Dems won’t talk about Trump’s ‘booming economy’: Trump 2020 adviser

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  1. Booming Economy 😂…When you don't take the BS minimum wage into consideration and low pay along with garbage/no insurance that give those good numbers , yet the adult welfare club get FREE medical,dental,vision,prescription along with food and cash benefits…The VA is socialism along with Free money to farmers…Republicans all about capitalism showed more of their hypocrisy when they trashed teachers when on strike out west…It is WE THE PEOPLE not we the party

  2. Rumor has it Bernie has decided to give all of his money away to the Socialist party and take a vow of poverty! He recently purchased a 10 x 10 tent from a big box store and is scouting for a site to relocate to. Standby for his Press conference.


  4. Not even going to watch this video the title is so full of s,,t.
    11 coal mine company's closed .under Trump.
    Farm bankruptcy UP 13 % in the last year due to Trumps trade war . EVEN WITH socialist handouts to the farmers.
    Investment is down .
    Productivity is down
    Manufacturing is down .
    For 2019, the data shows a 3.1% growth for the first quarter, but this slowed to 2.1% in the second quarter (which ended in June).
    This is significantly less than the 5.5% achieved in the second quarter of 2014 during the Obama presidency.
    Average hourly earnings growth did continue throughout 2018 – a generally upward trend which began during President Obama's administration.
    Obama had a better economy than trump and passed on the good times to the moron.
    Just like Clinton gave Bush and then Bush FKED it all up .
    Give it time Trump will do the same as Bush . It's coming.


  6. Adam Schiff has replaced the original whistleblower with another individual…because the first one was associated with the dems/Schiff.

  7. True conservatives don't like this liberal spending-spree trump is on. It'd be like you borrowing ten million dollars to update your home, buy a couple new cars, some nice duds for the fam, and a few very nice vacations and then claiming you've never been this well off!

  8. Of course the Dems won’t talk about Trumps booming economy ! All they are interested in is their lefty anti business utopia ideology !

  9. The reason Dems won't talk about the booming economy is simple in strategy but complex in its workings.

    There are economists, even on the conservative side, who believe that the market is poised for a drop. Whether it comes in a correction of 7-10% or a 20-35% plunge is yet to be seen.
    If you remember when Bill Maher and others said they wanted the whole economy to crash to pull the rug out from under Trump, cries came out saying Maher and his ilk were hoping to put newly hired minorities in jeopardy for political gain. So the Dems don't want to be seen as supporting or lauding Trump's economic gains, nor be seen as naysayers who killed the golden goose. The Dems also don't want to threaten corporate contributions.

    But should the economy have so much as a hiccup, Dems will capitalize on it.

  10. Here's something to think about…
    During the Clinton impeachment, the dot com boom was making Americans exuberant about the economy. Today, the economy is slowing, consumer confidence is dipping and corporate America faces a gauntlet of worries including the trade war with China, the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement and slowing growth around the world. The point is, the economy could be booming and the president can still be impeached as it happened with Bill Clinton. Secondly, in Trump's case, the economy may tank (for the reasons given above), Its too soon to tell. But even if the economy booms, he can still be impeached just like Clinton. The difference is, Clinton was not up for re-election during the impeachment. Trump is.

  11. Why do you guys keep blaming everything on their " Hatred forTrump "? That has nothing to do with it. Can't you see that saying that 100 times a day only helps the Dems narrative and makes listeners think he is the problem?
    Try saying " They are so corrupt that they can't stand that Trump is fixing everything and wants to save the country" Your the reporters,this you should know already.

  12. Until the end of the year it crashes like last year and loses all of its gains for the year. Then need like 3-5 months to recoup.

  13. where's Tulsi Gabbard….oh yeh….being ignored as usual….she's currently polling at 6 percent nationally, so CNN leaves her name out of the Iowa polling as a choice to those to whom they are polling… more reason to totally distrust the polls!!!

  14. National Debt is just about to hit $23 Trillion and National Deficit is $1 Trillion. The Debt has never been this bad or growing this fast, not even during the GFC. The Deficit was lowering each year at the end of Obamas term. Was down to $400B per year in 2015. The farmers are being propped up by the Govt since the Tariffs in a socialist style Government policy. Oh woops, the Debt is over $23 Trillion. By the way, the Whistleblower did not meet Schiff, he went to Schiffs office and was advised to get counsel and go to the ICIG, which is the correct procedure.

  15. black americans will not vote for a punk. They are very old fashioned people with set beliefs and church based………they just don't swing that way.

  16. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi..stutteringly continued,…." …The CON…sti STI TUU tion….CLEARLY pro-PRO-vides a pathway for Ambassador YOYOvitch's HURT FEELINGS being an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE!……""

  17. Republicans won't talk about the fact that a 'booming economy' doesn't help the 40% of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck making less than a living wage. Republicans like it that way. It keeps cash flowing into their campaigns, and their pockets.

  18. Mayor Pete, he can’t run South Bend, Indiana,, how dumb are people if you think he is a good candidate go to South Bend without a gun, and I’ll come to your funeral ⚰️ just idiots I swear

  19. I'm liking socialism more and more as I learn what it means to the people. Instead of aircraft carriers you get health care. What the hell good is 20 aircraft carriers and a bloated military budget when Americans can have lower costs for medical and education.

  20. Trump is Putin' s slave lock him up ,Republicans after losing Kenturky , Virginia , Louisiana … and will lose everywhere if still not impeach Trump

  21. With the Democrats Open Borders policy there are rumours that Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán will jump into the Democrats Leadership Race. He says he's the most Climate Change Supporter because he will be skyping all appearances from his jail cell which will lead to a 0 Carbon Footprint. He says he has the money and has the full backing of Mexicans in Mexico.

  22. Biden is a joke Bernie Sanders should be locked up in a padded cell and Elizabeth Warren wouldn't know the truth if she tripped over it. Bloomberg and Deval Patrick what are you nuts nobody has a chance against Trump

  23. Economy is booming? Yeah last year I sold my last house I build for 198k, this is an 10 feet cealing house, solid wood doors, ceramic floor 2k square feet, 730 elkhart ave dallas tx, look it up. Trump is makig me lose money because all construction materials just got very expensive since he took office, 2 streets down I am buildin a new house, sme neighborhood, the house is a 1600 sq feet 8 feet cealing hollow doors, carpet, mostly I am using the most economical materials, and the house is going for 225k all thanks to the stupids president we have, how the hell is economy booming when 3 years ago you could get a nicer bigger house for $1800 a month and today for $2100 you get a much smaller no so nice house. You are stupid

  24. Unless they've got a smoking gun then the democrats need to give it up. The democrats are pissing Americans off because they weren't elected to impeach presidents, they're elected to do a job and they're not doing it. The voters will remember this come election time.

  25. Unless they split the ticket it is unlikely a many democrats will vote for the republican unless the candidate is awful. But they may elect to sit out the election and not vote at all.

  26. Aoc is campaigning for Bernie now and I believe taking advice from aoc is like taking advice from the devil on how to get to Heaven.

  27. I don't understand the Democratic hate for corporate America….I mean they're all on the take, so where do they think this money is coming from? >.<

  28. I'm curious that because of the lies that are coming out of the Democratic Party, how can they be fit for office if they lie so frequently?

  29. The Dems already have a great candidate for president. But the problem is that they don't want to support her because she is too honest and intelligent and would root out corruption in their party. Especially Hillary who claims that she is a Russian puppet doing Putin's work. All fake news of course. Good luck Tulsi, you're gunna need it. TRUMP 2020.

  30. The DNC Socialist usurpers won’t compliment CAPITALISM because they intend to ROB IT to fuel their FAILED system!
    TRUMP 2020 😎🇺🇸🗽👍

  31. Of course Dems dont…they had nothing to do with it except in trying to block his progress. Acting like the party of disgruntled ex slave owners that they are.

  32. The main way of socialists are that first, promise people the beautiful vision, but can never be fulfilled. And in the same time create hatred between the different crowd, and let they fight with each other to divide the nation. Finally, set up a strong regime with all of rules, lies, violent to control society‘s every aspects. I know this, because I have already experienced this process in China.

  33. Under Democrat, Obama government,all People around the world never lived in peace because ISIS booming, cut people head off and put in TV show. That is no longer exit under Trump government. Love Trump

  34. I like Trump and will probably vote for him again, but the problem is the economy isn't really doing that well. The feds are pumping massive amounts of money into the economy to keep it afloat, and there's another bubble. I just hope it doesn't burst under Trump

  35. It does not put them in a dangerous position. All democrats have no choice to go against Trump. Some people have to much on them and they need a crisis for the world to believe in a one world order.
    How can a group attack all jewish cemeteries all over the world in 2 months this year. Well organised

  36. It's not so much the Dem's wanting to remove Trump, they want his removal because he works for us, our economy, our ideals and they want the power to take over the country and push the country's destruction into the NWO. Take away the 1st, 2nd, 14th amendments, gun confiscation, population enslavement working for the Elitists who think they are entitled and deserve it. They want us, you and me and Trump is in the way.

  37. Why are we not talking about the Cartel in Mexico who are randomly killing? A friend of mine was very close to a family who were just pulled out of their Taxi in Mexico City and shot and killed. ……………………………………I heard it from a reliable source that Nancy Pelosi has Drug Cartel money on her enormous bank account.

  38. All your eyes are being diverted from the real truth. So you look like fools. The Democrats and Republicans. You can't even report what reality, really is. The blind leading the blind. Why don't you do a story on how our economic system Got Hijacked by the central banks? They used fake Monies. I don't see anybody going after them. (Gold standard or no standard.)
    (The hidden secrets of money.) Look it up on YouTube. It will blow your mind.

  39. Sad Fact is that Trump could beat ALL of the "Survivor Camp" if a "Presidency by Central Commitee" were permitted.
    Trump should be Gracious & Debate the ENTIRE "Field of Nightmares"

  40. Aside from newer CFR-favorites, fmr B.Hussein [aliases] Admin 0peRat!ves, such as Bidet, HRC, F&F H0lder, even 'Big M' rare "thinking of running" in hopes of being granted "blanket immUNity" by doing so, OR in the "UNforeseen Eventuality", DJT 'might not' see The End of his term in office as y/our duly elected and respected POTUS! Why thus stated? Just look at thinly veiled threats issued by PeeLoSee, Adamn $hift, Herr Mueller's 'midnite c0wb0y' the arr0gant Come[D]y, and c0mmUNist & conVert to Mohammedanizm, the vile [T]raider Brennan, who is still seen pontificating on M$M, brazenly hailing the interNazional D/$tate

  41. Im sensing that a Positive Movement to IGNORE the Trolling Hordes would simply be to make "light humour" jokes & cultural references that only doehard "Swing Voters" would "get". We're not Stupid. We Ain't.

  42. the 2020 election will be about how gullible the low information American voter is and how good the media is at manipulating the thoughts of the average American.

  43. Trump and his people should talk more about the booming economy, the natural result of a free market economy with shackles off.
    Trump reminds me of Pamela Tweedy at the Kentucky Derby (I think it was). "Let 'im run!" she shouted. The jockey did, and Secretariat lapped the pack.

  44. FLIP CALIFORNIA 2020!!!
    (with these "headliners", it's not impossible)
    Considering the Candidates will veer Left for the Primaries, then U-turn for the Swing Votes. But it's already on the Web!

  45. PSA because the so-called news won't tell you! Does you child have Autism? In September 2019, U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law a bill that provides $1.8 billion in funding for autism research and services.

  46. Kim Clement Prophecy made years before election says TRUMP will do 2 terms & impeachment won't happen! I am with GOD

  47. Trumps policies overwhelm any candidate on a world-wide scale. This man is all business.
    What scares me is were are we going after Trump. I don't see any daylight. Try and find another business millionaire like Trump that is willing to dedicate his time and energy to his love of America and it's people. Most millionaires can care less unless they can youse there position to become richer.

  48. Since Trump covered up crimes against
    Humanity for Sheriff in PA I won’t vote for him , it’s a trust thing Joe Biden 2020 but first let the market crash
    My hand on the Bible as we speak

  49. America First = what the American Voters wanted and voted for period. More Made In The USA, Legal immigration inforced, Better fairer Trade stopping the cheats on all sides, politicians, companies and countries no longer cheating with unfair trade practices that hurt our American worker and people.

    American voters Republicans, Democrats that jump ship and independents voted for AMERICA FIRST. And will not be fooled by the media, politicians that are many, in the pockets of cheats. America First now and beyond

  50. "Trump's 'booming economy"
    Yeah Right! The Repo Market is melting down on a daily basis and the Fed is out of tools to reverse it. Apocalypse Trump!

  51. It's all just smoke and mirrors. Trump recession will be here soon. Every thing he has done has been to benefit the rich. Trump laughs and pisses on the poor of America. If you make under a million a year and support trump, you are s fool.

  52. All we heard about for Obama's 8 years was "The Great Recession" that was supposed to be worse than the great depression. As soon as President Donald J. Trump was elected, taxes were cut, regulations were cut, unemployment went down, wages went up and manufacturing came back to the US. And, the best part is, the Democrats want to go back to Obama's policies of high unemployment, lower wages, higher taxes, etc. You simply cannot fix stupid.

  53. The dems are following Obama's order to impeach Trump since they have won Congress and they hate the white middle class population that work for a living. Look at Chicago all the people of color vote for dems cause they don't want to loose all their freebies.

  54. I'm giving trump about a 35%-40% chance of re-election. I'm actually hoping he doesn't make it. I want to get the fight over with, and put the Constitution back in control of the government.

  55. There is a lot of Democrats Jobs on the line if Trump 🇺🇸 makes it a second term. That's why they are solely focus on this impeachment. Those who scream the loudest have a lot to lose….

  56. This whole impeachment thing is nothing but a scam. The Democrats have exposed themselves for who they are. They used to hide their intent now they are in our face.

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