Democracy Is Sexy

(percussive music) – Hi, I’m Dil Passings, a
representative from your area. I’m here to make all your
legislative dreams come true. – Are you a constituent
looking for a representative? (echo) – Do you ever stay up all night wishing someone would
just listen to your voice? – Call us for some good,
legal, all American fun. – [Narrator] Two O Two Two
Two Four Three One Two One. Two O Two Two Two Four Three One Two One. – You can tell us about any issue that you deeply, deeply care about. – [Narrator] Democracy. – Marriage equality. – Renewable energy. – Immigration. – Freedom of information. – Reproductive rights. – Affordable health care. – And so much more. – [Narrator] Two O Two Two
Two Four Three One Two One. Call now. – And guess what? You don’t have to be over 18 to call. It’s fun for the whole family. – No matter where you live. – Where you come from. – Or what you believe
in, we’re here to listen. – There’s nothing sexier
than active resistance. Use your voice. – We are the people. – We have the power. – We can make a difference. – So call us now. Seriously, it’s not that hard. – [Narrator] You know
what’s better than sex? Democracy. – Hi, my name is Kevin. I am not a senator, but I’m a member of the great big disco dance
party known as America. What you just saw was obviously a parody, but the number presented
was absolutely real. Call this number below,
and you’ll be connected to a switchboard where you can contact your local member of Congress. These people depend on you
and your vote for their job, so they want to hear from you. So if you’re watching the news, or just scrolling through
Facebook and seeing angry memes and just feel angry or hopeless, just remember that there’s
something you can do about it, and it’s actually really easy. Just punch in these ten beautiful digits, and you’ll be connected to
your specific Congressperson. Tell them your hopes, your
opinions, and your worries. Ask them how they’re gonna
vote on particular bills. Remember, they work for you, and trust me, they’re gonna write this all down. It’s their job. If you want more information about contacting your representative, take a look in the video description and call your representative today. I’m gonna call mine right now. It’s real easy. It’s busy, but we’re gonna keep trying.

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  1. American isn't a democracy lol, we're a democratic republic. In a democracy, you vote on EVERYTHING. In a democratic republic, you vote on people to represent you on those things instead.

  2. Why does BuzzFeed just make videos assuming everybody has the same views as they do and always talk about politics? Just one reason why everybody hates them.

  3. America is a Constitutional Republic. Not a Democracy. Does 51% rule over 49%, no. Cause that's how a Democracy is run.

  4. I don't really have a problem with adults who humiliate children but Rosie O' Donnell, Katy Rich, and Chelsea Clinton need to do the world a favor and get their tubes tied.

  5. Liberal fearmongering, obviously this video is targeted at trump and his policies, please stop with the politics buzzfeed, go back to making videos that appeal to college kids with an extra chromosome

  6. fake news! what is reproductive rights? if they're on about homosexuality then that isn't reproduction because only a man and a woman can reproduce sexually.

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  8. Democracy is sexy and virtuous to the society as it promotes accountability and competition,and socialism is the cancer to the society, it has kill off the minds of the masses into class struggle and identity politics. It is very similar to the national socialist movement and Leninism in the 20th century, and we all know how it resulted in. Massive carnage!

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