‘Dirty Democrats’ and other key moments from Trump’s combative Cabinet meeting

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  1. What a treacherous, lying, stupid, venal creature. This is insane, accusatory rambling. This man does nothing but vilify anyone who opposes him. Nasty, nasty small-minded creature.

  2. Pelosi is now leading a delegation of 9, including Corrupt Adam Schiff, to Jordan to check out Syria. She should find out why Obama drew The Red Line In the Sand, and then did NOTHING, losing Syria. One million died under Obama’s mistake!

  3. Household income rose over $5000 under Trump?!???? Yea, right … In the dreams of his Nimrod supporters! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Thanks for giving highlights. I can't listen to his utter bullshit for very long. 💔great job you guys are brilliant.

  5. Talking about dirty , trump has brought Russian spies or agents into America by selling his half million apartments in trump tower to them Along with the Russian Mafiya millionaires and billionaires drug dealers plus allowing these Russian spies and organized crime figures to invest in his companies .

  6. This guy is seriously mentally ill. This is the first time in u.s. history that this country doesnt have no leader its so sad

  7. If he is doing this for free then why doesn't he just stop, since its bringing him some many problems not to mention losing billions of dollars?

  8. This Guy is Insane. He is totally unfit as a President. He is rambling without making any sense. Impeach and remove him for the Good of the country.

  9. Time after time, the President came to a fork in the road.
    Time after time, he had the opportunity to choose the noble and honorable path.
    Time after time, he chose the path of lies and lawlessness–for the simple reason that he did not want to endanger his hold on public office."

    Senator McConnell
    (Voted Guilty on both Articles I and II to convict President Clinton)

  10. ‘’ People only get mad and defensive about certain topics and Facts when they Know they’re Guilty or Wrong’’

  11. Does anyone believe him that the Whistleblower complaint was fake when the transcript of the call CONFIRMS the complaint? Of course there are. I guess the operative question is "what's wrong with them?".

  12. Keep in mind, Trump is talking about the other half of tax paying AMERICAN'S. Many of them are soldier's, many are veteran's. WE are all American's. I'm done with the administration at present. Trump is not working for ALL American's, only the ones that agree with him.

  13. I am not counting on his lies, I am shaking my head on his outlandish comments like "I know more about real estate than anybody, more than anybody here," this is why he needs to be impeached. He's a douche.

  14. This is sadness…A tale of two Drumpfs. Funny how the guy who testified today (that was inside of the crazy mess with Ukraine) just dug a couple of graves for Drumpf and his criminal friends.

  15. We care about not having a mentally incapable reality show star failed daddy’s little boy businessman. Great in Real estate but taking loans then filing bankruptcy. You’re a criminal should be in jail and you turned the once respected GOP into flaky clown car spitting out BS. I was a moderate voter but this guy has turned me into a Straight Democrat voter. He has no care for making this a safe country or giving aid to people in this world that need it. He only looks for ways of spreading his name out whether it be positive or negative mostly negative.

  16. You need to be IMPEACHED AND REMOVED from the DEBASED Office BECAUSE you are CORRUPT, UNFIT & you CONSTANTLY VIOLATE the authority which the Office affords you.

    In short, you PISS ON THE CONSTITUTION, suffer from Criminal Insanity & are subservient TO DICTATORS: Russia, Turkey, Saudi, Hungary. WHY don’t you go to live in these countries & leave our Democracy alone?
    You are not worthy.

  17. Lie, lie, lie, blah,blah, spite, spite, tantrum, tantrum, tantrum, lie, lie. And I'm soooo smart nobody can understand me. Keep the pressure on the loon and cronies, more implosion every day.

  18. The rantings of a Mob Boss.Tony Soprano incarnate. This guy is a has-been or never-was. Come on, America! Fess up! You blew it!

  19. A unindicted criminal and morally bankrupt person says that the " Democrats fight dirty"? The hypocrisy of that statement blows my mind!

  20. Every time Trump talks I think the old school yard line… "Im rubber you're glue, whatever you say bounces off and sticks to you". Its just so exhausting waiting for him to be an actual president. But, NEVER, he is simply just an "ACTING" President.

  21. Yep he’d make a fantastic undertaker I’d be willing to wager that trump or junior is a cross dressing transvestite who jerks off while wearing his daughters panties .I’d bet on it

  22. It's like listening to a toddler. Everything is partly true, partly made up, partly just plane stupid. You have to sit down and work through every single sentence, explain the background, set the facts straight, put it in the right context. And that's why this guy is so successful. People nod and move on, because they like what they hear and don't want to be disturbed by the truth.

  23. Can we say something new. It's the same thing every time. Hillary Clinton, open borders, I'm the best, no one's better than me the history of America, I'm the victim. It's like listening to a spoiled 11 year old.


  25. When Trump says Dems fight dirty that in and of itself is a compliment. It means this rotten, corrupt, criminal, moral vacuum of a man finally is confronted with a force stronger and smarter than him and his croneys.

  26. He lies continuously for a few reasons, the main objective is to keep his brain washed base, brainwashed. That's why he lies pathologically, to keep them in the alternate reality, the trump reality, where what you see, and what you read, is not what's happening. The trumpist reality where truth is not truth. For instance, here in this situation, trump needs to say that he was draining the swamp by working with the new president of Ukraine, to investigate the Biden's, not that he was trying to bribe that country, by withholding the cash donated to them.

  27. When he makes false accusations of "not caring about anything" directed at a fundamental political party that has shaped the nation and guided our society to evolve into a standard for the world to follow, does he really expect people to blindly agree with his blanket lies?

  28. "The Democrats fight dirty" How about the GOP blocking supreme court nominations, Moscow Mitch not allowing even a vote on any Democratic legislation, etc, etc? Does the GOP play fair? There just a bunch of hypocrites and whiners. Also, tRUMP, it is easy to have an increase in the personal income when you give a huge tax cut to the obscenely rich and put it on the national credit card by increasing the national debt by more than a trillion dollars. If you are finally telling a little truth, shouldn't you tell the whole story instead of only the good parts? What a phony president "whachamaycallit".

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