Democrat For Sale Becoming Republican For Sale

arvin davis the was the certain theoretical democrat from the state of
alabama he had try to run for governor of
alabama u_n_ against another democrat in the primary lost is there about that for the reason that
he lost is because he’s a corporates hilo steak
or her money mostly in lobbyist money saw that most conservative uh… democrats in congress when he was
in congress in fact it was tough introduce of course
of the insurance and help companies and his surprisingly
enough it turns out he was the one member of the
congressional black caucus that motor against president of our most
health care lol blog all weird surprise ago incidents well now he’s dropping all pretenses
he’s going on fox news and saying he’s gonna turn into a republican you don’t sat you’re considering making a run in
virginia but you’re gonna run as a republican block and in the last two years i’ve looked at
the fact that we’re losing ground in this country economically uh… every time we think we’re
beginning to move forward we fall backwards where more than that it now but we were
four years ago our school systems aren’t working uh… a lot of the policies that have
been put in place in the last several years have been counterproductive our
businesses don’t have a fireman where they think they can create jobs and i
could go on what we’re doing is not working and i
finally took him in flooring and it’s not a decision on why we may ever one
just woke up and made one morning but second floor of the last couple of years
and i decided that of the things that i care most about cool things are most important to this
country the my views are more in line with the
our side them to decide at this point i love the words he used bike to
inventory you did you like okay i am i’m eighty enough money is a sell out now and by the way works for a high-powered
law firm in d_c_ arcview they try to influence
politicians and they have money from corporations miro probably not at all
right so it’s like i think inventory was making enough money as a democrat so i
decided that i would turn into republic said annie get on the code words he says you know the business environment is not
as good as it should be you know it’s not conducive to business
interests yes i don’t mind he’s basically saying corporation dist albeit a relaxing and can you help me out now of course i say that because in a
republican attack ad that was planted gas present
of our that right wing group literally said we
need a literate black men to be basically our front so this is arthur davis among other
things applying for that job that kind of job you believed that this whole certified
about private equity and shouldn’t be punishing the to job
creators correct absent for very long time that
capitalism is not always pretty uh… sometimes free markets are always
pretty but you know what they’d be every other system in the world and of those
individuals don’t want to be torn down they don’t want to be marginalized there
will be ridiculed they want to have an opportunity celebrated for the good
they’re doing in this country you know it is always pretty but private
equity fund money you know i will do anything for you i don’t inventory and i
knew i devoted arched what do you need me to say yeah straight
wall street it’s bladder johndeere just in case you were absolutely sure
about how disingenuousness one more i support of present baba four years ago
because i wanted to see this country come together i want us to change the way we talk to
each other the way we thought about each other unfortunately we’ve gone backwards on
both fronts in the last several years and frankly four years ago that was
president obama’s may an offer to the american people didn’t have a live the
rest of their let the record the admitted that dismaying promise of their people was
i’ll bring us together algata spastic red and blue and we’ve gone backwards
enough force of the caps see this i know for a factor of the day
of school i and i mean i know i know myself too for him to look at the national and
state will last three and here’s the say hey you know what the reason we’re more divided now and that we can come together is because
of present all bomb in not because of the republicans out of the republican party because
they’re the ones who have recently other nineteen europe leader possibly believe
that no sane person the country things repose organ really hard to unite us and try to come up with deals and
compromises but president while just won’t let them arthur just spare yourself and just may get a little
clearer to try to not better go on prices the essay and write this sign
okay incase what you were doing was too
subtle they’ll understand it do you see that for sale papaya martha davis and i have
for sale i was four cells a democrat i will not
be even more for sale as a republican on abuse sleep at night

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  1. I agree that NAFTA wasn't very helpful. But that didn't mean that every business had to pull stakes & move to compete. And smashing the labor laws will essentially take us back to the days of Upton Sinclair's "Jungle". But I guess the GOP wants that. What's worse is that the knuckleheads who vote for them don't understand that it'll them (the poor & uneducated) who'll end up in the trenches, not the those elitist, overeducated liberals. The "free market" is an illusion.

  2. I refuse to criticize or name call someone who has every american right to switch political parties. My only question to him is… What could you possibly see in the other party that will make our country better when it's under their stewardship that originally placed us in this hellhole?

  3. 1) They only add to the debt if the money spent on them is not all used.
    2) Even if you want to consider every red cent given to them as part of the national debt, military spending still counts for FAR more of the debt than all of those other departments combined.
    3) Now you need to show that the urban development department is useless.

    If you want to argue that it's all wasteful than I might agree since all of these things have a lot of waste.

  4. yeah, like the conservative led states such as Alabama, Mississippi, etc, they're doing so fucking wonderfully. Maybe they fare better in the dumb-and-poor-as-fuck department.

    It wasn't 'liberal social justice policies in housing' that did ruined things. It was entirely bipartisan. Conservatives like Bush endorsed it strongly.

  5. Honestly, every state is having issues right now. Louisiana and Mississippi are both in the bottom 10 for education. In fact it is the red states that dominate the lower brackets of education, except California. But I don't think it is so much red states/blue states, its the US as a whole that has been doing poorly lately. Republicans and democrats have failed, we need something new.

  6. Wow, seriously?? How fitting that he went on FNC to make his announcement. He was a blue dog anyway, so this is not a big shock. Due to his power moves after leaving Congress, I agree with Cenk, he has left himself open to the perception that he is susceptible to campaign donor influence.

  7. Wow, he really does talk out of the side of his mouth. The Dems can only be improved by you leaving and the GOP, well, they always need more Uncle Toms

  8. U know what I'm tried of them calling the rich or these wall street fat cats or these major corporations job creators. Tell me what jobs did they create…………………don't worry I wait……………….

  9. I love this place and you people. It truly restores my faith in mankind seeing the intelligent conversations happening in these videos.

  10. Once upon a time REPUBS ran a democrat against a incumbent democrat to deprave her of her district votes by having repubs vote democrat in the democratic primary! She lost! are you catching the drift HERE! SO IT GOES! VOICES ARE DEADENED!

  11. how has obama tried to bring us together… I'll agree that republicans aren't trying to unite everyone but I don't see how obama is either will someone please educate me?

  12. I typed QUIT while you're behind… not QUITE lol… Can you read? If not, just copy and paste if you attempt to quote someone else. My initial comment was a joke, but you want to continue to drown in your sea of stupidity. My comment probably hit too close to home with you because you have the same haircut, even though you claim to be a woman LOL Put some weave one your head baldy and and Weave me aWone! A 40 is what your mom bottle fed you as a child.

  13. He isn't accomplishing anything this way either. I am not saying that what he does has no value… far fro … but him being loud on a youtube news station isn't causing any revolutions.
    And I am capable of being angry and motivated without being so dramatic and over the top.

    Regardless though… it is my opinion of how he presents the news. It has no consequence on you.

  14. I feel that he exaggerates everything and certainly places words in peoples mouths… Now, the words he is putting in, I think, are generally accurate.
    But I rather he be more objective.

    He uses the same tools that any other group might use to make others sway towards their beliefs.. telling you how to interperate the information and how it should make you feel.

    I think that if information is true, anyone with half a brain will agree with it on their own.

    But, that is my opinion.. that's it.

  15. Firstly, why do all you TYT haters always say "Cenk" or "Ana" when dissing them as if you actually know who they are and you've been a long-time listener. Secondly, who are you voicing your opinion to, bro? No1 gives a shit about your highly misinformed opinion

  16. There is no compromise on liberty. There is no possible compromise, there is no compromise on: give me liberty or give me death.

    There is no compromise on NDAA.
    There is no compromise on wars.
    There is no compromise on freedom.

    There are Democrats and there are Republicans and they are two heads of the same snake that is eating the world.

    There is no compromise, there can be no compromise, there must be no compromise.

    Ron Paul 2012.

  17. The reason he jumped ship is because of progressives. Many democrats such as myself are switching to independent or republican because progressives are ruining the country. Progressive are the antithesis of what republicans and real democrates are.

  18. Fact: Artur Davis was one of then-Sen. Obama's national and state co-chairs in 2008. The Dems and Obama didn't change, Mr. Davis changed by moving further and further to the right.

    P.S. When Repugs find this so-called anti-capitalist, free trade hating Obama characture they keep talking about, please let us common folk know, I'd like to meet him.

  19. You're so full of shit it's coming out of your ears. The democratic party has always been the domaine of progressives. FDR progressive. JFK progressive. Lyndon Johnson, progressive. It's the party of working people, of unions, fair trade, and 3rd way government. You have a hell of a lot of nerve saying who's a real democrat. You're probable a dixiecrat. You should have jumped ship a long time ago with the rest of the racists and coporate sell outs.

  20. @Newenlightenmentnow " racist and corporate sell outs"? How can you generalize and make blanket statements about a party? You do realize that 58million people voted for John McCain ? The bottom line is that the progressive agenda doesn't jive with Christian beleifs wich is starting to alienate the tens of millions of Christian democrates. Mark my words your going to see a split in the democratic party very soon.

  21. How am i not surprised by this…… Government whore willing to sell his ass to anyone & say anything at any cost.

  22. Please list how your religious rights have been compromised. How has Obama and the progressive democrats made practicing your religion difficult? Sure, it's easy to say that progressives are ruining this country, but how? And how are the republicans/conservatives going to serve you better? Remember this country was founded upon keeping church out of state and not everyone's a christian and we need to be tolerant of other's beliefs or non-beliefs and keep god out of govt.

  23. It's actually true. After Truman desegregated the military and LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act, the segregationist Southern Dixiecrats such as Strom Thurmond felt they no longer had a place with the Democrats. The fact that Goldwater opposed the CRA only sweetened the deal. They jumped ship to the GOP, and by the time Nixon was elected, the South had flipped solid red and has remained so ever since. Interesting, huh?

    Anyway, I'm not too worried. The idiot Democrats will just become Repubs. =D

  24. @mrselfdestruct23 For example gay marriage. Obama came out with his anti  Christ stance on gay marriage gambling with the votes of tens of millions of Christian democrates. Im simply saying that republican and democrat Christians can't co-exist in a political party with progressives. The democrat party is being weakened by progressives. You'll see in November, despite some polls Romney wins by a land slide. Progressives have to stop their social and economic agendas if the party is to survive.

  25. Cenk, if Obama's health care plan is so fantastic, why did congress exempt themselves from the law? Sounds like Artur Davis did the right thing.

  26. 0:52 – 1:17
    was anyone else thinking: "yes, because of the republicans……republican's fault….also because of the republicans….republicans…..republicans"

  27. Thank you Cenk for making TYT, thank you for pointing out these liars. Thank you for keeping the attack on the sell-out wimpy dems too. We won't find this real analysis on TV. Thank you bless your heart for being honest and passionate in this line of work, that so desperately needs more guys like you. I wish you would make the leap and declare yourself an atheist, but I'm fine with you being an agnostic, the next best thing. Hope you read this and know that your work is greatly appreciated.

  28. You are right, republicans are the antithesis of progressives. As such we should start calling them what they really are. Regressive.

  29. The country's citizens need to take back power from the corporations, and war mongers. If we want the WORLD to survive…

  30. This guy is sickening. I almost want to change my stance on beating sense into people with an lead pipe because this guy is just so fucking scummy it makes me fucking uncomfortable to know that people in power in this country are this fucking dishonest and ignorant and fucking hateful. Fucking makes me sick.

  31. Hey how much did you get paid Artur? Lol I'm not surprised he was Black 🙂 Reps love getting those black folks on FoxNews Puppet written allover his face what a joke

  32. Finally the only smart Democrat who admitted he was wrong. We need more role models like him in this country!

  33. He's not a moron – he's a materialistic, profit-driven corporate whore. What he lacks isn't intelligence but basic human decency.

  34. I'm in Alabama and believe me when I say this, Republicans here WILL NOT accept Artur Davis. He is a liberal Dem (who went to an elitist school, Harvard) who is not welcome. He would have done better had he simply become an Independent and stood on his own principles.

  35. Fuck Alan Keys , Fuck Micheal Steele and fuck every other person of color out there sucking dick for change. Thats what keeps the GOP alive…People willing to Suck DICKS for change. Litteraly

  36. Most importantly they tricked white people into thinking its the mexicans and blacks fault they dont have benefits and a fucking job. No cuz you keep voting for Assholes and they keep winning THATS why our countrys so fucked up.

  37. TYT started out pretty small, and Cenk has been running this way the whole time. I'd say it is having an effect on his success. Whether the point is to change minds, or get people who already agree with you riled up on an important issue, being energetic and forceful gets attention.

  38. Oh yeah.. He is certainly finding success and brings important information out for the public.. And attention he does get.
    I just have a preference.
    Doesn't mean I feels so strongly about it I would stop watching though.
    I think TYT is great.

  39. I don't know much about politics, and I'm not even from America, but this is like a soap opera i watch every day 😀


  41. Why do you want America to become another failed state? Another third world basket case dictatorship. Third world countries are characterized by corrupt and dictatorial government and and a massive gulf between a tiny minority of wealthy elites and the disease and starvation struck masses. They also have either no or crumbling infrastructure and they are usually governed by fear and brutality. Why are you so proud about wanting America to turn into a bigger shit hole than it already is?

  42. So America becoming a place of contrasts between a small minority enjoying excessive wealth and luxury contrasted against a mass of poverty and hopelessness is what you would regard as 'the American dream'? It just sounds like any other shitty backwater in Africa or Latin America to me. But as long as you are in the rich minority who gives a fuck right?

  43. Chestveeg, that's funny when you say Progressives have to stop their social agenda… no, the Christians have to stop their social agenda if the Christian party is to survive.

  44. He's about to get called every offensive/quasi-racial thing possible from the left and an Uncle Tom from every black democrat

  45. Your numbers are wrong. Obama took over in Jan 2009, and the employment rate he was given was 8.5%. Plus you have to consider the fact that under Obama job growth was only negative during the first three months of his presidency, the rest has been positive job growth, albeit very small growth. The reason that employment is high under Obama (was at 9.5%, now at 8.1%) is that more people have been seeking work. I don't love Obama either, but he's in the right here.

  46. well that's the thing then, which set of numbers do we go with. I like to take it from when Obama officially took over, since until then he has no power to change policy, other than outlining his goals. Plus, we gotta take it from when the recession started, which was right at the end of the Bush presidency when the market bubble finally popped. I attribute this bubble to the failure of the Bush administration to properly regulate our markets. A failure that Obama is now repeating.

  47. There's a laundry list of party jumpers on both sides of the aisle in Congress, and also at the local and state levels of government. Some like Arlen Spector and Jim Bradford switched three times from democrat to republican and back to democrat. It must not just be about money, because New York Mayor Bloomberg has all the money in the world, and yet, he also has switched parties, so Davis is simply following on the heels of many others before him who switched parties for political expediency.

  48. And if Artur Davis were still a democrat, you would be calling him an angel standing for the common man LOL. The truth is, more African Americans are church-going, entrepreneurial and socially conservative Americans. To paraphrase a former President's comment on hispanics, African Americans are Republicans, they just don't know it yet. Romney 2012.

  49. @ MrMokeybusiness– I would not waste my time talking to calimar28, all that person does is speak conservative talking points. I do like the Switzerland Govt and Economy. Both seem to be doing better than the U.S.

  50. They're paid prostitutes, trophy wives if you wanna be nice. Steele is at least kind of consistent and sane at times. Keys, Cain, West, and especially this Davis guy are pieces of shit.

  51. We Alabamians did not vote for him, nor did we trust that clown. He got mad cause we did not like him, so he high tail the hell to another state as a Republican. He want be liked in VA either.

  52. Whats wrong with a conservative democrat. Quote from commentator, Illiterate Black man Conservative Ok, Illiterate Black man Democrat Racist. Noting hypocritical here. Turk rhymes with Jerk which you are!

  53. Only the smart Dem's convert The rest are just plain stupid puppets. Way to go Mr. Davis. Suck to be a Democrat. Dems are on the wrong side of right time and time again. Listen to this moron puppet try make the case….NOT! Libs please leave our great country. What a chump this guy talking is what a bought and paid for brainwashed dink You had the house and senate for two years you morons. You also had it the last two years of bush. DUH, worthless party. Anti American losers, the LEFT!!

  54. Congressional republicans & Governors rejecting Obama Presidency. Like racist refusing authority of Black Police until they're in handcuffs

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