Dems Announce Public Hearings For Impeachment Probe As GOP Searches For Defense For Trump | MSNBC

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  1. Trump isn't searching for any defense, the Senate already said that this isn't an impeachable offense. Does nobody at MSNBC know how an impeachment works? The Senate has the final say, and they've already said no impeachment. It is literally impossible for the House to impeach a President, they don't have that authority. You would almost think this is just about click-bait and making headlines. Oh yes, Fox News is riding the click-bait train also. But my point is, impeachment died the minute the Senate said so, since that is the law.

  2. Lindsey Graham, is right Trump is stupid, and surrounds himself with a team of dumb, dumbo, and dumber, that's why they got caught. Now they are trying to defend, the indefensible, with a defense, that is more stupid than the crime, itself.

  3. 2006 called, they want their false-narrative clown shoes president back. The GOP is melting down like nickel candy in a dumpster fire. How could anyone ever trust anyone who is in the GOP right now, ever again? This is literally the end of the party. Also: If Trump thinks the president can do whatever he wants, how is Obama on the hook for anything?

  4. I'm NOT going to read these transcripts after crying about it to the media. Sen Graham is a freaking joke. Vote him out of office. He is a disgrace just like trump.

  5. I'm NOT going to read these transcripts after crying about it to the media. Sen Graham is a freaking joke. Vote him out of office. He is a disgrace just like trump.

  6. I'm NOT going to read these transcripts after crying about it to the media. Sen Graham is a freaking joke. Vote him out of office. He is a disgrace just like trump.


  8. Rump has never been advised of his Miranda rights because he has been above the law until now…ANYTHING he says CAN and WILL be used against him. Isn't it great that he has such a big mouth?!! I always said that his own words would be his downfall. He could have successfully carried out the wishes of his voters if he didn't have such a big mouth. His republican cronies on the other hand have closed mouths and will pay for their complicity to this idiots rampage.

  9. For those who are not aware, Pam Bondi was the AG of Florida who decided not to peruse TrumpU after receiving a $25000 donation Trump.

  10. Donald Trump is a traitor to the Citizens of the United States of America. "ME! ME! ME!" v a President of the United States. A President of the United States is an employee of the Citizens of the United States, not their boss.

  11. Due Process does not apply to an investigation, nor does it apply to removing a President from office care of both the United States Constitution nor the United States Supreme Court. Due Process and Just Cause apply to the Judicial branch of the Government, not the Congresional. They have the right to institute it, they do not have to.

  12. Trump supporters realize this you cannot have a businessman running your United States because his interest is not in the American people

  13. Why is the media even entertaining this "debate" only the very rich can run around committing crimes and still not be thrown in jail. That's all this whole circus demonstrates to the world!

  14. Is it not within a president's right to withhold (generous) funding to another country on moral grounds such as the prevention of further corruption within that country? Here's the simplified convo folks: "hey man i wouldn't mind giving your country some more money, i just need to make sure your'e dealing with the corruption going on there, otherwise we'll just be making it worse". Think sheep. Do your own research

  15. The sad joke is Lindsey Graham himself: refusing to even read the material.
    First, what is this overpaid Trump worshipper doing for the people, if not his work?
    Second, how can you be entitled to judge, if you simply refuse to read both indictment and defense? Oooh yeah, he'll only look at the defense of course.
    This guy twists like a rotten leaf in hurricane.

  16. On STAR TREK the chief medical officer can just relieve the captain…..when he/she diagnoses mental illness/compromise/physical incapacitation. The first officer takes over & the captain gets a rest, gets treatment & may even be restored to office IF the illness is something that can be recovered from. Why have we made it so complicated? We need to change this process.

  17. How Can America Have A Person Has Commander In Chief Be Incompetent To Protect The United States Of America. Aren't The World In Trouble. Republicans Needs To Just Accept The Truth That They Have A Dummy For Their Leader. The Joke Is On All The Republican Party. The Swamp Is Drying Up.

  18. If no one's above the Law!? Why do we go to jail for ignoring a Subpoena but they don't 🤔…We The People " Don't mean You and I💁

  19. SANCTIONS FROM RUSSIA BEING REMOVED is the foundation of this mess. Weaken America's democracy and remove Russian sanctions is the foundation of all of this.

  20. Donald Trump and the Republicans is the power of America…,we the people are. we the need to vote on his impeachment

  21. what a projector he is talking about himself, he conducts himself like a ten cent dictator hangs out with and agrees with dictators and murders what a lying scum bag

  22. Trump's cabal of cronies' lawyers' lawyers' lawyers are going to need lawyers! Also, if they're ignoring subopeonas, why aren't they being arrested for contempt? That's what would happen to anyone else in their shoes!

  23. I'm a Democrat now but am voting for Trump 2020 , because this are all lies, Trump hasn't broken the law using the power of his presidency, which is what needs to do for him to be impeached, …..witch Hunt.

  24. POOOF! Just like that we all forget you said that the Epstein murder was a conspiracy theory and then proceeded to delete comments that said otherwise.

  25. politics at its finest!! Dems impeach in private then leak only what makes the investigation sound legit. LOL
    What a bunch of maroons. Seems over simplistic but here it is:

    Democrats have: A case that they REALLY need to work hard at just to make it appear valid. (cheating & lying required )
    Democrats have: unlimited fake polls (Who is being questioned???) can I do a pole?
    Republicans have: at least a couple of real investigations, one of which just turned criminal (bomb shells to follow) Legitimate indictments coming
    Republicans have: the truth on their side. Biden and sons involvement in Ukraine = much worse than any phone call.

  26. I want to know why and how Biden and his drug addict son that was kicked out of the Navy making million's off the Ukranian's
    President Trump committed no crime.
    President's have been asking leaders of foreign countries for the last 50yrs.
    What about 150 Billion going to Iran
    Uranium going to Russia
    Democraps are hanging theirselves

  27. says the guy who premeditated the drain the swamp presidency!. Removed justice , removed more people than anyone and also has more partners in jail than anyone. Spinster , Liar will burn in his own fire

  28. Let me ask the Trump supporters out there if I make an analogy. Your friend calls you and says, "I saw you last night with a beautiful blonde that wasn't your wife but don't worry I won't tell her, nut I need a favor of about $1,000.00". Would you say that was a "perfect phone call "or would you say "you're blackmailing me"? If you say "that's blackmail" then you're also saying the man you support was blackmailing Ukraine. So, what is it, a "perfect phone call", or downright blackmail?

  29. Lets get something straight there is a huge difference between a quid pro quo that represents the best interest of the country vs the best interest of a president.

  30. “Rupublicans” mad about a process they enacted. “Rupublicans” mad they have a president that’s guilty as sin. “Rupublicans” should just “sash shay away”. (See what I did there !)

    If you’re a never trumper just to ahead and give this comment a thumbs up 👍🏻

  31. If it was an attempted Bank Robbery it was a bad Bank Robbery

    If it was an attempted homicide it was a bad homicide

    If it was an attempted arson it was a bad arson attempt.

    If it was an attempted extortion it was a bad extortion.

    Nope still a crime.

  32. Congressional republicans are deliberately not fulfilling their oath of office. They need to be fired and replaced next election.

  33. Thanks to the integrity of Adam Schiff and his endurance to stay with the truth and to withstand Orange faces smear tactics,this is a country on the good way!

  34. “If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”
    ― Samuel Adams

  35. The republicans are really stupid, trying to defend Trump. They look so foolish. It shows how corrupt the Republicans in congress and Senate really are. If they really cared about America, they wouldn't support this foolish ignorant racist bigoted coochi grabbing con artist who is trying to destroy our country.

  36. So, according to Trump & co., as long as you don't full out admit a crime, it hasn't happened. "I did not murder that man" as the dead man is laying at his feet and the smoking gun is in his hand, means there was no murder, and if there was he didn't do it. And no one should be allowed to investigate the crime let alone him.

  37. Kennedy is a nut from David Duke' cult.  Graham is like a reed blowing in the wind.  Graham goes in the direction of the wind, he changes his mind the same way.  I wonder what was in the cool aid Trump gave them.  When I was young, cool aid was kool aid.  Please Pray for America. Thanks

  38. Why should any of these dotard wanking MAGAt traitors respond to any House subpoenas and answer difficult and embarrassing questions about their illegal and unethical behavior? They all know the quisling House Democrats won’t do anything whatsoever to any of them.

  39. You fascists who mask with a self titled progressive name keep losing and you will lose again. Try paying 80 percent income tax as you want and practice what you preach versus hatred. You are disgusting and we know your evil intentions

  40. Trump cheated in the first election (proven) and he is cheating in the next one (proven) … Why is he still allowed to be in the running?… no matter how this impeachment goes, he should not be allowed to run anymore!!! Cheaters are kicked out everywhere else… why not for the most important job in the world????

  41. I have no idea why the media keeps giving air time to these LIARS… I am fed up.. .In the FALSE guise of giving equal airtime to "both sides" what the media is doing is allowing the CASTRATI party and its minions (and lick arses) to come out and spread lies.   Pls STOP THAT… Anytime they come out to spread their lies, give them ONE warning and if they re-start and begin repeating their lies a second time, pick them up by the pants and throw them out the window so that they fall with a big thump or a thud… or perhaps a thrump… PERIOD.

  42. This orange man is truly evil. Sick, hateful rhetoric! He would start a civil war in the country if it serves his personal needs, I can't believe 60 million people are supporting this mafioso criminal as President. And his enablers are as bad as he is.

  43. Giuliani it seems to be THE MOB GODFATHER….. Should his tax returns be reviewed????? Perhaps him., Trump and others in the mob end up just like ALFONSO CAPONE…..

  44. The real issue is Extortion but conservatives don't want to understand anything that makes them a little uncomfortable, …best pretend to your self it just 'ain't happnin'?


  46. Trump is using the Nazi's propaganda tactic. That is, loudly accuse others of his own crimes and bad deeds. Americans who buy his lies will destroy this Republic.

  47. The Republicans are all traitors and because of party obsession they are to stupid to realize that they are being used by Putin. There party loyalty will be the end of America and seem not to care so long as they get to drive the bus that runs over America. The time is here to consider other options to stop them.

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