Demokratie Abschaffen! Abolish Democracy!

Can I give you a flyer with some info? We are working on the topic of Democracy OK?! We are concerned that democracy is going to fall apart suddenly so we are working towards a sustainable, radical way of getting rid of Democracy. Abolish Democracy? No! You look very reasonable. I think you probably have the same opinion? Get rid of Democracy! Take a flyer! Abolishment of Democracy! Get rid of human rights. Control the press appropriately Instead of working on the things that don’t work Why should we get rid of it? That’s a joke, right? No, it’s not a joke. No. Thank you. Can I give you the information? No! I’m serious! What do you want instead? We’ve got to talk about where we should head to: a dictatorship or an autocracy. Dictatorship? No! That is completely against what I know and what I think is good. The right people need to work on the right things… …and not the wrong people like you…. Look, I am from a country like that. You know, I grew up there. It was called East Germany. I don’t want that anymore. Those camel guys should go back to where they belong! There is no place for them here! And they need to keep quite. Full stop. The ‘Secretary for human rights’ is rubbish – just rubbish. They just defend criminals.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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