Defeating President Donald Trump Key To Democratic Voter Preferences: Poll | MSNBC

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  1. OH KNOW here is that creepy little man child with the big digital white board…. Clinton has a 98 percent chance of winning.

  2. I am sick of that stupid inaccurate map. It gives the impression that America is all conservative. Small pockets of blue in a sea of red. They need to change to a weighted model.

  3. Let's make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from the Clinton Corps in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere.

  4. This independent voter will NOT be voting for our local Democratic congressman again in 2020!!! He/Dems are wasting time with this impeachment crap – and have done nothing for millions of middleclass families like mine!!!
    I'm no Trump fan.
    But this whole thing is so obvious…the Democrats are just trying to get rid of Trump – or damage him going into 2020!
    What he said on the Ukraine phone call did not rise to the level of "treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors"!
    Let the American people decide in 11 months and three weeks!

  5. EVERYBODY KNOWS – Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron 
    Verse 243:
    Everybody knows they followed his orders
    Everybody knows they were all in the loop
    Everybody knows Sondland said quid pro quo
    Who were all the members of the Trump troupe?
    Everybody knows in word and deed
    His corruption is plain for all to see
    Got caught by whistle blows
    Everybody knows

    A Trumpian Supper
    Gordon Sondland Trashes Giuliani, Says ‘We Followed the President’s Orders’
    Sondland Says He Followed Trump’s Orders to Pressure Ukraine
    Lev Parnas Helped Rep. Devin Nunes’ Investigations
    It’s Over
    Video: Trump reads from his own talking points
    Cartoon: So you’re getting impeached
    Fox Anchor Chris Wallace: Sondland Just Ran the Bus Over Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Giuliani and Mulvaney
    WATCH: Rep. Schiff’s full closing statement in Gordon Sondland hearing | Trump impeachment hearings
    WATCH: Rep. Adam Schiff’s full closing statement in Cooper, Hale hearing
    WATCH: Rep. Adam Schiff’s full closing statement in Hill and Holmes hearing

  6. Just Imagining what our dead soldiers and their families fighting Russia feel and our forefathers of United States rolling in their graves, if it wasn't for these heroes testifying Russian 🇷🇺 would be on the white house

  7. No matter HOW MUCH YOU TRY TO not cover Bernie Sanders; A) He has the most (total number of individual donations) and B) Even on Instagram he has at least twice as many followers as any of these candidates…. Try all you want with your fake smile, but you know deep inside Bernie is the most popular…

  8. media has picked warren like they did hillary, we will see if pete or other can still win this. Bernie got robbed 2016. That was his big chance.

  9. Trump mayn’t be the last of his ilk, nor the worst…
    I think he heralds a Trump 2.0, one who learns from Trumps’ failures and whose followers are better organized and more hardcore. Like Aussie cricketers.

    The root of MAGA lies in the accelerating change and social dislocation of the undereducated, conservative masses. The threat arises from something fundamentally cataclysmic, and our Brexiting, MAGA brethren are the canaries in the coal mines of time. The changes threaten more than their lives however— the changes threaten the Nation State itself.

    Hear me out. The Nation State, with its traditional pillars of strength is being weakened from within—
    (1) with free movement of nation-agnostic Capital across national borders,
    (2) with really free movement of “elites”— educated folk that can move over 100 miles away for work, and their resultant globalist attitudes (vs. MAGA views or Brexiteer views),
    (3) social media freeing public opinion and rendering the power-structure unable to construct opinion (leading to Hong Kong uprising, as also in Bolivia, France, Yellow Vests, etc., etc.)
    (4) financial system moving from currency based, market limited, bank-circulated monies, to include non-traditional, crypto- etc. based currency, merging of market with the World Wide Web, and delocalization of banking (think Apple Pay).

    … all this is threatening the traditional “nation state”, the essential European project post reformation.

    The nation state is threatened from without by MASSIVE global scale challenges… AI, Climate Change, Population Decline, emergence of “G-zero” world order, and Rising risk of nuclear weapon trafficking …

    …problems that’ll force global rules of road, resources, policing, and coordination are here before the nation state was ready.

    The globalists think, “let’s remain in the Euro”, “give Hong Kong freedom”, liberate Kashmir, and impeach the MAGA MF.

    But the masses aren’t blessed with a globalist consciousness. They are tied to a zip code. They want to keep those from a hundred miles out of their zip code. They want to protect their kids from the internet, their church from the state, keep their daughters virgin, and their guns loaded. Their bigger worry is Christ not suffusing Christmas and the nig***s gettin uppity. Keep the Turks and Poles outta Great Britain. Keep the models busty and the Queen white.

    It’s tough when your race, your language, the flag, the neighborhood, and your job, all get threatened in one generation. Lower classes start to equalize, and generational norms breakdown.

    That’s when Trump comes. Fails. Then returns. As Trump 2.0. Unless we can address the big cataclysm underway, adapt to it, and help our zip-code tied brethren, we are doomed to Trumpism.

  10. I wish they can stop worrying about beating TrumpI'm vote for the policy and vote for what changes that person can bring to the country 👍 obviously Trump 😂 electability NOT

  11. Dems you need to go back to sleep and tomorrow when you wake up and Trump is still president you'll know how every morning for the next five yrs will feel.

  12. Oc they leave andrew out of the stats.
    i would rather have andrew then these cherry picked losers who only want more of the same.
    the dif between DT and andrew is andrew has a plan that will work not just promises he will break.

    its unrealistic to say you can fix a bunch of stuff and not give out a plan. SHOW US THE PLANS PEOPLE.



  15. One poll MSNBC doesn't want to talk about is a poll where it shows Trump voters more likely to vote for Tulsi than any other Democrat. Biden, Harris, Warren buttegigieg and any other establishment puppet will all lose to Trump.

  16. All these charts, surveys, questions, theories, etc. are total BS for TV news stations to sell ads. They are completely irrelevant. The ONLY QUESTION is: ARE WHITE WOMEN voting for Trump again (52% or more) or not?

    If the answer is YES, then Trump could murder someone on Marco Rubio Avenue or Mar a Lago in Florida in broad daylight, or be convicted by the GOP controlled Senate in this impeachment trial …. and he WILL be reelected in 2020.

    If the answer is NO, then Trump is done. WHITE WOMEN. That's all we have to know.

    All the other subgroups, between 65% – 80%, we already know how they're voting: White males; Asian males; Asian females; Latino males; Latino females; Black males; Black females; Native males; Native females; Jewish males; Jewish females…. we know them all…. except WHITE FEMALES.

  17. election meddling is a crime,
    MSNBC is meddling with the election. Forget Russia, impeach MSNBC!!! Reported to ban msnbc.

  18. Unity?
    Who want's to be "Unified" with: Criminally, Incompetent, Insane Democrats who have 3 Years of Ranting as a Legislative Record instead of any meaningful Legislative Agenda to address the many serious Issues facing our Country?
    Results matter.
    Quarantine is an effective means to Stop the Democrat Contagion.
    Divisiveness leading to seperation from unhealthy Social Democrat Pathogens is a good thing.
    This is underway now because most Human Beings believe Life is best lived where Stewardship of our Public Commons is Practiced. Democrats own the House, they have accomplished nothing good with this Great Power over the last three Years.
    Democrats are unfit for Duty.
    House 2020!

  19. What we're 'focused on' is how often you ignore Bernie and give all your time to Pete!!! Stop pushing Pete forward at the expense of Bernie. You KNOW Bernie's the right one for the right time.

  20. If the Democrats think long term, they need Biden, he can return some respect and norlacy to the office of the POTUS for 1 term and then select a VP who can run as the candidate in 2024, Buttigeig or Harris . This would be a simple but effective strategy. Joe has at least one good term in him to right the ship and he is a statesman the country needs right now.

  21. Trumps got this 20+ year voting Democrat, Never again will I vote Dem! The Dems the Bush Era Repubs each the same the SWAMP! TRUMP 2020 LandSlide Victory! oh yeah How's those Low Ratings???

  22. Sanders campaign reached 4 million individual donations
    "The progressive senator led the Democratic primary pack in fundraising in the third quarter, raking in $25.3 million. The fundraising haul was fueled by roughly 1.4 million donations."

    Bernie Sanders hits 1 million donors
    ""Our strength is in numbers, and that is why Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who is able to say his campaign will rely only on grassroots funding in both the primary and against Donald Trump," Sanders' campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, said in a statement."

    Bernie Sanders Just Had the Biggest Campaign Event of the Primary
    "An estimated 26,000 people crowded into the venue in Queens, according to Politico, making it the single largest campaign event of the primary so far."

    Sanders Top Recipient Of Donations From Military
    "Sanders received $181,000 from the military, more than twice as much as veteran Pete Buttigieg, who received the second most donations with $79,142"

  23. If the DNC is so worried about simply beating Trump, maybe they shouldn't have smeared Tulsi Gabbard as a Russian plant.

  24. The key to beating Trump is Tulsi Gabbard ;
    MSNBC , I don't watch your false information here or TV because you rarely
    report the truth or twist the facts to fit the narrative of the war
    mongering establishment like you did for Mayor Childish Pete , Tulsi
    stated correctly about our troops to Mexico to deal with the drug
    cartel , not an invasion like you twisted into , you behaved like a
    child , so like a child take your lies and go home little boy , Even
    All the Lies of MSNBC establishment can save you and not being a DNC
    Puppet can either . Thanks Tulsi for wanting to meet with adversaries
    as well as our allies and telling the facts and Leadership you show
    and for being Presidential .
    I guess it's up to us to state the facts and Truth at fox and
    everywhere else we see the lies and smears this has to stop and stop
    now .

  25. MSNBC you guys are so out of touch smh. You should no longer host the debates. Your stats are wrong. Biden, Buttigieg have no chance of winning against Trump. How come you guys didn't asked Buttigieg about his cops or the FAKE endorsement he made up.

    Yang, Sanders, Gabbard are the only choices for 2020

  26. After Biden failing. Seems like the corporate elites who own msnbc and cnn are propagating hard for Wall Street Pete. Control the media control the minds

  27. Boycott MSNBC! The world doesn’t need a liberal version of Fox News. Journalism matters and you are a threat to our democracy with your clear bias.

  28. Hopefully Trump will be out of office before the election & the USA & others around the world can start repairing his damages.

  29. Buttigieg is an empty vessel. MSNBC are republicans, watch the interview with Michael Moore and sourpuss faces on Joy R. & Steve Schmidt. They would vote for Trump over Bernie. You may have the money but we got the people.

  30. I wont vote for him, a woman was robbed by Trump and if someone drops back from Medicare for all in( the Nation that “Is” Capitalism ).Then with a 61 vote Senate Super-Majority (never to be seen again) could not get Single-payer, then not even the Public Option and finally making massive consessions to the Republicans and Insursance Industries got ACA

  31. Were manipulated into calling it Obamare so the back-woods Rep.would just hear the name Obama and it would be evil to them. Get off the Socialism-it is our Ideal. Try this-I will fight to save what we have now, get back what we lost and set us on the right foot going forward. For me-Punish Russia Severely(bread and water-Gulag style) and tear down Any wall he got up

  32. And there you have it folks. The propaganda arm of the Democratic party just gave you the 4 candidates they want you to choose from. Now go ahead a be a lemming and follow them off a cliff. Democrats are mindless sheep.

  33. Trump has 38-44 percent running for the President and democrats have 47-52 percent running for the President. He must be losing in 2020.

    #BoycottMSNBC for never talking about #AndrewYang for keeping him out of polls and graphic s debate reviews maps and the list go on.

  35. Trump will win 2020. The democrats are too fractured, the far left won't support a moderate candidate and viceversa. Trump only needs the same base of 2016 to win.

  36. "Purity testing."

    The Republican have pro life and pro guns.. So yeah purity tests don't work 😛

    Medicare for All is how dems win. 90% approval with party voters even a majority of Republicans have learned Single Payer is the way to go.

  37. The party who will win the 2020 election is the party who can motivate the voters to actually go out and vote , supporting a party and not actually voting doesn't help a candidate to win a seat .
    Trumps base is about the same as the last election so the Democrats need about 5% more of their supporters to vote this time . I predict that Trump will lose the next election because more Democrats will actually be motivated to vote on election day in the same way in the recent Hong Kong election more dissatisfied voters come out and voted on election day which resulted in about a 90% increase in the vote for the previous opposition party that won the election this time

  38. Nope, sorry that would not be enough. If another centrist gets the democratic ticket, I am going to sit at home and probably enjoy when you guys make Trump a two term president.

  39. Lol NBC, you wonder why people hate big media so much, it's nonsense like this. Understand that it's things like this that are why people have become so susceptible to conspiracy thinking and part of why Trump is in office. If NBC or CNN, or FOX or whatever are trying to get a particular candidate elected, that's FINE, just don't lie about it. If you watch the Young Turks or other shows, they are totally transparent about who they want to win. But you? You lie and cheat, put up fake polls, misrepresent data, ignore candidates despite huge support, "accidentally" flip polling numbers (odd how you make that mistake multiple times every election and always against certain candidates isn't it?).

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