Democrat Ilhan Omar Violated Campaign Laws, Accused Of Tax Fraud

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. off the list of things messed up with this lady….the violated campaign laws are the most vanilla!

  2. Airhead Omar is the reason the Africans are being allowed to sneak in the back door. If anyone says anything about, of course… they are racist. Webster needs to change the definition of ' racist' to 'an insult thrown by an incredibly ignorant asshole at anyone who doesn't agree with their f*cked-up bullsh*t'. Omar is feeding congress as much bullsh*t as she can get by with and the DemLibs and choking it down with a smile on their faces. Bunch of spineless assholes.

  3. This marriage fraud story is bigger than you are giving credit Tim.

  4. As CDS67 pointed out it was the immigration fuad that is the big problem but being she represent Mn. She will get away with it for now. Live there for year and new to many liberal and progressive democrats. They want refugees to come to their state but not in their communities. The go as far as moving their children to school without any immigrants or refugees because they don't really believe in diversity.

  5. What a joke….’she should now show her tax forms….’ as Trump still has not. Its like comparing apples to nonsense. Married to brother?? Could u try a little bit harder to smear someone u obviously r targeting? Now I know where to NOT get my news. ✌🏻

  6. This terrorists will claim I'm an immigrant I not understand the law yet the whole time claiming she is all American fukn walking time bomb

  7. Cultural marriages are the new thing for muslims in America. They get special rights that other Americans don't. Muslims always demand minority rights until they are the majority. Then minority rights don't exist.

  8. Of course the MSM protects her, as they do all morally bankrupt democrats. Anyone else sick of her wagging her sanctimonious finger in America's face???

  9. You know, if this was a Republican they'd say this was an offense worthy of her resignation. They said Trump committed impeachable campaign finance violations, even though they still haven't provided evidence of that. As conservatives, we're a little too easy going. The leftists are good at screaming loudly.

  10. And when her campaign was asked about the brother thing, they sent an angry letter suggesting…wait for it…racism!

  11. SNOPES? Really?!? Brother, you need to take one hour and investigate the "fake checker" Snopes. While you are at it, have a long look at Politico, Media Matters, ProPublica,, Open Secrets, Washington Post Fact Checker, The Sunlight Foundation, Media Biased Fact Check, Truth or Fiction, Center For Responsive Politics, Google Search, Daily Kos, Town Hall Media, Hoax-Slayer, Vote Smart, and ThinkProgress. Here are the actual facts. If anyone needs to rely on a fact-checking site to determine the validity of a statement, event, action, outcome, summation, belief, ideology, etc., etc. Then they are intellectually lazy and deserve to be led by the nose to an existence wherein their liberty destroying, freedom hating Progressive Democratic party has surrendered itself to Marxist, Socialist, and Communist.
    By the way. What if we didn't defeat the Nazis in WWII? What if we imported and assimilated the Nazis into our government after WWII? What if everything you believe to be real was a lie? Do your research, Tim. You are a smart young man. Open your mind, allow yourself to see it. In the U.S., 400,000 kids go missing every year (Check the FBI's website). That is not just one year… every year since 1973. What do they need with 400,000 kids a year, Tim? How many missing kids did you hear about on the news last month? Maybe one or two? Shouldn't this be the leading story on every news channel, everyday all day? Shouldn't this be the headline in every major newspaper? Over thirty-three thousand children per month, which approximate to eleven hundred each day. I can only remember one Amber Alert for an abducted child in May. Not thirty-three thousand alerts, just one. These Satanic Global elites are the real evil of this world. These people are sick. I can recall you saying once that you didn't believe in God. Well, you don't have to because these satanist definitely do.

  12. Do a story on her long list of driving offenses,just last month a few days after receiving tickets she went live in her car with her and her two kids while driving all without seat belts while holding her phone. She's a rat

  13. i'm confused… is the FACT that she filed taxes while being married to another man with someone else not planned? are we assuming its that easy to just file joint taxes with someone else? ALSO how can you actually be proven to have broken SEVERAL election laws and still be ELECTED? also at what point are we….as in all of us in America realize that we should stop just assuming these politicians aren't intelligent. OF COURSE they know when they do something against the law especially while running for an office their advisers and campaign members will all advise them on whats the smartest way to do things and if you don't think atleast one of those members said hey…wait that's illegal….just to be ignored…you either have to much faith in these politicians or you believe that these politicians are a lot less intelligent than they deserve credit for. these people literally make their careers in trying to convince people that their opinion is right…regardless of your opinions a politician just can't be as stupid as the people expect THEY ARE MOST DEFINETLY doing most of these things that are skirting the law 100% on purpose they know what their doing is against the law and they don't care because they don't think they'll be caught.

  14. A tax "error" filing jointly while married to another man for multiple years? yea DEFINITELY AN ERROR NO INTENT THERE, and I suppose when she used campaign funds for her divorce that was just a oppsie as well? Stop being scared to be real when it comes to Ohmar. I guess Marrying your brother "accidentally" is a thing as well, yea seems totally plausible tim..

  15. Sorry. I believe YouTube is deleting my comments.

    I said that James Allsup was censored as well. It wasn't a Veritas contribution.

    It was a video on the pride parade in NyC where kids were forced to participate in a gimp show.

    Literally gimps, carriages, and naked people.

    He wasn't ranting or raving he just said look at the pictures. Naked people in no bottom chaps. This is what passes for a pride parade.

    Boom instant deletion.

  16. She's also a cultural marxist lesbian illuminati trying to infiltrate the Roman Christian Empire with socialist impure economic doctrine.

  17. "I just forgot who I was married to that week"…

    Good for Minnesota. Or as I say it, Somalistan…

  18. She is guilty and she should go to JAIL. THE WOMAN SUPPORTS TERRORISTS! Immigration Fraud, Voter Fraud, Tax Fraud. ANTI-SEMITISM!

  19. I'm curious to know the constituents reactions in her local district. If this was my district and this is my rep I will be haunting them with letters asking them why they are shaming my district with this ghastly behavior? A rep in my my mind should know better and not make me be the laughing stock of the country.

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