1. This is very confusing to me because people could have mixed opinions from both sides. You need to explain better. Where did this labeling come from? Why do democrats believe all those things and republicans believe all those other things?

  2. Okay, political aside, THAT GUY IS ONE HECK OF A DRAWER!! I cant even draw half as good, brooo, you're so good at drawing!

  3. I’m a left leaning moderate, and I register as an Independent. The only reason I don’t register with any party, is not necessarily their beliefs, but the ways they go about them. I generally support the Democratic Party more these days, but I have supported Republican Candidates in the Past.

  4. Great job for being unbiased!
    Democrats don’t want common ground there pushing abortion up until birth and just rejected a bill that would protect live babies as a result of a failed third trimester saline infusion abortion which basically means killing a live baby on a table. Nothing to do with restriction on abortion a simple bill saying you can’t kill the baby if you fucked up the abortion and it was born alive. How is that common ground seeking? They already have abortion legal up until birth. And they wouldn’t even comprise on that!?!? Is there anything more evil than killing a baby. From the testimony of ex abortionists I’ve heard of breaking the babies neck, smothering by suffocation, or leaving them to die in the linin closet. How could anyone possibly vote democrat now in days with them supporting that.

  5. I know nothing about either side but they both seem like they have some good and bad … how about we take all the good ideas and make another party actually worth voting for … Voting lol

  6. coming from a UK perspective, military spending is too high and useless, healthcare is outstanding here, US health insurance is a worldwide disgrace

  7. This is not true about democrats the republicans are the one that does rich tax poor that is a lie republicans are rule of law the democrats are the ones that want us to build our own businesses this is so stupid it’s the opposite

  8. Obamacare was Romney care and very similar to george Bush's health care. Clinton's and Obama are centrist right and not very Democrat

  9. This was a very good video. Respected both sides without pricking at them or putting in personal opinion. The only thing I disagree with is the cooperation part at the end. As someone who likes one side over the other (No, I'm not registered with them and never will), both are pretty incapable of doing that these days. The only time where I saw true bipartisan party cooperation (A few strays don't count), is when both parties killed the Green New Deal. I'm sure there are a few more examples within 2016 to now, but I doubt there are many.

  10. There are a lot of other isms, but these were the ones I struggled with the most thx for helping

  11. Its good to watch this video, I like how unbiased it is. It really helped me identify with the Republicans

  12. Democratic party steals all for themselves to make more American people suffer and they hand out money to people who weren't even born in America they make fake birth certificate as well as fake social security cards they use there office to find out how much funding is on AMERICANS birth certificate s and steal federal Money as American people suffer Sad but federal building s American people are helping them get away with all these felon's

  13. this is WHY GEORGE WASHINGTON warned us not to PROMOTE POLITICAL PARTIES & stay away from foreign issues etc etc

  14. I don’t see why we need political parties let a person pick a person not a side it just makes people more angry.

  15. people are still commenting on how this video is very unbiased and accurate
    this video is 2 years old, and many of the "points" in this video are popular strawmen of complicated ideas

    I'm not going to pick apart the entire video, but one example of inaccuracy is the strawmen of the Economy
    -Democrats don't strictly believe in taxing the rich "more", they generally believe in taxing the rich a higher %, which is a very significant point. Two people paying 15% tax are paying different amounts in taxes if they are earning different amounts
    -Then the video goes on to list 5 ideas that Republicans supposedly hold, which is biased because this implies that Democrats don't support these ideas
    Some of the ideas that Democrats hold listed as Republican ideals are entrepreneurship, starting your own business, and capitalism
    -Both the GOP and DNC are liberal parties, which means that they both inherently support capitalism

    This video only manages to increase the confusion and bipartisanship in the American political system

  16. Democrats national have stuffed the world up with free trade open borders. This is why the world has terror we opened our borders to them.

  17. Nice and simple video for the kids, but there was a little too much mashing up of Democrat+Liberal and Republican+Conservative. This video did well on some of the subjects keeping to Democratic party ideologies vs Republican, then others were basically Liberal vs. Conservative. Those things are not mutually exclusive and should be separated out of these videos. Yes, I understand in the current state of things, they go together most of the time, I'm not discounting that fact; but giving information like this will teach others new to the study that they are indeed one-in-the-same. People forget that it was around the time of women's suffrage that the slow ramp-up to "liberal democrats" began up until the full-on switch when Reagan took office. Before that time it was the Republican party that was liberal and the Democrats were conservative. Just a little constructive criticism. Other than that, great video, and we love the drawings. Also as others have said, great job on keeping any bias out of the information. Cheers. We're subscribing.

  18. Very good video but the marriage issue is more religious than political. Most, if not all Republicans I know support same sex marriage.

  19. I thought I was a Democrat before watching this video but after I identify with the Republicans but fuck Donald Trump