Dear Liberals: Let’s Talk! Love, a Leftist

Hello, internet! My name is Emerican Johnson, and I am freshly shorn. I had a haircut today and my beard was a casualty, so… That’s gone now, and my ears look much larger now, so… I feel ashamed and embarrassed and I’ve lost hipster cred. I’ve been sick for like two weeks, so I was sick in my last video, and I’m kind of sick now also, as well. So bear with me as I… …sweat and my microphone keeps falling off my ear. Hello, liberals! This video is a message and a greeting specifically for you. I used to be a liberal, just like you and before that, I used to be a right-wing libertarian for almost 30 years until I became a liberal and then, from being a liberal, I then moved on to what I would consider to be true leftism. So yeah, I’ve come full circle. Well, not full circle. I guess 180. I don’t know how circles work… I believe that liberals are… …by and large… …good people. Okay? If you’re watching this and you consider yourself to be a liberal, if you were somebody who supported Hillary or Bernie during the last election, if you’re somebody who opposes Donald Trump today, and you call yourself a progressive or a liberal, you’re probably a good person and you probably believe a lot of things that are not accurate, just like I used to believe, about capitalism and about… …the United States of American way of doing things and our government and our society. You probably believe things that you’ve been told your entire life, taken for granted… …that might not be true, and… this is really difficult to discuss and it’s really difficult to… …acknowledge and it took me a long time to wrap my head around it but… The problems that you have as a liberal with society… …are baked into the system that we have. Okay, so when you talk about inequality, when you talk about wealth disparity, when you talk about racism, when you talk about the gender gap, and homophobia… and all of the things that that make people in the United States of America suffer, and so many people in the United States of America suffer, and people in other countries, in other parts of the world suffer. Because of the systems that the United States of America were really founded on. So there are plenty of problems with the United States of America, with Western society, with capitalism. That’s not news to anyone even if you’re a… Die-hard Democrat liberal, you know that there are problems in this world, okay? So I’m not telling anything you there, but here’s what might be new for you, okay? And here’s what really pushed me to the true left. It’s not so much seeing the problems. Okay? The problems, like I said, they’ve always been there, they’ve always been evident. But what pushed me to the left was the hope that it gives me. What pushed me to the left was realizing that there is another path that humans can take, that could eliminate the suffering and the disparity and the inequality. There is a way for us to live where we can truly come together, work together, support each other and embrace what I believe is the true nature of humanity. I do believe that humans in our hearts are altruistic, socially oriented, communally oriented people, who like to work together and we like to build things together… and a capitalist or a right-wing libertarian would tell you that the only reason that humans have accomplished anything in history is because we are greedy and we want something for ourselves and we build skyscrapers and we build corporations to elevate ourselves so that people can have more money and so the people can have more power… and I just don’t buy that concept, because I am a creator myself and there are lots of things that I’ve created and wish to create that have nothing to do with getting more money. If life is better for other people in my community, my life is gonna be better as well. If those people that are sleeping on the street have homes to live in, there’s gonna be less crime, there’s gonna be less disease. There are gonna be less problems in my community. If gay people can get married, if black people can get a fair chance at… …succeeding in life, my life is going to be better! I truly believe that, y’know? We’re all gonna be better off if we work together and… …strive together for something greater. There’s so much more to talk about and that’s why I started this YouTube channel. I cannot convince you to choose the left in one video, but if anything I’ve said in this video has piqued your interest or if you’re interested in learning more about this new perspective… I encourage you to click the Subscribe button and walk with me for a few days, for a few weeks… to watch some videos as I start to produce them and… ask questions, y’know? Like, leave some comments, y’know? We could talk about this. and if there’s anything that you want me to discuss or if there’s anything that you’re… curious about, my political journey or my perspective or anything like that, let me know. I want to make this sort of an interactive thing. I want to build a community here. Whether you agree with me or not, I want my ideas to be challenged, and I hope that I can challenge some of yours. So, that’s all I’m going to say for this video. I just wanted to introduce myself to you, the liberals at home and… invite you to come with me and have some more discussion about this, because it’s something that’s really important to me and I think that if you give it a chance, it could be very important to you as well. I’m gonna leave it at that. I don’t want this to be another 27 minute video, like my first one. Once again, I am Emerican Johnson, this is Non-Compete. You can check out my blog at and read some articles related to some of what we talked about today. I’m gonna have to figure out a way to get my microphone to better adhere to my enormous ears… And I’m gonna start growing my beard back out now, so thanks for watching.

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  1. So you deluded yourself because it gives you hope/makes you happy and then you go on to talk about how much you care about others? Fuck your hypocrisy. Instead of accepting reality and actually working towards making the world a better place you embrace delusion IN SPITE of how that might negatively affect your environment.

    You make youtube videos about an utopia instead of changing reality. You have no idea what consequences following "the true left" is going to have for you and others.

    You can't even talk to people without assuming a dozen things about them. "Let's talk!"? You are not talking, because you are not willing to listen and just about everything you say is so insincere, that anyone not part of your ideology has to be stupid or insane to even respond.

  2. this guy a cutie tbh

    Good stuff comrade, next time you try to talk to liberals don't have a hammer and sickle flag in the background lol

  3. you should make a detailed video about your political journey, how you started on the right and are now on the left. really could help people on the right understand their flaws, and it will help us on the left understand how to push people to the left.

  4. Still waiting for you to give the ACTUAL ALTERNERNATIVE!!! Explain it. Capitalism has problems, but I can't see a better system for human prosperity. Obviously capitalism needs a software update. I really want there to be a better way. So please stop pointing out whats wrong with the system. We know what's wrong. Start telling us about what you think is the better way so that I can either explain why your wrong or change my mind. As I said in comments on other videos, I very pro capitalism combined with a welfare state (Nordic model, social market economy etc).

  5. I love this video. I would just strongly caution you to be very careful when using the hammer and sickle flag and anthems with a Marx quote. For most Americans that conjures up images of secret police and gulags and you risk alienating people who would otherwise be interested in what you have to say.

  6. How about a discussion on democracy in the modern world? How has is, in its evolution, been derailed? How can it be salvaged, and what role can/does internet/media serve in assisting or undermining democracy… go!

  7. Great video comrade. One critique. Socialism doesn’t depend on people being cooperative. You’re correct of course that much of our nature is actually naturally altruistic. But human nature is quite flexible to the material conditions. In a more egalitarian society with socialism people are still competitive and may even be far more competitive, but that competitiveness isn’t expressed towards purely material interests. The whole point is that the system disincentivizes greed. Competition is good but people can compete over many things, not just material wealth and studies show people are psychologically motivated by relatedness to work, purpose, ability to advance, meaning in their work, etc. the jacobin podcast has a great episode on the idea of “human nature” as of course do other leftist channels here on youtube (tovarisch Endymion, comrade hakim, left sphere, et al) glad to have found your channel! Great work

  8. Not trying to come off hostile, so please be gentle. 🙂 If you used to be a right wing libertarian, you probably have some knowledge of economics. What made you use the wage gap as an argument, while economics prove that this doesn't exist? Or have you found a counter-argument? Not a critique, just willing to learn. 🙂

  9. I will say, as a social Democrat, I have already recognized that most of the issues that you're addressing. I just feel that an anarcho-communist society will never succeed as long as there are other capitalist nations, they will use their power to influence and destroy those communes, either directly or indirectly. It would likely have to be a worldwide revolution in order to work. Also I don't  see how, if we manage to enact laws through our current means to make the process as democratic as possible, regulate law enforcement, regulate every single thing we can out of corporations,  provide as much protections for minorities, provide every single necessity and as much leisure time as humanly possible as well as access to education and job opportunities, all through the means we currently have,  I don't see how those things couldn't be accomplished in a very slightly capitalist society, I am willing to have my thoughts changed, I enjoy all your videos. But honestly, I don't think that the wage disparity between capitalists and the workers is necessarily bad as long as we always protect workers, provide all their needs in a way that makes them only to have to barely work for as much leisure as we can obtain, and work towards making technology into a way of alleviating workers from work, instead of replacing them. And even while countries like Denmark, are far from perfect, they're striding towards this path, they provide many of the basics and when you see the homelessness, it is lower than %1, and while that is still not good enough, it's very close to the intended goals, and I think through these same means we can achieve our means, after all, how many corporations haven't been destroyed by government programs that provide the same services.

  10. It has been tried before. History proves socialism, communism does not work. Gay people, religion, freedom of thought will go out the door. Very calm speach, and well spoken.

  11. I’m sure talking down to people will totally make them more sympathetic to your fringe worldview. I’m sure claiming your fringe worldview owns half the political spectrum (“leftists”, “the true left”) will make more people willing to join it. This exudes condescension.

  12. if you want to convince me try talking more about the system you want to set up. It's easy to bash capitalism, most intelligent people know it has a lot of problems but the alternatives the radical left has actually come up with seem worse. Also maybe get rid of the Soviet flag. It doesn't exactly help your case in being credible to the center-left.

  13. Humans are very complex. To say that all humans in their hearts are altruistic and socially oriented is trying to place all human complexity into one neat little package. Some humans love isolation, others love other people. Some humans are selfish, some humans give of themselves in what appears to be selflessness (though there is usually always some kind of underlying selfish motivation for every "selfless" act). Basically, some humans would like to work together like ants, but others are more like cats who like to kill for sport. There is far too much variety in all of it to think that any kind of system where everyone is expected to be a worker bee will work overall. If you want that for yourself, go seek out some commune somewhere and live there and let the hungry sharks in New York do their thing as well. Don't try to change everyone into what you think they should be, because it won't work. It has never worked. There will always be cats just like there will always be ants!

  14. 3:40 well you're both right. People do come together out of a sense of community. They're all so greedy, and do shit for themselves. I don't find it a surprise that you where once a libertarian. It's much easier to flip the script then engage with the complexity of real life.

    People will naturally go to war with each other. But they will also naturally find a way towards peace. When we understand human nature as it actually is we can push people to do less of the former and more of the latter.

  15. I usually don't like sentences starting with "as a", but I think one is appropriate here.

    As a zoophile, I find your claims to be incredibly dubious. I don't see how homophobia is baked into the capitalist system, and part of my reason for saying that is my extreme skepticism that my own orientation would receive any sort of acceptance under any sort of anarchist system. I feel like there's a chance you've confused "people on the left being supportive of some types of deviations from the norm" with "leftist-proposed societal structures / systems foster those supportive attitudes". This point is further bolstered by your rather anthropocentric language here, which feeds into my skepticism about how anarchism would deal with issues of animal rights – which, I think, is a very important topic, and ought to be addressed more, since to me it seems as though the way humans typically place themselves above animals may often be seen as an unjust hierarchy.

    Mind you, I'm not saying that capitalism does a good job of dealing with these issues either. And I'm not arguing that it's not worth still pursuing an imperfect solution. But as someone who fully expects to be near the bottom of the social totem pole under either system, it can't help but stick in my craw when I hear one of those systems acting as if it is the solution to the problem I am effectively certain would still exist.

  16. @3:49 – devotees of the Free Market (profits be upon its Invisble Hand) are quite willing to agree that the threat of starvation and destitution is a necessary goad to get the insufficiently greedy to Work Hard. See, leftists are a bunch of lazy bums who only want Free Stuff, and if they get it, they'll all lay around in their underwear playing Call of Duty all the time. Somehow this isn't a problem for people who inherit lots of money; the Right never demands steeply progressive inheritance taxes to make sure the children of the wealthy have to Work Hard and Pull Themselves Up By Their Bootstraps or end up homeless on the streets. They're just a better class of people, I guess.

  17. I'm super glad you're on YouTube, I'm really loving your channel! <3

    The positivity and the belief in the good nature of humanity really hits me. It's great.

  18. "Ten degrees to the left of centre in good times. Ten degrees to the right of centre if it affects them personally".

  19. Alrighty, then. I'm not entirely sure I'm the sort of person you had in mind when you used the term "Liberal" (I'm NOT here to defend Capitalism), but I do sometimes describe myself as liberal and answer to that name, and I'm always down to discuss where Liberal-Type and Socialist-Type ideologies intersect.
    Have at it, ya 'dirty Commie' 😛

  20. I used to think I was liberal before liberals became overly offended neo-liberals. I got a bit of a problem with left is that there’s always a thing for playing the victim card. For example, You are implying that people of color need a fair way chance for Success. What makes you think that they don’t have a fair way for success? From my perspective, I think people of color are dominating the music industry and media industry and doing a great job, in fact; but you still want to focus on inequality. Women in America have more rights than nearly any none Western country out there & the paycheck inequality happened in 1950s but not now!!!!.. but the left is still crying over women’s inequality. It’s actually completely strange to me. The left seems to be very attached to the victimhood and irrational anger. Why do you say we have so much problems in America? So far America is a dream country for nearly every person on Earth. Would you agree with any of my points?

  21. I used to think I was liberal before liberals became neo-liberals. I got a bit of a problem with left is that there’s always a thing for playing the victim card. For example, You are implying that people of color need a fair way chance for Success. What makes you think that they don’t have a fair way for success? From my perspective, I think people of color are dominating the music industry and media industry and doing a great job, in fact; but you still want to focus on inequality. Women in America have more rights than nearly any country out there but the left is still crying over women’s inequality. It’s actually completely strange to me. The left seems to be very attached to the victimhood and irrational anger. Would you agree with any of my point?

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