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Democratic lawmakers begged for Comey’s autograph: Rep. Matt Gaetz

Democratic lawmakers begged for Comey’s autograph: Rep. Matt Gaetz

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. He couldn't answer because the questions pertain to Huber's ongoing investigations. He couldn't answer about Clinton investigation, FISA, and fake dossier. That is why the DOJ lawyers stopped him.

  2. Did we ever think justice would be served? This weakens trust We,The People have for all the government. Shameful.
    REVOLUTION may be coming.

  3. The Republicans will never have again have control of the House of Representatives.
    May the Republican Party rest in peace. Fuck them.

  4. Trump the "fighter", can't even fire is own staff because he "doesn't like confrontation"…his counter punch is a law suit by a cheap lawyer, who usually looses…or a insulting tweet…will see how he fights in congress, but if it takes knowing facts to argue, forget it…he doesn't have the depth…he is a spoiled brat that has always used others to fight his battles.

  5. It will always, always come down to the fact that high powered pedo child rapists run government and business internationally– America is no exception. That is what the swamp fears, exposure.

  6. When a public official under subpoena says they can't remember over 70 times, that's contempt of congress and they should be indicted as such.

  7. The deep state loves to keep a balance of power in the House, because then it gives them way more cover for their despicable and treasonous acts. It affords them the exact situation they need to point fingers and absolve themselves of any responsibility whatsoever. That's why the Republican leadership didn't lift a finger when the Dems rigged the mid terms with election fraud, because they helped and welcomed it.

  8. The Trimp and its entire clan needs to be found guilty of Treason, otherwise this experiment we all call America is a Failure !!

  9. Comey wanted a public hearing for one reason …he is afraid of the Clintons !!! Yes, the Clintons hit squads …it seems anyone who turns on them ….dies ?? This is why he don't want any closed door sessions ,as they are watching ,like the mob ,And most of this Comey testimony involves hillary's doings in the Russian dossier and the e-mail issue ??? Good luck mr. Comey …I wouldn't want to be you !!,

  10. The medias have got to stop referring to the democrats as the Democratic party or there is going to be Cival war. Its the democrat party. There is nothing democratic about a bunch of racist confederate Nazis.

  11. Somebody said that Jeff Sessions, Lou Dobbs, and Yoda (from Star Wars) all look alike? And talk as plainly & clearly…

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