Democratic Leaders Say They Weren’t Briefed Before Strike | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. I dont believe one word of this bs that this guy killed hundreds of Americans. How? Why? When? Why do we hear of this supposed Iranian aggression only after the fact of his murder???

  2. Trump is not only going against major internal US interests, he is going against the will of almost ALL current US allies! If this devolves into a shooting war, the US will have to go it alone, no allies are willing to touch this insanity.

  3. Democrats in congress cannot be trusted with sensitive military information, right now. They would leak it, if it benefited them politically. They would not care if it put the lives of US service personnel at risk. I say this as somebody who thinks the assassination is probably a big mistake, just like all US military involvement in the Middle East.

  4. Trump is just desperate for distractions from impeachment so he will green light any action that he thinks is positive but he is not thinking about the longer term consequences.

  5. War is a Racket …. a look at who wins & loses when America goes to war, written by Army Major General Smedley Butler…, sadly history has been known to repeat itself … take care for everyone’s sake

  6. so what if he had told demorats? they wud have spilled the beans – the untrustworthy big mouths of usa – they wud claim credit if they cud. but they cant now👍

  7. I don't know why they are carrying on about this. Gabbard and another Dem congressman put a clause in the legislation so this wouldn't happen and the Dem congress took the clauses out and then passed the bill. In fact, the clause specifically mentioned Iran. Just more political games by insincere ppl.

  8. first he walk away from the Iran nuclear deal now the assassination of General Soleimani ,not very smart from a stable genius

  9. Irresponsible king Trump.. all about making up stuff with no evidence… just lies and deceit..
    He didn't respond last time because the un-redacted emails, that he had Barr tamper with, had not come to public view during impeachment..
    Now he decided, without showing evidence to congress or anyone, to use a drone strike and have his minions run around giving general statements claiming it's secret.. the intelligence committee of congress needed to be made aware.. this guy has been around since 2001 and not in hiding..
    Trump purely did this to help himself during impeachment..
    So produce the documents and witnesses and go through a trial and show you did nothing unconstitutional and were not at all obstructist regarding Ukraine..
    Criminal GOP and their lemmings.. smfh

  10. Congress we have an IMMINETT THREAT. HE is in Florida. Send troops to take him out. Treason Narcissist, is a Dynamit Stick killing our Government. Let us vote today we will remove him ourselves.

  11. All the middle east countries are celebrating while you and dems are using scare tactics to get viewers to side with you .again you failed !! You are too ignorant to see past the hate to report fair and balanced news

  12. trump is a very dangerous person. Hiding things that are happening..Huge things that happen. He wants to do everything on his own.. Remember what this dough boy said when he was running ? He can do it all on his own? He's dangerous.ANd he also thinks if there is a war, he cannot be impeached..Really, look what he said about his very favorite person on earth..Obama..He's a very ignorant , stupid, bully, liar, adulter, divider in Chief , dough boy, Cheeto. The only time I cap CAP when someone deserves it..So he's a little t with little a few add ons. He's made America weak on purpose..Puttin's happy, & trumps base are a bunch of haters of America. They would take care of her, not throw her under the bus like dough boy has done……He's got to get out


  14. This is old fake news now. Don't believe me, watch gold and oil sell off tomorrow. Anyway, if dems really wanted to shock the president, they should double down and demand more action against Iran if they're so bad 😆

  15. Trump and Americans can't trust the democrats to do the right thing. That's why they couldn't tell democrats anything about it until it was over.

  16. Which is WHY it was successful. Obama/Brennan's/Soros's terror tool needed to go. Trump right said, "This should have happened long ago". Amen.

  17. Trump has not been impeached and dems in congress collude with islamic terrorists so of course they weren't told. MSNBC is as fake as cnn.


  18. This Jason Johnson guy sold his soul to MSNBC. All he does is say whatever sell out BS his corporate overlords need him to say. Whenever I see him its a huge facepalm moment.

  19. Guess all the fuktards that keep saying this is just a distraction from impeachment need to be educated that Trump was impeached 2 weeks ago…..

  20. Guess all the fuktards that keep saying this is just a distraction from impeachment need to be educated that Trump was impeached 2 weeks ago…..

  21. Guess all the fuktards that keep saying this is just a distraction from impeachment need to be educated that Trump was impeached 2 weeks ago…..

  22. Guess all the fuktards that keep saying this is just a distraction from impeachment need to be educated that Trump was impeached 2 weeks ago…..

  23. Lets face it. This General deserves to be taken out but in typical Trump fashion he takes actions without looking at consequences. China were taking the mick with some of their trading tricks but look at what chaos his tariffs caused.
    Some of his actions look good on paper but these people are paid a lot of money to predict and understand consequences.
    They don't seem very good at it. They just dive in and screw up. Let's just hope Trumps risk actually pays off and they dont retaliate, but I just cant see it myself. He's gambling with other people's lives.

  24. “We know that he was a bad guy.” I bet that not one of the hundreds of thousands of mourners stretching from Lebanon through Syria and Iraq to Iran agrees with this glib assessment. In fact I think that they will be unanimous in agreement that the murderous bad guy is Trump and his fellow Americans such as you.



  26. He plays with people's lives. He's a fool and his zombie followers won't see this till he helps cause great chaos. He's selfish beyond compare and will doom innocent people to death for his own gain. The US will suffer greatly and history will tell a bitter and sad story about this time.

  27. The Democrats and their media are busy spreading Iranian propaganda, while they complain that they weren't given advance notice of the mission. What's wrong with this picture?

  28. These people on MSNBC think they get to decide whose driving the car. They think they are a check on the Presidents power. You people aren't responsible enough to decide who is responsible. You are completely discredited. Nothing you say is worth spit.

  29. Stop, people, this is about Captain Corruption’s domestic problems. He will sacrifice American women and men for his personal benefit without any qualms. By the bye, it doesn’t seem that the little son-in-law is doing a very good job at his peace making. What a frigging joke!

  30. This piece should be entitled, "MSNBC takes a little break from spreading Russian disinformation, to spread a little Iranian propaganda."

  31. How can you escalate when the deal that you're saying was estimated was ripped apart by Danzig Trump a year prior

  32. Let's all remember we won't even be here if Donald J Trump hadn't tripped the Iran nuclear deal up and threw it and Iranians face

  33. The Republicans are going to do what they do best leave the next Democratic president saddled with massive debt and Wars there's no answers for

  34. What was the imminent attack? Congress should be briefed/ Allies should be briefed if they were also targets as stated

  35. Absolutely correct, why has he still got the keys to the car?? He's shown he's ignorance and completely lack of Statesmanship throughout his Presidency. This kind of major decision shouldn't be within his remit at any time. It's a very dark time for Americans and now the rest of the World too.

  36. Sorry he's not impeached . He didn't tell Congress because it's been proven over and over they cannot be trusted. They leak and lie. What you going to tell Schiff hilarious . Sorry he's doing his job.

  37. You don’t brief people on military actions , when you know those people will leak those actions , for political purposes

  38. Let’s see , Nashty is the speaker of the house , but she thinks she’s also majority leader of the house , and now she thinks she’s commander in chief , talk about a power grab 😝
    Hysterically most democrats think she is all three , the power of fake news 🙄

  39. So sick of the large Corporate Media shills who have spread slanderous stories regarding our President in an attempt to frame him of a crime.
    Every person who is a U.S. Citizen knows that in criminal law the person is "innocent until proven guilty". That is every citizen except for President Donald J. Trump. He has been treated in the reverse fashion. Media and D.N.C. naming him guilty of committing crime(s) for which he has proven over and over again his innocense.
    Under more scrutiny than any other individual has had to endure. Investigated by CIA, FBI, DOJ etc. etc. His cabinet, his family as well as himself were spied on. Millions of tax dollars spent only to prove he has committed no crime.
    The Mueller Probe failed and proved that their was no collusion with Russia. Media said he wrongly fired James Comey to obstruct the Russia probe. He had to fire James Comey because he kept leaking "Classified" information. So now they are trying to impeach him on charges that are not "High Crimes and Misdemeanors". And they are not giving him a chance to have his day in court to prove himself.
    The D.N.C. is in a panick and grabbing at straws. Think about it, I mean really.

  40. Using a reference to religion when supporting child molesters is funny ! Stupid dumbocrats fell into trumps trap and now he will get a third term ! Ha ha ha ha !

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  44. Donald Trump didn't make this decision one of his Puppet Masters and cash pocket made this decision "Benjamin Netanyahu" blind we all become i 👀… He's been telling the poppet we need to attack Iran for the longest.

  45. All Americans need to stand up, get out and tell that de facto in the White House to go, unless you want a dictatorship and anther useless, costly war in the Middle East.

  46. Democrats need to get angry. Stop talking in such a low key voice; Congress has the money power to stop our troops from going over to Iran or Iraq – defund the Pentagon. Defund the President's office – everyone from the sec to the President!

  47. So another article of Impeachment for the trial
    273 days Nancy and maybe send the articles; maybe not. The fraud commits a crime every day. Articles of impeachment now up to 13!!

  48. The leader of Iran’s death was the best thing ever. I want Iran to fall. It’s the worst country in the universe.

  49. This fool trump running around like a madman killing people, as corrupt as any politician we've have ever seen.

  50. The US is slowly becoming a carbon copy of israel, in its politics, the way it attacks minorities, and the worst one of all, its foreign policy decisions.

  51. I don’t know why Schumer is complaining bout not having prior notice of Soleimani’s execution, Trump didn’t find out until after the event, because the CIA don’t trust him with such sensitive material.

  52. when the axis surrounded the swiss, hitler sent a message: "we will send a group of officials to run your nation." the swiss response was first, 'to arms!' second, a referendum asking shall we submit? answer, "no!" more than 90% were willing to fight the wehrmacht at odds of about 40 to 1.
    the swiss have democracy, and show it when the chips are down. the americans have elective aristocracy, and submit to a man devoid of ethics or intelligence, with no record of management outside of real estate development, where he presumably managed to turn a big fortune into a small one.
    his only political asset was simply that he was not a politician, which should tell you a great deal about the dnc and american politics. do not despise trump overmuch- he is best thought of as a mirror in front of which stands america.

  53. Of course the Iranian Jeneral had caused max casualties through his planning towards the US soldiers. He is a military jeneral. That is his duty. So, the US jeneral look after kindergarden, I suppose.

    🌊🌊🌊BIG BLUE WAVE 2020🌊🌊🌊

  55. More illegal activity that I'd say is even more impeachable than the other countless scandles these people are in. It's a real demonstration that shows how the law to is only executed against the poor people in America.

  56. We all heard Trump’s rationale as to how Obama would start a war with Iran cos it would be the only way he’d get re-elected. His “very stable genius” was on full display because, obviously, he was proven wrong. But, in his twisted malignant narcissist mind, he can never be wrong so, evidently, has adopted the strategy he claimed Obama was using.

    It might have stopped people talking about impeachment for a short time but he’s still an impeached president who has get his “fixers” in the Senate to rig trial to avoid facing the consequences of his own actions. But then he’s had fixers all of his life to try to offset his stupidity and extract him from the mess he’s made.

    Trump says we have the best intelligence services in the world- unless they disagree with Putin that is. He claims to have intelligence that Suleimani was planning an attack on Americans. He may have been but the problem pathological liars face is that there comes a time when no one believes them and they seem remarkably reluctant to share the “intelligence” only they have seen with anyone else – unless you count Ms Lyndsey over a round of golf.

    There’s no doubt Qassem Soleimani was an evil man but if strikes against America were planned how would the death of one man stop that plan – was Soleimani planning to carry it out alone? . If we are under threat how would keeping such “intelligence” a closely guarded secret help us to prepare to deal with it? And it was noticeable, when Trump was talking about the “secret intelligence,” that he was swaying and snorting – always a sign that he’s in his fantasy world. But good to know that classified information was shared with Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber but not with members of Congress.

    Iran has the capability to carry out asymmetric strikes against us at any time and in any place. It takes the mentality of a bully who thinks everyone should be terrified of him and obey his every word to think that Iran won’t strike back at some point. Trump surrounds himself with yes men whose job is to flatter and fawn over him and reinforce his self assessment of what a genius he is. And when that happens a degree of infallibility creeps in so absolutely no need to think a few steps ahead to the possible consequences. Trump’s sycophants are applauding his actions but then none are rushing to sign up to be the ones to fight the war he may have started. How will that fare in his desire to get a Nobel Peace Prize cos Obama got one.

    And you have to ask how smart it is for any leader to crow so loudly about assassinating someone. Both sides can play that particular hand. In one interview Trump all but admitted he’d no idea who Soleimani was and didn’t know the difference between the Kurds and the Quds. That has to be so reassuring to know that the guy making the decisions has no idea who the different players are.

  57. Ok People go get educated!!!! He has 48 hours after and military action to notify Congress. Unless you have served in the USA military or know our laws STOP PLAYING 4TH Q QUARTERBACK. You all look very ignorant!

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