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Democrats PANIC After Poll Shows Ocasio-Cortez Is So Detested She Can Cost Them The Election

Democrats PANIC After Poll Shows Ocasio-Cortez Is So Detested She Can Cost Them The Election

a new internal poll has been circulating and it's really bad news for Democrats the poll looks at swing voters and how they view the Democratic Party according to the poll it would seem alexandria Ocasio cortez is one of the most visible individuals of the democratic party and this preventive this group of individuals really really doesn't like socialism which is one thing I've been saying for a long time so of course it's evidence towards my own bias confirmation bias but we'll read anyway listen I'm a moderate leftist write to them to the Ocasio Cortez's and others I don't exist I must be a right winger because there's no center it's really it's really funny isn't it like we know centrists exists right so why is it that I can't be one I don't know I've praised left-wing policy while criticizing the left that's typically what I do and because of that they say it must be right-wing it makes literally no sense I am the voter they need to get if they want to win in 2020 and they have done nothing now Tosi Gabbard has done a lot I really like Tulsi but they're not gonna give her the nomination and we all know it the same is true for Andrew yang I wouldn't vote for Gravelle because I think he's kind of being silly and I don't agree with him for the most part and I wouldn't vote for Marianne Williamson just because while I think she's hokey and wholesome I wouldn't vote for her so what's gonna end up happening me I'm probably gonna vote independent or not vote at all I actually think I probably vote like independent or something I might just you know write-in Tulsi if she doesn't get the nomination um maybe I don't know vote for myself because I'm it's better than not voting and at least I know what I believe in right here's the point I always made with my videos if they weren't so busy trying to excise people like me they might realize what they need to win but I will say this before we threw the poll one of the big bets the Democrats are making is that by getting by waking up progressive voters they will solve the problem of losing moderates but let me just stress as I have many times when you lose a moderate the Republicans probably will pick them up but so if you gain one on the left and lose one on the right and the right game on the left congratulations the Republicans are up one and you're at zero but let's read this before we get started head over to Tim cast comm slash done it if you'd like to support my work there are multiple ways to donate PayPal crypto and a physical address but of course share this video because you too doesn't suggest my content the same way they used to they've D ranked everybody so if you think this video is important I rely on you to get the word out from Axios exclusive poll aoc defining them in swing states they write top Democrats are circulating a poll showing that one of the houses most progressive members Ocasio Cortes has become a definitional face for the party with a crucial group of swing voters horrible horrible bad news I might add horrible why it matters these Democrats are sounding the alarm that swing voters know and dislike socialism warning it could cost them the house and the presidency the poll is making the rounds of some of the most influential Democrats in America quote if all voters hear about his AOC it could put the House Majority at risk set a top Democrat who is involved in twenty twenty congressional races she is getting all the news and defining everyone's everyone else's racist think about what just happened let me say this Oh Casa Cortez starts mouthing off about concentration camps she refuses to back down she calls CBP a rogue agency and then a doob literally shows up and a nice facility with weapons and you know how that went I certainly hope you do Ocasio Cortez is a bloviating blowhard loud mouthed narcissist who has no idea what she's talking about and this is coming from someone who praised her when she first won the primary and that's not an exaggeration you can look on this channel and go back and see my half in our video where I'm like woo she did it she won yes I praised her and now we get to see her character as time goes on she is a bad person she refuses to accept when she's wrong she pushes a nonsense she accuses Pelosi of singling a woman of color which we know what that means and then denies I know it's not about racism oh please dude you're card-carrying member of the Democratic socialists of America who have protested for open borders holding signs saying no borders and abolish profits what do you think that means to middle America means the Democrats have lost it let's read on the poll taken in May before speaker Pelosi's latest run-in with AOC and a three other liberal house freshmen known as the Squad included a thousand three likely general election voters who are white and have two years or less of college education hey that includes me oh no I'm sorry I'm not white yes and I mean this seriously it's IIIi don't know likely actually how it works but I know that because according to like the census because I'm part Korean I'm literally just Korean like they don't count white in that regard so I'm just Korean but let's read on they say these are white non college voters who embrace Donald Trump in 2016 but are needed by Democrats in swing House districts the group that took the pole shared the results with Axios on the condition that not be named because the group has to work with all members of the party with all parts of the party the findings Ocasio Cortes was recognized by 74 percent of voters in the poll 22 percent had a favorable view oh my god swing voters do not like her rep Ilyn Omar of Minnesota another member of the squad was recognized by 53 percent of voters 9 percent not a typo they right had a favorable view oh lord help us the Democrats have lit themselves on fire and I'll tell you you know the easiest example the easiest bit of proof is how they throw me under the bus I am by no means a far left progressive I am just your run-of-the-mill social liberal the typical moderate working-class uneducated fulcrum the southside of Chicago who is looking for a real solution and doesn't quite know what these great ivory tower elites have in store but I would I would like to find something that makes sense so I don't like the wealthy privileged elites I want something for the working-class and what do we get we get wacky nonsense identitarian ISM and socialism sorry that's not what me and my friends and family want so you've lost us this poll is really funny because it's like a reflection of who I am and where I come from although I'll say this my friends and family are in Chicago not a swing district now here's the crazy part socialism was viewed favorably by 18 percent of the voters and unfavorably by 69 percent capitalism was 56 percent favorable 32 percent unfavorable I think that kind of describes where I'm like a mixed economy person but I kind of lean a little bit more towards this the the co-operative side I don't like saying socialist because socialist is a is a legit like a hard form of economy I say cooperative versus competitive because it's like it's it's nuanced right but cooperative means you lean a little bit more towards socialism and away from free-market capitalism but I'm like a centrist you know so I'm not I think you gotta have a right balance right in the middle because free markets run amok caused damage you get massive you know technologies like Google Facebook Twitter etc but without a free market you get no food and no phones and stagnation and death so there's got to be a good balance where we have government regulation that can restrict the worst impulses of the free market while making sure we can still maintain healthy competition and that bad industry's die because that's what you need you need an evolution in the marketplace but let's read on socialism is toxic do these voters at the top Democrat between the lines Democrats are performing better with these voters and in 2016 although still not as well in 2018 so party leaders will continue to try to define themselves around more mainstream members sorry AOC takes the cake to the other side three members of the squad are they say Omar Rasheeda Talib and IANA Presley of Massachusetts defended their approach while appearing in Philadelphia yesterday on a panel at the annual Netroots nation conference I was once invited to that I think I was a speaker I never I didn't go though 8ps joanna summers reports we never need to ask for permission or wait for an invitation invitation to lead Omar said adding later that there's a constant struggle often times with people who have pop who have power about sharing that power listen there's this weird mentality these people have its really annoying they don't care for facts they don't care about what what actually works they don't care about what's what will solve problems they're just overly emotional and I'm not talking no I here that here comes I said it now they're gonna go Oh Tim's a bigot he's blaming them for being women that's what they do when Nancy Pelosi singles them out they say it's because we're men of color because that's their attack factor Nancy Pelosi his wife when I say they're acting on emotion they're gonna say he just said he that's that's a dog whistle – Bing – you know – being a misogynist no seriously when you refuse to fund the border wall and then I'm talking out the wall the border crisis like the humanitarian aid and then complain there's a crisis it's like dude listen check this out from Real Clear Politics a couple days ago Oh Casa Cortez says this is a manufactured crisis because the cruelty is manufactured oh dear lord help me Ocasio Cortez is despicable completely despicable the Democrats were mocking the idea of a crisis at the border mocking it laughing refusing to fund it and now here we are and they're gonna be a listen I'm gonna tell you something from a policy perspective when I say I would like money in humanitarian aid from the government that is a social program where I want the government to fund humanitarian aid a I swear to left wing position you silly Democrats oh my god ask like listen I I am opposed to private detention centers and I speak out against them and I would like the government to fund aid to help this solve this problem is that is what what universe are we in these people have lost it and that's why look men they can mock me all day and night they can ridicule me they can push me aside marginalize me my friends and a button-up and the space and politics that I am in but I tell you this my friends and family who grew up in support of the LGBT community who defended progressive rights who are now shrugging saying what is going on we are the people you need to vote for you and you are losing us and you don't care you mock you belittle you smear and I'll tell you what happens Brandon Straker I think I'm pronouncing his name right walkaway happens people just say enough and they walk away I look I am I am NOT on board the Democrats at this point and I flat it's a tall probably you're voting independent Oh might just vote for Tulsi no matter what so I don't want to say necessarily that I'm leaving right but the Democrats have gone nuts plain simple look at the tweets they put out it is a nightmare an absolute nightmare and here it's gonna happen I got another segment coming up for you Donald Trump tweeted some stupid nonsense oh and and you know and people on Twitter I'm mad at me it's like I don't I don't care man you know they're like they expect me to like you guys know I don't like Trump so I rag down his tweet and a bun I got ratioed hard and I don't care and some people were like why are you posting all this left I'm gonna say I'm gonna save this for the next segment but but the next I meant isn't necessarily about Trump tweeting stupid things and the thing is look Trump I think Trump's tweets a lot of stupid things it's how he's goated the left into blaming the Democrats for Trump's tweets what is going on I will see you in a few moments the next segment you

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  1. Which is exactly why Trump just forced the neolibs to defend her and the rest of her socialistic ilk; because it looked like Pelosi was about to toss AOC and Omar in front of the DNC's campaign bus. He couldn't have that, so he decided to "accidentally" look "stupid" and "racist" (engineer a crisis ensuring cortez would be at the fore and beyond the reproach of the DNC for a while.)

  2. The problem w/ trying to get the progressive vote is that progressives are widely intersectional and will turn on each other at the drop of a hat. It’s baffling that they want support from such an unstable group.

  3. I'm a conservative (social and financial) but I would have voted for Gabbard over Romney, McCain or Bush 43. I'll stick with Trump because the economy and foreign policy are doing so well.

  4. AOC appears to think her 4 mil Twitter followers are real world, not realizing there may be more voters NOT on Twitter than she's reaching. How many of her followers are under voting age? The Baby Boomers, while aged, are still a large voting block.

    BEWARE what you ask For!!
    Freedom is not a Right
    It is a Privilege you Fight to Keep
    Or your a Slave

  6. Tim still saying OMG. Obviously not able to live up to his commitment to stop using Gods name in vain, pretty sad.

  7. Hey Tim, Don't like socialism? Taking earning away from those to produce to give it those that don't. Tired of identity politics. Welcome to the Republican Party.

  8. Tim you have zero back bone stop pandering to both sides already. It blows my mind how a man with a high intellect as you have is blind to what’s really transpiring in this world

  9. Whatever you do, please vote. I will never argue right, left, my thoughts on politics with people but do encourage everyone to vote. Don't get discouraged and not vote! Keep making good videos. Many would consider me to be a real right-wing conservative but I appreciate everyone sharing their views. I appreciate yours. Be you and vote the way you feel you should.

  10. She's generally ignorant, but the worst thing is it doesn't even register in her pea brain that America and Americans are much more diverse than her little congressional district. This shows how out of touch she is.
    Dude , the reason she opposed the Aid is simple. She hates Trump. Dude, the left hating Trump supersedes everything…everything and that includes positive actions that would help the downtrodden.
    Your "Pollyanna" naïveté is stunning man. Your party is totally whacked-out.

  11. Completely understandable as she does not understand geopolitics. I have seen her interviewed by serious political commentators and she is completely out of her depth which is a little embarrassing. It is like watching an Ali G sketch.

  12. The President's tweets are pretty entertaining. He can really get the left worked up. It's hilarious. X-D

  13. Small, self-sustaining communities. The only kind of communism that works and might actually improve something. Too bad they don't care about what works. Instead, they care about power and decentralization doesn't work with power hungry people.

  14. I'd like to thumbs you up but you're advice the the DNC is too valuable. I want the party best known for supporting black slavery by fighting for it with guns, the Democrat Party, to be a relic of history.

  15. How can you be a moderate if your a leftist??????????? You CAN"T and your a communist for supporting bernie who has always been a communist you still tell of your love for bernie until he supported hillary which he had no choice. So yeah…………….. you are a communist. Plus you praised a socialist by being a ocasio fan in the beginning which proves what I have said in the past Tim you don't research and your pretty much a big government communist. Once again no one cares your part Korean and yes you are pretty much all white So get of the race crap.

  16. 7:19 Free markets don't run amok without government regulation making it possible for big businesses in the first place. Monopolies form because government gives special rights to businesses to operate without the possibility of competition to unseat them.

  17. Aoc is an example of why there should be minimum age limits for leaders. A child does not have enough life experience to make a real judgement about most life issues. I think most of us agree we thought a lot differently at 20 then 30 then 50.

  18. Shows me that the Left didn't learn their lesson in 2016. They will literally have to break MANY laws to take the white House from the Republicans now.

  19. Tim, it appears that your half white and half Asian. The ONLY reason your not called "white" is to make it look like POC' represent more of the population then they do. They also call people from the Mid East "non white". when in truth most of them are actually "Caucasians" and in the same race as Europeans. The same is true for Jews, which for some insane reason are NOT called white. Very large numbers of so-called 'hispanics"are also "Caucasian"., or are part Caucasian, as their dependents are from Spain. All this shit is done for the left wings political purposes. It is a devide and conquer strategy, designed to destroy the social structure of western civilization.

  20. There is only competition.
    It just does not necessitate 0 sum.
    Cooperative is a communist ideal. That, as a premise, is Lysenkoism and you will be making claims, like AOC, that you can grow desert plants in New York.
    If you want to be overly pedantic then any interpersonal cooperation is a form of competition against something. Competition is primordial and inescapable.

  21. ducks act like ducks, kittens act like kittens, and women act emotional
    been like this for 10 000 generations and more
    get over it ya silly gooses

  22. Trump saw how unpopular she is, so he wades in to defend her, and thus "forces" the Dems to keep her front and center.

    The guy is just running rings round them.

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