Democrats Want to Ban the Words “Bitch” and “Illegal Alien”

hey guys Tyler here often on this
channel I just talked about how basically many people in the social
justice love when I banned words they considered to be offensive now we
actually have real-life examples of people on the Democratic side who
actually want to ban words the worse they want to ban and I’m gonna show you
guys evidence from these bills I gonna talk about are the words bitch
and the words illegal immigrants I am not even joking like basically they want
to ban the word bitch and they want to bend the word illegal immigrants now
before we talk about this bill of course check me out on my social media accounts
I have a course like Twitter – calm and and of course you can
support me financially on my patreon account as well last of course my PayPal
account so let’s look at the bill and see just how crazy this madness is bill
h 3 7 1 9 and act regarding the use of offensive words the presenter of this
bill is a guy named Daniel J hunt now I checked a history of this guy and like
basically this guy is actually a Democrat so is actually a Democrat
proposing to have dis bill sell us free detects out loud chapter 53 of chapter
272 of the General Laws as appearing in the 2016 official edition is hereby
omitted by adding the following subsection a person who uses the word
bitch directly towards another person to accost annoy degree or demean the other
person shall be considered this orderly person and violation this section and
cell be subject to the penalties as provided and subsections a and B a
violation the sub section may be reported by the person or from the
offensive language was directed to or by anyone as tours any incidents so
basically if a person actually uses the word bill
they actually will get in trouble for using the word bitch now I look into
like more details about this and like the article that they refer to past this
little thing that I going to pull up right now now according to the articles
section 5 Street what it says is the following common nightwalkers common
Street walkers both male and females person who have offensive or disorderly
acts a language a cost or annoy another person and other kind of things and
speech of behavior keepers and noise and disorderly houses and persons guilty of
indecent exposure shall be punished by imprisonment to jail or like a house of
correction for more than six months so basically if a person according to this
bill uses the word bitch they can go to jail or actually get in trouble for six
months let’s see what else disorderly process of the service of
peace for a first offense shall be punished by a fine of not more than a
hundred and fifty dollars for a second or subsequent offense this early persons
in disturbance of peace shall be punished by imprisonment of jail or
house a correction for more than six months by a fine more than about like
two hundred dollars by both a fine and imprisonment provided by however an
elementary or secondary school student should be adjusted adjusted by adding
length one student for a violation of subsection as contact with the school
buildings or school grounds and a chorus of school related events so basically
like of a person uses the word bitch who’s not going to be a course like part
of school of course they were probably get in jail at this bill actually passed
now of course everybody knows that the First Amendment actually protects free
speech it does not matter like how offensive speech is are you basically
the First Amendment actually support people saying the word bitch that’s it
but here’s like another article with the illegal alien stuff like it’s gonna be
so crazy like I’m gonna pull up right now
it’s just so freakin crazy like a comment said right now like it’s not
going to happen of course it’s not gonna happen but a
chorus like like there are some people want to have it happen so it’s important
to bring it up we need to talk about like the US diplomat and Ukraine the
Bill Taylor statement today I’m sorry but I don’t really know much about the
Ukraine so I cannot really talk about international politics like basically
I’m kind of into like the social like justice stuff and the culture war stuff
so I cannot really comment about that kind of subject so let’s go to the next
the next thing oh good New York City bans the use of illegals
and illegal alien okay using the terms illegal alien or illegal with the intent
to demean humiliate her as a person in New York City is against the law and
keepers all and fines up us high up to like two hundred fifty thousand hundred
thousand dollars according to a new guideline from the city’s Commission of
Human Rights ok the garland which was issue on
September 25th also make it illegal to harass or discriminate somebody against
their use of another language or the limited English proficiency and starting
to call illegal and Customs enforcement’s on a person based upon
discriminatory motive we take a Miss price of our history I mean our of our
of our city’s diversity and immigrants community we call New York City home
this new this new legal enforcing a guideline will help ensure that no New
Yorker discriminated against their immigrant status or the national origin
see this is kind of crazy to like they trying to say that if a person were to
use like the word illegal alien or like of course illegal immigrants that’s
actually illegal in New York City too this is so crazy
like of course I’ve been talking about how basically there were like so many
people like so many people wanna ban words like for example I know for a fact
that there are some people like in the transcommunity want to ban
the word like a chorus like for misgendering people like we don’t use
like the war he or she they want to get you like in trouble for that and of
course there are some people on college campuses who we’re talking about how
basically basically we basically didn’t say that the words like the stuff they
don’t find like a course okay they want to get that banned too so honestly it’s
not surprising to see that there are some people some Democrats who want to
actually bend these words for being offensive but anyway that’s my the bills
that I saw right now I hope you guys find that informative a course try to
contact your people and the course like the Congress stuff just I cannot believe
that are there are so many people who want to ban these words look of course
it’s actually unconstitutional to do this kind of stuff but what you guys
think about the steps on the comment section down below as always I talk to
you guys next time

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  1. What about the word Biatch Tyler 😆. It’s just the beginning. Mnfers 😬🙄🤬🤮🤢🤐💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  2. "Persons who with offensive and disorderly acts or language accost or annoy another person…" Holy shit that is vague and broad. Under this legislation, virtually any insult could be considered an offense.

  3. Do the Dems not realize that faggots use the word Bitch all the time? Especially the ones involved with fashion and best friends of boosie rich black women.

  4. It’s actually so cute how dishonest Tyler is.

    Yeah, the bill banning the word bitch is pretty stupid. But the main issue is the second article. Tyler didn’t even bother reading the full article and the last paragraph, it explains that it’s to protect illegal aliens by being discriminated in housing, public accommodations, and employment. You’re not going to go to jail for calling someone an illegal alien on the street, but it is illegal, for example, to ask if you’re an illegal alien on a job application. And by the way, discriminating based on immigration status is already illegal in New York.

    Not to mention how much Tyler speaks up about a bill that hasn’t passed and a bill he barely read about, yet when Trump bans words like, “transgender”, “diversity”, and “science-based, I don’t see him making a video about that.

  5. Regarding illegal alien, taking away the means to describe an issue has a chilling effect so that people do not discuss that issue. Of course people who want to use the term in a pejorative way will use it anyways or find a substitute word (which will instantly be labeled a word only used by bigots).
    Regarding bitch, this may be used as a tool by law enforcement on the street as much as a tool to delete online comments and criminalize people in order to put them on watch lists.

  6. What's next the N word? If it passes everybody should play irrisistable BITCH by PRINCE and A BITCH is a BITCH by ICE CUBE in their homes and cars

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