Do not vote for the Liberal Democrats

clearly this general election if nothing else offers two distinct political offers two different worldviews really two different visions of the good life you got on the one hand Theresa May xenophobe racist Home Secretary when we had the racist van on the streets of Britain craven to the powerful only out there for the 1% will never ever ever put more money in your pocket she’s out there for the millionaires not for the millions on the other hand Jeremy Corbyn socialist commited to bringing energy rail back into public ownership cheaper public services better housing you want to get on the mortgage ladder this guy’s for you you want better pay and work this guy’s for you you want better NHS services shorter waiting list this guy’s for you so two very distinct offers okay and by the way with May I get while the people vote for her because if you aren’t the 1% she also appeals to the most base instincts of human nature and then there are the other guys you might remember them the Liberal Democrats that’s right they used to have lots of MPs not so much anymore the Liberal Democrats the progressives the radical centre the 48% the party of remain well you’ve probably seen their leader on TV screens the last few days Tim Farron who hasn’t heard of Tim Farron you know the guy who thinks that all homosexuality is sin and that gay people are like fishes and frogs and they might be cured by some treatment well put Tim to one side too because he’s an idiot he’ll be in the dustbin of history soon enough and general elections are bigger than just one person okay fine so we won’t judge the lib dems by the leader let’s judge them on I don’t know the five years they had in government between 2010 – 2015 you know when they propped up the Tories and implemented austerity that’s why they’re so keen to talk about the EU and article 50 after all it’s because they’ve got nothing to say on anything else so I’m going to outline some key areas where they were absolutely degenerate in government not that long ago number one they tripled tuition fees okay previous to the 2010 general election they said they would eliminate tuition fees you wouldn’t have to pay to go to university they said and then they go into government and they increase tuition fees not by 10% not by 20% or 30% by 300% 300% forgivable unforgivable number two they cut taxes for the very wealthiest in society and for hedge fund hedge funds so not only did not want you to get on to be better educated you can earn more money get a better job they’re also wanting to make life easier for the very wealthiest in society number three guess what kind of links in with that they increased VAT they increased VAT and this is the tax that whether you earn five pound an hour or nothing in fact whether you earn a million and 5 pounds an hour you pay the same rate of VAT it’s the most regressive tax to increase it hits the poorest the hardest they voted for it to increase then they changed the Electoral Register so basically those registered to vote had a new system to engage with about a million people were basically struck off the system voter disenfranchisement effectively who gets disenfranchised well it’s the same people who are affected negatively by VAT going up it’s the poor ethnic minorities and most transient communities out there so you tell me what so woke about Nick Clegg and Tim Farron and Vince Cable when they’re looking out for the rich they’re pissing on the poor and are increasing taxes for the millions and they’re cutting taxes for the millionaires it doesn’t make much sense for me then there’s the introduction of means testing for child benefit child benefit they introduced means testing for child benefit no i’m not going to go into the benefits of universalism right how good it is how important it is it builds consent for welfare systems and actually we know statistically scientifically it brings down inequality it increases social mobility they did something against that they wanted means testing for child benefit okay so voter disenfranchisement means testing cutting taxes for the rich increasing taxes the poor but it doesn’t stop there it does not stop there then there was the bedroom tax remember that that hit the poorest the hardest once more they were there nodding like little Chinese cats they were up for it so you tell me what’s so woke about the yellow Tories because I’m still yet to hear anything that confirms that anything is it any surprise given all that given the fact they went down from 50 something MPs to eight or nine who cares it’s the Lib Dems given they went down from like six point something million votes to two point seven million votes is it any surprise that they were so craven to the Tories that they were really yellow Tories is that they’re now so eager to focus on 48% the EU article 50 no it’s totally unsurprising I would expect it from people that have nothing else to offer you when it comes to getting on the housing ladder when it comes to your expensive rent when it comes to energy bills being too high when it comes to child care for your kid when it comes to university qualifications being too much when it comes to you not having enough money in your back pocket at the end of the week they’ve got nothing to offer on any of these things so don’t you dare call them progressive they’re anything but they’re Tories who say nice words and nice things but don’t mean them and they cross their fingers and you know what if you vote for them and they get enough seats and it’s a hung parliament they’ll back a Conservative government just like they did in 2010 and if you vote for the I hold you responsible for that you

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  1. Also the second largest party behind the Tories in my constituency. I'd love to vote Labour, but that would split the anti Tory and substantial Remain vote.

  2. Yeah but Labour will keep us in the EU and we voted out. We can deal with traitors in the future if we need to. Brexit means Brexit. VOTE TORY.

  3. You have no understanding of parliamentary democracy, it's all about mandate. I'll focus on the increase to VAT, this was in the Tory manifesto which was voted for by the electorate in huge numbers, just short of a majority. Changes in VAT weren't in the Lib Dem manifesto at all, and considering the far lower number of votes the Lib Dems had behind them, it wouldn't have made much difference. Do you really think that a party that makes up only 9% of government, with no mandate on VAT, can stop a party with a whopping mandate for increasing VAT? That would make no sense. This is true of all of the other points you raised, even tuition fees. The Lib Dem policy was if they had a majority, with the release of the Brown Report on top, arguing for a reduction in tuition fees when the public had voted for the Tory policy to raise them would be ridiculous. They did however manage to make tuition fees dramatically fairer to pay back, you in fact pay back three times less each month on the new system, that's three times more money in your pocket. This is exactly why there has been an increase in people from lower income backgrounds going to university under the new system.

  4. Of course this is all a lie, broadly speaking Labour and the Lib Dems agree on near enough everything. Wait for the manifestos to come out, you'll see very little difference.

  5. It's becoming abundantly clear to me that everyone is swallowing everything the right-wing media tells them. Hook, line and sinker, every time. Has it become illegal to teach critical thinking? It seems our education system is churning out tories by the dozen.

  6. Do you reckon this guy is a labour supporter? 😂 😂 lol cos they're recent government was brilliant wasn't it

  7. Pfft… you are trying to persuade people to vote for Labour with Jeremy Corbyn and label Theresa May as a racist, wow. I don't care what you say, i'm supporting Liberal Democrats.

  8. As a Liberal Supporter, I hear some of your points.
    But you ripped the Liberals for their years in a coalition where all those policies were down to the tories the Liberals couldn't really do much about. If it wasn't for the Liberals there could have been some even harsher bills put onto the poor.

    I don't want Brexit and I don't want Socialism so maybe I should go vote green

  9. In my constituency it's head to head between a tory and a lib Dem, I'm fully behind Jeremy Corbyn and want to vote labour. However my best option is to tactical vote for a liberal democrat to take a seat away from the tory's in the hope it gives labour a bigger chance of having a majority.

  10. If labour got more seats than the conservatives then lib dem would have coalated with them. But labour lost the majority vote because they were on the verge of bankrupting the country.

  11. Lib Dem's were taken in by the need for Austerity. As we know and knew it affected the entire population equally..Ha ha. How many millionaires became paupers as a result of the crash or the Austerity measure? please send the number of millionaires write an email to Tim Farron with the answer

  12. Tactical voting is always justified. It's sheer intellectual laziness to draw a false moral equivalence between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives.

  13. This guy is clueless. Pro corbyn and thinks may is a racist, classic privileged middle class champagne socialist

  14. Yellow Tories my arse. Your morally bankrupt Labour party has been a pathetic shower as an opposition. What opposition have you offered to Brexit? Why did Labour put a three line whip on its MPs to abstain with regard to the Snooper's charter? Why did Labour go against its 2010 manifesto pledge to introduce AV by teaming up with the Conservatives in 2011 to make sure the public were put off? Why were you caught out in corruption scandal after corruption scandal when you were last in government?

    You're fooling nobody. Labour is as morally bankrupt as the Conservative party. The only real chance for change this election is the 16 million remain voters uniting behind the one party that's actually offering a chance to remain: The Liberal Democrats.

  15. The Liberal Democrats are only interested in keeping us in the European Union. They have failed on so much and they will fail on this. They are one of the parties I would never vote for. It's no wonder that the went from 57 seats to eat. They are a waste of time.

  16. Very very funny how you call Theresa May xenophobic & racist, John McDonnell said on Sophie Ridge the other week that they are the anti racist party, that is unless it's their own MP's, but to them it's irrelevant when it's aimed at whites, a Marxist, Trotsky & Maoist fronting the labour party, they'd bring any Western nation to its knees & who'd forgive them after Rotherham

  17. Get your facts right, Tim Farron has voted in favour of all progressive LGBT policies. Don't buy into the media bullshit

  18. The lib dems fought the tories on alot of things and tempered some of their more extreme policies. But what exactly did you expect them to be able to do, given that they had 57 MPs to the tories 306. They would be outvoted on anything. Give them a break. The Lib Dems fight for progressive liberal policy and that is why I will continue to support them.

  19. The fact is Labour is losing voters, as can be seen from today's local election results for its complete failure to offer any credible opposition.

    In the meantime, the Lib Dems have made a decisive and unified stand on this Brexit catastrophe, resulting in the Lib Dems getting the single biggest vote increase (7%) in the locals, while Labour lost 2% of its share.

    I know lots of you are very fond of the Labour party, but you need to face up to facts: It's unelectable and only making it more difficult for the only other viable opposition in the run up to Brexit to come to the fore.

  20. 1) The tripping of tuition fees was a decision made only to compromise an so that we could gain ground on the things that we haven't over the years. The Liberal Democrats also are a very different party I think you can clearly see as we have a different leader and Tim Farron (You'll be happy to hear) has promised NOT to enter a coalition with the Tories or the dead purist 2017 Labour.

    2) ALL OF YOUR ARGUMENTS (In fact what you've based this video on!) are based on things that a very different Liberal Democrats have said or done. How fucking dare you try to play all of this off you Corbynite! It is people like you that have let the Tories run away with their alt-right plan for Britain. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! BY VOTING FOR LABOUR THIS YEAR, YOU ARE THEREFORE PRACTICALLY GIVING THERESA MAY THE KEYS TO NUMBER 10! EVERY GOOD POLITICIAN KNOWS THAT YOU HAVE TO TAKE CENTRE GROUND ON AT LEAST A FEW ISSUES IN ORDER TO WIN AN ELECTION (Especially now!) Jeremy Corbyn is therefore a shite politician.

    3) How can one not fuss about the deal and outcome of brexit? It seems to as if this is a sensitive subject for Mr Corbyn… I wonder why? This is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION that will ever face our country and it's is being named "The Brexit Election" and you blatantly work around it. Sure things like; Climbing up the property ladder, Child benefits , Health care or education are things that will be argued about (Heatedly). But brexit effects all these matters in one way or another. So stop ignoring it!

    You pal, are responsible for the most fuck ups here.

  21. this man is talking through his arse!! the Labour party is for mass immigration!! Tony Blair brought MMR vaccine to the people who were told lies!!Tony Blair brought 2.500 millions of Muslims into Britain taking away houses from the ordinary decent British people!!these millions of Muslims are still claiming benefits and taking up houses, school places !!lazy bastard's!!that's labour for you!! remember what Enoch Powell said?? if you want a black for a neighbour vote labour!! and wasent he right?

  22. I'm not voting Lib Dems, but you need to get your facts straight… or how about use some? You can't win with empty rhetoric and baseless assumptions. I would vote Labour, but I'm still unsure if I even want to with Corbyn pissing all over the party's hopes

  23. Now, as a staunch Conservative voter, and as someone who thinks Tim Farron is the worst possible leader for this country, I have to call bullshit.
    Firstly, all the shit about "The Lib Dems did this, the Lib Dems did that". No, they didn't. They may have backed it, but it was the conservatives.
    Secondly, Farron has said plenty on the other issues, it's just that his focus is on undemocratically fucking up Brexit.
    Thirdly, Labour won't benefit anyone. "We'll raise minimum wage" – companies will raise prices, not wanting to lose profits, basically forcing inflation, helping no one. "we'll build houses" – oh yeah? Cos there's consistently more houses built per year under Conservatives than there is PER TERM under Labour. "we'll fix ___" – they won't actually say where they're getting all this money from, and even when they have ideas, like capital gains tax, that somehow generates enough to fully support all their policies. PLUS Diane Abbott outright said they won't be doing all the things they said they will during an interview "they're all just ideas of what we could spend money on" is the exact quote.

    Labour and Lib-Dems want to go back to the EU, hat in hand, apologising, trading economic stability (they'll ask for even more) for a seat at the crumbling table. They both have grandiose ideas about how to improve standards of living, but neither have any clue where they'll get the money to pay for it from. There isn't a choice in this election, it's vote Conservative or start digging your own grave.

  24. This guy really doesn't know what he is talking about, or at the very least is misinformed. Good speaking style though, nice and compelling. Shame about the message.

  25. This video reeks of ill-informed, biased and misleading viewpoints. It's ridiculous to just attribute Tory coalition policies to the Lib Dems as if they were their own policies, especially when ignoring all the positive policy and blocking harmful policy the Lib Dems enacted in coalition. Ridiculous

  26. Coalition? working together requires compromise. It doesn't not mean you get your own way on everything. If you remember that the economy was not far from collapse in 2010. They would have preferred to work with Labour, due to their Social Democratic roots, but there wasn't an overall majority, even between Labour & Lib Dems. So they could have said no and forced another General Election, but can you imagine this government in the political / economic climate of 5 years ago? Your memory is too short and your understanding of cooperative politics is too limited. Lib Dems are committed Europeans. What's so hard to understand about that?

  27. How is TM a racist? You fail to mention Dianne Abbotts racism and the anti-Semitic MPs that have been suspended from labour

  28. Voting for the left or the socialist don't help the working man anymore in the UK it only helps a load of migrants as a white Englishman Labour is the last thing I need what was good for my grandfather is not good for me,
    everyone knows labour is only going to create a high tax big spend economics in the UK and the only jobs labour will create will be lazy civil servant jobs given by the hard working taxpayers..
    if labour was still in power we be a lot poorer then we are now that's for sure Having a strong low tax high privatisation economy is what helps the working man because wealth creates jobs..

  29. when you try to debate people or anything starting by calling people a rascist and or xenophobic and so on and so on! You lose!

  30. +NovaraMedia Jesus Chisrt man, you of course being part of the media will take up the small sound bite that doesn't represent the interview that Mr Faron took part in, but the interviewers kept on berating him asking him about HIS view, his view on his own religious beliefs ,but he clearly did not want to disclose it, but regardless he answered that his faith may view homosexuality as a sin but the interviewers did not give him time to back what he said and then say what he thought and that is a disgrace that you call him a homophobe and a discredit to British political media. And also you absolute fucking moron, did you not realise that when the lib dems went into the colonisation that they did not go in with the intention of screwing with the lives of the poor, did you not realise that the Conservatives simply made then pass those bill so they wouldn't look so bad and just blame it on the lib dems, also are you so sure that if it was another hung parliament that they would side with the Tories, cause with my father being a member of the Scottish liberal democrats and me personally being in conversation with many lib dems about the coalition and all have said that it was a horrible decision and it was to happen again they would side with labour( that is if labour would be prepared to form a coalition because it was them in the first place the forced them into the arms of the Tories by refusing to form a coalition ya total fanny). Also, labour is currently tarring each other apart from the inside and are not in a state to lead to country through the brexit negotiation. You are clearly a bitter, sad little man who is just upset that Labour didn't and might not win and blaming the faults of the Tories on possibly the best party for Britain at the moment, the lib dems

  31. I wonder if young Uni kids still think Liberal Democrats are on their side ??? It would be a great reflection of our marxist dominated teaching profession if they do

  32. Speaking on tuition fees, who introduced them? And whilst we're on the subject of the Labour Party who brought us into Iraq in 2003 and who abstained on the Welfare Bill allowing the Tories to cut tax credits and benefits to the poorest in society? But at least the Labour Party has never been in coalition with the Tories I suppose, oh wait…

  33. fuck labour leftish shit fuck liberals you will get more muslim killers to kill us and take our country from us

  34. Two can play the game of ignoring logic and reason to shit on a party to gain votes.

    Last time labour were in government?
    They crashed the economy and handed the Tories a £150bn deficit. If you vote Labour you are voting for us to be forced into austerity again to fix their mistakes!

    Wow the Labour Party have the most disgusting supporters I've ever seen and the likelihood of me ever voting labour just keeps declining.

  35. Tories, labour, lib dems all the same people. The same greedy, war mongering, hateful cunts in different colours, doesnt matter who you vote for, varying degrees of Tory is what you get.

  36. To rise or Lib Dems out of the question. I would like to believe in Corbyn, but their are issues like immigration I don't like his stance on it. Also Dianne Abbot😩 I can't listen to her as she is totally silly, enough said. There is literally no one to vote for that can get on. Please People, it's a fix, May will get in, but, we can stop them getting the right to majority votes in the House of Commons if we vote for any other Party. Do not vote May, it will b suicide for us. Let's all band together and to UKIP they haven't enough seats to get in, decision already made like I said, but God it will get up their nose if they don't have the majority of seats in Parliament. Come on People lets do them up like a Kipper, we banded together for Brexit, not that we have achieved anything on that score, but they were pissed, do it again, vote UKIP or Labour at the last call, Jeremy is a kind Man who wants to take everyone in, if he gives us more hospitals, schools and empathy for British People, he won't get in, but he will have seats in Parliment to stop the Conservative Global Train Wreck.

  37. Do not vote for the Liberal Democrats
    Dont worry nobody wil except for the foolish lefty greeny pillocks can you imagine this TWAT as our Prime Minister… no me neither 🙂
    Also why do they all say raise minimum wage to £10 by 2020 wont it be that by then or nearly that anyways?

  38. One more thing that happened on the LibDem's watch was the discriminatory rule imposed for non-EU spouse settlement visas. Basically, a UK national wishing to bring his non-EU spouse/family to live in the UK must have a record of earning above the minimum wage (18,600 pounds a year) for 6 months, they then pay 1000 pounds to apply and if lucky they will be granted a visa. For the 1st 2 years the non-EU spouse cannot work and any promises of help from family in the UK (e.g. free/cheap accommodation, financial support) cannot be considered in the application.

  39. Theresa may isnt fucking racist, but dont trust the conservatives, agree on that. Corbyn and diane abbott, no, fucking, way. Liberal democrats is the only choice.

  40. xenophobe…racist…sorry you just lost me in the first 10 seconds, name calling, ho hum…very mature.

  41. I voted leave to avoid the total dismemberment of the NHS from a TTIP sueing if it were to pass. Also as bad as our representatives are, in principle I couldn't vote to remain considering the nature of EU law a) being super ordinate b) the legislative branch is unelected
    We can only elect people who can veto. Absolutely no control over representatives who draft law.
    I see people frame brexit as right or left wing but it makes no sense to object to it on the grounds it benefits a particular issue for the political stance you don't have.

  42. It would have been good if you'd included the idiotic nationalists parties too.

    Like the SNP and Plaid Cymru etc… who use idiotic rhetoric like 'making Wales stronger' etc etc. Truly mind numbing and borne of a reptilian fear response mindset.

    They have replaced class and the struggles of the Working Class with the flag and the Working Class will suffer badly because of it.

    Nationalism is an infantile disease.

  43. This guy is pro labour and anti-conservative and anti-lib dem. I'm the opposite, Labour is the only party I wouldn't vote for.

  44. Labour is in a state of chaos and disunity. They can not agree on very important issues such as trident the nuclear missiles system, which leading up to a general election, they need to have straight. If you vote for labour under jeremy corbyn, you would vote for a manifesto with a big black hole where the funding plans should be. A labour government would meen a hike in debt, and economic chaos last seen under the last labour government. You would be voting for a risk to security, to the economy, to our schools our jobs our NHS and every single part of our nation. If you vote conservative, you vote for a bright optimistic future and a leader who believes in britain. And a plan to take us through brexit and beyond!

  45. Aaron

    It's people like you, who are caught up in your own very fringe echo chamber, and attack everybody who doesn't agree with your own purist fringe views, that create an easy path for Conservative victory. The Conservatives absolutely love people like you

  46. I'm probably going to have to vote Labour tactically but it doesn't stop the fact that Corbyn enabled Brexit and has been an awful opposition leader.

  47. yep the dems had to step in to the gov to make the uk stable they gave away there principal to make sure the pound did not slump into a third world money the labour party spent the wealth of the uk then left the now famouns note there no money so you are point out they were in gov but real they were not ! so just to put a point the libs had a vote on the house lords to become elected then cons vote down then complian when the lords try to stop 50 go on the law books with out control because they were unelected so see over the bull because i can tell you that tim was my mp he never express his views never treat any one in any way diffrent because they were gay and was the best mp i ever had because i could get to talk to him any time with out any pre slot booking he was always around to sort the problems any one had !

  48. The Lib-Dems were in a coalition, so of course they couldn't get everything that they wanted. For example, on tuition fees whilst they couldn't make the Conservatives not increase them, they did manage to get them to raise the wage at which you begin to pay them back. It is probably also important to note that Labour introduced tuition fees and now want to get rid of them, meaning that about half of all current Labour MPs will be voting to get rid of something they introduced. Putting country before party is no bad thing, especially considering that they managed to get free school meals for all primary school children. It is also misleading to say that all the Lib-Dems are talking about is membership of the EU – I take it you haven't yet bothered to take a look at their manifesto:

  49. just a quick question for the presenter… has anyone ever suddenly and inexplicably punched you in the face? just wondering…

  50. The double standards of this video… So the liberal democrats should be judged on the failures in the past (tuition fees and taxes etc.), but we aren't supposed to do the same for labour? Well if we look back at labour, they bear the responsibility of the Iraq war and partially for the disastrous devolution and recession. And those people are still in the party. But no, according to your condescending video we should all forget that. All these political parties are frauds, it's amazing to me that we have faith in any of them. Please go out there and do your own research and don't let this guy fool you.


  52. They were a minor party in a coalition government, what do you expect? You cannot blame them for what the Tories did

  53. But what about All the human rights laws they brought in under the coalition like introducing gay marriage and increasing the tax allowance to 12500 where you pay no tax. also as the smaller party in the coalition how can you expect them to get everything their way.

  54. It never ceases to amaze me that people still vote Labour even after they wreck the economy every time they come to power. LibDems get the job done without the corrupt machine politics and outrageous payoffs needed to give Labour a majority.

  55. If you are happy with a restaurant with only two meals on it, listen to crap like this; If you want real choice, consider the other options, like the Lib Dems

  56. You speak quiet quickly, but 3 of the issues Tim Farron was against and voted against. The 4th point was about Lib Dem’s not been progressive but you have forgotten to mention the Lib Dem’s were the ones who raised the tax threshold so you don’t you don’t pay tax on the first £10k and then you say the Lib Dem’s will go into coalition with the tories when there is a specific commitment not to join a coalition because the uk does not face a national crisis.

  57. ignores the the loan and grant system that lead to record levels of working class students going to university

    Ignores exempting lowest earners from taxation

    ignores introducing free school meals

    ignores the bag tax that reduced plastic waste

    ignores setting up the green energy bank to help green energy producers to get on the road

    ignores the tax reduction lead to an increase in tax revenue

    ignores that the Liberal Democrats managed all this as a junior part of coalition

    Ignores that Labour have never done any of this, introduced and later tripled tuition themselves and started an unjustified war against Iraq (opposed by the Liberal Democrats)

    How ignorant of you.

  58. He is saying don't vote lid dem a centre left wing party yet you are praising Jeremy Corbyn who is the leader of a centre left wing party. The whole idea of the coalition government (in my opinion) was so the conservatives got rid of them but even though they only have 11 seats at the moment they seem to be a good group of MPs

  59. Liberal Democrat Love immigrants and the idea of overcrowded living space areas inside our beloved great British country

  60. 0:32 I find it so ironic he sounds like shady capitalistic telesales guy trying to get you to switch insurance… but he's promoting socialism lol

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