Department of International Politics Student Experience

international politics is everything you can be doing an obscure political course and you'll find a way to link in with biology you'll find a way to link it in with history you'll start talking about in a geography I've NSA talked about physics and the sciences the department is the oldest department of its kind in the world and this really influenced my decision because I could understand the history that was behind the subject and it really makes me feel like I was getting to the heart of the subject I focused mainly on sort of international relations theories but one thing I really liked is that the way that we chose modules really was really open to choose outside of just looking at international relations theories so it's able to do classes in process sociology personally I've done topics covering from a global health and national politics to Russian security all the professors are always so available and open to they are amazing and really enthusiastic and willing to get involved with students there they're all really different and they're they all have their own way of teaching one of our lecturers that does jerk lund you know makes a lot of side comments and you know generally makes lectures funny of the lecturers of other approaches but they all kind of the way that they teach help you learn a lot man help you delve more into what you're doing I came on an open day and we're in the car and I came over the top of the hill and I saw the town open up in front of me and I sort of see and being from the very sealless Midlands I fell in love with the place it is a it's a wonderful town at the really great setting and if you are interested in being pushed and driven and encouraged to excelled and this is probably a good place to be you

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