Democrat calls for gun ban, prison for holdouts

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. This is an example of the very few controlling the mass's  who do not want to comply with the very few's agenda.

  2. You can impose a gun ban but, very few will go to prison! If law enforcement shows up to take my guns, we will have a shootout. After I'm dead they can have permission to take my guns! I'm not alone! Shootouts will become routine.

  3. They set in high. And If there is to much restince they walk back a bit and do something less. But still nibble on your gun rights. Politicians do this all the time.

  4. The Democrat leadership of San Francisco has turned parts of that city into an outdoor sewer. Third world diseases are blossoming because of diseased illegal aliens. Anything a left wing politician has to say is probably not worth considering because they have demonstrated themselves to be idiots.

  5. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States:
    “Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily lives, and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom.”
    The Democrat Party died the same day that JFK was murdered by the deep state. The Democrats are now just a mob of liberals who are always trying to assert their will which is manifested in a perversion of justice, in wronging someone, in turning a matter upside down and dealing deceitfully with the American people.

  6. The only semi automatic rifle in that video was at the 2:15 minute mark in the video. The other scary guns were bolt action hunting rifles and a shotgun.

  7. Dumbocrats what on God's green earth is the matter with you….first you are attempting a coup which will back fire badly and now you are trying to start a civil war… try going through with this and that is exactly what you will get.

  8. That dipshit California politician is fuck'n brain dead, if he thinks guns will ever be confiscated here in the US! The hell is the matter with him??

  9. Wake up .americans.every communist leader .disarmed their fools.b4 they slaughtered millions of them.if you demorats.want our guns civil war will follow .you democrats.have murdered 140 million chrildrens.wake up fools. Communist controlled.democrats .are our enemys

  10. The Demo-Nazis just love to score intellectual hit points. This Swalwell critter is most unwell. He might just as well go back to bed. His impudent tirades are utterly boring.

  11. What pisses me off is people like this moron and Beto standing up and mouthing off but they don't move without armed security. Not to mention they say what "they" are going to do but all they will to is order other guys with guns to do their dirty work. ALL of them can kiss my a*s!

  12. The congressman or his kids should be forced to join the police force and stand in the front of the line to enter the house.

    Just remember what happened to British on their march back to Concord- -50% casualties. Good luck congressman.

  13. The reason Japan didn’t invade the US during ww2 was because all the US citizens at the time had guns to defend them selves

  14. 1. Shall not be infringed! 2. You can’t buy back what you never owned! 3. We have gun rights to keep a tyrannical government in check. 4. Our gun rights are what created this country fighting for our freedom against a tyrannical government.

  15. The very people who want our guns are the same people creating crimes in our country, didnt that happen in Germany ?

  16. They been too nice about our rights? Wrong. We've been too nice about not blowing their f ing brains out for treason to the American public

  17. Who gives flying fk what these liberals want to do.They still have to find the balls to do it and use their own guns take away our guns…

  18. Send Swalwell to a third world country for a year to see how he like it there! May he suffer somebody robbing him at gun point!

  19. So he says the government has been too nice about the second amendment? Well I think WE THE PEOPLE have been too nice about politicians like swalwell

  20. Guess who’s going to Lowe’s is election next term, any politician who tries to take away law abiding citizens weapons those weapons are for hunting so protection against fools who don’t respect others possessions…

  21. Beto, swalwell, and others who wish to steal our guns are in for a rude and deadly surprise when they try this unconstitutional gun control measure. People will not comply PERIOD!!

  22. The reason no one is talking about banning handguns (yet) is that semiautomatic rifles are a far greater threat to tyrants.

  23. Buy back? When did government start selling firearms? And if they want to pay the fair price, there's not enough money. No one will give them up anyway. Ya know, the word "safety", is not in the second amendment. However, the words "being necessary to the security of a free state", are.

  24. I can’t wait to see how they think they will House all the citizens that refuse to comply with their gun laws. This country can’t build enough jails to put everyone in. This shows the stupidity of the people in Washington. If the little scommies in California don’t want guns in their state then fine by me. But keep your noses out of everyone else’s business.

  25. The law is already on the books. If the cops were able to do their job, they would just go into these crime-feasted inner cities and take down all these criminals that have hundreds of shootings every week, killing our babies in crossfire

  26. I said shoot the police if their come to your house to take your guns from you I have a ar 15 won,t give it up without a fight

  27. Maybe this jerk should be more involved in cleaning up the problems in his own backyard before he tries to fix the whole country!

  28. Swalwell is nothing more than an entitled PRICK. Go live or lobby for your real constituants….below the border. Actually make that here, Cali.

  29. And Swawell is the Congress Man that said he would Nuke gun owners . And here California is burning and the Democratic members voted for in Congress and the Senate don't do anything about that .

  30. Politicians who want to limit, repeal or redefine any part of the Bill of Rights should be arrested and jailed.  They are unfit to serve and unfit to be an American.

  31. Here's how they can confiscate the guns of the mentally impaired. Stop doctors from subscribing vitamins B12 and D3. Hide the damage done by the Growth Factor given cows, chickens and pigs to the elderly. Hide the lectin damage in our plants. Hide the brain damage done by avoiding caprylic acid in coconut oil. Claim all senility to be mental decline, needing gun confiscation!

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