Dem Aide Says First Hour Of Impeachment Hearing Expected To Be A ‘Blockbuster’ | Hardball | MSNBC

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  1. i wish, that, they would not do the five minute soundbite questions from each member. Let the Republicans do that, but, i wish the Democrats would pick a few of the sharpest congresspeople to ask their questions. If Jordan and Meadows make this into a big drama, they will only increase the interest by the general public. They would have been better to just let this proceed in quiet with no big production on their part.

  2. Chump has made enough public statements since the call to confirm his agency in this whole thing. Mulvaney nailed the coffin.

  3. Republicans are such hypocrites. They cry about their own rules then refuse to participate in making of the rules.when you have clowns defending a clown you get a circus.

  4. you got ask yourselves is this how we want our democrats to act?and when are they going to do the job they were hired for?when their not butt hurt?im still electing donald trump for president. why cause of the democrats and pelosi and their b s

  5. The whistle blower should testify, what's shilff afraid of…Schiff blocked GOP witness ,what's shilff afraid of, tovowinski lied under oath why aren't the Democrats going after her, this a kangaroo court if I did see one, when trump is reelected in 2020 the coup should resign and be criminally charged

  6. Hahahahahaha 10:30 when the woman commentator als most forgot to use the new fake language (bribe) she almost said Quit pro quo 😂 😂 😂 super hilarious!

  7. Republicans: secret hearings in the basement are unfair! (Despite Republicans being part of them)
    Dems: they’re public now.
    Republicans: we will not listen to any of the public hearings!

  8. They have said that about every flop that they have been having for the past 3 years….someone said something I think who was told by someone else who I assumed dealt with something on this at possibly some time…..still waiting for the "Trump told me to do this" to be stated….and since it didn't happened it won't be….

  9. Not a single Republican witness was allowed to testify, and you Democrats think this is going to be a fair hearing? It's a Democrat clown show.

  10. Thanks, Mr. Matthews, and panel. Please, let us not forget that there were TWO prongs to Trumpie’s extortion of Zelensky, and our ally, the Ukraine. One was Biden, yes. The other was to discredit “that Russia Thing”! The 2016 Election interference. In both, Vlad’s puppet was doing his master’s bidding!

  11. Fools read the transcript and make the public know Schriff will not let Republicans bring witness or face the liaer that started this would any of you go to trial with this one sided fake trail Isure will not watch any of you fake news people There is a phone call you fools and these so called witness were not even in the room and the president has the responsibility to find and get to the bottom of all courption

  12. All watch the Democrats accuse Trump of doing what they are actually doing. The real question is why did Ukraine and China give Joe Biden son billions of dollars and why is the news media covering it up?

  13. How stupid to bring SwallowsWell on to talk about it. Instant discredibility. BE BIG, GO BOLD , DO GOOD and IM PATHETIC. What a total FCKUP

  14. ERIC SWALLOWSWELL complete FCKUP. Get him off the screen. So obvious and typical of these liberal leftist fckups to tell us what we should think about this before we see it. So predictable. Typical democrat move. Sorry we don’t fall for it this time.

  15. Round Two of  Dems accusing Trump of their own crimes.  First Hillary colluded with Russia (and/or Ukraine) to generate and launder the fake "dossier."  Then Biden makes an explicit and corrupt quid pro quo with Ukraine, before Trump even ran for office.  Why is Trump then blamed for Clinton and Biden perfidy?
    The only defense the Dems have is a very tenuous and shaky offense.  Trump in a landslide in 2020.

  16. Question:

    Why did Donald sent Rudy Giuliani to deal with the government to government help between US and Ukraine?

    …if Giuliani is not a diplomat but, a personal lawyer defending an protecting the President, why Donald involved him doing international politics instead of using the diplomatic political and constitutional channels which are USA ambassadors but never a personal lawyer of which constitutional has not right to mess around in this Nation State politics?

    …if Donald is been observed by member of the US Congress cuz been suspicious of using his presidential power to benefit himself, his family and near acquaintances, why he uses someone not legally assigned to run Presidential errands with another countries? …but USA Ambassadors?

    These questions are based on the “historic first public hearing on two key witnesses face question on pres. Trump & Ukraine in first public hearing” presented live in CBSN, 13 of November @ 12:01 pm.: “IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY HEARINGS.” In Capitol Hill …USA.

  17. The American people are wanting congress to be shut down and removed and charged with there crimes for all these miss -guided disruptions, and are tired of all this crap, wasting billions of dollars of our taxes on these disruptions of this embarrassing country, and have ignored the American people and it's vote, I call on the American people to shut down this embarrassing Government, It's gone on for to long, not one congressmen has done there jobs on any real issues, instead of looking out for the American people they fight over there own personally attacking our country garbage, nothing is getting done because of this garbage. It's time to shut this down like it should of been done years ago! Time for the people to rise up and fight against these disruptions and replace congress before there is no country left and another civil war breaks out as the world and it's enemies watches our embarrassing weak country fall apart, and dividing us further apart because of congress and it's inability to function, while attacking our own country!

  18. When asked none of the witnesses could actually point out what was impeachable in the transcript of the phone conversation. Your narrative on this is so partisan and exaggerated.

  19. Heard this kind of talk during the years Russia gate from the broadcasters at MSNBC. I'll wait till it gets to the Senate.

  20. You want to hear something scary. When the revolution happens all these journalists that spread fake news will be on trial. I would not want to be one of these people so scary

  21. Oh hi Chrissssssss…oh look people…it's "Thrill up my leg" Christie! And according to him "We've got a really big 'shew' " for you…the phony impeachement!!! (apologies to Ed Sullivan). Oh Chrissssss…it's mind boggling to see this phony baloney nothing called Chrissssey on TV and pulling down big $$$$ when what he does isn't even entertainment…it's plain baaaaadddddd! A real blockbuster…like Chrisssy's head!

  22. Nunes is quite a nasty little bulldog, isn't he? He started barking at the two dudes as soon as he was given the microphone.

  23. Putin wins if Trump is impeached, it harms the US and the power of the office of the President. Putin wins if Trump is not impeached, it harms the US and the power of the office the President. But the first one is way to healing and closure. The second one is a way into the abyss.

  24. What are you people doing? Dont you have some one to shake down? No, listening devices to install, no fiber-optics? No co-workers wife to fool around with? C`mon there must be some rules of the Constitution you could be disavowing or surely some Commandments you could be ever so slightly bending just a tad? Ever since Radio Shack went under I guess it just sorta threw you guys off your game a notch, but I`m always comforted and secure in the knowledge that there will be another generation coming up one day, and by that time surely to God, you will have had trained them on how to make their own devices and to never use anything as antiquated as Email and above all else, never ever attempt to do the right thing. I`m supremely confident that you will have at least completed that task, us po folk dont care if it cost another trillion dollars, weeze all know y`all gots a job to do!…proud a ya fellas! ugh, In closing, it just occurred to me that for most of my life anyway, I foolishly thought that it was axiomatic, that no politician, on any level and most especially not on yours would ever betray and criminally neglect their country to the point where we are an afterthought because selfishly, mistakenly, traitorously, they want to be the hero that tosses that mythical, righteous, hypocritical stone, which is absolutely oxymoronic, because you all live in such fine, five story,.sixteen bathroom, cul-de-sac……glass houses…….Jesus, I wish some a you would get laid, or get a hobby or whatever it takes to facilitate your metamorphosis back into human beings

  25. As the late great Strother Martin once said…How did we end up with these greasy vagabonds? Or maybe one of his other classic, legendary quotes..What we have here, is a failure to communicate…I dont know, there both so…..appropriate

  26. Trump acts like everything is a "reality" tv show. Why is the hearing going to be a "blockbuster". Are we trying to impeach him or to be really popular. As long as it works!

  27. It was a block buster and it fell on the democrats head. Their two start witnesses didn't even know what they were doing there.

  28. I remember when Donald Trump was running for president that he would win and then later be impeached well they were correct he did win and he shall be impeached I guess this open the door for the Antichrist if the world could understand that the stage is being set for the entry or the entrance Armageddon the ending

  29. Anyone who has any knowledge of the law weather democrat or republican knows this is a circus and a waste of time. If you support this kind of law you had better hope you are never in front of a judge and he deals with you under this type of law or you will be doomed!

  30. Why they hide it in a secret sever , RepubliCONS ask to show the whistleblower , they should ask to release the server .they seating on .

  31. You people are so absolutely stupid it is amazing. Trump will be re elected in 2020 because the majority of Americans are smart and can think for themselves. The minority believe this crap and are led like sheep cause you cant think for yourselves. I feel sorry for you all

  32. If Trump is so innocent then why don't he take the stand and explain the infamous phone call himself…. Oh wait 🤔🤔😒

  33. FOX GOP NEWS fanatics will watch their propaganda spin and won't change their mind. Thus, their Senators will NOT remove Trump. We will be stuck with a crook as President.

  34. Cenk was talking to Ro Khanna and Ro asked him if there was any truth in the rumour, Cenk laughed and said no comment . He's running.

  35. Sorry, but these Press and Political Left people are the lowest form of pond life. They lie with wild abandon… A real flourish… That can't simply be learned. You are born with it.

  36. Corroborated testimony proved:
    Trump has violated his oath of office, betrayed this nation, and
    committed the impeachable acts of bribery, extortion, abuse of power,
    and obstruction of justice. Any president having done so must be impeached and should be REMOVED

  37. Why does the VATICAN have nucular missles aimed at nucular power plants in the us and across other regions in the world including china, why is there secret communacation between pence and the vatican, plus communacations with some of our top terriots groups in plans of a coridinated attack to ellivate mike pences statis to make him the next world leader. then there are millions saying he is the next antichrist the 3rd one who will ignite the 27 year war which will last 37 years. once the war is done then the new world order begins and 127 years the ice age will start. i am unable to understand why we are a people of war rather than soultions, pence is already using nasa for war reason instaed of life reason. we have aprx. 200 years to come up with a way to survive the 11750 year ice age thats to come. sadly the world rather fight needless wars and mine others affairs instead of what is truely mankinds biggest threat. blindly follow elected leaders and we all die regardless the out come. or come together world wide and solve our greatess threat then everyone can go back to these petty and useless wars and fights. mankind is extremely smart, were just foolish when it comes to seeking vengence for the sake of justice. we are suppose to be free, so please use your freedom not to fight but to find truth because all the fighting we do now will not stop the end of the world when the tempertures drop so fast we frezze were we stand. the is only 2 true organation that i heard about threw there coded messages that have actually start to turn to the true enemy the end of the world. it time the world comes together and china is only one part of the eqaution the us, is another part. there or 8 others but i haven't firgure out who. the is also a code that will be use to cummuncate that no man or computer can decipher also a new langage is being written this i do not know.

  38. I wish people like Laura Ingraham and Kellyann Conway could reach a higher standard, but I seriously doubt it. Not to get off point, but this is exactly why, for example, the UNREDACTED VERSION of the Mueller Report will NEVER be released. Trump could never use the Mueller Report ever again to prove his innocence (IF) the UNREDACTED VERSION were to be released. So sad to see such LOYALTY wasted on such a crook.

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