Democrats defend impeachment resolution as Republicans call inquiry a ‘sham’

-By the other side today. This is a dark day and a cloud
has fallen on this house. -I don’t know why the Republicans
are afraid of the truth. -That speaker said, “Impeachment
is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something
so compelling and overwhelming
and bipartisan,” — the word bipartisan, “I do not think
we should go down that path because it divides the country.” What has changed since
those words have been spoken? -We take no joy in having
to move down this road and proceed with
the impeachment inquiry, but neither do
we shrink from it. -The eagerness, the happiness
that Democrats have and their enraged
liberal activist base at home has to rip the country in half. -Madam Speaker, it’s time
for the American people to see how the administration
put our national security on the auction block in exchange
for political favors. -Trying to put a ribbon
on this sham process doesn’t make it
any less of a sham. -Total sham.
-The sham impeachment. -A sham.
-Sham political process. -We’ve been here 200-plus years
as a committee, and our committee
has been neutered. -What is at stake in all of this is nothing less
than our democracy. -We will afford the President
all the due process protections that were afforded
to his predecessors in a similar situation. -The President’s defenders
have tried to distract
the American people by falsely claiming to have been
excluded from the investigation while their stunts and smears have hindered
the constitutional process. -We have a constitutional
responsibility to serve as a check and balance on an out-of-control
executive branch. -It’s clear that since
the democrats took control of the House
of Representatives, they have always intended
to transform the intelligence committee
into the impeachment committee. -On this vote, the yeas are 232,
the nays are 196. The resolution is adopted. Without objection,
the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table.

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  1. I hope& PRAY Hillary Killary Clinton runs and wins and then all her nasty dirty skeletons fall right out of the closet and anyone associated with her CORRUPT ways as well. They don't want Trump in the White House because he opposes the left. Hillary got away with her lies and idiocy…can't keep track of EMAIL I'm so sick of politics. Americans who support Trump do so because we know what the PROGRESSIVE LEFT IS ABOUT ALREADY. I voted for OBAMA the first term btw…so call me racist if it makes you feel better. As a TRUMP supporter this is what I think about when the Presidental candidacy is loaded with Democrats: abortion, no guns, men going in womens bathrooms and women in men's, a new NON GENDER???? wtf is that? LGBQTRSTUNYD….don't know what that is?…its ridiculous and that's why I added letters to prove that, women walking around in pink hats to prove they are classy and elegant and should be treated as such walking around near naked in protest? If Democrats rule the w.h, get ready for NEW WORLD ORDER, they are literally trying to change the exact definition of humanity(NON GENDER ASSIGNMENT) anyone who finds logic in the Progressive ways has lost their grip on sanity.

  2. I suggest anyone in here do what me and a few friends did we went to a few different lawyers offices and a friend of mine whose father is a lawyer and we asked the head lawyers from surrounding firms what their opinions are and if they've looked into things that are going on currently and the call between the president and Ukrainian president which most lawyers do this for practice or for "fun" looking into public cases and have gone over it a few times most of them are democratic left-leaning individuals and have said that this is not going to work out well and wont hold up in court and will only be dragged along with what if and assumptions. they need more evidence of abuse of power or collusion so putting him under oath will do nothing because there is nothing yet or may not be anything.. the conversation that was recorded and the whole thing visible for anyone to read, you can see that there was no eye winking, secret words/tones or crossed fingers it was a straightforward conversation regarding the statement from Biden's and his reasoning behind the BRIBING, FORCED and the DEMANDED firing of the head investigator from another countrys government who was handling the case against hunter bidens possible crimes.. it does not matter Biden's current position as running in the presidential election he is still an American citizen who can be tried in any crime or wrongdoing currently or in the past even more so due to the high position he held as VP and currently holds.. the means of what they're going off of to impeach trump is thin and is base on bias/ hatred towards trump and the Republican party nothing more nothing less! The Ukrainian president is also being told to testify while being told he cannot bring up any conversations or interactions with Vice President Biden based on it being as Camilla Harris says "irrelevant" and is its own investigation but yet nothing has been investigated or brought against Biden that's a little fishy because it does have a lot to do with it it's the reason for the phone call in the first place.. but why do they have something to hide?? so put them all under oath and tell him to read back what he said in the transcript that's going to work out real well LOL

  3. Dumborats are exactly that , Dumb , Vote everyone of these morons out of office. Shittyshiff needs to be the first to go

  4. I think the problem people are overlooking here is that this vote was almost completely partisan. We’re in a total political gridlock as of now. Democrats are so hyper focused on impeaching trump that it’s all I’ve heard from them for what feels like months, and republicans are so focused on trying to defend the POTUS that they aren’t getting much done either. No one side is right in any of this, and nothing will happen until we can reach across the aisle. Personally I consider myself a republican, but I don’t think people are inherently evil or wrong for disagreeing with me and I feel like that’s so much of what is wrong with the political climate of today. The United States isn’t supposed a game of football where both sides are looking to win over the other. We all live here guys, we need to start moving forward with some legislation we can all be equally unhappy with.

  5. The austere scholars of the Democrat party should be lauded for their fight to right the wrongs of the American democratic process.

    When national elections do not provide the appropriate winner, the majority in the House of Representatives must use impeachment to decide the President of the United States.

  6. The Dems/donkeys has not read the treaty signed by Bill Clinton to allow any country to assist in criminal investigations if asked. What a bunch of asses/ donkeys

  7. America is watching, the rest of the world is watching, the veil has lifted, the emperor has no clothes,the wizard has no curtain, time is drawing near.

  8. Impeach him and let the American people see for themselves how a would be dictator shits on "Our" constitution! Let his coward sycophant Republicans explain to the American people why it's ok!

  9. Just asking for a friend, WHAT WAS THE CRIME? I have read the account and see nothing out of place. The Dems were calling for this three years ago? They were even calling for impeachment before they could read what happen. They are INSANE!!

  10. Make no mistake they only put the word impeachment up to make their treasonous coup look like it is legit to the voters. The dems with their globalist donors, and the M.S.M . should all be charged with treason. This scam they're pulling is the same propaganda that Adolf Hitler used to rise into power to destroy Germany. They have changed the standing rules of the laws and made up new ones to fit their agenda along the way. Another ploy used by Hitler was to school children and give them a voice to push their propaganda.

  11. Aw, quit your whining and let Trump go to the Congress to testify in public. He can explain the whole thing to the people that don't have brains as big, no huge, no supersized and perfect as his. That should fix the problem for good. And, maybe have him bring in Giuliani to testify also. May as well add in a bit of additional entertainment value bang for our bucks.  Americans love a good reality TV show. Got me popcorn ready.

  12. Who are they kidding? They have had three years YEARS to come up with a real viable winning economic policy, and this is how they choose to spend their time and OUR money. I guess they'll all surprised to be shocked again when Trump wins in 2020? Will they continue this impeachment nonsense. I walked away because of this mental retardation in Dem leadership. They have NOTHING to offer America. They want to manage our decline (while their kids get rich off Ukrainian oil deals lol) and stay in power at any cost. This is unAmerican and I hope Barr/Durham nails their asses. ALL of them. Sham, sham, sham. Let's all go vote in a few days and see how well the public likes neverending impeachment bullshit. Dems have ZERO policies besides hating Trump.

  13. If you are angry with the democrat party, for this partisan and political sham against the POTUS, then vote this November 4 if you are a republican in Pennsylvania. Vote republican up and down the ballot.

  14. Hey Nancy,

    If the truth is so compelling, why are the hearings Shiff for brains is holding are in the basement and behind close doors? What are you afraid of Nancy?

    Where in the Constitution does it say that you can reverse the will of the people in the election of 2016?

    Where in the Constitution does it say you have the right to lie in a judicial hearing and claim to make a “parody” as shiff for brains put it?

    If I have to pass your healthcare bill to see what was in it 10 years ago, why can’t you show me those hearings that are in the basement on live TV?

    You belong in a nursing home, Nancy. Pack your bags and do the world a favor and get there.

  15. "Jesus is the way, the truth, & the life No man comes to the Father except thru him"

    The Lord is coming soon, find him before it is to late.

  16. I'll tell ya'll "what has changed since those words have been spoken…" A blowjob. See? Now sit down and take it like the good sowers of seed you've been.

  17. its not even possible to impeach trump. apparently Bill Clinton passed a bill demanding the white house keep track of the Ukraine corruption. Dems you've been scalawaged again. Dont be their puppets come back to the light. seriously look it up. Its law.

  18. Out of control executive branch? where were you when obozo rammed the A.C.A. down the throats of Americans which put people into a position of servitude, where were you when Clown O let Iran start refining weapons grade uranium? where were the dems when obozo flew millions of dollars into Iran?

  19. Every single person I talk to in person about this says the same thing. Basically that the media is helping the Democrats try and steal the election.
    America is watching and we know exactly what is going on. Try winning the election instead of stealing it!

  20. Afraid with the truth -Pelosi. Democrats afraid to find the truth. Close door and only democrats allowed. Too afraid. Too scared democrats.

  21. I'm shocked that there were so many nays. Even Trump admitted on national tv that there was nothing wrong with getting info from a foreign country against another candidate. Then he made the phone call. His speaker of the house admitted there was quid pro quo. " We do it all the time. Get over it", he said. Then we have witness, a decorated war veteran, recently who was on the call and heard it. Not sure why there is any argument about it.

  22. they are lying straight to your face. Its not possible they dont know about the law Bill Clinton passed when he was president.

  23. say what you will; at least the Democratic party looks like America; young, women, minorities… the GOP still looks like a KKK rally; old, white, balding, men…

  24. I cant wait until the Senate shuts this garbage down… What a bunch of limpwristed snowflakes and beta males the Democrats are. Bunch of Losers…

  25. Trump supporters would rather pretend they voted for Jesus Christ (our lord and savior)himself than admit the POTUS is corrupt and needs to go.

  26. it seems the dems have gotten so use to support from the stoners of the inner cities and the criminal element and illegals that they believe the rest (majority) of america is blind to what they are up to, but come 2020, when a majority of them are voted out of office, they will have to pay for their crimes against america.

  27. oh how easy we forget about russian collusion. the one thing dems were crying over over and over and over and OVER.
    the dems who cried wolf.

    the sad thing is, we republicans would be okay holding Trump's foot to the fire if something actually did happen. no one wants a crook of a president. but you bastards have been so hell bent on destroying him on day one that we can't take ANYTHING you say for real. You all did this to yourselves.

  28. What divides the country is the Moron is still in the White House and Republicans are still trying to defend him! Republicans and, by his own admission, the “grim reaper” are still doing their very best to screw up our democracy! How about voting on some of those bills the House passed? Of course not! Why would you do something for us? That saved us money? That protected our rights?
    That is not what Republicans do!

  29. All we are watching is Washington DC trying to continue the rape of America. All Americans. They can continue to pad their pockets with the lost wealth of Americans hard work. This is desperation on display.

  30. What has changed ????
    Your boy Drump became emboldened by the Muller near escape ; and continued his arrogance and stupidity .
    That is what changed .

  31. 0:31 "What has changed since those words have been spoken?" Well, apparently he doesn't know how to STFU and forced Pelosi and and friends to start the inquiry. If the sitting treason president didn't have such brazen disregard for the law of this country he represents Pelosi and friends would have happily let him sit his four years out, but he gave her no choice. So why don't you all in the GOP start respecting the law and law enforcement and admit the fact Trump is a treason president and not acting in the interest of the United States, because Russian twitter bots have no votes in the polling booth come election day. And if you get on board with this, two things are going to occur.

    1. You force Pelosi's hand and she will have no more excuses to not impeach the guy and

    2. You'll stop looking like you're in bed with a foreign government that are no friends of this country.

  32. This what happens when our politicians aspire to there positions for prestige and not to care for its citizens. The Democratic Party has become discusting

  33. It’s funny how the majority of Americans obviously don’t agree with the synagogue lead Democratic Party but they keep shoving it down our throats

  34. How many of them are on a lobbies pay ticket….. It's time the American public audits the donations given….. American backbone is not bought and paid for… And Nancy how can you talk about law and dedication to people when you district is trashed under your rule…….your done in our. Life your family and your backers will feel the heat ….you are truly a treasonous Individual and GITMO is calling your name!

  35. So they called the inquiry a sham because the House didn't vote on it. Now that the House did vote on it, it's just a sham with no because? It's so transparent what the Banana Republicans are doing here. Like painfully so.

  36. Lol nothing is going to happen this is all so the democrats would seem like they’re doing something against trump so that their base will reelect them.

  37. Pelosi’s tongue is snack tongue, this woman need to go to hell. she wants to impeach Trump because Trump took out her boyfriend Baghdadi, she is treason took our tax payers to supported terrorists.

  38. Nothing to divides the country as bad as: cover up, corruption, betrayal lies and coward! STAND UP, Speak the truth as this nation stand for. God bless America.

  39. There are members from both parties in the meeting – and as law makers, they should know how the constitution works when it comes to impeachments. Deflecting and ignoring credible testimony is mind boggling. Apparently the GOP no longer understands what theses words mean: integrity, respect, honesty, trust, human decency, and common ground. Radicalism has no place in this country. The politics of fear must stop.

  40. From the same Dumbocrats that have voted (and failed) thrice to impeach the prez:
    1. Mean Tweet sent about The Squad.
    2. Mean Tweet sent about unpatriotic NFLers kneeling.
    3. Calling Africa a bunch of sh!thole countries.
    The Dems are a disgrace, an embarrassment and have no credibility.

  41. I have never seen people soooo desperate to sling dirt on our President before, by sore losers like Pelosi and Schiff. I hope Trump wins again to show these communists that America don't want what they're selling! TRUMP in 2020 to keep America out of the hands of the Left-Winger Derangement Syndrome People!

  42. Does defending the indefensible mean that Republicans “have lost their damn minds?” If Watergate is any indication, the ensuing political fallout — from the impeachment trial itself — is proof that they have.

  43. Democraps are doing or have done and are guilty of doing everything they accuse Republicans of doing! Just follow the facts and the "Actions" not the words of the Democraps. It doesn't take a genius to see clearly that the Democraps are the enemy within.

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