Day 991: GOP Turns On Trump Over Syria As Democrats Issue More Subpoenas | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. Who side is Trump on? Is it America first? Or Russia first?
    It sounds like Russia first, Trump second, and the U.S.A. is no where in the picture. You don't have to be an rocket scientist to know the United States is not in the picture.
    And those Republicans REALLY THINK THEY ARE IN THE PICTURE. For the love of money those fool will sale their own country out. And those poor white people, you put your money on the wrong horse. Oh! That right the rich white ones you can forget about it also. So sorry to bad.
    God was trying to tell you something. Don't put your hopes on man. He will lead you to a dead end street everytime. Now welcome to the real world.
    Don't get me wrong all white people are not bad. I know that because some of them save my no good life, they put a new song in my life.

  2. Those generals should put trump in a cage for the good of the country. I don't know how any military person could sit there with that draft-dodging commie and pretend to agree with trump.

  3. "In my great and unmatched wisdom"….. is this for real? xDD oh America… how low you've fallen >_>

  4. You all who listen to this fake news and all of these lies will be greatly ashamed of your ignorant willingness to be deceived by Deep State fake news.

  5. We promised to protect the Kurds. They will be slaughtered. Putin told us the get our military out. Trump is doing putin's bidding.

  6. Welcome to another day in the Land Of Confusion . Wisdom ? Keep on dreaming. I agree we are not the policemen of the world. We have more than enough problems in this country.

  7. So this is what Puttn and trump were talking about during secret conversations. Only interpreter's no chronicler's. hmmmmm

  8. Why won't Congress hold the whistleblowers hearings in a tele-conference setting? That way the whistleblowers are truly safe and the GOP won't be able to criminally reveal their identities.

  9. If Obama had a done anything at this white nationalist have did this man have got people's killed hundreds of people slaughtered by these white nationalists all because his words his slang that he throws to these white nationalists when he speaks at these events he should be held reliable for everything he calls these families in the hurt that he have caused America and the people that is not white nationalist and that is us Asians immigrants and minorities blacks Chinese Mexicans however you want to put them in a formality that you would like to put it in but these people especially the Republicans and I will quote this may be a few Democrats must be held reliable for their actions they must be judge

  10. Trump Can Forget That He Was Ever Elected With Russias Help Soon Enough When The Impeachment Is Complete. He Is Concerned About His Legacy As He Should Be. Even Andrew Johnson Is Still In Americans Minds For His Terrible Service As President That Led To His Impeachment And That's Been How Long Trumpy ? Think About It A Bit And Why You Are Thinking, Pick Up The Phone And Ask Bill Clinton On How It Worked Out For Him As Well, Just Saying .

  11. Trump has a very obvious tell when he lies, he pauses and breathes in very deeply. He lied when he said Russia was upset at this pullout.

  12. Moron, who knows only how to fail, cheat, and love money above all, decided all by himself to give Urdiwon what he wanted. The question is, What did Urdiwon give him? The pathetic senate has failed America from day one of this regime and have sold their souls.

  13. It sounds like something out of a corny movie:

    "I, in my great and umatched wisdom, shall rule the land forever, muhahahaaa!" <ateepled fingers motion>

  14. It sounds like the g o p is starting to understand just how dangerous that the incestuous lunatic is, and how much blood is going to be on his hands and theirs!

  15. Too bad, America is not the world police. Trump is keeping another promise to the American people. Getting our troops home.

  16. All who died in SYRIA was in vain TRump has just fulfilled another wish on Putins shopping list. Isis will rise again

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  18. Somebody(Erdogan) lined his pockets or promised to keep some secrets if he pulled us out..hes not smart enuf to do anything on his own..jesus, everybody told him not to and he still did it so there's got to be something big in it for him..besides deflecting from impeachment which obviously isn't happening..

  19. So now trump has turned his back on the Kurds, you know the people who actually did the fighting against isis. Now they're stuck with no where to turn. If I we're them I'd free the isis prisoners and join them, and plan retaliation against the country who betrayed us.

  20. Positive comment, but, Positive comment, but, blanket statement, but, inane self aggrandising hyperbole, but, self incriminating remark, but, tinfoil hat accusation, but… ad nauseam.



  22. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke.
    Pay attention to the names and faces around trump who sit there silently protecting their jobs while trump abandons US allies – allies who have stood tall for the US – and trump abandons them and lets them face death.
    REMEMBER those who were silent at the time they want YOU to forget their silence……….voting day.

  23. Trump should stand before a firing squad and try to catch the rounds fired by the Kurds.
    The Great Con is starting to practise his "scorched Earth" policy.

  24. the Kurds lost over 11000 soldiers helping-fighting to help the US-remember 9/11 ? trump just set up another attack!!!!!!!

  25. Look, everyone in the world and the authorities know that we have a dysfunctional leader right now. They would have to pardon what’s going on right now. Hopefully this get fixed soon so we can have our normal ears and senses again.

  26. Bring US troops back home, then sent more US troops to Saudi Arabia.

    I guess the war in Yemen will be easy. Just like the trade war.

  27. This was trumps birthday gift to Putin whose birthday was on October 7 the same day he made a phone call to the Turkish president.
    Russia would certainly welcome a full US withdrawal from Syria because it would give Moscow even more leverage — not just in shaping Syria's future, but across the entire Middle

  28. Just remember the Kurds who fought and bled on the front line as essential US allies against IS and have been struggling to serve as poorly supported jaliers to still fervent IS terrorists ever since. These people are dying as you read this, because of Trump. We all know that he always burns his friends, but now he's setting precedent on a global scale – when local allies are needed how can they ever trust the US again? Sure, we trust President X, but where are we going to be when you elect President Y? There's a reason for continuity in foreign policy and it must override any one leader's views, self interest or impetuous whims. The commitments aren't yours to honor, they're the nation's. Trust – a lifetime to build and a phone call to destroy.

  29. Saudi Arabia imports $50 bn weapons from US. But USA didnt support them when Iran fired a missile. USA still have very loyal and blind allies.

  30. Foolishly I didn't think Trump could go much lower. But giving Turkey a free pass to commit genocide on the Kurds. POTUS is a POS

  31. The Kurds did not fight side by side with the Americans. They fought in front of them. They were America's cannon fodder.

  32. Trump is dancing with the Devil and playing with Fire at this point. He’s gonna bring us down. Please we need an amazing great real president to lead our country of USA!!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Impeach trump !!

  33. Trump pulling out of Syria is really about:
    1. A deflection to steal news cycle away from his Ukraine criminal activities. Trump sacrificed the lives of people just so he could use this long term disaster as a cover to steal the news cycles away from his criminal activities investigations as they move forward so will the catastrophes of this war. Trump hopes the calamities will over shadow the news cycle to bury his crimes in the news.
    2. Doing another Putin deed in trump’s activities to pay back Russia for the billions he owes them.
    3. Erdogan secretly paid trump off to pull out and reminded trump of his towers project in Istanbul using Turkey investors as well possibly agreed to help him with 2020 election.

  34. Republicans will be remember for decades as the party of cowards and criminals. How can any decent person stand idle by and watch this fake president stain and soil the image of the WH and the USA. Unmatched wisdom? He is truly a narcissistic psychopath fraudulent criminal, no less!

  35. Moscow Mitch needs to do his job and remove this imbecile! Then he needs to be kicked out along with others that's up for reelection.

  36. When you promote Mafia capitalism the world over you shouldn't be surprised if the chickens come home to roost. And in 2016 it happened: Trump.

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