastly overestimate
how conservative population is so others buy berkman stopper in from a
you cal berkeley and university of michigan and so you’re here are some
quotes from the uh… the paper that i think of a particular interestingly say
conservative politician systematically believe their constituents are more
conservative than they actually are by over twenty percentage points while
liberal politicians also typically overestimate their constituents
conservatism by several percentage points above it should be seven put differently for typical politician to believe that
these policies answer whatever parties who want commitment or a support it
appears the public support would need to pass a threshold of close
to sixty percent before actually triggers any recognition
the politician i think it’s a um… those are
fascinating numbers and and and and uh… i test bears that out that we see uh… just uh… lack of understanding that pic botha issues
where we think dude i think you just win this issue just by saying what you think
but even and what’s more strike again at with conservatives but even liberals
don’t quite get because of the incredible power the conservative media
that’s what it’s done in the influence of
conservative media is out of mainstream media but that doesn’t make it right
uh… but i think it’s clearly without to give you a sense of how large that
twenty percent number is so because service overestimating their
constituents by twenty percent on her surveyor that’s the first week in
alabama in california right birthday so defeat there in alabama when in fact the receptionist yet let me
put it into the actual quote indicates it’s very interesting at this difference
is so large the nearly half of conservative politicians appear to believe that they were present
districts that is more conservative on these issues then is the most
conservative district in the entire country in the entire country and that’s
it almost half of all conservative
politicians across the country any intelligent misc proceed to the
extent conservative politicians are used reports like that all the time you know
that out of step somebody is with the rest of the country what real americans
believe that they have no concept of railroad right and and so they keep
saying that this country satellite and i’ve heard that only a million times but it’s not as concerned about the
shins it’s almost every sunday talk show the
settlers all the mainstream establishment press center right well
look that seattle mom i know what we have done the census at a rate country but wait you just want fine so why is it
a separate country the democrats around the republicans in
the election after election and even the democrats have no idea how
central left the country is even those local ads oftentimes in the call center or some
other last six presidential elections more votes to the
down right nobody that it’s a separate associates
in the house in the last cycle democrats got signifi only more votes on public
ans and yet at the moment minority in the house registers genital look when you see this i think that you know it’s again money in politics because then why lies it’s because paid by their donors to be sent to write right wing to do concern the policies
that help the notes right so katarina witt with themselves are
they connected me to themselves the public is already in my constituents are
totally liberal arts program on a daily basis or like a situation like this because i
could do that in a news update twenty percent more disorder which by
the way in political speak is two hundred percent more per serving
rec because i get paid to do that so what they say you know it’s ok as it’s
okay my goal there is a my constituents are
perfectly lined up because it’s a center-right country by
yeah i i think you look at i mean i don’t disagree with you but i think that
looks at it in a way that doesn’t appreciate that incredible treatments of that lee atwater karl rove i mean on a little
bit like each other but in that if that same school of thought that the way they did
it and the way the money to me worked less from donors and then do what i say really brilliantly from a political boy you orchestrated
plan that has now been in place since reagan’s first election they’ve
been going on for the better part of thirty years to win at which democrats were looking
the other way on many work to win state legislatures and when governorships all
over the country which let that gerrymandering happen and which is now
or not irreversible but you’re a versatile for a generation probably and
maybe long-time irreversible and that’s how the money is most dangerous it isn’t
to me ever so much that one guy gave me twenty five hundred dollars or one
industry gimme ten thousand of fifty thousand therefore i have to do this this is the machine that poke me here this powerful group gave me so much
money that when i was running for governor in kentucky and tennessee or
alabama roy arkansas or even as we get out to states like michigan this is that this kind of guy happen in
this is our plan to get a majority in the state house in the state legislature
and then we fix the election but then i totally agree with you and so when you
look at that machine on a matter of scales amazing what has been able to
accomplish and how to do it doesn’t mind so number one you have a lot more money to
castrate on state legislatures in statehouses separate number two they have more money for
think-tanks so they’d or and millions hundreds of
millions of dollars in the heritage foundation american enterprise institute
cato institute of several who would push it up pushes up all these papers say all
the countries sent the right the country sent the right country center-right because he loves the oil companies a
country loves the coal companies but that is a good idea about global
warming except main window on another country lost the rich and what about
more tax cuts in fact the country can’t wait for more corporate tax cuts right and they put out these papers in the fun
the guys who worked super right wing are in the republican party proportion composition to the right and
state this is a separate country but interesting that out this also fun some democratic
politicians and eagle spawn the strong ones who said no this isn’t a lot country
right and his ordinary people actually believe dave on the ones that go all your adult
years isn’t a really good read all big you know what what the election
all do what you want and then that’s how the machine on money winds up deceiving the entire country and leading us in the wrong direction by
edge i didn’t take magnitude and you combine that with the willingness to
deter rob but they’re willing to fund primary
challengers across the country than the state house races and has represented traceable resent that
started a little i don’t think they are part of the cheaper adult this is not a
movement paid saw coming and that you did at his bruegger’s cost of the cost of a
number of senate senate seats uh… and and it and don’t call some state house
seats to eliminate that when there’s a because weather
person appears iniki is to get a guys all these
governors were to get a guy who was acceptable who seems congenial when you
seem to have a nut job it throws off the fifth rose off the point

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  1. It's not a center right country, it's a center right voter base. Basically, old people vote, and they tend to be conservative.

  2. Obama is not center-left in any way. America center-right, center-left? Nope, it´s the center of ignorant voter base.

  3. Boy are you a left-wing nutjob! Celine Dion? Really? This is your evidence? Yeah George Bush had the power to stop the hurricane and the huge flood from the freaken OCEAN! LOL Drones did start under Bush but he had no POLICY to fly them over America and certainly had no POLICY to arm them over America like the worst president in US History Obama has. You can't even admit to obvious facts. And do not reply with telling me what Britney Spears thinks either! LOL

  4. If you really wan to be fair, google a map of blue/red by COUNTY. And look at it. You might be surprised. It actually IS a center-right country. And I say that as a progressive.

    Fear not, though, the fossils will die in about 10 years and we will have JUST enough time to save the world from their chicanery.


  5. Republicans tend to be under-educated but faithful, democrats tend to be over-educated and aloof. Do the math. In a democracy, as Aristotle decried, you have simply the will of the masses, as stupid as they might be. We get the government we deserve.


  6. He did not had the power "to stop the hurricane and the huge flood from the freaken OCEAN" BUT he had the power to bring food&shelter. Fucking Cuba and fucking Venezuela had responded by giving international help before the US government were helping their own citizen – how much do you have to fuck this up that you have to make Cuba and Venezuela look good? Hell, even Jeremy Clarkson fond this handling pretty fucked up, in 2007! Katrina happened in 2005…

  7. Beside, I don't really need to prove point to a god damn imbecile who goes around saying that Obama is a communist on youtube. The nutjob is you.
    "Bush had no policy" – the memo that Obama is using, they all come from Bush administration. It's the same policy, the difference is we know about it now. Obama do nothing to change anything, everybody knows that. Same shit, different day and different guy.

  8. Yes I know they are two different things. I had two thoughts going at the same time. The product of youtubing really really stoned. You got my point though…..

  9. LOL…. Here we are 5 years into Obama's presidency and you blame Bush because Obama wants to put armed drones flying over the US! As if Obama has no choice, some memo by Bush is forcing him too! LOL… You nuts are a riot! By the way, does the economy still suck in 2013 because of Bush? Lets face it, everything that happenned good (not sure what) since Obama has been prez you say it's all him and everything bad (which is about everything) you blame Bush 5 years later for! You are psycho!

  10. No, I blame both of them. Both of them wants to put armed drones everywhere and both of them are gutless. By the way, the economy still suck because the US structure know no technological boom, because the economic structure is regressive and because your political structure is gridlocked. In other words, your politicians are seating masturbating, during this time the middle class get fucked and we still have the equivalent of rotary phone for the internet.

  11. Karl Marx would be so proud of your view! That darn capitalism is the problem. of course to believe it you'd need to ignore 200+ years of it. And also must ignore 1000's of years of failed socialism. Then and only then could your view be considered rational. But because you ignore all of this you just proved you are a terminal left-winger without any chance to be cured. Capitalism brings with it freedom, which of course is what you really hate. You only trust govt to run your life, not yourself.

  12. Oh, you again. You were one of the people I was thinking of when I made this comment. haha!
    (By the way, it's 2013. Not the 1800s. The next time you want to make an anti-choice argument, you might want to use someone more current than Susan B. Anthony, who wasn't even alive during Roe v. Wade. Times change. When you're ready to come into this century, we all welcome you.)
    Bless your heart, honey. It must be hell to be so out of touch and at odds with everyone else. Peace be with you, brother.

  13. Marx have nothing to do with my view. I believe in capitalism, just not the crappy capitalism present in USA where a corporation gives support to politician and get back some contract back, and where congressman act are going through revolving doors.
    By the way, "failled socialism" seem to work really well in Scandinavian country, in Japan, Australia, Canada and New-Zealand right now – or as they call it, capitalist.

  14. By the way, capitalism does not brings with it freedom – talk to the slave in the 19th century, or to the little kid working in factories in Pakistan, or to Chinese people working day and night, or to the Cuban under Batista (I don't approve Castro, but Batista was not any better), or to the debt-slave…

  15. I'm so touched that you were thinking about me. I know you'd throw Anthony under the bus. If you don't goose-step in line with the left on every issue, from gun grabbing, to baby killing, to screwing the rich, you're "out of date" and are to be left out on the curb. As for "times changing," young people may be more supportive of gay marriage, but they're just as pro-life as their parents are. Aborting all of your offspring isn't a good long term survival strategy. Take care, my darling!

  16. I don't "goose-step in line with the left on every issue." Shooting guns is fun, I live in an oil state that's emplyed many of my fellow men and helped with our infrastructure, et al. If you really paid attention to my previous comments, you'd recognize the credit I actually gave to Republicans. I'm not at war with anyone. My ideologies are more align with the Democratic party, but I don't agree 100% with ANYONE'S policies.
    You're making a lot of assumptions. You're projecting.

  17. And I don't want to abort ALL offspring. If a woman DOESN'T want to have an abortion and wants to keep a baby, that's up to her. Hence, her CHOICE. If she doesn't want to keep it for this reason or that, it's none of my business because I don't have to bear or raise that child. Whatever her decision is, I support it. It's called empathy and understanding. You should try it sometime. Pro-choice cares about life too; we care about the QUALITY of life.

  18. Capitalism does bring freedoms. That doesn't mean every human being is in a perfect situation. What capitalism offers is that anyone anywhere has an OPPORTUNITY to free themselves. There are millions of stories of people from other countries coming to America and opening their own business and prospering. An opportunity they were not allowed in their native country. Capitalism is by no means perfect, just far more perfect than anything else. America offers freedom from your kind!

  19. The 2nd Amendment isn't about keeping a couple of bolt-action rifles locked up at the shooting range to shoot every couple of months. It's about beating crime, and beating tyranny. By voting for Dems, you're voting for a complete gun ban. Obama, Shakowsky, and Pelosi have all voiced support for not only banning assault weapons, but handguns. Also, do you support killing babies out of the mother's stomach? What magical process takes place in the birth canal that suddenly makes him or her "human"?

  20. I don't think liberals are as innocent of an option as some would make it seem though. The Republican party has little to no sanity left and the Democratic party panders to every race and background to bring them in unity.

    I give credit to where its due, but from what I've seen in recent years liberals also have an agenda and its not always in the best interest of those who they "represent".

  21. That the traditional view that was considered valid until 1965ish. Because it happened like that in Europe, it does not mean it "will/did happens" like that elsewhere. Beside, in USA, you have to take exception of the blacks, the women, the Asian-american, the native… When there is more exceptions to the rule, that often a sign that the rule been based on spurious correlation. However, outside of other forms of capitalism, I can't see much of anything that will work…

  22. Being black, hispanic or a woman is no disadvantage in 2013. Liberals of course will always claim so, but there is zero evidence of it. Just because someone has an opportunity to go to educate themselves, work hard, have iniitiate and take risks all of which are the pillars for success doesn't mean people will choose to do these things. Thus you will always see in any society the have's and the have nots. You can claim the have not's are victims but I'd call them victims of their own choice.

  23. Actually, women are paid 82% of man income after graduation. Ok, some of the difference is risk, and man work a bit more – but I will not say that there is total equality of opportunity. Oh, and the black to white income gap been increasing in the last 10 or 15 years because of inequal access to higher education. In short, you don't get out of Candem to become the next Bill Gates.
    It's not black&white: it's shade of grays, this is why metrics such as social mobilities are used…

  24. Liberal ststistics now? I always wonder why people try to compile such statistics in the 1st place. Let's just say they have agendas. Without seeing the underline details I'd suggest these numbers are worthless. But I do luv the use of the term "income equality" as if somewhere in American history there is some constitutional type document that income equaility is a tennant of American society. Where is this document hidden? People do and should get paid what they are worth to the employer.

  25. It's really simple: you take a sample of 1000 persons, then you just fill the anova table and just follow the Scheffé's method. Nothing politically biased here, until interpretation.
    Income equality could be seen as a small part of the tenant of American society in the way that USA revolted against monarchy&feudalism. It touch it, a bit, with some angles… Plus, when you get income inequality too high – how could we speaks fair shoot?

  26. If every elligable American voted who would win National elections every year until the end of time? Exactly. America is without a doubt a center left country.

  27. YOUR lack of understanding of evidence does not translate to 'zero evidence'. but, we know from recent experience that today's pseudo-conservatives care less about evidence and more about feelings. we progressives really hope you continue to decieve yourselves, as we could use the help in changing this country for the better. you help by misunderstanding and saying stupid things. keep up the good work.
    you are effectively carrying water for the people who wish to impoverish you.

  28. I always felt this way as well. The GOP decisions were always based on 3 or 4 people in the room. Most GOP voters wanted higher taxes on the rich, most wanted a mix of revenue and spending cuts not just spending cuts, most NRA members favor sensible gun laws. Most people are pro labor, pro minimum wage increase including again a majority of republican voters. The GOP is Grover Norquist, Rush Limbaugh, Wayne Lapierre, and the Koch brothers making all the decisions in the room.

  29. Conservative on corporate issues not social issues. Yes the media tends to be pro gay rights, politically correct, pro gun control, and pro womens or minority rights I have never seen them extensively cover CEO salary compared to workers, corporate welfare, corporate outsourcing, and corporate treatment of workers here and in other countries. I wish they would do a pro Costco anti Walmart segment so bad.

  30. Lets put it this way every right winger who is a regular guy poor or middle class. You lose something that's helps you- your child tax credit, social security, healthcare, your food stamps whatever so that a billionaire can get another tax cut or we can start another stupid pointless war. Protect them at your expense and let us see how you feel about it.

  31. Lets balance the budget on your back while asking nothing more of the millionaires and billionaires. Let us let Romney pay 14 percent on his taxes. Why do you think Romney was so hesitant to show his tax returns. He knew it would be embarrassing how low he was paying.

  32. You used the word "care". When it comes to liberals they in fact don't care. Tell me in the last 60+ years what liberalism has fixed in our society? Or even tell me what it has made better off then it was before the 1st day they championed it? Education? Welfare? Social Security? healthcare? Food Stamps? Jobs? Debt? Liberals not only have not fixed anything they in fact made everything worse and billed us trillions for their "efforts". So spare me your caring BS! You made everything far worse!

  33. first of al, i don't know what 'liberalism' is. i am a progressive but, i'm not the only one confused by these labels. conservatyives seem to think a christian, american born conservative democrat is the an atheist/ muslim illegalo security, medicare, unemployment compensation, seperation of church and state, civil rights, involvement in the world community, created 2x more jobs than republicans… sorry, ran out of space.
    those are progressive ideas. what have the cons done?

  34. Don't you know that people who refer to themselves as "progressives" only do so because of the shameful connotation "liberalism" has developed for itself? Thus there is and never has been any difference between a liberal and a progressive. It's just you rather be called. But you are still far left of normal. So you convienently take no responsibility for 60+ years of failed "liberalism" now that you refer to yourself as a progressive? A pig wearing lipstick is still a pig!

  35. nice try. progressive is the corollary of conservative. but , please, assign whatever label makes you comfortable. i listed the progressive policies you inquired about. it is important for you to ignore them. since you're so married to labels i recommend you google pseudo-conservative. the pseudo-conservative is a sub-type of the authoritarian personality. it is a disorder first described in the 50's, when these morons thought ike was commie plant, fluride was mind control, god was under attack.

  36. It's not about what makes me feel comfortable, it's about accuracy. Relating today's "progressives" as a corollary of conseratism is laughable! Then why not be a conservative then? the reason, because you hate to be called a liberal. That's it. Pretty simple. So, you hijacked a word that never in the English language has been more misused than referring to yourselves as "progressives". Your views are anything but. A word doesn't define who you are, your actions do.

  37. Just something to note guys. Maybe to you guys the US doesn't seem predominantly right wing, but to someone from the UK, or even other parts of Europe, the whole US political spectrum is very right of centre. In our eyes, the Dems are to the right of our Conservative Party, the Republicans are dangerously extreme, and the tea party are lunatics that'd most likely be sectioned under the mental health act over here. Still though, it's all far more entertaining for a political junkie.

  38. i encourage you to continue with your delusions, they were quite helpful in electimg a more progressive candidates. and certainly returned obama to the WH. you inquired about liberal or communist or socialist or [yawn] advances in the last 60 years. you ignored them in favor of arguing terminolgy. these are the tactics the american people have seen from the cons time and again, they are no longer fooled.

  39. I'm the delusional one? Here you are too ashamed to call yourself what you are, a liberal. So you hijack a word that has nothing to do with your beliefs. Obama is now a progressive too? LOL You remind me of those sleazebag phone calling centers who steal people's money then skip town under a new company name staying one-step ahead of the law. Call yourself what you want, your kind has still ruined America! Costing the nation trillions without fixing anything nor even making anything better.

  40. wow. that's all you've got? how sad.
    most people of any intellect actually understand that one needs evidence to argue effectively. the use of name-calling, distraction and insult is pretty weak tea, but i understand that's all the cons have to 'argue' with. invective, unsupported assertions, and paranoid delusions are why the country is leaving you behind. maybe you should move to glenn beck's commune for cons.
    no one will argue as long as you remain obedient and compliant to the group.

  41. Isn't it funny that calling someone a liberal is now considered name-calling? Which of course is why you hijacked the word "progressive" in the 1st place. Call me a conservative all day. I love it! I admit it! I'm proud of it! I wear it as a badge of honor! But wholly crap! Call a liberal a liberal and they will whine like a fat kid without cake! So, where is my list of things liberals (like you) have fixed in the past 60 years? or made better? You only want credit for caring, not the results.

  42. i answered your question, i have called your attention, twice, to my answer to your question. given that you don't know that it calls into question your reading comprehension.
    no surprise there, your 'comprehension' issues regarding reality are quite obvious. you may carry on all you like about terminology, i'm not having that converstion. i'm quite comfortable leaving the evluation of this bizarre exchange to the objective reader, as you should be, given your great confidence in your ignorance

  43. You did not answer the question. You have avoided it like the plague. You made ignorant claims that liberalsim created a separation of church and state. LOL…. No bub the us constitution created that. Civil rights? It was the democrat party who held the passing of civil rights. LBJ had to twist democrats arms where rups were well on-board. Bs that dems created 2x more jobs? lets see your reference? Obama certainly lowered the ball then eh? How about a real answer to the questin?

  44. Given that I'm a Liberal from Canada, in my country we have achieved universal healthcare and cheap pharmaceuticals, a well regulated banking system that didn't crash like the americans did. We were on track to be for the Kyoto Protocol, before our current Conservative party won a majority. Peace keeping missions all around the world, we built the social safety net here. Under Chretien and Martin, we were on track to be rid of our debt by 2015.

  45. yes, johnson the republiCON.
    A 'net increase of 44.7 million jobs created during the Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama administrations, compared to a 23.3 million figure during the Nixon, Ford, Reagan and both Bush administrations."
    google the phrase 80 year study economics to learn the truth of your ignorance. obama has decreased unemployment to 7.7% against the 'will' of the cons. obama has set a record in deficit reduction,also w/o the cons help

    you may not like it, but it's true.

  46. Good god! You are hopeless! If people looking for a job today were counted then the unemployment rate would be about 12%. The problem is your govt doesn't count those looking for a job greater than 6 months. Thus the masquerade of this 8% unemployment figure. Even though the US population is much larger than 2008, currently there are 3 million people less working today. I'll send you to the us bureau of labor stats for that. bis (dot) gov to prove it. Obama failed! Liberal BS is deep here! LOL

  47. yes, i've visited the BLS. what, no comment about my false claims concerning long-term economic success of democratic polices vs the cons job? no comment on the reality that dems have created more jobs in the last 4 decades? obviously, i must be wrong and you're being kind just to only argue 'massaged' 2012 unemployment figures. don't be kind.
    and i belive obama holds the record for deficit reduction. please direct me to the correct sources. i listed 5 or 6 progressive programs. address them.

  48. Explain to me how liberals where they think govt is the answer and that a govt job helps the economy over a private sector job? Explain the policies which causes liberals to create jobs? taxing? spending? regulating? red tape? these things liberals are famous for create jobs? I will say whatever jobs are created while a liberal is president is NOT because of them but rather in spite of them. Obama deficit reduction? He has had TRILLION dollar deficits every year! You are spewing 100% BS!

  49. there is a difference between deficit and debt. i'm certainy not going to give you a tutorial on economic policy. do your own research. not from right-wing shock jocks and gold scammers, but from actual experts. one thing that might help is the youtube video Science vs Feelies. bs? again with the labels. understand, i am not trying to convince you, only counter your ridiculous argument. i have given facts here. you have not. we are done.

  50. LOL… Trust me, I know more about this topic than you have ever known. You said "i belive obama holds the record for deficit reduction" and I know Obama has NOT. He in fact has had a trillion dollar deficits every year. His debt is far worse than that. He has accumulated more debt in 4 years than Bush did in 8 years! Yotube video? LOL… Really? Dude, you are talking out your arse! You can't get BS past me. This is my forte'. If you were right, why do you need to lie?

  51. Yes they absolutely do and that is why they lose elections when their candidates start with the far right nonsense like wanting to ban abortion in all cases, keep gay marriage illegal, make stupid comments about rape, turn the US into a theocracy, eliminate all social programs that help the poor, disenfranchise racial minority voters, etc…. Republicans are just so out of touch with most americans outside the deep south.

  52. Its funny you should say that considering that a large portion of the deficit is caused by Obama continuing several of Bush's policies instead of eliminating them. But just an FYI, spending has decreased each of the past few years.

  53. It's funny how you blame Bush for OBAMA'S policies. Why didn't Obama retreat in January 2009 from Iraq and Afghanistan? HE chose not to. Those wars were heavily supported by Decomrats including Hiliary Clinton who voted for them. Only after the enemy fired back did liberals suddenly claim they wern't for it. You can't change history.Obama in fact has trillion dollar deficits he has never balanced anything nor even tried to. He hates capitalism and stands for everything America isn't. Congrats!

  54. I saw a great article on Alternet:
    'There's Such a Thing as "Human Nature," Right?'
    I am often accused of over responding and swearing too much but much of what right wingers say seem mosterous to me – I now have PROOF!. The arricle is long but WELL worth a read. See psychologists use WESTERNERS as 'typical' human. But westerners are OUTLIERS in their selfishness and self focus. Americans make up the majority of these westerners polled. And they are OUTLIERS of westerners. Republicans are

  55. OUTLIER of Americans and now it appears that the republican LEADERS are OUTLIER of republicans. These people mare off the spectrum of what REAL representative traits are for humanity, that they appear TOTALLY FUCKING MONSTROUS to people like me – and AS THE FACTS ATTEST to the MAJORITY of humanity is the CORRECT reaction. The level of fucking brain washing Americans are under to tolerate these psychopathic antihuman monsters in their mists leaves me awe struck…

  56. DEFICIT!!! NOT DEBT!! they are NOTthe same,
    deficit reduction by president: kennedy -1%, johnson -0.9%, nixon -1.6%, ford -3.5%, carter -2.4%, reagan 4.3%, bush I -4.3%, clinton -0.1%, bush II -3.2%, obama -7.3%. perhaps even YOU can see that -7.3% is more of a reduction than the others. it's quite frustrating trying to communicate with some one who cannot comprehend language or numbers. so unless you leran the difference between facts and feelings, we have nthing to say to one another.

  57. Hey dummy, I didn't say they were the same! Show me that quote jackass! Don't lecture me on something I'm an expert on! Kennedy? LOL Really? It's 2013 genius! A deficit is when you spend more than you take in. No amount of liberal math is going to conclude that Obama doesn't have trillion dollar deficits and now he has us at a 17 trillion dollar national debt. You can play numbers games all you want, it's easy. But the bottom line doesn't lie! Obama had trillion dollar deficits every year! FACT

  58. wow. i say a thing which is correct. you deny it by conflating two different economic factors. you call me a liar. i gibve you the numbers, demonstrate you are wrong, and you call me a dummy, declare yourself an 'expert' about something you clearly do not understand AND call it 'liberal math'. wow. i mean… wow.
    pretty typical cons behaor, but still… wow.

  59. No, you are hiding behind liberal math. Obama has had trillion dollar deficits every stinking year. FACT. Don't give me BS about how small a trillion is. Are you for real?You gave liberal numbers which is when it's too high show it as a percentage so it looks smaller, rather than just giving real numbers. I gave you actual dollars. That what people pay to the IRS dollars. Remember? You can't even admit the obvious. Obama is the worst president in US history! What's that say about you?

  60. "He believes himself to be living in a world in which he is spied upon, plotted against, betrayed, and very likely destined for total ruin. He feels that his liberties have been arbitrarily and outrageously invaded. He is opposed to almost everything that has happened in American politics for the past twenty years. He sees his own country as being so weak that it is constantly about to fall victim to subversion"
    hmm. sound like anyone you know?

  61. Who is "He" that you talk about Obama? Liberties? Those he wants to take away by strenghening the Patriot Act? Drones over America? Those liberties? I love how liberals refer to liberties as if their entire goal is to not take them away. In fact liberalism is all about less power for the people but to govt. It's govt liberals want to surrender control to. You want to ignore the parts of the constitution you don't like and force people to be peasants. That is the liberal dream! You are delusional

  62. Obama is not a very good Democrat, in fact, he's a moderate republican. Most Democrats, when you tell them Obama's policies, don't actually like them. Its just we'd rather have Obama than Romney, and if the Republicans ran somebody like Obama but white, with gray hair and a nice pension, they'd probably win. We Democrats need a liberal, someone who knows that liberties are rights not to be taken away, but also know that there a limits to those liberties, but they should not be taken away

  63. If Obama is the "worst president in US history", it is because he is a republican pretending to be a democrat and moving the political spectrum to the right, while at the same time having morons like you screech that he is a "socialist".

  64. Is the US economy great? no of course not. Is spending higher than it was? yes. Is spending getting higher every year? NO it has been between 3.518 trillion and 3.603 Trillion since FY2009. has Gov't revenue been consistently less than expected? yes it has. is the debt higher? yes it is, there was a huge jump when the world economy blew up back in 2008/2009 also the trend since Reagan has been the debt going up (though the rate is higher now). Are deficits rising every year? NO they are not.

  65. really? Then lets your your lefty view of which presidents are worse than Obama? Jimmy Carter was close but he in fact loves America and at least didn't segragate American's by class. Obama clearly hates capitalism and has only made the economy far worse with his "stimulus" that created zero jobs and not only didn't help the economy but the debt he created he in fact made it worse and prolonged any meager recovery one might claim. If Obama did nothing we would have recoved long ago.

  66. Who cares if you voted for. I hear many left-wingers didn't vote for him because as left-wing he is, he isn't left-wing enough for them. You think because you didn't vote for him means you arn't a left winger? If he isn't the worst president in US history, then YOU tell me who is.Let me guess your opinion is Ronald Reagan? LOL

  67. Am I in Alabama or San Francisco? Let's see… No rebel flags. No NASCAR. Gays on the streets. Streets. Hmmm… Might be San Francisco. Let me look at my map.

  68. Oh really? Did you not realize the wost economy while Bush was president to this day is still better than Obama's best day? Did you know there are 3 million people less working today than anytime under Bush, while the population is larger? Did you know that 7.5 years under Buish was a good economy with around 5% unemployment and if you counted the real unemployment today it would be 12%? You may not know this because you proved yourself a dumb liberal! Obama is the worst president in US history!

  69. Do you know the Idiot in Chief is PERSONALLY responsible for the maiming, deaths and out right murder of THOUSANDS of Americans, Iraqees, Afghans, and God knows who else…For a war that was UNNECESSARY? DO you realize that YOUR side LOST the 2012 elections BY A LOT? You may have been living in the neocon bubble about that time, and that is understandable…Welcome to the real world of REAL facts…Now please STFU bagger…

  70. A war that was unnecessary? I see, so your solution to terrorism is what exactly? Hide under your bed? You could argue that Iraq wasn't necessary but that argument goes only so far. Both dems and republicans voted for the wars. Only after Iraqis shot back did democrats retreat after they sent the troops there. Your hero Obama was not re-elected by much in 2012. He actually was re-elected by a lower % than in 2008, 1st time in history that ever happenned. See how real facts work? Get it?

  71. Of course it's your last comment. Like a lib you throw out BS and run, much like in Iraq. What specific policies caused the ecomony to crash? What policies by Obama saved it? No generalizations, be specific. Conspiracy theories too? LOL Yeah Bush knew terrorists was going to attack. LOL priceless! Lets hear your source for additional entertainment value. You are right we could of got Bin laden but when we could have you got wrong. It's public knowledge that Clinton refused to get him in 1998.

  72. Your avatar proceeded you…Proud Texas Dumb Ass (single in Dallas?)…Wow that sure is a rare thing! I wouldn't have censored you, though…How could I laugh at your pea brain comments if I did that? But I'm through with that, Now go tell your mommie you're gay, BUT happily single!

  73. That's all you got? I love how liberals attackt my intellectually superior points with personal attacks. As if somehow by attacking me personally that translates to you winning an intellectual debate. Sorry bub, it doesn't work that way. Why don't you list me out all the things that liberals have fixed or made better in the past 60+ years? I am still waiting for an answer to this question. Instead of thinking "hey my views make things worse", you attack the messenger for pointing it out! LOL

  74. I get it, a larger negative rate shows positive results. But to act like the $6 trillion dollars of debt added under Obama has nothing to do with him isn't just wrong, it's disturbing. Acting like you can attribute the $787 billion stimulus spending in 2009 to Bush's fiscal year and then claim that Obama is competent because he hasn't increased deficits above his own spike is self-delusion. Stop cherry-picking only trend data just so you can ignore absolutes. It makes us ignore you.

  75. no you do not 'see'. the additional debt was necessary (keynesian economics) to counter the destructive practices of republican economic policies. additionally, facts do matter. if you are going to call me a 'liar' using 'liberal facts' then you are just an ill informed ignoramus. that is what dallasguy did, it is what pseudo-conservatives do. they apply household budgetary principles to the global macro-economy and think they have 'figured it all out'.

  76. I didn't say you were a liar, I said you cherry-picked data.

    The Keynesian debate is a dead end. I think of it as communism- beautiful on paper and awful in practice. No one spends your money better than you do, especially some politician in Washington buying votes and support (see A123, Solyndra, and the Chrysler bailout of the unions). And yes, a country can print money. Do you think this means we can run $1 trillion dollar deficits indefinitely? Honest question, no malice in it.

  77. you were replying to a comment I made to another individual who cearly DID NOT know what he was talking about and kept conflating debt/deficit, and calling ME a 'liar', 'stupid', etc. this is a common tactic used by pseudo-conservatives and is the result of 'projection'. and no, I do not think we can run a trillion $ deficit indefinitely. the problem is republiCONs refuse to negotiate in good faith, a policy they enacted on inauguration day 2008. it is simply ignorance.

  78. Wake up! Get a job, put down the video games and move out of your mom's basement! *bash* There! One more liberal slapped up side the head!

  79. Why because I correctly point out liberal hypocrasy? How liberals go by the motto; "Do as I say, not as I do"? By pointing out how liberals use just as much oil as everyone else in ther SUVs, Boats, planes, houses, plastics they use, polyester clothing, roof shingles, electricity to use the internet, etc… Yet, they then complain about oil, oil exploration to produce more of it for them to use? Because I correctly analyzed the real liberal motive to just appear to "care" for self glorification?

  80. The truth stings like a bee eh? Consider me your truth syrum. While you won't let your mind ever consider your "caring" as bad, I on the other hand would prefer you "care" less for the benefit of all! I exposed that you are a hypocrite by guzzling oil by not wanting to allow the producers of this oil to produce it for you! Only a team of psychiatrists could explain that one! Liberals have wrecked this country over the past 60+ years! GO AWAY! For America's sake!

  81. ITS BECAUSE THEIR BOSSES ARE SO FUCKING EXTREME – i.e.multi muliti millionaires and billionaires. YES the libs like Cenk CLAIM that the financial elite SOMETIMES have souls – but greed on that level is VICIOUSLY and RUTHLESSLY fought for, making them VERY likely VERY nasty people. The billionaires then surround themselves with the most appalling toadies and politicians are invited to surround themselves with these weirdo human beings…

  82. STUNNINGLY STUPID AND PROUD FUCKWIT. Read some fucking books turd and quit trolling…. MORON

  83. LOL…. Yeah you sound so educated there! Let me guess…. Harvard? Yale? Princeton? Taco Bell? BINGO! LOL I'd suggest you take your own advice. My education is clearly vastly more superior. So take your pills and one day you may be the Taco Bell Employee of the Month!

  84. So you REALLY want to step in the ring and make an idiot of yourself?
    Shall I start? To quote an ignorant prick:
    'Liberals have wrecked this country over the past 60+ years!'
    Well lets see:
    They CREATED the middle class (you're welcome fuckwit)
    'The Great Compression' google it
    Made EVERYONE richer:
    'Rachel Maddow: Why elections matter, in one graph' on youtube
    Run the economy MUCH MUCH better:
    'Stocks Return More With Democrat in White House: BGOV Barometer' google
    Love and kisses Taco Bell…

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