Democrats BEG Obama To Save Them From Trump AND Bernie

>>As we all know, Obama has remained relatively
silent during the Trump administration and people had been calling on him to speak out
against some of the terrible things that Trump has done during his administration. Now, a recent profile about Obama in political
written by Ryan Lizza indicates that there are a few moments where Obama would feel compelled
to speak out, namely when Bernie Sanders serves as a threat to the moderate Democrats. So let me give you the details. According to Lizza’s piece back when Sanders
seemed like more of a threat than he does now-
>>Well you might wanna rethink that too.>>Exactly, Obama said privately that if Bernie
were running away with the nomination, Obama would speak up to stop him.>>So speaking up about Trump it could go
either way, 50-50. Bernie, wait a minute. We can’t have it. I’m gonna throw away all neutrality to go
after Bernie. We’ll see, I guess it hasn’t happened yet. And these are people close to the former president
saying that, that’s what motivated him, but is anybody really surprised? I mean, look, there’s people who will fake
surprise and there’s democrats all over cable news who say, my god, you’re not allowed to
say anything bad about Barack Obama, right? So yeah, I don’t believe that. I think that Obama is human. I think he did good things and bad things. And if he is in this conservative group of
Democrats, which he most certainly is, well, then his priorities are clear.>>Okay, I’m gonna make a statement. And it’s gonna sound like a strong statement,
but I really mean this. I think Liberals are the unspoken threat to
our democracy.>>Okay, you see, you gotta clarify what you
mean by Liberals cuz everybody uses words in different ways.>>I know, so when I say Liberals I’m referring
to people like Obama, right? I see them as different from progressives,
I see them as moderate Democrats, it’s the best way to describe them. Liberals could pretend like they care about,
let’s say, social justice issues. But those are really the issues that they
try to, I guess, rehabilitate their reputations with, when in reality they’re screwing those
communities economically. They’re screwing all of us economically. They see people like Bernie Sanders as a threat. Because Sanders isn’t a threat to us. Sanders is a threat to their fortune. Sanders is a threat to their profit motive. Sanders is a threat to their donors.>>Yeah, look I don’t know the word liberal
in that context. I know people do use it in that context. I think moderate Democrat, conservative Democrat,
corporate Democrat, establishment Democrat make sense. And I think that Obama, honestly, is all of
those things. And so I use to say while he was president
that if he had a wrestling nickname, it would be The Establishment. So there’s two quotes he says he loves about
Martin Luther King. I thought, great, it’s hard to find that Martin
Luther King quote that I don’t love. In fact, we’ve got some of them on our shirts. So one was the fierce urgency of now. I was like, really, Obama thinks about the
fierce urgency of now? That probably depends on his audience. And then second one was the arc of the moral
universe is long but it bends towards justice. So well, I love that quote too. But what Obama means by that is, the arc is
long, let’s not rush into anything. And those two quotes and the way that Obama
is using them, according to the political article and his top advisors and inside sources,
they’re juxtaposed to one another. One is go act now and other is no, hold off,
incremental change, right? So it’s classic Obama to get whatever you
want, you want now? I’m a politician, I’ll say now. You want long term? I’m a politician, I’ll say long term. And whichever one you like, vote for me, okay? But there is an answer to what Obama actually
believes. He had one of those quotes-
>>Embroidered in his Oval Office rug.>>That’s right.>>Yeah.>>You wanna guess which one? The one where you take really, really long.>>The incrementalism, yeah.>>Yes, not the fierce urgency of now. That is not embroidered anywhere in Obama’s
furniture.>>Of course.>>Okay.>>Yeah.>>So when he sees, and I’ll tell you what
the real issue here is. It’s not just that Obama is an establishment
Democrat, it’s ego. So when sees people like Bernie Sanders who
say no, we can do big change right now. And Obama’s whole thesis was tiny change. We can’t do big change. If we could, I would’ve done it because I’m
heroic. But since I didn’t do it, I have to assume
that it can’t be done. And if anybody shows me up by doing big change,
well, that’ll hurt my legacy, and that’ll hurt my ego. So Trump, I could take it or leave it. But Bernie, man, if that guy has any chance,
I’m gonna jump out in front, break all of my etiquette, my beloved etiquette, to go
attack Bernie Sanders.>>Yeah, he won’t break etiquette in order
to defend Americans who have suffered as result of the cruelty of the Trump Administration. He doesn’t care about those people. But what he does care about, and you’re absolutely
right Jake, is his legacy. I mean, that comes up over and over again
in this piece. And it’s something that we already suspected. I’m gonna provide evidence of that in just
a second. But let’s finish on what he had to say about
Bernie So Lizza continues to write. When it comes to Sanders, I asked one close
adviser whether Obama would really lay himself on the line to prevent a Sanders nomination. I can’t really confirm that, the adviser said. He hasn’t said that directly to me. The only reason I’m hesitating at all is because,
yeah, if Bernie were running away with it, I think maybe we would all have to say something>>But I don’t think that’s likely. It’s not happening.>>No, they view him as an existential threat.>>Yes, they do view him as a threat like
economically we know, right? To their best interests-
>>Their consultant businesses, their lobbying businesses, their corruption industrial complex. So that’s why the advisor, not Obama, the
advisor says, look, we would all have to do something. I mean, Trump, yeah, he’s a pain in the ass,
and he’s racist, and he’s a terrible person.>>But he helps Democrats raise money.>>And business is chugging along, right? So consultants are getting paid even more,
lobbyists are making even more money, corruption is at its height not at its ebb. Bernie would actually do something about corruption,
he actually fights for the little guy. Existential thread to anyone in corrupt Washington
DC.>>Now when it comes to Elizabeth Warren,
it appears that Obama has mixed feelings, right? So he does not seem to see Warren as much
of a threat, right? But he still sees her as a threat, especially
when it comes to his legacy. So according to the piece, Obama’s relationship
with Warren is famously complicated. Back in early 2015, Obama said privately that
if Democrats rallied around her as their nominee, it would be a repudiation of him, a clear
sign that his economic decisions after the Great Recession had been seen as inadequate.>>What did I tell you? What did I just tell you? My legacy! My legacy.>>Yeah, yeah. But, Jake, what’s amazing to me is the truth
is the truth, right? And he knows what the truth is. He knows that his economic policies didn’t
go far enough to help Americans. In fact, I think that his administration and
the fact that so many Americans felt left behind open the doors for a lunatic like Trump,
right? But at the same time, instead of having this
moment of self reflection and trying to figure out like, damn it, there’s something that
I missed, there’s something that I should have done, right? He’s decided, no, no, I’m gonna try to go
against a candidate who might actually do more for people in terms of economic justice,
because I don’t want to face the reality publicly that I was a failure for a lot of Americans
when it came to economic justice.>>Obama is incredibly popular in the country
and certainly within Democratic party, why? Well, a couple of reasons. One, for all of our left-wing critique of
Obama, he was a good manager. If you needed someone to manage something,
Obama was an incredibly smart guy. He’s the opposite of Trump in that sense,
a terrific competent manager, right? If you’re looking for a bold leadership, you’re
not gonna get it from Obama. That’s not just who he is. And so, so he believes in incrementalism,
I don’t know anyone who would actually deny that. But in terms of his popularity, so you got
a good manager and he seemed to be a good steward of the stock market and the economy
and not employment numbers dipped, etc. So give him credit for all the things he deserves
credit on. And then the mainstream media they’re also
the establishment so they loved Obama social liberal, economic conservative that keeps
maintains the status quo. I mean, the defining trait of the Obama Biden
years, and I say in this case Biden not just to throw Biden into the lot for political
reasons, but because Biden actually negotiated this deal. Was when Biden went to McConnell and said,
I’ll give you all the Bush tax cuts made permanent except for 6%. So they gave away and Bush couldn’t even do
that. Republicans under Bush couldn’t get them made
permanent. But Biden Obama made 94% of those tax cuts
for the rich permanent. And then bragged about how they raise taxes
on the rich by 6%. But the rest of the mainstream media never
pointed that out, they never ever criticized them from the left. So the way they even resolved that was lunatic
criticism of Obama from the right. So if you saw Fox News criticism of Obama,
you’d think, well those guys are insane, this guy seems rational, what’s there not to love
about Obama? So and part of it is the issues MSNBC. I mean look, I literally got removed from
MSNBC.>>Well you quit.>>Well, I quit, but they wanted to move me
to off of prime time. And they made it very clear because I was
doing left wing critique of Obama.>>Right.>>So there was state control over that cable
news station, the one that was supposed to be on the left and they could not tolerate
any critique of Obama from the left.>>Exactly.>>So what does that leave people with? This image of Obama being golden. And then he gets such a lucky break if all
you cared about was his legacy, and here I think it’s a mixed record. Then he gets Trump afterwards. My God, if you wanna look great have Trump
follow you.>>Yeah.>>Right? So now that to be fair to President Obama
he is actually troubled by Donald Trump. I mean, don’t get carried away and think,
he thinks Trump is great. No, no, no, no, no.>>Just not troubled enough to speak out.>>No, no, he does from time to time speak
out. But yes, there is details in this story about
how his advisors and him have long into what they call intense debates about whether to
put out a statement about Trump’s worst things, from Obama himself or from a spokesperson
as a conduit, like, the Muslim ban, where he just is clearly discriminating against
an entire religion. That his giant long debate, and at the end
thought, a breach too far for Obama to criticize it, let’s have the spokesperson put out a
comment.>>Very bold.>>Very, very bold. The classic Obama, but it doesn’t mean that
he likes Trump. He does not like Trump, but there he is a
little slow to act. And if you think about it, Trump makes him
look so good by comparison. So, hey, Trump bad, bad but God I look great
next to him. Bernie on the other hand or apparently Elizabeth
Warren, they can bring big change. And then I’d be embarrassed cuz it turns out
I could have gotten big change, I just didn’t try for it. That one hurts.

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  1. Obama's agenda is either the Democrats back him and he will jump in the race.
    Obama's agenda was indoctrinate our schools. He allowed non-vetted refugees who were picked by UN. Take a good look at Europe. Do we want this type of Muslim laws.
    Obama's bring paid by Hilary and Soros to turn our country into a third world country.
    We are supporting Dreamers who are drug addicts and crooks. They are now going after Pelosi. Demanding more free money. My understanding, under Obama, when Dreamers were hired the company and Dreamers don't pay any taxes or benefits.. They were giving grants, they didn't have to use for education or pay back.
    Another issue, where is Pelosi getting the money for the impeachments that's not going anywhere. Trump is giving his salary to Veterans and ??. Maybe Nancy, and her gang can donate their salary to cover their fraud charges against Trump. Has anyone found out where Nancy is getting the money for another impeachment, is she raided Social security again?
    God Bless Trump 2020
    Thank God for the wall
    Deport illegals and non-vetted refugees

  2. Is anyone else struck by Pres Obama's "concern" over his "legacy" when it comes to Bernie (when Obama initially RAN ON things like M4A and "hope and change"), but is willing to sit by as Pres Trump and the Reps TEAR DOWN everything he did while in office? Talk about a messed up understanding of politics…

  3. You know I have to say that where ego is concerned, it’s self-serving to leave Bernie out of that conversation. I think Bernie has had an incredibly positive affect moving this country in a direction that benefits the 99%. I think Bernie is motivational to people and he’s great at building a movement. But I think Elizabeth Warren is actually better at the nuts and bolts of getting something done. She plans better. She is better at planning to structure things so that what she builds will stand and she understands the psychological process people go through in excepting things that are new. Bernie is from a state that was actively interested in having a version of Medicare for all within their state, and left himself completely uninvolved in trying to make it pass and make it work, unless it had to do with getting it done on a federal level. So he could have done the smart thing, which would’ve been to let Vermont be a model of how this can work on a small level before trying to go for it all on a big level, but he thought he was… I don’t know above it? It’s not that his help wasn’t wanted.

    So while he is certainly the progressive spiritual leader, there aren’t a lot of things that you can point to in his life that he’s ever done to show that he can make these things happen. It worries me that nobody sees that who supports him because they are too wrapped up in their cult-like worship of him. In the end, they may have different vision for how to govern, and yes, don’t get me wrong, Bernie is a much better human being than Donald Trump, but there are also some distinct similarities in the way that the two of them lead and the way that they appeal to a crowd, and the methods that they’re willing to use to get that done.

  4. I am NOT a fan of Obama BUT he was fighting against a repubublican Congress with Moscow Mitch, Russia's b!tech spearheading a loggerjam campaign for ANY programs originating from Obama. It was for 8 years and I may not remember correctly, but wasn't that the case for most if not all of his presidency?

  5. Yeah right, Obama is not one to let others speak for him, he is far too careful to do so. Dont believe everything that so called journalists write.

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  8. OBAMA legacy is only GAY and ABCD XYZ.except he declare that France shd leave AFRICA then BLACKs will kiss him and also he preach repatriation

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  10. It is shameful that The hosts are attacking the liberals. And insulting Obama. They are worst than fox' Host. They are some people who called themselves Democrats ,but are doing everything to divide the party. How come Bernie called himself Democrat but his followers are always attacking the leaders of the party.

  11. Stop walking on eggshells with OBAMAgod!

    If that arrogant, do nothing, pseudo Intelligent, hand-picked former 'president' had been a REAL American Descendant of Slavery (ADOS), I would be embarrassed, but I am not.

    Our people are so damn gullible! The ONLY lineage that counterfeit clown has to 'OUR' people (ADOS) is via his White Slave Owning Family!


    That White KENYAN didn't do a damn thing for ADOS.

    In fact, he should be thankful that a child was elected after him…

  12. Obama said he was supposed to fade away like other presidents. We never had Bush say negative stuff about Obama. Y’all are expecting him to keep leading when he’s done. Every now and again he speaks out on Trump but he doesn’t have to do anything

  13. Obama is just a class act. He doesnt need to come out for anybody. He won't until the candidate is truly chosen. At least that is what I believe and opinion. You would think he would chose Biden since day one but in all reality he owes nothing to Biden. He chose Biden as his running mate. Not vice versa. It probably would of been the right thing personally bc they are friends and former office mates but Obama us being fair to all candidates by staying away to see truly who the Democrats really do want as their candidate. If that is the reason, I can respect that and I'm all for it.

  14. Bloomberg advertisement interrupts the commentary trying to support Bernie. C’mon tell me that TYT is being hacked.

  15. They assumed a lot in this video. Sounds like the aide was speaking for themselves. Now you two have gone down this trail of Obama is just worried about his Legacy and doesn’t care. Maybe he just thinks Bernie would go too far and he doesn’t agree with him. It’s not right to assume all he cares about is his ego. Remember Bernie is a candidate Trump unfortunately is already President that’s two different things!! What do you want him to do beat up Trump, geez. This is definitely an opinion show. That’s what you two care about is stroking your egos that’s not a reflection of him but rather how you would be.

  16. America doesn't need another president when everyone in the Republicans and the democrats is corrupted can't trust them when they only care about themselves n their pockets it shows, the government is a set up they a joke to me only God can save us from this madness these people are on. They so ignorant it's not even funny the rich need to pay up or shut up. The whole Washington DC is corrupted look what they letting Trump n Giuliani get away with, they contradict themselves too much for me

  17. Sometimes we don't understand all the bureaucracy and diplomacy that it take to build a nation. When you are outside the compartment, we say do it this way. It's easy. Why can they just do this or that? When you get there you will understand better. During campaign trails politicians understand masses, they capitalized on the people ignorances about how politics really play out, with international diplomacy. So they say ill do this ill do that. But when they get there they are faced with realities. Then we will brand all politicians liars

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  19. BOTH Trump and Bernie are threats.

    They come from 2 different sides of the spectrum.

    What TYT refuses to accept is that the US gov is balancing on a razor sharp hair pin.

    It is soo easy to upend our government and send us spinning into chaos AND lawless anarchy.

    Trump destabilizes and destroys the present gov because he is out for himself AND he knows the establishment is in his way. He does not care if, like Russia the US is left in shambles.

    Bernie wants to apply social reforms to a capitalist system. It will destroy the present system AND the result is NOT glorious socialism, it is NOT immediate relief it is COLLAPSE.

    It is easy to see when you understand how universities, health care, and economic schemes are TIED into the capitalist economy.

    For instance, you cannot have free healthcare, without free education, without caps in wages without social control over ALL healthcare related industries.

    Once wages are capped, spending is limited and controlled which means OTHER industries must be limited , controlled and parsed.

    What Americans DO NOT understand about socialist systems are that they DO provide care for all but they also limit growth and money for all.

    I was born in England. That is a country that has some aspects of socialism.

    I lived in the Netherlands. It is socialist. Housing was very limited, houses very small. When chicken was .39 a pound in the US. It was 8.00 a pound in the Netherlands.

    When gas was .85 a gal in the US. It was 3.17 a liter or over 10.00 a gal in gas and Shell oil was owned by the Dutch gov.

    When Americans had state of the art hospitals, In 1997, Holland still had dormitories, and home visit care, hospitals un holland resembled US hospitals from the 1940s in the US.

    Replete with uniformed Nurses, old elevators and wards with 6 or 7 beds that curtains can be drawn in betwern.

    Pregnancies and indeed miscarriages are done at home with visits by a nurse.

    Nurses are not trained like here in the US. The registered nurses in holland have the skill level of CNAs in Holland and it is a low level job.

    The point is, socialism demands change in EVERYTHING from school systems to housing and the result is not MORE from everyone it is a lot LESS in every way so that all can benefit.

    When Americans are ready for their avg home to be around 700 sq ft, their gas to be around 18.00 a gallon, their healthcare to be free but you come out with diseases from the ward you never had when you went in, want food to be so expensive it is very difficult to get fat, want to give 65 to 70% of what you make to the gov in taxes, want Levis to cost 100 to 200 a pair, want less stores, less industry, etc. You will be ready for socialism.

    It is not a bad system but it is different.

    Americans are so clueless about the ramifications of destructuring social systems that they act like children at a restaurant and having begun their meal, see another diner's meal and feel all they have to do is change their order.

    It is very complicated. Countries successfully navigating socialism rebuilt countries from the shambles of war.

    REBUILT. SHAMBLES. Does America understand that in order for socialism to work, they must destroy their existing economy and wsy of life?

    In Hilland, even Millionaires live in tiny flats comparatively.

    A 3000 sq ft home in Holland eould only be owned by the very rich.

    Americans have neither the discipline, temperament, education, or manners to ne a socialist country.

    In socialism, they VOLUNTARILY do with less and self control/govern their behavior.

    Americans cannot even govern their greed. Not in food, sex, money or anything.

    I do not believe socialism can work here with out first destroying the entire economy and changing Americans.

    It looks good to liberals because it seems more fair BUT there is SO MUCH MORE to socialism than just cheaper or free stuff and America lacks the infrastructure for it.

    Teachers salaries frozen. Just THAT negates a viable educational system.

  20. Really, please the only one who can save us is us, REPENT ,and ask for forgiveness from the MOST High, and armor up.PEACE I'm out

  21. moderate , centrist, blue do democrats are the republicans who run and win office as democrats, see Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, Biden, Buttigieg, Harris, Hickenlooper, Klobuchar, Delaney. They confirm their reputation as liars the day they run on the democratic ticket. When you talk the republican talk and walk the republican walk by consistently voiting with the republicans you are a republican. Why run as a Democrat? To get elected. Only 29 % of the electorate pledges allegiance to the republican party. How can republicans win? The only way is to cheat and cheat they do in every way you can cheat.

  22. And the long arc quote kind of implies that the process is self-fulling. You don't have to do anything to bend the arc, it bends itself overtime. All you have to do is wait. If you do nothing long enough, you win! Nope.

  23. Whoever wins the Democratic nomination for president should pick Michelle OBAMA as running mate. That's the only way the Democrats are going to beat Trump.

  24. This Politico piece literally IS Obama speaking out against Bernie. This is a warning shot across the bows of the mainstream Democrats who might potentially support Bernie if he gains steam in the next few months. This soft “leak” of a potential Obama threat is intended to begin the damage to Bernie by eroding possible support and planting that ol’ “electability” argument doubt. Don’t be duped.

  25. I despise the "STATUS QUO"!
    Both RepubliKKKunts and Dems are guilty of this.
    RepubliKKKunts more, cuz they favor the rich elite.
    Dems need to get their act together CUZ RENT SHOULD BE A CRIME!!!!!

  26. Such bs it's clear that Bernie and his ideas represent the biggest majority of the population in our country yet we probably we will have no choice but to vote for Biden if he gets the nomination smh 🤬 please help support Bernie's campaign I have donated and plan to give more he is our countries best hope if you don't believe me please please look into his plan's his past and then tell me he's not the guy we need

  27. Americans are desperate and desperate people always make mistakes that's why Trump is so appealing to them but win or lose doing wrong is still doing wrong no matter how you slice it.

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  30. Dnt get me wrong on my previous statement though. Im not saying was perfect but he chose his battles wisely with his situations

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  33. no it's because Obama knows that people will vote trump if they had to choice between Sanders or trump. I like Sanders but everything he wants to do will not pass, Obama and Trump learned that

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  38. So you're reporting on a unsubstantiated claim that Obama would attack Bernie which he's never done in the past and for that simple reason you are now tarnishing his legacy. Bernie can not Eclipse Obama simply because he was the first African American president when all else fails he will always have that and also remember platform that the Bernie movement was built on the foundation that Obama built you can support Bernie without destroying every other person who may not be on Bernie side

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  46. You all are really blinded by hate on both sides. I don’t like trump and the far right but I don’t like the far left either. Both are very selfish very ego centric, think that they are helping someone when the truth is they only want to help themselves. It sounds better when you say “we” and the establishment or Obama doesn’t care about “us” when you really mean Obama doesn’t care about me. It’s all about me, my views my desires, pay for my things because I want them. It’s a right for me to have them because I want them. Both sides want other people to pay for the things you want and don’t understand what a sacrifice is. You compare and compre other people’s lives without understanding. And lord knows if the tables were reversed and you had money you would be a member of the opposite side. Why? Because the problem isn’t any different it’s greed. This world has gotten so greedy and selfish it’s sickening. Think about it, the only reason you are upset so much is because you are not benefiting as much a some rich person. You see an gap between you and someone else and want what they have. You attack people who doesn’t do things the way you want it without meeting in the middle. For example corporations, while I agree there are unfairness at certain levels, the reason reason people hate them is because their business is not doing as good as a corporation. The minute they strike gold and their business expands or does better they will magically forget all their anti-corporation views because the system works for them. I agree that everyone should at least have the basic standard of living. That is a house food water and health which means people should have a salary enough to meet that. But everything else, if you want it work for it. Obama tried his best to meet in the middle of everyone, I like Bernie too but would I say Obama didn’t do a good job, no. You are all so divided it’s hard to take any of you seriously.

  47. Obama is disgusting, a complete fraud that produced: Trump! he has no authority to say anything about Bernie (or any other candidate) shut up you fool! you talked ages and did NOTHING!!

  48. Bernie supporter here and also an admirer of Obama's historic accomplishment. Unless you are black or brown you can't appreciate the significance of Obama or even a Kamala. I read the Politico piece and he is definitely not coming across in a good light. He is a politician but his humanity and the uniqueness of his story is not addressed.The attack he endured before he won, while he was in office and now that he left is still unprecedented.I think his caution and silence is connected to this. His popular wife after all wrote that birtherism had been a threat to her family for which she could not forgive Trump. The Obamas will always walk a fine line. He will never be measured with the same stick as a white POTUS.

  49. I was very hopeful when obamawas elected the first time, but those hopes were dashed midterm of his first term. He clearly showed his true republican colors. At the end of his last term, disgusted. Nothing he does surprises me. He fooled a lot of people but the appointment of killary to Sec of State confirmed his plan to enlarge his financial holdings.

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