(Democratic Debate)  Martin O’Malley: Let’s actually talk about the …

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  1. It's a shame he's running at the same time as clinton and bernie sanders because he has some good things to say, but he's going to end up completely overshadowed

  2. what a cynicism,they are helping her.They know they won't be nominated,they are planted there to help her.Wow.

  3. Lol corrupt Stalinists. Hey American young men we're gonna point a guns at your faces till you hand over money for others that didn't work for it. That's communism and Stalinism and capitalism has only been corrupted by those seeking more government control. Simple question brothers, they talk about everyone but you, the needs of others but you…. No I say you are all that matters, you brother deserve your own happiness free from others threatening you to turn over what you've rightfully earned. Please I plead with my countrymen, wake up, stand up and throw these anti American communists to hell.

  4. I truly love the smile he gives at the end of what he says. It's hilarious and oddly inspiring. He looks so absurdly proud of himself in that moment.

  5. Mayor Carcetti from The Wire is partly based on him.

    And Hillary was the inspiration for Game of Throne's Littlefinger.

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