Democratic senator Amy Klobuchar announces presidential bid

I stand before you as the
granddaughter of an iron ore miner, as the daughter of a teacher
and newspaperman, as the first woman elected
to the United States senate from the state of Minnesota
to announce my candidacy for president of the
United States. [Cheering] Was there ever a time that
you drank so much that you couldn’t remember
what happened or part of what happened
the night before? – No, I … No. So you’re saying there’s never
been a case where you drank so much that you didn’t
remember what happened the night before or part
of what happened? – You’re asking about, you know,
blackout. I don’t know. Have you? Could you answer
the question, judge? So that’s not happened?
Is that your answer? –  Yeah, and I’m curious
if you have. I have no drinking problem, judge. – Yeah, nor do I. OK. Thank you. If you’re confirmed, will the
Justice Department jail reporters for doing their jobs? –– A news organisation has
run through a red flag –– or something like that,
knows that they’re putting out –– stuff that will hurt the country.
There might be a si … –– There could be a situation
where someone would be –– held in contempt. We work across the aisle
all the time but we have to see more of it and when people
are afraid of pissing off president Trump and so they
won’t come over and work with us, that’s a problem. So people are going to have to
rise to the occasion.

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  1. She's finally found aides willing to work in the hostile work environment she creates then? Aides can expect Klobuchar to send them degrading emails, throw office supplies at them and be requested to perform household chores for her…

  2. Well at least the upside to having a historic number of women seeking the presidency, is that a historic number of women will fail.

  3. Oh yeah she's perfect! Thanks Democrats!..2020 in the bag..For TRUMP!..GO TRUMP 2020 and beyond. Can't support socialism and open boarders and killing children fresh out the womb and expect to win; and the fact you would even try is a token of your insanity and Goslessness and repugnanance for the very country that raised and protected you.

  4. Democratic senator Amy Klobuchar announces 2020 run for president ►

  5. Tell ya what, if you go to Nancy Pelosi's home and just walk up and knock on her door I'll become a full out socialist leftist Democratic…but I'm not worried, why; Because Nancy Pelosi has a WALL around her house. Yeah, walls don't work, yeah right…smh.

  6. Look at this idiot…standing out in the snow. There's a new invention called a hood and gloves. Look into it, Frosty. You can throw them at people when you get mad. Meanwhile, she has the same beady eyes and crooked smile as another wannabe tyrant Rep. Swalwell (SF-CA). Hard pass…suddenly Gabbard is viable.

  7. She can't possibly think she has a chance, does She? She is there to do nothing else but siphon delegates, then hand them to a different candidate. The goal? Subvert the progressive desire to make Super Delegates irrelevant. The new DNC rule states that Super Delegates (typically establishment insiders and political suck-ups) will only be used if a candidate can't acquire enough delegates before the primary deadline to secure the win. Interesting how after that rule is created, we see the largest democratic primary field in my lifetime. Tough to secure enough delegates when the field is so large. It's almost like the DNC is doing it on purpose so they can use Super Delegates to hand the primary crown to the biggest corporate tool in the bunch. My money is on Harris or Booker.

  8. According to Huffpost (a very feminist newsgroup), "When Staff Sought Better Jobs, Amy Klobuchar Tried To Undermine Them". Not someone anyone would want as president. Her vile temper tantrums show she is not fit for the WH.

  9. Another corporate shill. She wants to keep our kids in debt, owing the billionaires. She over-funds the military so the billionaires can make bombs and use them on innocent people. If you want more of the same, vote for Amy. Her slogan is: Refinance Student Debt 2020!


  11. Who Is Amy Klobuchar? | 2020 Presidential Candidate | NYT News The New York Times Published on Feb 11, 2019 Klobuchar is just another MAN wanting to be the First woman President there are many of these creatures in congress trying to do the same, But the American people are getting wise to the fact that you can't trust a person that lies about there own sex. Then they will lie about everything else as well' Like I said Congress are full of these Transformers' less then meets the eye'

  12. Watched this live and enjoyed her excitement! Thank you for being a common sense moderate and for co-sponsering the Safe Frieght Act!

  13. So Amy is of Slovenian descent. And Melania is also Slovenia. So I don't thing Donald will be too mad when she takes the Presidency away from him in 2021. After all, she is a Gemini like Donald, and she is Slovenian like Melania. So what is not to like? Don could have chosen her on The Apprentice. How ironic.

  14. And Amy is only 59 year's old. She has been a Senator since 2007 and she seems very smart, and composed and careful and able to get things done in the Government. I could vote for Amy or Elizabeth. I will flip a coin. I am afraid that the CEO's of the Big Banks have already put out a HIT CONTRACT on Elizabeth. I just hope she does not take any rides in open convertible's in Texas. Maybe Elizabeth in 2020, Amy in 2024, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez next. That would be great. Three smart women with progressive ideas and ability and leadership. The Perfect Trifecta.

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