DHS reviewing state laws giving illegal immigrants driver’s liscenses

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  1. Democrats are the leaders of fraud in America……….NY is a criminal state because
    there are at least 5 MILLION illegals living here in New York………..

  2. the illegals don't need no driver license to be in the America first of all did not citizens so why you should you give illegal aliens licenses and then know that the United States citizens you get this like a loaded gun to another person don't have one you do that you'll be sorry that's why you got to get out of the office cuz you get people don't know what you doing you messing up your stepping over the American people it ain't good and I'm watching everything you guys do you going to be sorry come 2020 God bless Donald Trump for 2020

  3. If I break the law I get separated from my children that actually love me I don’t get aided and abetted by the government of the state of Utah why the f*ck are illegal aliens getting rewarded

  4. Pathway = Uncle Sam's boot in their a55es. sayonara:   farewell · adieu · hooray · check you · au revoir · ciao · auf Wiedersehen · adios · vale · bye · bye-bye · so long · see you · see you later · catch you later · cheers · cheerio · ta-ta · ta-ra · later · laters · toodle-oo · toodle pip · pip pip

  5. BUILD that WALL , DEPORT them ALL. Keep your eye on the ball fox news, boot illegals out of the country and over the wall.

  6. Driving is actually a right and not a privilege. State drivers licensing, vehicle registration and car insurance are all unconstitutional infringements put in place by States to Tax citizens. The only time either of those is legally necessary is when using a vehicle for business to generate profit. This said the sovereign citizen police brotherhood will violate you to collect revenue and force you to fight for these rights in court because on average they are uneducated about the constitution they take an oath to uphold and the laws the enforce.

  7. Needs be a fed law against such idiocies of Dem tricks to yet votes & make them appear legal. Taking jobs, murders, rapes, pillagings, assults etc etc.

  8. The UN has plans to resettle 300 million people anywhere they so choose, no vote and without your consent. The UN has the power to replace every man , women and child in the United States. So, while FAKE news propaganda broadcasts nonsense , the REAL news goes unreported. 300 million , mostly east Africans are heading our way from the new and bigger than Dubia's airport the Kenya airport , with new planes thanks to obama. FACT

  9. Wait, So as long as some of the illegal immigrate are doing good that makes it ok to break the law? So based on their long as long you are doing some good you can break the law… what?

  10. My state WA gives them out like candy. I say they need to give us sanctuary 2 amendments city’s or county’s as well from these Democrats.

  11. According to a recent study by Yale & MIT there are over 20 MILLION ILLEGALS, and possibly as many as 26 MILLION. I do not want my tax dollars going to support illegals AT ALL!!!

  12. Democrats: no one is above the law.
    Democrats: give all illegals driver's licenses & voting rights.
    Hypocrites much?

  13. How do we keep them from voting in CA elections ever since they have been here they’re voting here. Our ballet can be give in any language one wants. Democrats want the illegals to vote and they push them to vote democratic putting all their adds in different languages especially Spanish

  14. What's there to review? If you have No green card or whatever to be in this country Legally, then NO you have no rights to drive or anything else ! You have no right to steal my social security, you have no right to medical , no Rights to ANYTHING ! ! ! There is No But But But dumbass ! The word ILLEGAL is the first word in the term illegal immigrants !

  15. Can't have any security with the damned illegals everywhere. Bet car insurance skyrocketed after the illegals got licenses. Its just to get their vote. It's disgusting

  16. Most of them don't even have insurance. I personally know someone who was ran over while using a crosswalk but a drunk illegal and they didn't have insurance and now this person is in a wheel chair while the drive walks free. They deserve a bullet

  17. Jeez – somebody should send over a representative from the British Government who are experts at handing out such documents. That's why people have taxi licences and young women are assaulted.

  18. so there is a wall washington that has names on it, go to your post office and get a selective
    service registration, these people are felons. they failed to register. hence on aid of any. so
    those of my comrades whose name are on that wall. does this make us the fool.

  19. Ignore, excuse or reward bad behavior and all you will get in return is more bad behavior. Aside from that, Alfred E. Neuman in the upper left corner looks pretty young for someone his age. He sure looks better than his old Mad Magazine covers! 🤣

  20. When states hand out ID to people when they have no idea who they are, who came here with no papers. It makes the state ID worthless. I live in California and am having to try and get a new birth certificate. I have had a California Driver license for 45 years. Now i need to get what they are calling a "Real ID". Both of my parents have past away and i don't know what hospital i was born in. Now i am driving on an expired license. WTH!

  21. The last thing illegal immigrants need is a driver's license. What they need is a one way ticket to Getlostville.

  22. Allow Ice to now have access to Department of Motor vehicles to locate these illegal immigrants so they can be deported- they broke our laws when they entered illegally

  23. 32 Million Illegals Bonehead…..and BTW. . . .REAL ID is a Federal Mandate NOT the States you bald headed Imbecile!

  24. They have no business giving illegals a DL! Especially when we have all these people claiming they are traveling, not driving! If they came to America legally, then yes, let them take the same classes and driving courses, we have to take, to gain a license! If they are legal citizens, then they are not illegal immigrants!

  25. it don't make a difference as'swipey if the work. purchase , or what ever they are illegal as'swipey voters.

  26. Gosh and if you don't pay a couple of tickets you get your license revoked and yet these people who arrive here illegally can get a "license" this totally wrong! yes Jonathan is ignorant because you have people who come here the proper way learn English do every thing right and still get no special privileges) people like him, ramble and yet I bet he couldn't solve the problem alone especially when you have a Brigade/Dems. who clearly cares for illegals rights more then Americans….!They are a dreadful bunch.

  27. This is about voting period. Every illegal vote found should be removed from the count on ALL elections. Dems, you say you want no foreign interference in our elections, that is exactly what this is until they become citizens.

  28. Only US citizens should be allowed to vote ! It's not impossible there are millions of legal immigrants what's the real issue ?

  29. driver license is a privilege, not a right. let's go from this point. the state is using this fart to legitimize its scheme as a tool as a voting ID. who is to tell which driver license is a citizen of the US to vote? illegal has no privilege in this country since they do not pay taxes for the road and infrastructure.

  30. Issuing driver's licences to illegal immigrants is a federal issue even though the licenses are state documents because there's no way to keep those people or their endeavors inside said state.

  31. People feel excited, stimulated and sensational when they speak for illegals. Is it a misplaced sympathy or/ and excitement to be in news and limelight.

  32. Illegals should never get drivers licensen it will cause illegal voting as stated but that is why the left and Democrats are push amoisty to them.. this is so wrong unspeakable crime. As stated it is very wrong to those that follow the law and work hard to get the citizenship.

  33. What part of illegal do you idiots not get if you're not a citizen you don't have rights in this country you go to their country and do that stuff you'll end up in prison

  34. No drivers license for illegals from any state, they shouldn't have any, they are not citizens of the United States and don't deserve any! They're illegals, send them back; it's just another way to get an identification to vote.

  35. Those states should have their popular votes only count at 3/5 a vote per person since we cannot know the extent of democrat voter meddling.

  36. The last 3 years dems have done nothing, but focus on impeaching trump. The one man who for the first time ever entered office for no personal gain, only one mission "make America great again." The numbers don't lie. Trump is a great president. Hard working Americans love Trump and deserve him for 4 more years.💪💪

  37. No amnesty!!! I will vote against any party that does another amnesty program. It was a massive failure in the 80's and it will be a failure again.

    End all government programs to illegal immigrants. Prosecute any employer that hires illegal immigrants. End of problem.

  38. Free schools, free medical, no legal status required and no English required. Which country in the world does that??

  39. Free schools, free medical, no legal status required and no English required. Which country in the world does that??

  40. Open borders and motor voter registration is then counted in the census. Then more seats are allotted, and in turn more electoral votes.
    Plus voter fraud ect.

  41. To the bald moron who agrees they should be given licenses. Wait until one of them kills someone close to you when they shouldn't have been here in the first place!

  42. Tom Homan has been speaking common sense for years. It boggles the mind why some politicians do what they do to erode the quality and safety of our Republic which in turn leads to the break down of our laws and our society until there is nothing left but one giant Somalia like nation. Hoping that 2020 voters vote out incompetent and corrupt liberal leaders and replace them with Constitutionalists.

  43. yes and what an citizen have to do and how long he have to wait to get a driver license or a home??? it’s crazy

  44. now we can come to america whit out a Passeport or Greencart thank you 😊 can i go to the Lax and sai i am an immigrant give me american id and driver license, that’s cool 😎

  45. You people have no fckn brain. When the s*** hits the fan and you're on the wrong side I'm not going to feel sorry for you.

  46. you have to expand let’s everybody in “thank s for the green card 😎California, oh and Florida and oh what a beautiful place, please send me a free ticket 🎫 to come☀️☀️🏄🏼‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️⛳️🏹🧗🏽‍♀️🚣🏾‍♀️⛱that’s disney 🤣🤣

  47. @:51 john CueBall Does not understand the concept of the DEPARTMENT of HOMELAND SECURITY!!!! GO WAX YOUR HEAD because its still dull like your brain. How much money FBNBS pays you to sell your soul?!?!?!?!?!?

  48. The terrorist democRAT cabal is trying their hardest to cause the collapse of the nation and should be stopped; even if it means taking matters into our own hands. DemocRATS are the single biggest problem the country has and should be labeled a criminal terrorist organization and made illegal. The socialist commie democRATs are a HATE GROUP filled with satanic principals. God, save the country from the demonic democRATs.

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