Denial and deflection: Republicans react to quid pro quo claims

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  1. Liberals do not think a sitting President can ask another country to help investigate corruption between a previous administration and that country?

  2. What is the point of someone like Kellyanne Conway being interviewed when she is a blatant liar and doesn't care about the facts and just like tRump lies at ever turn. What is the point of having her on any talk show?
    Without truth, they are just ugly faces we'd rather be without, thank you.

  3. All this can only happen due to the boundless stupidity of the US electorate, by far the most stupid in the history of the world.

  4. Asking for help is not legal, moral, or ethical. However, we can make an exception with Donald. He needs all the outside help he can get (have you listened to him for the past 3 years?).
    He wouldn't make it past the handshake in the first debate if he was on his own defending his own ideas…

  5. There is a phone call with China on the secret server used for classified information, and if the phone call with Ukraine was so perfect, Why did John Eisenberg White House Council move the phone call to a secret server if it was a perfect phone call?

  6. Joe Biden has been cleared . The Corruption was bandied about as the DNC server, Trumps Homeland Security Adviser (R) Tom Bossert said the DNC server is not only a conspiracy theory, it is completely debunked and has no validity .
    CBS This Morning reported: President Trump ordered hold on military aid before phone call with Ukrainian President.
    Also Watch MSNBC Rachel Maddow: Trump adviser provided information about Hunter Biden.
    (Micheal Pillsbury, and informal White House Adviser on China told Financial Times that he secured information about business activity's of Hunter Biden during a visit to Beijing in the same week Trump urged China to probe the son of Joe Biden.

  7. Much like dedicated Nazis, staunch Trump supporters have completely unwittingly been convinced that The Hideously Corrupt Trump Presidency, and the entertwined Global Populist Movement, is a last stand of sorts for the white race.

    These subtle and covert white supremacists have been convinced that the world has become far too diverse and they have been made to believe that a global economy is a proposition in which they are losing so they dream of taking the world backward to an imaginary time when whites supposedly had all of the social, economic and industrial advantages as opposed to forward to a time when everyone on earth is able to put all of our heads together to solve the world's greatest challenges!

    And they secretly dream and covertly scheme to bring all of the white races global military, industrial and economic resources together to make one grand push to accomplish white global conquest before other races are able to achieve the same levels of military, industrial and economic capabilities. Hence, the sudden obsession with having major political and economic ties to Russia who adopted these global white supremacist ideals from Nazi Germany when Russia successfully invaded and conquered Nazi Germany and captured, meticulously analyzed and inevitably adopted Nazi Germany's ideals as its own.

    White Supremacist ideologies are invariably hollow and likewise invariably sell to woefully inconsiderate and unthinking people.

    The ideology that is often referred to as "White Genocide," which would far more accurately be described as "White Self-genocide" is an excellent example of this.

    The halfbaked, completely nitwit ideology of White Genocide asserts the idea that, the white race has a zero birthrate which mathematically projects the white birthrate to be so low that the white race is mathematically theorized to eventually cease to exist and it is further theorized that everytime that, invariably, a white woman has a child with a non-white, idyllically a black man, then she is theoretically committing genocide against the white race because she has become a participant in a totally non-existent Negro Plot to completely eliminate the white race.

    Now of course, being astoundingly hideous and totally inconceivable inconsiderate none of these White Genocide Propagandists have even remotely considered the fact that white women in particular and white people in general by far spend exponentially more money on birth control, medical self-sterilization (in the form of tube ties and hysterectomies) and by far spend more money globally on adopting, all too often kidnapped and / human trafficked, non-white children as opposed to birthing their own white children and exponentially more money on idiotic ideas like Other-hood (as opposed to motherhood) parenting like becoming cat and dog moms and dads instead of birthing and raising white children of their own, than non-white people ever thought of…

    These modern self-sterilization and alternative parenting and family trends are in fact by far do exponentially more to lower the white birthrate than white women having children, whom could easily become white again in a second generation, with men of other races, not to mention legions of white women absolutely refusing to have white children at all, which is something that white people are wholly and solely doing to themselves as a race.

    Let us remember that, even though Hitler was able to convince several generations of so-called Aryans to proudly die completely needlessly as Nazis, even Hitler himself and the entire Nazi Propaganda Machine was not able to successfully convince white people to breed and birth the military fodder that was projected to have been needed to fight an infinite war for global conquest… Simply because, mass-human reproduction is just not a white thing, not even a totally government assisted and financed white supremacist thing.

    This is in fact what Trump and his influencer and covert financier underworld Russia has over President Trump and his GOP Cultists!

  8. Denial and deflection is what you do when you have no defense for your actions.
    Stop following Trumps bouncing ball of distractions and DumpTrump already.

  9. …have you ever heard children tell lies…? watch & listen to how the story changes?… the Prezs men and women sound the same…

  10. Lying is the worst tactic in these situations. Yet, if you watch Fox News, you see all sorts of reps and experts lying at the audiences about this impeachment. Now, your average American aint stupid. They will see thru those blatant lies, and their support for both Trump, and for republicans, will wane. If both Trump and republicans were honest, they could actually pull thru and survive this. But they keep lying and deceiving and deflecting, and that is going to land them lot deeper in the swamp. Too deep to get out..

  11. Suddenly English is not a language and words have no meaning. Well, not so suddenly. The white boy panic began immediately after the Civil Rights Act. Poor little neck stompers need their victims, after all. Poor wittle babies.

  12. Why does the WaPo continue to give these corrupt Republicans a platform to voice their lies? I mean they should just be ignored so they can't spread their fabrications of the truth…

  13. Is this from a press corp seeking desperately to ensure no one has access to House Democrats' secret meetings–themselves, especially?! Bravo. Ignorance must really be bliss.


  15. Lying media,why do they not care about the truth!!! They heard the phone call,there was no pressure!!!IT is the Presidents job to investigate corruption before handing out aid!! Unlike the corrupt Democrats,they hand out all taxpayers fund to illegal immigrants,not true Americans who need help!! They do it ,then get part back in a kick back,how do you think they live in million dollar homes!! Not off their salaries!!!

  16. What is the matter with Republicans? They have no honor and lie about everything.

  17. COMMENTS even about the shoes Melania wears have been made Hate crimes against Barron even.Both innocent.Trump has been bullied and it keeps on and on.The Russia Dossier was a set up from crooked Obama and Hillary.The public knows it. The Democratic party had gone to the devil. Trump has brought miracles to America

  18. Kelly Ann Conway is the epitome of DUMB BLONDE! (I'm a natural blonde, but I have an IQ of 142. I can call Kelly Ann Conway a DUMB BLONDE)!

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